2019 Income Proof List

Last Update: March 10, 2020

I'm continuing my yearly tradition of logging as many money-related success stories as I can during the year. So far, 2019 is already creating a lot of work for me (that's a good thing!). Just two weeks in, and I've already go a ton.

Last year I organized the posts into "big money" and "small money". This year I'm just doing "earning money" and "first sales".

Previous Years

You can also post links to other success stories in the comments if I missed some. Plus, don't forget, you can link back to this post using your affiliate link (click the "Affiliate" button on this page). If you refer someone to this page using your affiliate link, and they end up joining WA, you get 50% commission!

Somewhat related, I'm only posting stories about people doing their own niche (not promoting WA). Nothing against Bootcampers! I just want to showcase all the different ways you can make money online, outside of the MMO niche.

You know, haters gonna hate, and that way if someone says "yOu OnLy mAkE mOnEy If YoU pRoMoTe MaKe MoNeY sChEmEs" you can show them this post.

Lastly, don't forget that making money is great, but there are many other ways to count successes. Making your first website, writing your first article, or getting your first trickle of organic traffic - these are all important steps to building an online income.

Set daily goals, take action, and ask for help when you need it. You can do it. It won't happen over night. It won't be instant. But it WILL happen. Just look at what other Wealthy Affiliate members are achieving this year:

Who's Earning Money Online!

Officially a Six Figure Business - 2018 Year End Report

December 2018 Income Report - 540% increase in revenue

Year End Report, Made $1,000 profit

December 2018 - $1,738 Dollars & Growing!

My 2018 Travel Niche Results and the Year Ahead, Bring on 2019!

Blog Income Report 2018 - over 5K Online

My Blogs Earned Over $100k Part-Time in 2018

First Pay Cheque!

Over 60 and achieving online success!

3 Years at Wealthy Affiliate - paving the way to success

528 People Had a Party on My Site Over the Weekend!

$3,700+ in 1 day from Affiliate Earnings

$3.875 K for the month of January. Life Just Got Better again all Down to Wealthy Affiliate.

Just launched my 2nd ebook. $7,500 in profit in 2 months for the combo

5 Years On, I Reached My *Ecstatic* Income Goal! (2x $1.2K Days)

A Joint Venture, A Christmas Website and $550 in Sales in 3 days!

$1000 A Month

Yes, I Did It! $1,174.09 In One Day

Two years at Wealthy Affiliate!

My First $3,000 Sale!

WA Helps Me Make 5 Figure Income in 2019!

I Will Hit My First $1000 month on Amazon in 2019

Increase Your Earnings By 5000% In One Year!

6 More Sales. Yes! 6!

Highest Affiliate Commissions - New Record Today! ($6,582+)

Website Sold For $30,000

I Failed at Affiliate Marketing until I Found Wealthy Affiliate

Yes I Made it! 6 months in. Hard work Pays off!

My First $30,000 Month - Well Almost $29,330.68 To Be Exact

$4,197 Deposited in Q1 2019

My Highest Single Day Commissions on Amazon

So YouTube Just Paid Me $2,053.47

Milestone Month: $1000+ commissions (FINALLY!)

$1,170 On One Sale!

I Passed The $100 Mark This Month

Wealthy Affiliate Paid for my LAMBORGHINI !

This Is Real Passive Income

A $5,000 Sale Thanks to Wealthy Affiliate

Amazon Sales Update - WA Training Works!

5 Year WA anniversary, a journey that has just started.

My 3rd Year so far and my Regular Income!

My 12 Year Old Son Made His First $190 Online

I am officially unemployed.

Random commissions ya gotta love it

Making money while I sleep

$2,158.76 In July from (Just) Ad Revenue - Yes It Works!

What an Awesome Coincidence! New Sales Record.

How Shopify and Dropshipping are Making Me Money

My Amazon Site Paid for My Trip to Washington DC! (And I Met Nomadic Matt)

What is Freedom to You? WA is Helping Me Achieve Mine!

4 Years At Wealthy Affiliate: What A Ride! ($100,000)

Amazon Sales Starting to Increase!

8 Posts, 1 Month Of Work, 1st $200 Commision

$3,400 in August! Time to set new goals!

I quit my job! Now the adventure begins!

Amazon Sales Are Picking Up

$700+ Commission in One Day - What I've Learned

4 Years at WA, Main Website's 2nd Birthday, and A Gift for Myself!

1st Amazon Payment In The Bank!

Sale 6 Since Joining WA!

Woohooo! Biggest order to date! $720!

It's HARD to really FAIL at WA ($500+ on a bad month)

3 affiliate sales yesterday!

What a week that was, some more sales!

5 Figure January? Check That Off My List

Finally Cracked 4 Figures In One Month On Amazon

First Sales Are The Best!

First Sale on the Amazon Influencer Program!

It Happened! I Made My First Sale!

The WA system works!

Amazon Commission

My First Non-Amazon Sale!

My First Sale - only 9 days after joining WA!

My First Sale Experience

What Do You Know? My First Amazon OneLink Sale!

My first 11 sales!

Wow! My 2nd Sale!

My first Amazon Affiliate Sales

I made an unexpected sale!

Made a sale and wrote a second novel

It's Official! I'm A Proud 2-Figure Business Owner

Wow! My 2nd Sale!

I made $11.32 with Google Adsense in 5 days.

First Sale! (Not on Website)

It Happened! I Made My First Sale!

Woohoo! First Sale On ClickBank! - April 2019 Income Report

WA Training Works - Sales Update!

My First Sale

My First $25 As An Affiliate

First ever sale!

Finally! My First Commission!

I Made My First Sale $1 Earned

Wow! My 2nd Sale!

First Shareasale Sale

First sale on new website!

It's happening, my first sale!

First Pay!

My First Commissions Rolling In

Received My First Amazon Affiliate Commission

I Was Welcomed By A $167 Commission This Morning

My First Online Sale!

1st Two Amazon Sales!

First Commision In Less Than 2 Weeks

My first sale!

Your gal got her first SALE.HOOOORAY!

One month here and I have made my fist sale

Wow - A huge moment for me and my WA journey

My first sale!

My first affiliate commision!

First Amazon Earnings!

my first Amazon Commission after 2 months at WA!

My First Amazon Sale

What a Month! My First Sale!

I Made My 1st Amazon Sale!

It Happened! I Made My First Sale

First Legitimate Sale!

My first 7 sales this month

First sale on Amazon

Made a Sale

Finally: I've Made My First Sales on Amazon!

Amazing Content Worth Reading!!!

(My Favorite Content From The Year)

7 ACTIONABLE TIPS to Make More Money Online in 2019!

The #1 Reason Why You Are NOT Succeeding!

Have A Spare $18,000? Want To Start A Business?

Pinterest Gone Mad

I Got Banned From Quora - 3 Lessons Learned

Milestone Pinterest 548.000+ Reach 1000+ Followers!

This Is What Wealthy Affiliate Did To Me And I'm Leaving

3 Content Strategies For 2019 and Progress Report

1st Page of Google (3rd spot) With Just 2 Articles in the Travel Niche

How to Become an Influencer on Instagram Without "Selling"

My Top 5 Blogging Success Tips After Almost 10-Years of Full-Time Blogging

Your Reviews Are Your Content. They Are Your Brand.

Is this For Real? - My Website Got Noticed - By Whom?

My Video Reached Over 17K Views! Thanks Wealthy Affiliate!

FAQ About Amazon Websites

Can You Believe it can be as Easy to Earn $1.45 or $400+?

The Weird Trick For GUARANTEED Success (With Proof That It Works)

60 Minutes Work, 25 Years Worth of Commissions

How to Give Yourself a Jump on Your Competition

Has Anybody Else Noticed This About Site Support Here At WA?

Affiliate Marketing in 2020. A Shrinking or Growing Opportunity?

The Highest Paid Bloggers

You Have a HUGE Competitive Advantage Over Retail!

Affiliate Marketing in 2002 vs. 2020. What's Ahead?

Examples of IDEAL Affiliate Marketing Websites That YOU Can Replicate

Save Yourself $5,624 with Wealthy Affiliate

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