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Last Update: Mar 11, 2019

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Ok. This might sound like a mild exageration but its not. Especially if you're new to making money online.

This is EXACTLY how much my site has grown over the last year. As a matter of fact, last February (2018) was the first month that I really started to put work into this particular site.

Here's the facts.

Last February my site made $10.

This February it made over $500!

There's more. I can bet that it could have even made more than that if I had actually been working on it for the past...idk...6 months?? If you read my last post I talked about the many set backs that I had which kept me from working on my site as much as I would have liked.

What I've learned from 2018 is that the most important thing that you need to be is consistent.

Here's How I Increased My Income

  1. Research quality keywords
  2. Write quality posts that include the keyword no shorter than 1,000 words. Typically posts exceed 1,500 words.
  3. Publish two articles per week
    1. One article was promotional
    2. One article was non-promotional BUT points to the promotional post of the week or another one that is already written.
      1. Note: Throughout the article there are several well placed CTAs that reference other articles where appropriate.
      2. You should always have a main CTA at the bottom of your post.

The Difference Between Promotion and Non-Promotional Content

Promotional Content/Articles include affiliate links and are directly selling something to the reader. I typically do 'Top #' of the product. I've seen others write about it and Dylan Reiger has a guide but you will have to look for it yourself as I don't have the time to dig it up right now. I just remember reading it not even realizing that I was doing the exact same thing but had come up with the idea myself, lol. So you know it works!

You can click here to see his blog.

Non-promotional Content/Articles support the promotional material. They can be anything from how the reader can solve their problem with the product(s) to a recipe and more. Anything that has to do with the product, how to use it, how it solves a problem, etc.

At the bottom of ALL non-promotional posts I include a button and CTA that points to a promotional post. Here's some examples:

  • Promotional Content: Top 10 Joigging Strollers
    Non-Promotional Content: Guide to Exercising with Kids
  • Promotional Content: Best 5 Gaming Monitors
    Non-Promotional Content: Best Gaming Setup for Beginners

If you have trouble figuring this part out please leave your questions in the comments below. I prefer the comments because it helps to add value for others who will likely have the same question. But if you are shy or don't want others to see you can message me also :)

So if you are new or starting a new website, I hope this has helped you see the potential of what you can accomplish in a year. I've seen lots of people posting about making upwards of $1,000/mo in a year on their sites so know that you can definitely accomplish better results than these.

It doesn't take a fancy website but it does take these three things:

  1. Consistency
  2. Quality Content
  3. Consistency

Also, I've seen a lot of people bash others who share their own content. I share my own content and it does make a substantial difference in the amount of earnings you make in a month. I have social media accounts/pages for each of my websites including the one I mention here. Your old content is valuable so keep sharing it even while you are creating new content or if you don't have time to create new content.

Hope this helps!

If you have any questions, comments or other feedback, please leave them in the comments box below.

If you have questions about technical stuff to do with your site or business, checkout my training videos by clicking here!

Have an awesome day :)


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Thank you for sharing, Marlinda! My site has finally started to produce some substantial income (Praise God,) but I still have a long way to go. I just wish that I had more time to research and blog. That’s the area I’m having problems in. I appreciate you sharing the steps you take:)

Hey Suzie! That's great :) We sound like we're in the same boat right now, lol. I've found that typing in my keyword and scanning through the autofill words on Google on short breaks helps a lot.

Also, don't be afraid to recycle content. Remember, visitors aren't going to go through every page on your site and some information is worth repeating. Some information will also be relevant to multiple topics. Just make sure you don't copy and paste. Reword and rewrite it.

Hope this helps and keep up the good work! :)

This is great advice! Thanks so much:)

Hi Marlinda, great advice that you offer. Thanks for sharing, and congrats on your success.

Hey Jenny!

Thanks for reading and I'm glad that you found value in this info. I hope that it help you grow in your business as well :)

Take care!

Hi Marlinda,

Great info! Thanks for sharing.


Hey Cher,

Thanks for reading and I'm glad you found value in this information :)

Have an awesome day,

Thank you, Marlinda for sharing such great tips, I will definitely look at your training, and congratulations to you for being such a great person.

Hey Jackie,

Thanks and I'm glad you had some good takeaways from this info. I try my best and appreciate the compliment *^^*

Take care and keep up the good work!

this is just what I needed Marlinda and thank you for the sharing. I will also definitely look at your training for more tips.

When yous said "use my content" what did you mean by that? is it meaning linking it back to my own articles? or creating my own stuff?

Hey Llaisaane,

Thanks for reading and I'm glad you found lot of good information here.

Yes, you should ALWAYS link back to your own articles and make reference to them without being spammy. You should also share your articles more than once on channels like social media, e-mail lists, etc.

I believe you're talking about the part where I go over being too busy. In that case I mean to share your old content even if you don't have time to produce new content.

Hope this clarifies and feel free to ask more questions if you have any :)

Thank you I am learning much from you and I have gone and linked some of my old posts, so that people don't forget them...also I have two websites one is niche and one is WA promotion.. I did WA review in my WA site and Siterubix review on my Cakes business site to showcase how I created my website. Do you think it's okay that I can link my websites like within my WA one I showed an image of what I created in my niche site as an example and linked it to that website , is this okay or will Google frown upon it?

You are doing just great Marlinda! I remember the first time I commented on one of your hermit crab posts.

You are such an inspiration!! Congratulations!!!!

Hey Jessica!

lol! That's awesome! I remember too! Thanks so much and I'm glad you are still enjoying my posts.

Keep up the good work! :)

Hi Marinda thanks for sharing, I repost my post too and I do get some new audience I thought I was the only one doing it so I am glad to know it is ok.

Hey Ruthlyn!
That's great and keep up the good work. I'm glad I could give you some verification. A tip I can give you is to mix it up with other posts, especially if it is on social media.

If you share posts to your account within the same social media platform and use the live stories function if available you will get a nice boost. This especially works with FB and IG ;)

Keep up the good work! :)

An absolutely great set of advice, Marlinda. I've been doing some of this, but nowhere near as consistently or with the structured approach you have described.

Hey Phil! Thanks for reading and I'm glad you found value in this information :) Just got to tighten up your belt a little! :) lol, jking.

That's up to you but it does make a big difference. You can also hire writers to help you be more consistent.

Hope that helps and keep up the good work! :)

Marlinda, I'm glad that you earnings were able to increase so much even though you had to set the website aside for a while.

You have shared a lot of great tips and reminders here. Thank you!

I hope that this year will result in another added to your income from the site.

Hey Sondra!
Thanks for your support and I'm glad you found value in this information.

I am just now getting my ducks in a row but I'm excited to get back to building my online business and happy that I made it through that hurdle.

Keep up the good work and look forward to reading about your journey too :)

Fantastic work - inspirational!!!

Thanks for reading and I'm glad you found this post inspiring! :)

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