My Video Reached Over 17K Views! Thanks Wealthy Affiliate!

Last Update: Feb 17, 2019

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*When your content starts to get many views, it's because Wealthy Affiliate training works 100 %!*

Hello everyone!

As you know I keep working to build up my online business in a niche site (quilts making).

I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate with an old and poor blog about the art of quilt making, a niche where there's a lot of competition. (as many niches) but I didn't want to quit to my passion.

The first year was a learning time here at Wealthy Affiliate, I had to re-learn everything about blogging from the beginning.

I decided to start a new website from fresh but in the same niche.

Today I have over 100 posts on it.

I did my best to write a blog post every week, but it's not easy to do this on my niche. So I decided to relax and stay focused on writing high quality posts instead of poor quality and have many posts on my website.

As a part of creating content for my website, last year I began to create videos for my YouTube channel.

It's not a big channel yet, but it's growing nicely every day, from 3 to 6 or 7 or even 10 followers per day!

My channel is reaching fast to the amazing number of its first 1K followers, and I know YouTube will send me the e-mail to let me know about it, YouTube sent me an e-mail to let me know when my channel reached its first 500 followers.

I have almost 100 videos on my channel, so it's nice to see how my work is starting to pay off.

I follow the training here on Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Create content that is important for my target client.
  • Create quality content
  • Write quality content (this time is as a video)
  • Write the SEO for my videos
  • Find the right keyword for my videos

Once the video is ready I need to write a blog post to share the information on my website.

YouTube is the right platform where I can share my website content in the form of videos to get more traffic to my website.

To create a YouTube channel that reach good numbers can take some time and lots of work as any website.

You'll be busy for some time before you start to see good results from it.

The best tip here, will be keep at it, don't quit, it will get better soon.

Today I want to share a little success moment!

One of my videos reached over 17K views on YouTube - That is amazing!

10 months ago I uploaded this video on my YouTube channel, the moment I decided to create videos as a part of my strategy to get more traffic to my website.

It began slow, one or two views per day.

Then, one day I see my website traffic got to the amazing number of 500 visits that day!

I knew somehow, another blogger in my niche shared this video.

From that moment, this video has been the rock star of my website!

This video has reached a good number of views and it helps to bring many visits to my website every single day!

Now, the challenge for me is to keep creating content for my website as good as this video!

As Jay will say... "Rinse and repeat"

To build up an online business that will make money for you takes time and lots of work, but here at Wealthy Affiliate you have everything you need to know to make it possible.

Some people will start making money in a few weeks, some people will start making money in a few months.

For some people will take longer, like one year or maybe two (like me)

Don't quit, keep at it, try some different ways to create the right content to share on your website and other platforms and you'll reach success.

I'll keep at it, and all I can say, every day for me it's easier to create videos that I know in the future they will be working as good as my rock star!

Today, as I'm busy working on this step, I'm also busy on planning the next step, keep finger crossed and soon I'll be sharing that I'm making money with my website, another way of success for any online entrepreneur!

I thank you for your time to read my blog today and to give me a like and to share it!


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Congratulations on such great success!

Thank you for sharing!


well done amazing

Awesome 👏 Will continue with my work here thanks so much for your inspiration.

Fantastic news!!! Congratulations, the sky is the limit and then some! Debra22

Thank you for sharing your online journey, it's always good to be reminded that it takes time to get to ones goal, but the goal is there for reaching for those who will go to it.


Congratulations - that is a beauty the quilt ::))


Well done for sticking with something you are passionate about, and believing in what you were doing, now you are seeing the rewards for all your hard work. Good Luck for your continued success :)

Congratulations, Alejandra! Way to rock it!

Wow, just wow! That's a huge number! Cool. :) Thanks for sharing.

Maravilloso amiga!!!!
C & P

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