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LynneHuy Premium Ambassador blogged
Blog Post Checklist - 7 Things I Add To Every Blog Post

Blogging is not just about writing your post and publishing, there are lots of little things that you need to do and this is why I love checklists. This is my basic…... continue reading

sporkypie Premium blogged

My site is just over a year old and reflects about 6 months of work due to my other committments, and a period where I totally ignored it.An established competitor…... continue reading

onmyownterms Premium blogged
Starting Over

Today I did Phase I, Lesson 1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp. I noticed the entire Phase I looks as if it's been updated since I went through it almost two years ago…... continue reading

dbriley Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

I normally write my post in word and then transfer it over to work press; however I have noticed it can do some pretty strange stuff at times. Is there a standard…... continue reading

Debs66 Premium Ambassador blogged
London Marathon 2018

London Marathon 2018.Starting from Black heath Greenwhich Park Right through to Canary Wharf. Apparently it wil be the hottest day ever for Marathon Runners.I will…... continue reading

IngoJace Premium blogged
On the Road Again.

Just like the iconic Willie Nelson song, so goes my life.The tax man cometh, and bills must be paid. It will be a beautiful day in the (hopefully) not tooo distant…... continue reading

herinnelson Premium Ambassador blogged
Two near catastrophes, yet two things I'm thankful for.

ALWAYS FIND THE GOOD IN EVERY CIRCUMSTANCE.Today was an interesting day in my household. I was dealing with a 12-year-old hot water heater that was oozing hot water…... continue reading

TonyHamilton Premium Ambassador blogged
SWAG  Official

Have you ever used the term "SWAG" within or as the title for a post and/or training that you have created here on WA?Who was it that first came up with the "Super…... continue reading

timpowers91 Premium blogged

I would just like to say thank you to WA and all the smart and helpful members of the community here at WA. I have my first website up and running, it is in its…... continue reading

MarkA1 Premium started question in Keyword, Niche and Market Research

It used to provide an actual number, but now it has some strange-looking scale bar running across it that I'm not sure how to interpret. As I've always understood…... continue reading

JeffBekker blogged
Online Marketing and Trading

Welcome to the world of online marketing and trading... I will strive to make each and every new member successful and assist you were I can.. ... continue reading

JoshEllery Premium started question in Search Engine Optimization

Hi there guys, I am asking this question to any of you more experienced affiliates who have created quite a few websites in the past and have some experience. Basically,…... continue reading

khzhao Premium started question in The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Recently I am on another academic program and since January 2018 did not login to the WA. How do I request for a temporary on hold my subscription until later part…... continue reading

edensbox Premium Top 100 blogged

I think I have some momentum going on! Little bit of changes is the first step! Onward and upward. According to Google Analytics, My landing pages numbers were…... continue reading

TonyHamilton Premium Ambassador started question in WA Affiliate Program

I am known on the Internet as "The Marketing Veteran" is known as "The Visionary Digital Entrepreneur as her banner below…... continue reading

Loes Premium Ambassador blogged
Google app 8.0: hints about the future, innovative sollutions

Google app 8.0: hints about the future1. Material Design 2 is comingRecently there were rumors about a significant update of Googles Material Design. Later this…... continue reading

DBeuscher Premium blogged
Starting with "rags", working toward "riches"

Well, here I am, a rank beginner,just gone Premium! I know nothing of this type of business! I am hoping I can learn and that I can grow this into supplemental…... continue reading

Robert-A Premium Ambassador blogged

Don't Get Banned By Adsense - Tips For Success Hi Folks I see a lot of new members asking question on Live Chat about Adsense, and why its not doing this, that…... continue reading

PaulHuggins1 Premium blogged
So Now I Can't Stop Buying Domains- Help!

I seem to be a little confused lately. I keep playing on Jaaxy and some word combinations come to me from the dark hidden places I try to keep quiet. Some of them…... continue reading

laurenjean Premium Ambassador blogged
How did I become the Visionary Digital Entrepreneur?

Tony Hamilton, aka The Marketing Veteran, asked me this question today:"How did you become known as the Visionary Digital Entrepreneur?"I decided to answer this…... continue reading

HenryLe7 Premium blogged
Something Changed.

I just realized that i have already put my affiliate marketing progress on hold. It was hard for me to realize that I had done this without knowing.I kept finding…... continue reading

TonyHamilton Premium Ambassador blogged
Business Mentor?

Business Mentor?In my opnion, the #1 way to become successful in business is to have the right mindset and invest in our personal development.The great thing about…... continue reading

sdawson Premium Top 50 blogged
WA stats are going up this year.

I've noticed that during 2018 my WA stats have been going up. I credit the SWAG training. with this. What's happening with yours.Too bad I have no conversions yet…... continue reading

MKearns Premium blogged
A beautiful planet in Spring

In 1970, I was on leave from active duty in the military. I stayed at the YMCA. One of the inexpensive sanctuaries for those in the military to sojourn.This was…... continue reading

ToLiNoLi Premium Top 100 started question in Video Marketing

Hello everyone,I like to make educational and review videos as well as webinars of Jaaxy for promoting and courses.I also like to make review videos of WA.Are we…... continue reading

herinnelson Premium Ambassador started question in Authoring & Writing Content

More often than not, I come upon misspelled words and misused grammar and punctuation when reading blogs, content, articles, training classes, tutorials, etc. However,…... continue reading

KimberlyD2 Premium blogged
My First Month Anniversary

Successfully Jumped My HurdlesHappy first month to me! I thought I wasn't going to make it but I successfully jumped my hurdles.It has been a rough month for me…... continue reading

herinnelson Premium Ambassador started question in The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

A niche is usually a topic to create a website around that will attract people from your niche audience and beyond.So, are you creating a niche that you are passionate…... continue reading

rjconnor1997 Premium started question in WA Affiliate Program

This is where it's being said that there should be atleast 1000 words talking about your niche and I believe to help others within that niche. But my website was…... continue reading

jodywilliams blogged
My first website!

I’m on my way to making a success of this. One website down and more to come ... continue reading

LynneHuy Premium Ambassador published training

Something I see asked all the time here at Wealthy Affiliate is new members that want to know how to change pages to posts and posts to pages. This is such a common…... continue reading

MKearns Premium blogged
Writing Ideas

TIDAL ENERGYMany articles have been written about concepts involving effective content. I think we all agree that content is king. We can research for original…... continue reading

AlejandraB Premium blogged
Just A Few Steps More To Reach Success

How SWAG is helping me to be a better blogger.Hi everyone,I would like to write a few lines to let you know how I'm doing with my blog for the Super Wealthy Affiliate…... continue reading

MiaL Premium blogged
Juggling life, kids, work, and starting a new career

I've been keeping to myself a lot lately, becuase of the sheer volume of things that seem to be happening at the moment. I'm finding that after a long day at work…... continue reading

leebray Premium started question in WA Affiliate Program

I would like to know if the data is available cause I think I need to create a custom banner to promote WA , Too many members with the same banners. ... continue reading

Work4Mommy Premium started question in Getting Started is currently unable to handle this request.HTTP ERROR 500 ... continue reading

LeanneS1 Premium started question in Getting Started

I´ve just set up my Amazon Affiliate account and started to write a blog post and so far I´ve copied in the shortened URL but then underneath it´s…... continue reading

JSharif Premium blogged

I'm sure this is not the first time someone brought this subject up and definitely not the last. As a newbie, we tend to get overwhelmed by the the amount of information,…... continue reading

derekmarshal Premium started question in Search Engine Optimization

Self explanatory, as the title suggestsGA: What is the difference between bounce rate and Exit?what is the exit? good thing?... ... continue reading

codevonish Premium Top 50 blogged

There are some disadvantages to living in a small or third world country; and our leaders are slow to confront the issues of doing business internationally.First…... continue reading

MikeC69 Premium blogged
Today is the day ! Kick the tires and light the fires- Affiliate Bootcamp

I've been working on 2 websites and cranking research and content for 3 months. Went through a 2 day drama queen burnout, have 27 articles indexed and have made…... continue reading

Markyjoe99 Premium started question in WA Affiliate Program

I am in amazon affiliate.I have located a product list .I am trying to create a link. Amazon puts out its html codd and says copy and paste this into your website.There…... continue reading

TechieFinch Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

Hi! I'm trying to create a comparison between hostgator and WA for my first revew about WA. I learned that in hostgator there is what they call SiteLock which protects…... continue reading

MarcelaS Premium blogged
A New Begining, A New Mentality!

New beginnings are full of excitement, frustrations, ups and downs. New beginnings can bring you happiness and a new opportunity to go to the next level. This is…... continue reading

Markyjoe99 Premium blogged
Get It(while the gettings good)

WIm getting old.My energy levels arent whatthey used to be. Dont get me wrong, I m plenty tough and I still have enough energy.You should see me though. I sweat…... continue reading

djriver Premium started question in Social Engagement & Marketing

Frequently I see people mention their websites and to go to their profiles to see them. I know they are supposed to be in a section called "follow me" at the bottom…... continue reading