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cosmicradio Premium Ambassador blogged

OK, so here's the deal...This is Ava. My newest Granddaughter. She's 6 months old.Looks friendly, right?Looks approachable!Think again.Every time she is handed…... continue reading

garydlc Premium Top 50 blogged

Hello Fellow WA AffiliatesI just got back from a visit to my daughter, we had a grand time, the great experience is one that I would wish upon one and all.During…... continue reading

CraigW315 Premium Ambassador blogged

I am very committed to following back every time someone follows me, so I periodically double check all my followers to see if there's anyone I am not following.…... continue reading

ChrisScott Premium Ambassador blogged

Hello there, It's The Teddy Bear. It's Such a Lovely Day in Dixie. Come Sit With Me a While.I want to talk to you today about Massive Value. This will be the first…... continue reading

Mike-Writes Premium Ambassador blogged

It's time for you to carefully choose to be the person you want to be...Make your best choice today! ... continue reading

Forbiddencla blogged

I'm ready to leave all depression behind! I just need opportunity to hit me like a rock to the forehead. BAM! Wealthy Affiliate comes along! YAY!!! I'm so excited…... continue reading

ChrisScott Premium Ambassador blogged

Please Do Not Miss Part 1. To Read it Please Click Here. Wishing You Were Here With Me In Dixie.Who's Missing from this Picture?Everybody has the desire to do something.…... continue reading

tonyab Premium blogged

I have absolutely, positively never regretted the day I decided to work as an affiliate marketer for a living. Life circumstances at the time (single parent, little…... continue reading

Ruanka Premium started question in Pay Per Click Marketing

I cannot understand how to add Ads on my page. My account at Google Ads has been activated, I cannot get how to start showing ads on my webpage:( ... continue reading

GlenPalo Premium Top 200 blogged

The Internal Revenue Service is looking for you If you are:an American taxpayer,small or home business owner,filing Schedule C for your business. andreporting losses.New…... continue reading

Marlinda1 Premium Top 200 started question in The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Good Day,Note: This statement isn't meant to be rude but I find that in haste people misread and confuse similar subjects. This is not a post about comments on…... continue reading

ericpierre Premium Top 100 blogged

1675, on June 22, the Royal Observatory, Greenwich was founded by King Charles II, with the foundation stone being laid on August 10.The Royal Observatory, Greenwich…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

We have a lot of wealth in talent at Wealthy affiliateA beautiful artistic display is constantly being updated by a great lady here who used to be in the ambassador…... continue reading

Maddy55 Premium blogged

I have built out a rather large website about raising a good dog but was not getting any traffic. I have worked hard to get merchants banners and links into my…... continue reading

boomergp08 Premium Ambassador blogged

Having a great User Experience when visiting a website is one of Google's top ranking factors. User Experience, also known as UX, is a hot topic among websmasters…... continue reading

AnthonyMLM Premium Top 100 blogged

If your action inspire others to dream more, learn more, achieve more, believe more, do more, become more in life, then your are a good leader. ... continue reading

SUNDAY1 Premium Top 50 blogged

I guess it’s a drinking kind of day!P.S. If my lasts six poststunk forgive me, I’m drinking vodka for the pain weeeeeeeeeeee! Rolling along Sunday ... continue reading

ToLiNoLi Premium blogged

The Daily Wealthy Affiliate SUNDAY, JUNE 18, 2017Dear Readers,The Alien Invasion is still ongoing and we are investigating all ties to it. Meanwhile we think improving…... continue reading

SamuelKnox Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

My menus only be appear on right hand side only when I click on the lined box to the right hand side of the site and not at the top ... continue reading

WaynePro Premium Top 200 blogged

I was getting my lunch today in Hong Kong and visited one of my local lunch places and while waiting for my order I came across the origins of a sandwich and it…... continue reading

Bryced19 Premium Top 200 started question in WA Affiliate Program

Is there a way to schedule blog posts on WA so they appear at the time you want daily? I see where some WA members consistently publish at the same time daily.…... continue reading

Avecita Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

Hi All, Originally my site was in Spanish with a subdomain in English, (which has subsequently disappeared, don't know how/why/where to). I don't even remember…... continue reading

cosmicradio Premium Ambassador blogged

I hear a lot of people griping about stuff that has happened to them. Some of it is stuff that just happened. OK, I understand.Some of it happened a long time ago!Time…... continue reading

Emeolu Premium Top 100 blogged

The speed of a site is becoming very important especially with the growing importance of mobile. If you site doesn’t load quickly when visited on mobile,…... continue reading

Timotheus Premium blogged

Just completed Level 3 and received a Certification Badge!YAY!!!Great Success to all WAers! :) ... continue reading

Izpowashere Premium blogged

Why Buzzwords Are Best Left Alone! Buzzwords are the new saviors of many digital marketing challenged people. If a number of digital marketers are questioned about…... continue reading

DavePage Premium Top 200 started question in Everything Wordpress

I've just started heavily using Google Fetch for all of my posts and noticed my traffic on my WA stats has jumped, which is great.I need to somehow change my GA…... continue reading

DShensky Premium Top 50 blogged

I can remember back to when I was in high school when after graduation many graduates backpacked across Europe. I also remember that students were told to stay…... continue reading

BHull Premium blogged
20th Blog for my 2,000 Followers

Thank you to everyone who has connected with me thus far in my journey.I have learnt a lot from all of you here at WA, and I'm excited to learn more.May we all…... continue reading

Marlinda1 Premium Top 200 started question in Authoring & Writing Content

Hey there!I've just been struck by a big, bolt of inspiration lightening. I'm not sure if you've seen accounts like this but people manage accounts through their…... continue reading

bnaylor Premium blogged

Good morning everyone...I just wanted to write everyone to let them know that I've made the decision to leave the Community today for reasons not related to the…... continue reading

pparadise Premium Top 50 blogged

By Sam&Iris RichardsonWhat Is Content Writing In Today's World?In today's digitized world, people are inundated with advertisements. As a result, companies struggle…... continue reading

terryvandal Premium blogged

The economy is so horrible these days, and many people have turned to Internet businesses to recover their lost jobs, or to get a second income coming in. However,…... continue reading

PSheridan Premium Top 100 blogged

Forgiveness is the first step to healing. Dwelling in the past bad decisions you’ve made only allows those decisions to keep defining you. Forgive yourself…... continue reading

codevonish Premium Top 100 blogged

IkariansThere is evidence to prove that you can live without cancer; but do we know the secret. There are also two different issues, one set of people not only…... continue reading

F198 Premium blogged
What to Read this Summer

Summer again...This is the perfect time to read. A book in your hand during the travel on a train, plane, beach or under the moon light.When we're on holiday we…... continue reading

Achillevs blogged

As I am new to this business I will appreciate any help from those they already succeeded. Does anyone has a Road map to the Online Success? ... continue reading

rockhoptec Premium blogged

Course 2 down and now on to #3. This is taking me a little longer then I anticipated but well worth the time and energy. I have to say that the course work here…... continue reading

SCharboneau Premium blogged

This will be a bit of a diary of my progress; would like to look back and see the progress that I have made. Hope this will also become a help and source of encouragement…... continue reading

verazhelvis Premium Ambassador blogged

And here are the famous tiger Amur and his unlikely friend goat Timur who live in a national reserve in Russia. They became a sensation when the striped predator…... continue reading

halinphilly Premium Top 200 blogged

Recently, I mentioned to a friend that I don't think I'm anywhere nearly as driven as I used to be in my 30's. Back in the day, I had a little home recording studio…... continue reading

Avecita Premium blogged

Hi everyone, as some of you may have realised, I have been a member of WA since 2013, that's almost 4 years, and I should have a highly successful business by now.…... continue reading

cosmicradio Premium Ambassador blogged

"It was one of those days, Ya know what I mean? I was hangin' out with my sister, out in the yard. She was kinda startin' ta fall asleep on my shoulder, and I was…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

From time immemorial fences and barriers have divided up the world. The Iron curtain and the Bamboo curtain are legendary political barriers of the 20th century.…... continue reading

SUNDAY1 Premium Top 50 blogged

What every guy wants to hear!Rolling alongSunday ... continue reading