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Grimm2382 blogged

Got my first site up. Time to put in work. ... continue reading

cosmicradio Premium Ambassador blogged

DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS SONG! (While Driving)No, it's NOT one of mine. (Whew!)In 2004, a British charity dedicated to road safety, the Royal Automobile Club Foundation,…... continue reading

chuw5 Premium blogged

I finally figured out how to get indexed by Google. I suppose that means my 1st site will be searchable with Google's search engine? ... continue reading

987 Premium started question in Video Marketing

Guys, I was wondering if anyone has got experience with this.Basically my question is; do I have to make a content declaration on youtube, ie. tick the relevant…... continue reading

DaveSw Premium published training
How To Create An E-Commerce Store

This tutorial will walk you through considerations and provide a beginner's guide on how to set up your first e-commerce store. It is not designed to provide advanced…... continue reading

Ultimateless Premium Ambassador blogged

So here we are on week two, I hope you have managed to do a post this last week.Here are mine:Is Adrian Morrison a Scam?Is Jim Cockrum a Scam?Does it seem like…... continue reading

Mike-Writes Premium Ambassador blogged

Words of wisdom from Richard Branson..."Business opportunities are like buses: there’s always another one coming."'Til next time... learn, promote & prosper!…... continue reading

Liudas Premium blogged

I was expecting an easier way. ... continue reading

LunaVC Premium Top 200 blogged

The weather in some parts of Georgia has been bad for the last 3 days. There have been heavy rains, Tornados, quarter size hail and a lot of tension. When I came…... continue reading

Roneni Premium blogged
Hear hear.

Hear hear, Premium here I come! ... continue reading

Steve1958 Premium Ambassador blogged

Greetings to ALL from Adelaide in South Australia!Every day, at about midnight in my part of the world, I receive a pile of news from Google Alerts and it updates…... continue reading

ShannyNixx Premium blogged

Just joined as a Premium Member. Looking forward to a great future ahead with a successful business! ... continue reading

It-Is-John Premium started question in Getting Started

Can you search members if you know their real name? If not, what about searching for people by their profile names? Thanks! ... continue reading

Lilika84 Premium Top 100 blogged

Monday, January 23, 2017.Love it love it love it!!!I created my video "Getting started at Wealthy Affiliate" and posted it on youtube yesterday evening and it is…... continue reading

MPollock Premium Ambassador blogged

Sorry for not posting but it has not quit snowing and I am so far behind, I will be in and out for a few days and will only be answering a few blogs, Wish you all…... continue reading

Steve1958 Premium Ambassador blogged

Greetings to ALL from Adelaide in South Australia!If you are a newcomer to Wealthy Affiliate and have started the training courses here, you will have found out…... continue reading

IzlorPreneur Premium Top 200 blogged

Good morning Everyone! Happy Days. This was my Facebook post this morning. Ready, Set, GO!!!Excited to officially announce the launch of my new Online Business!…... continue reading

cosmicradio Premium Ambassador blogged

Try to appreciate the simple things in life...They are often the very best life has to offer.All the pictures in this Post are from my River-The Pithlachascotee...locally…... continue reading

Linchi Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

I am trying to get my website verified through ShareASale. They are giving me code that is supposed to be put on the editor page. When I click on the editor page,…... continue reading

danetone blogged

people at work are so negative, constant complaining all the time. It's so annoying! It's really nice to come here and see everybody so positive and uplifting and…... continue reading

Steve1958 Premium Ambassador blogged

Greetings to ALL from Adelaide in South Australia!I have been a keen follower of LinkedIn for quite some time now, and I receive regular marketing updates from…... continue reading

GayleneNepia Premium Top 50 blogged

I'm testing a few strategies on Twitter. This tweet I posted without an image a week ago and here are the results:I'm pretty happy about the 43 retweets :-) ... continue reading

LouisaB Premium Top 50 blogged

Essential Blogger fundamentals and Niche Ideas There are many ways to make money online and blogging is one on the list. These are fundamentals, yet the most powerful…... continue reading

MsHanana Premium blogged

So, my first niche site is online! There's nothing on it yet, but the first step is the most important, right! Now to make it pretty and get some content on there!…... continue reading

PollyA blogged

Hi, folks! I had a small snag with family illness right after I ordered the program. That slowed me down but I am excited about getting started now. This is my…... continue reading

smandaluff Premium blogged

I've been working on my site since last July. It has been fairly slow going process, learning about affiliate marketing, learning about Wordpress, writing reviews,…... continue reading

zprice1 Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

Does word press have a catch and fetch feature for google index? ... continue reading

Steve1958 Premium Ambassador blogged

Greetings to ALL from Adelaide in South Australia!Every day, at about midnight in my part of the world, I receive a pile of news from Google and it updates me with…... continue reading

cosmicradio Premium Ambassador blogged

I recently did a Blog ("The Email Conundrum") in which I confided that I had accumulated 3.000 pages of emails (75,000 emails in all!).I believe that was Saturday,…... continue reading

StefanC Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

I have 99 soft error and I think the can impact negatively my rankings. So, I am trying to solve this, searching on google like crazy to find the solution. But…... continue reading

Aleabralee Premium blogged

Hi! So far I have managed to set up my web page, email and several pages of content. and shared some of them on my Facebook page and google plus account. I am working…... continue reading

Horatius Premium blogged

Today I opened google and did a quick check on how some of my pages/posts were ranking and I had an awesome surprise. One of my posts is the third result on Google's…... continue reading

Borneoman Premium blogged

Wow I just made 4 sales a few days ago! I haven't updated my website for more than a month now. No new post, I just share my old posts on Twitter.It means the training…... continue reading

CassBen Premium started question in Getting Started

What is the difference between an E-Commerce store and affiliate marketing? Assuming you still need a website, what are you doing differently? ... continue reading

AustinCrow1 blogged

just starting my account and am very excited to get to work. If there is anyone out there that would have any advice or help for me please send me a message! I'd…... continue reading

Phil-58 Premium blogged

Hi there,I want to share this blog post with all of the WA community. I don't know if this issue has been raised or covered here previously or not, however I am…... continue reading

VeronicasLuv Premium Top 50 blogged

Greetings To All,For the rest of this year, I'll be writing weekly posts, of my Healthier Me Challenge! In each of the posts, I'll be sharing a variety of things:…... continue reading

logicode28 started question in Getting Started

What tools and communications will I still have access to, also will I still have my account and website? ... continue reading

Aayache blogged

Hi My name is Abdelali, i'm graphic designer . ... continue reading

psybabe8 blogged

I just created my account and am excited to see where this opportunity takes me and what I can accomplish! ... continue reading

jdive138 Premium blogged

Well, it seems I'm in a tough spot. I thought I chose a good niche about something that interests me which is home beer brewing. I'm working on my site and going…... continue reading

Mike-Writes Premium Ambassador blogged

Be Inspired Today...Take a day for yourself and sit somewhere quietly...'Til next time... learn, promote & prosper! ... continue reading

littlemama Premium Top 50 started question in Authoring & Writing Content

I'm working on getting a list of keywords so I can create a writing schedule better. If I had a list of keywords to write from, then I can just knock out a few…... continue reading

mornay Premium started question in Keyword, Niche and Market Research

when I put my keyword into google (coleman grills) that I am going to use for my review post, the first page is all the big shops that sell them, so what is my…... continue reading