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buffetearns Premium Top 100 blogged

TODAY: JANUARY 24, WednesdayI started the day with my usual routine, checking my inbox, drinking my coffee and eating my oatmeal. So not so exciting! I noticed…... continue reading

Dishan Premium blogged

Wow, I can't imagine how fast time flies and it has been one hell of a journey. Today after completing my 1st year with Wealthy Affiliate, I feel like I am in total…... continue reading

fleurallen Premium blogged

I’m absolutely thrilled to be apart of this new initiative here at WA! I have received this news on the eve of the end of my summer holidays and so am feeling…... continue reading

kdforsman Premium blogged

Welcome to your amazing new adventure!! If you've been thinking about building an online income through blogging, or just writing about your passion - you've come…... continue reading

rileyroman Premium blogged

Am so excited, don't think I will be sleeping tonight! I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be in on this ground breaking event. Congratulations to all…... continue reading

StevenEsser Premium Top 100 blogged

I entered the 'competition' to join the super affiliate training by Kyle way too late, but I was able to secure a spot for myself anyway. I am super happy and also…... continue reading

Belden Premium Top 200 blogged

Hello Everyone,I just received the best message from Kyle. I can't believe it is happening! Super excited to be accepted. I will try my best to attain the objectives…... continue reading

Praba25 Premium blogged

In the morning when I opened my email I noticed a couple of WA blog notification saying about the selection for Kyle’s Super affiliate program. First I was…... continue reading

MarkBa Premium Top 100 blogged

Like many others I've I've been accepted for Kyle's Wealthy Afiliate Super Affiliate mentoring group!!I am hugely grateful to Kyle for accepting me and very excited…... continue reading

DaltonTberry Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

I am essentially trying to build out a short list at the top of my page that delineates subcategories within my post. When you click on a particular topic it jumps…... continue reading

Henry-II Premium Top 50 blogged

This is not a sad post complaining about the decision. Kyle has written a very polite and kind message. And I greatly appreciate the fact that he has written.Are…... continue reading

ValerieJoy Premium Top 100 blogged

I am delighted to be able to say I have been accepted into Kyle's Super Affiliate Group.I consider this to be a great privilege.A while after leaving my comment…... continue reading

LouisaB Premium Top 100 blogged

The Secret Is In The Eye Of The Beholder!Congrats, you have been accepted!Hello Friends and FamilyI am emmensely, SUPER EXCITED!Guess what friends?I just recieved…... continue reading

BarryBullard Premium Top 100 blogged

Hey guys,just wanted to drop a quick note on something that will mean the difference between pushing through to success or quitting. Motivation and blind determination…... continue reading

GailLowe Premium Top 100 blogged

I always thought that 2018 was going to be a good year. I can't tell you why - maybe it's the universe (I like to think I am guided by my higher self) or an artist's…... continue reading

vxfactor Premium blogged

It's pretty amazing just how much has happened in the last month compared to my struggles online before I joined Wealthy Affiliate. Before all of this I was looking…... continue reading

DennisBrown Premium blogged

Remember those resolutions you made a mental note of beginning of this year? How far are you with them? What are you doing to stay on track? That aside, I'm so…... continue reading

Nick-at-WA Premium blogged

Or almost!As most of you know I'm in a different time zone and was sound asleep when Kyle's message came through accepting me as one the Super Affiliate group.Imagine…... continue reading

RCaldera blogged

So I learned how to use the SEO ( search engine optimization) and I am now ready to start building my website. The first step is to make an about me and a privacy…... continue reading

BelleCMW92 Premium blogged

Hey everyone! Hump Day is blog day!I woke up to an extremely exciting email - "you have a new private message from Kyle". Wait what, me?! Needless to say I'm so…... continue reading

CraigKnight Premium blogged

Seems too good to be true. A lot of traffic, little competition. Am I missing something? Thanks In Advance. It is the exact phrase I wanted. It makes perfect sense…... continue reading

Greg2112 Premium blogged

Congratulation to all Super Affiliates Kyle has selected.I was unaware of the Super Affiliate opportunity until the last Kyle was accepting applications. Forchantly…... continue reading

ToLiNoLi Premium Top 50 blogged

The Daily Wealthy AffiliateWednesday, January 24, 2018Congratulations to all who are selected for the Super Affiliate Program! Me Included!The JourneyThe journey…... continue reading

herinnelson Premium Top 100 started question in Social Engagement & Marketing

For almost a week now, every time I post a comment welcoming a newbie, it adds it when I click ADD, but is gone when clicking on that page again. Is anyone else…... continue reading

SweetAngel Premium blogged

I thought I'd share my favourite quotes that help me whenever I feel like I want to give up!'Do what you love. Love what you do'.'If you really want to do something,you'll…... continue reading

codevonish Premium Top 200 blogged

Yesterday I was happy to see an English lawyer/Solicitor on the WA platform; we seem to have the mindset to invite only people who are unemployed, dissatisfied…... continue reading

TonyHamilton Premium Ambassador blogged
Are there going to be 8 more Super Wealthy Affiliates in 2018 than in 2017?

Have You heard about the 10% Rule?It's really not a rule as much as it is just the way things usually are.10% of the people do 90% of the work and/or do 90% of…... continue reading

Fitlife7483 Premium blogged

So I made into Kyle's group to be a super affiliate. I will work hard and push myself to succeed.Thank you so much Kyle for this opportunity.Wishing everyone success…... continue reading

nikkirich Premium blogged

I'm just feeling really greatful with the choices I've been making lately and a lot of that is because of everyone here on WA! I really didn't believe that there…... continue reading

JessiePalay1 Premium Top 200 blogged

If you are new and have never heard about affiliate marketing before, you are probably wondering what affiliate marketing is and what is the benefits of it. So…... continue reading

MattyBx Premium Top 200 blogged

I have asked myself this question many times and I have discussed this with many other WA premium members.There are thousands of us who all have similar interests…... continue reading

kendra87 Premium blogged

I have been accepted into the Super Affiliate Program!! I cannot thank Kyle enough and am SO looking forward to learning and growing by leaps and bounds in this…... continue reading

leoemery Premium Top 100 blogged

A very effective way to build your mailing list is doing viralgiveaways. By encouraging your visitors to share your giveaway you cangrow your mailing list big time.And…... continue reading

DaveSw Premium Ambassador blogged

Hey There Group Members (and Wealthy Affiliate members stopping by)...This is our formation post for the next Wealthy Affiliate (WA) mentoring and support group…... continue reading

Pinockio Premium started question in Getting Started

Can I get the link to this video again, please? I had not finished watching it.? ... continue reading

GOALDIGGER7 Premium blogged

i am leaving WA, after i realized that working online is just not me, and most importantly after leaning so much from the training process, the videos and all the…... continue reading

CSo Premium blogged

I am super excited to be in the Super Affiliate group!This is going to be an awesome year for me. I am thankful and grateful for what I have learned in WA training…... continue reading

AffiliateAmy Premium blogged

Yes, EVER! Can you believe it? But wait... there's more! I also went PREMIUM today! I know, pretty exciting, huh? Now I just have to pick a niche, complete my lessons,…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

I hope everyone here understands the rudiments of SEO. It's been posted about frequently and there have been multiple trainingsIt's so important that people will…... continue reading

DavePaton Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

What is the point of a featured image as opposed to a normal image? ... continue reading

Henry-II Premium Top 50 published training
Advantages of being active in Wealthy Affiliate for new affiliate marketers

Being active inside the community, asking questions, helping other members and frequently publishing posts can help you with your own sites. Having a nice chat…... continue reading

TheOldGuy Premium blogged

Congrats to all of you who were selected to be in Kyles Super Affilliate Program. I wish you nothing but success.On my front, the new PC arrived today and they…... continue reading

TRPEng Premium blogged

I just completed Level 4 of the Certification Course. I was using social media already and now I have picked up a lot of information on how to do this better.…... continue reading

TerBelizeGal Premium blogged

So I have been gone a long time!!!! Chasing after other green grass if you will...uggh..peeps if you are attracted to something to begin with, stick with it...I…... continue reading

CraigW315 Premium Ambassador blogged

So, I am reading the book Crushing It by Edmund Loh.If you are not familiar with him, he is an internet marketer who is considered one of the top internet entrepreneurs…... continue reading

rkjv2018 blogged

I would like to connect with people who can guide/coach me to move this business forward. Are there any video tutorials available to see how the system works. ... continue reading

sdawson Premium blogged

I was reading Matt's post about why don't we help each other more and thought, yes we should. So here's my suggestion for me to help you guys some.I'm an online…... continue reading

DaveSw Premium Ambassador blogged

Hello, Group Members (and other members stopping in)...This is my third and last formation post for a support group today...Only three more tomorrow and we will…... continue reading