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GayleneNepia Premium blogged

For fun, write a caption for this image.Here's mine:"You had me at Meow" ... continue reading

Ultimateless Premium Ambassador blogged

Here we are on the other side of half.I have been writing about, the only person who can love you the most is you, no-one can get passed your own self image. Just…... continue reading

NGodlove Premium blogged

Hello every one .all this payments from one referral with a conversion rate of 35% one of the highest conversion rates of referrals in Wealthy Affiliates :-)The…... continue reading

JudeP Premium Ambassador blogged

Just another update for you all on my daughter. Most of you are aware of her mental health problems, which are ongoing but she has had to return to hospital today…... continue reading

Ultimateless Premium Ambassador blogged

So there I was minding my own business (literally) and then I get this request from my partner. Well I call it a request other's might call it a demand."We are…... continue reading

BasedFehst Premium blogged

I received confirmation a couple days ago that my website was indexed into google. I felt so proud and accomplished when I found out that one of my creations was…... continue reading

JohnStevens Premium Top 100 blogged

Hi All WA friends,As you will know, we don't get the warmest and sunniest of climate's in the UK, in fact up here in North Scotland, we woke up this morning to…... continue reading

Nay16 Premium blogged

Being from Chicago, I am in my feelings today. Overwhelmed with excitement. I don't watch baseball often but one on my home teams are in the World Series. Go Cubs…... continue reading

GayleneNepia Premium blogged

Over the past 2 months, I have allowed so many distractions to creep into my life, from my church responsibilities to family drama’s, and home renovations…... continue reading

Luxsta Premium blogged

Well I'm into week 2 now and I'm progressing gradually getting the webpage to where I want it thus far. I'm at Course 2 lesson 6 but I've not checked all the list…... continue reading

MPollock Premium Ambassador blogged

Hi, everybody.This morning I woke up and started going through my emails. Boy was I shocked.I started reading emails and everybody was congratulating me.Then I…... continue reading

verazhelvis Premium Ambassador blogged

It's a very simple, very clear thought. But do we understand it in its depth? Let's look at the past, actually at us thinking about the past .Here's a good proverb…... continue reading

codevonish Premium Top 100 blogged

I was trying for some time to make the WA system of following more meaningful and “pay it forward” at the same. “Paying it forward” is an…... continue reading

verazhelvis Premium Ambassador blogged

We are wonderfully made and we are capable of great things. Just look at this.The human eye is so sensitive that if the Earth were flat, we could see a flickering…... continue reading

MudreM Premium Top 50 started question in Getting Started

Hi, I just noticed an anomaly on my post: a look below. I shared this post on Pinterest the other day,…... continue reading

Lbath5 Premium blogged

Hi my WA friends. I have been out of touch for the last month. As mentioned in a previous blog we decided to make Mexico our main residence and leased out our home…... continue reading

drjec Premium Top 100 blogged

I have found WA courses to be very good. I particularly like the way they build one to the other. At the end of each course, I am amazed that I have actually accomplished…... continue reading

networkceo Premium blogged

One day, back in April of this year, I sent my wife to our local Tractor Supply store to pick up a few essential items, dog food, lawn seed, etc... Several hours…... continue reading

Lilika84 Premium Top 50 blogged

Tuesday, October 25, 2016.BelgradeInspired by a very success story of my close friend and a fellow actor, I created a new post today called The great business ideas.…... continue reading

BarryJ Premium Top 200 blogged

Hello, WA.I have another experiment in the works. A few months ago I heard someone say here in the blog-o-sphere sub-domains are not a good idea because they don't…... continue reading

Loes Premium Ambassador blogged

I received an email about a month ago from Sophia from FotojetWe have had contact back in 2015 and I wrote a review for them.So, I just published a new review on…... continue reading

Dan-L Premium published training

This is a quick training video on HOW TO place a YouTube video in you sidebar Widget.Always use your own videos on your website because it is much better for the…... continue reading

Elenii started question in Getting Started

Please help. I've just set up a new account and set my user name incorrectly. How can I change it? ... continue reading

PMbaluka Premium Top 200 blogged

Yesterday I installed yoast SEO and today I was familiarising my self on how it works out. My special appreciations to Paulgoodwin who introduced me to it. I was…... continue reading

IanLoguercio Premium blogged

So I signed up and played on this site for a week, did a few lessons, posted a little. Signed up for the monthly plan. Then life happened in a serious way. Leaving…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

A wake up post for today The most favorite pet In the us over dogs ... continue reading

LouisaB Premium Top 200 started question in Authoring & Writing Content

I just got a comment saying, I cannot not comment no more because 3 of my comments are considered spam. What to do now? I wasn't aware that i can spam, someone…... continue reading

adamnjames Premium blogged

After spending my first 2 months with WA creating my website and content and going through all the lessons on a Samsung Tablet and Samsung Galaxy phone, (Very Frustrating…... continue reading

jivitaa339 Premium blogged

Hi friends, Good Day to All !Recently I joined some Bloggers Groups, though I was quiet skeptical of !To my surprise, most of them work very well - most of them…... continue reading

Miren Premium blogged

Hi people,I've been wondering if Instagram stories would be a good tool to promote my business.For those who don't know about Instagram stories, it's similar to…... continue reading

JoyNelson Premium Top 50 blogged

Hey folks,I hope you are having an awesomely productive and enjoyable day! As many of you know, I joined Wealthy Affiliate just over 2 months ago (8/15/2016). Since…... continue reading

Tony25 Premium started question in Getting Started

How do i create an e-mail account associated with my domain. ... continue reading

MOSESABIODUN Premium blogged
I am relieved

Once again, I was able to pay for another one month subscription yesterday, Monday, 24th October, 2016 despite the hardship and economic recession in my country.Indeed…... continue reading

Robert-A Premium Top 50 blogged

Using Social Media Sites As Part Of Your Marketing StrategyMany people rely on social mass media sites to get the information they seek. From old timers like Facebook…... continue reading

tyrellch Premium Top 100 blogged

This morning as I was on the highway driving to work I had a scary moment with learner driver, I presume, because they had an L plate at the back.There I was doing…... continue reading

PMbaluka Premium Top 200 blogged

That's why WA is the place to be.Lets succeed by helping each other. Paul. ... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Ambassador blogged

Hi guys and galsI just want to tell the new people that this is something that I missed for my first month here at WAI was so excited to h=get up and running I…... continue reading

HVella Premium Top 200 blogged

3rd month and I am feeling more confident with my websites and getting some great feedback from WA community and Organic Community.I have learned so much in the…... continue reading

JudeP Premium Ambassador blogged

Try to live your life by these 10 simple words..."If it is to be, it is up to me".No-one else can change your future, apart from you.Ciao for now my lovelies, ... continue reading

TMDavis99 Premium blogged

So I really had no clue what Yoast SEO was until I installed it in order to be able to add rich posts to Pinterest - here's a blog article I came across about it.,…... continue reading

electrobot Premium Top 200 blogged

So, you want to earn some money online. Well, this is much easier said than done. The Internet is gargantuan. To make money online from a single website is definitely…... continue reading

rdbest Premium blogged

Fellow WA members,After being with WA for only 2 months, today I jumped in for the Wealthy Affiliate discount that maximizes the program benefits - yearly membership.…... continue reading

nadi39 Premium blogged

Hi everyone!Don't you ever have that feeling of being lost,when you are having the challenge of creating something new for your site, but you just don't know where…... continue reading

janmar Premium Top 200 blogged

I feel very accomplished that I have completed all 5 levels of the Certification Training. Without fanfare of any kind the training was over. No blue button to…... continue reading

izl0r808 Premium blogged

Aloha everyone. I have my main website up @ with some content already but was thinking about making another website right away because i have…... continue reading

PjGermain Premium Top 50 published training

Here's a quick 10 minute intro to Klout.What it is and how it can help you build authority, brand yourself or your website and get exposure.....Bottom line - it…... continue reading

izl0r808 Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

Aloha everyone! Im a couple days in the program and started my website and put content on it and everything but it still shows that my site is not in the google…... continue reading

Mario8 started question in Getting Started

I just created my first niche but I'm worried its too board. What do you think my friends ? :) ... continue reading