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leoemery Premium Top 100 blogged

The new year is just around the corner and it's the little things that we can forget to do with our websites.And one of those little things is to update your copyright…... continue reading

laparra1 Premium Top 50 blogged

A story on some Christmas Traditions. I was born in Australia and my Dutch Mother tried to introduce some Christmas traditions from her home into her new country.…... continue reading

ToLiNoLi Premium Top 50 blogged

The Daily Wealthy AffiliateSunday, December 17, 2017Dear Readers,Besides of creating a beautiful chronicle novel for you, I had to continue with my training. I…... continue reading

DEversley Premium Top 50 blogged

Hello WAs.Have you ever given a stupid answer to a great question? It happened to me. As a thinker, I pondered on how and why this occurred. Primarily, because…... continue reading

Swangirl Premium Ambassador blogged

We had a wonderful 5th anniversary today. It was a nice, peaceful day and we found a new place to go walking with a creek! We also drove around and explored a new…... continue reading

Jordan29 Premium started question in Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Is there a good training that goes through how to understand everything in Google Webmaster? ... continue reading

sporkypie Premium blogged

So, I bit the bullet and took that Ancestry test that's so heavily advertised. In my case, I got way more than I bargained for, because my mother was adopted. it…... continue reading

TonyHamilton Premium Ambassador blogged
Will your Account become Inactive?

Have you received this so very important message from any of your Friends on facebook yet?I've already received it from 13 of my 5,000 Facebook Friends in the past…... continue reading

iJared Premium Top 100 blogged

Did I even say that right? The newbie, the new guy. The Greenhorn!Isn't it so interesting what we come across in our daily lives that isn't new to us but my goodness,…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

There have been a few posts llately abut negativity in our blogging. This is inexcusable!It can be destructive to have a disruptive negative person in your work…... continue reading

SongbirdDL Premium Top 50 blogged

What about 'Purpose?' Does anybody have a relationship with that word?Let us meet in the comments section. I know I have a definite relationship with that word.I…... continue reading

StunningBell Premium Top 50 blogged

A message to jvranjes and my followersjvranjes, I know you will find this post because you have been stalking me for some time now.My beloved followers, I know…... continue reading

CraigBarnes Premium blogged

WTF and what the hell!!?? Here I am, conscious and awake another day. Extremely cold and dark outside. My cursed bed left behind again in a silent and lonely bedroom.Life…... continue reading

Armlemt Premium Ambassador blogged

I just logged on to find that I am an Ambassador! Wow! I just can't believe it! I even knocked off early yesterday to spend time with my family.I have been here…... continue reading

RTaylor2 Premium blogged

Well, I went ahead and did it. That's the power of the "limited time" when it comes to sales. I was not quick to go ahead and get it, but in the end I just had…... continue reading

JohnBochtis Premium blogged

6 months have already passed! Time flies! In 6 months I managed to establish my website, have 4-5 posts/pages on the first Google page and around 50 pages and posts.…... continue reading

roamy Premium blogged

Today is the day, 3 years ago, I joined WA ,believing the place to be one of the many scams out there.I did not even care what my user name would be, my choice…... continue reading

dayanarod26 Premium blogged

so much to soak up!! I just upgraded to premium & Im ready to dive in!! ... continue reading

sanjivkarnik Premium started question in Keyword, Niche and Market Research

I recently saw the reseller rights weekly program by mark austin.I would like to know whether it is legit? Is it really worth it?What do you guys think about it?…... continue reading

SophiaMia Premium blogged
My life, My reason, my purpose.

tIt was only until I became a mother I understood the meaning of really securing one's own . Until that I had been winging it , I was hustling !! I was making Fast…... continue reading

Marlinda1 Premium Top 100 started question in Search Engine Optimization

Hey there!I was just submitting and article in 'Fetch As Google' and got errors multiple times saying that it was 'Unreachable'.What does this mean? Is my website…... continue reading

AnitaAlig Premium blogged

Choosing a niche can be a bit of a headache. Do you go after money spinners or follow your passion? In essence, making money from your passion is what you're going…... continue reading

MichalB Premium blogged

When I found out that I have to write 3 or 4 articles per week, I got scared. I believe the reason for scarcity comes from my elementary school (in Czechoslovakia…... continue reading

MeganW Premium Top 100 blogged

I blogged a couple of weeks ago that I was feeling very disillusioned. However, due to many positive and supportive comments from people I pushed through. I have…... continue reading

caruthfamily Premium blogged

I am just about to complete Course 2, and I am very excited. The site has helped me to better define my niche and get what I believe to be a pretty well laid out…... continue reading

RikaSF Premium blogged
The Best Way to Make Money Online (Step 1):  Know Why People Dont Succeed Online

It is important to know why people don’t succeed online before you can find the best way to make money online. The internet is a vast place with millions…... continue reading

suzy2107 Premium started question in Search Engine Optimization

Hi Guys, I am trying to update the Meta Title and Description of my Home page as Google has picked up the title of one of my posts!!! I cannot seem to change it.…... continue reading

MelaniLukito Premium blogged

I got an email from and I thought better if I share the link here. Click on the link below to send Christmas ecards for free:…... continue reading

Turbogoh415 Premium blogged

Good Day Folks,I can't believe how fast time actually passes by when you're enjoying it. I never thought I would be writing to people online and sharing my experience…... continue reading

JohnTorres27 Premium blogged

Hello everyone.A few weeks ago I began wondering whether or not I should renew my subscription here. It wasn't easy but after a lot of pondering I've decided not…... continue reading

ContentBySue Premium Top 100 blogged

I've always been interested in the history of the Vikings. A mere fraction of my lineage, but intertwined with the greatest parts of my ancestry.You are probably…... continue reading

rejoice3 Premium blogged

Hey all, website is up, public and ready to go. Yay! Keep moving forward everyone! ... continue reading

Swangirl Premium Ambassador blogged

The wind is ripping right now! It has been so warm here since we have had the "Pineapple Express" which is basically winds blowing up from Pacific as far south…... continue reading

ABromley Premium blogged

As you gain experience you will come to realise that there is always something you can add to your website to improve it. Obviously adding your posts as and when…... continue reading

JoeFell Premium blogged

So today marks probably my greatest achievement so far and an accomplishment that I am quite proud of. My first website is now indexed in Google!!!You have no idea…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

So you really want site popularity. Backlinks are the answer.They have a tendency to mark your content as more relevant with Google Search EnginesThese quality…... continue reading

Hsagar Premium started question in Getting Started

I want to create a click bank account for affiliate but I am not able to. Every time I tried to create a Clickbank account I got this message "Unfortunately, we…... continue reading

Ink-pupp blogged

So just made my first site, can't wait to fill it with awesome content, revolving around photography ... continue reading

phakacha8 Premium Top 100 blogged

All's well that ends well. This week could be more exciting for all of us here at Wealthy Affiliate. Excitement in the sense that 2017 furls its wings after this…... continue reading

EandMs Premium blogged

Looking for something?I've always been looking for something to make extra money for myself just like other people do.I not only love working WA, I like to sell…... continue reading

22Oregon22 Premium blogged

Hello friends!I have to say I was very overwhelmed when I started the journey. As I worked through the lessons I became more and more confident and now I feel as…... continue reading

KKitt Premium blogged

You've just finished setting up your new user on your brand new WordPress site. Only instead of having a picture, you have an icon. If you're having trouble changing…... continue reading

Flash4 Premium Top 200 blogged

This is my reality, you my friends & family are extras on my stage.How I orchestrate my play is all my choosing. Other beings can interact with me in my play but…... continue reading

KPollen Premium started question in Getting Started

I have started on the courses and have just completed course one. Before doing course two, what is the difference between this and affiliate bootcamp ... continue reading