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JCZola Premium blogged

About 2 months ago, I decided to join the Wealthy Affiliate community. It has, and continues to be, one of the best decisions I've made. It has helped to inspire…... continue reading

Momtaztamana blogged

just got the hang of it.I hope I'll make it big one day.HOPEFULLY! ... continue reading

35gpgeorge blogged

CERTIFIED IN HAIR EXTENSIONS / EYE LASH EXTENSIONSMUD makeup masters program - Makeup / SPXfreelance - ... continue reading

Shwni Premium Top 100 published training
26 Amazon Product Review Sites That Give Away Free or nearly free Products

This tutorial will help you find websites that give you Free or nearly free products that are on amazon for reviews... continue reading

work4nobody Premium started question in Authoring & Writing Content

Hello, WA Members,This tool has helped me with grammar and spelling. I am not the best writer here. Please respond with your experiences with this tool. Thank you…... continue reading

NickUrmston Premium blogged

Good morning WA folks, I'm typing this as I reach the end of course 2. I've looked over the outline for course 3 and am really looking forward to adding in affiliate…... continue reading

JeffL61 Premium Top 100 blogged

Has anyone else noticed an issue with even getting to the Jaaxy site today? Clicking on the Jaaxy link on the bottom left-hand side of the page a number of times…... continue reading

nilu2sarode blogged

I am gonna give some safety tips in workplace or home on how could you be safe on workplace. ... continue reading

RHBarlow Premium Top 200 blogged

How about that? My first year with Wealthy Affiliate has gone by very quickly.I have truly learned a lot and actually much more than I have expected. It has been…... continue reading

JohnSavage2 Premium started question in Getting Started

I have just been looking at my website and I notice that under the name of the site it says something like "just another wordpress website". Can you tell me how…... continue reading

Bladen Premium Top 100 blogged

Good morning and happy days to absolutely everyone at Wealthy Affiliate.My title says it all. I have that feeling again.Years ago when I was working online I was…... continue reading

alison54 Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

Hi, I work for 4 other clients and host their websites on my own VPS within Godaddy at the moment. It's ultra expensive and doesn't cover it's cost, to be honest.…... continue reading

Quentil Premium blogged

I have made it to level 2. ... continue reading

Tjennings122 Premium Top 100 blogged

I kept contemplating whether to write a blog tonight or not as the day was just "idle" in a way. First off, I listened to 3 workshops via the Hay House World Psychic…... continue reading

stannerman blogged

Looking toward the future and ensuring an affordable way of living ... continue reading

TameCaveMan Premium blogged

So when I joined, I created my first free siterubix website. It wasn't very good and it had no content. Within a few days I realised I wanted my own domain so I…... continue reading

Memorylaneuk Premium blogged

Why am I finding product reviews so difficult?I have read and re read the trainings and I know how to write them in theory but each and every one has seemed like…... continue reading

Jaunesk Premium Top 200 blogged

Received this in my inbox this afternoon ... continue reading

tatihden Premium Top 200 published training
How to make money on YouTube videos

The basics about making money on YouTube with email marketing and affiliate marketing ... continue reading

Skunk2sti Premium started question in Getting Started

I already have created a post and just created a new page and I would like to move the post into the new page I have created, is there anyway I can do that?Thank…... continue reading

selvammmohan Premium started question in Authoring & Writing Content

How many websites do you manage successfully and how much time was spent on achieving the current status? ... continue reading

RodneyJr Premium blogged

I'm on Course 2, Lesson 9 and I'm on the last task where it says Create a New Post and Add it ("with engagement") to Your Google+ Post Page. My question is, what…... continue reading

verazhelvis Premium Top 200 started question in The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

What should a person do to have their writing privileges within WA community restored? How quickly does this normally happen? ... continue reading

RockWA Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

I would like start to build my online store for my Niche and this is my first time to build a Store type (Amazon type of site).Preferences:1. Multiple displays…... continue reading

RoyBaxter Premium blogged

It's been many moons now since I started the Wealthy Affiliate journey and I've reached a stage in the journey where the money for the trip is running low.I buy…... continue reading

JohnStevens Premium Top 100 blogged

Hi All,A very difficult decision with so many friends here, I have decided to take an indefinite break from Wealthy Affiliate.I have been thinking about it for…... continue reading

Joy3 Premium started question in Getting Started

I am not sure if I can use amazon, say, and another within the same website, on the same page ... continue reading

brandonacox Premium blogged

I had a hamster once. His name was Bart, and he lived about three times as long as the average life expectancy of hamsters. I have a theory... it was the wheel.…... continue reading

Murga blogged

Through the internet, my salary seems interesting! ... continue reading

Loes Premium Ambassador blogged

What is important for YouTube?5 S.T.E.P.S.SensationThrillingExtremesProvocativeStimulatingWhen you follow up what people create for YouTube, you are bound to get…... continue reading

Nitram1321 Premium started question in Getting Started

I recently saw reviews for CJ stating that they don't pay commissions and that they will close accounts for being dormant when they are not. My question is since…... continue reading

NMeads Premium blogged

I'm really proud of how far I've come so far, I've fallen for the get rich quick schemes so many times, but with this I've realised there is no getting rich quick.…... continue reading

Joy3 Premium blogged

There are so many people in this world looking for services. I used to spend time worrying about the niche I chose and whether I can attract customers who will…... continue reading

SongbirdDL Premium Ambassador blogged

Where is the money? Have you made some money?I have created training based on answering the above question for the new members and everyone else who is wondering…... continue reading

mybiz4u Premium Top 100 blogged

Hello Guys 'n Dolls,I hope you are well.So, I am playing 'catch up' on my community check-in, when I read a couple of posts and then one hit me - it has been a…... continue reading

AfqmBiz Premium Top 200 blogged

Online Affiliate Marketing News And Useful Picture Viewers ToolsPeace Be Upon You, Folks! I have to personally get Kyle And Carson word of wisdom on how they keep…... continue reading

NEH Premium Top 200 blogged

I've noticed an increasing amount of websites removing all dates from their posts.There seem to be arguments for and against doing this. On one of my sites, it…... continue reading

Dshrad8 Premium blogged

I am new here, and I can't tell you how bad I need this stuff to work. Words cannot express my drive to get out of the stupid 9-5 lifestyle and start living life…... continue reading

MINA7 Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

'While moving from one page to another, the transition comes with a kind of jerk in the page, acts like a twinge' - website feedback. How to fix this? Thanks in…... continue reading

SongbirdDL Premium Ambassador blogged

I have received two invitation acceptances from the posts I write here at Wealthy Affiliate. They both haven't filled in their profiles but it just goes to show…... continue reading

jvranjes Premium Ambassador blogged

It is surprising to see that even experienced WA members tend to overlook facts and Google's position about the meta description. I noticed the following statements…... continue reading

Kelanders Premium started question in Authoring & Writing Content

I gave an offer that ended this past weekend. How do I remove the post now that it is 'old'? ... continue reading

alexrubio98 Premium blogged

I became a WA member one month ago. So..I'm still a newbie, of course. I realized a few things until now, I learned a lot of things, and I'm gonna achieve my goals…... continue reading

AfqmBiz Premium Top 200 blogged

Poor Reasons To Enroll MLM Opportunity From My ExperienceDo you ever heard of "MLM"? Multi-Level Marketing can be a great way to earn everything from a small additional…... continue reading

AndYLjr Premium blogged

As of late, I have come across this so called affiliate group selling health products. It claims to have every expect of nutrients a person need in a day by consuming…... continue reading

Neil Little Premium blogged

Back in January I made the decision to leave Wealthy Affiliate due to my ill health following on from major surgery in May 2016.It has been a long road back and…... continue reading

Motivator61 Premium blogged

I hope your week is off to a roaring start in a positive and productive way. If it is not it just means the rest of the week should go move smoothly. I had an entire…... continue reading

pigwood blogged

In a play, the behind the scenes work is vital to what is happening on the stage. There is costuming, scenery design and production, sound, and lighting, among…... continue reading