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Kyle Premium Ambassador blogged
Blast Conversions With These 5 Pricing Strategy Examples

I have an interesting story to share with you on price points and I hope it is going to shed a lot of light on how, we as people, interact to different price points…... continue reading

ContentBySue Premium Top 50 blogged

I love writing content of all kinds. I tried my hand at writing product descriptions and descriptions for senior living facilities and loved both of those equally.Any…... continue reading

ThongN blogged

Dear Kyle and all experienced premium members;I'm stuck on the process "choose your nicle". After read some suggestions about "nicle" from Kyle and other premium…... continue reading

DynMarket Premium blogged

I have been a member of WA for 6 months! ... continue reading

ToddWong blogged

This is not an advertisement. I just occasional saw it and wanna share with you guysNowadays, opening physical shops are not longer the only way to startup our…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

I find it difficult to adjust to the on line note taking methods many times. There seems to be an app for everything I used to love to use a yellow and sometimes…... continue reading

Swangirl Premium Ambassador blogged

My second website is taking flight!It feels so good! I just finished my privacy policy, and about me page! I have one post done (a welcome post) and will soon have…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

It's all about the audience.But what audience?.Who is the target? This is the direction your efforts need to be pointed to. This is the best way to light up our…... continue reading

Roybretton Premium Top 200 blogged

I believe that this feature is new to Wealthy Affiliate, I must admit it is quite nice to wake up in the morning to see this message; Awesome, Your Content is Indexed…... continue reading

GayleneNepia Premium blogged

I'm feeling so blessed to have over 10,000 wonderful WA members following me here at WA.2017 was a hectic year for me, with so much going on, which is why I haven't…... continue reading

DaleMaz Premium blogged

Let me explain!!A very good friend of mine today asked me what I was doing online. I had no problem showing the Wealthy Affiliate. However as much as I knew I could…... continue reading

Ludomi Premium started question in Getting Started

Hello everyone, in my comments this appear and I wonder what is this?My HomepageLqW146.org88.150.210.121 ... continue reading

JewelCarol Premium blogged

Hey WA FamilyToday's post will be short. :)Yes, let us be patient in all things ... the problem is, we always want to get things done quickily ... and we quit when…... continue reading

arielharris7 Premium Top 50 blogged

So this week I learned that commitment to this process has nothing to do with just learning the lessons. This is what I learned, ready?1. None of this information…... continue reading

CColwell Premium blogged

I just upgraded to Premium, and I am immensely impressed and comforted with the wealth of connection, information, and support that is available here as I start…... continue reading

herinnelson Premium Top 100 started question in Social Engagement & Marketing

I would like to know the best affiliates to join, aside from Amazon. I currently use Shareasale and would like to expand even more..successfully. What has your…... continue reading

JSmiddy Premium blogged

I have had my site up for over a month now. And I keep adding content and I customize my theme to make it look good, I just can't get ranked on Google yet. I always…... continue reading

katmac Premium started question in Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Hi, I'm a counselor with many years experience in this occupation and am wondering if it's possible to attract clients to my site through the wordpress platform…... continue reading

CoachGom Premium Ambassador published training
Build Rapport With Referrals Using Autoresponders

As affiliates of Wealthy Affiliate, we often find ourselves challenged in following up with our referrals as the only way to communicate with them is by posting…... continue reading

570butlerjo Premium started question in Social Engagement & Marketing

I am struggling with the sociable plugin what sociable plugin do you recommend thank you Jack ... continue reading

BTremblay Premium blogged

I’ve always wanted to be able to make a living doing something creative and independent, but like most people I always found myself working for someone else.…... continue reading

Greg-C Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

It says: 'Your Sitemap appears to be an HTML page. Please use a supported sitemap format instead'. Does anyone know how to fix this please? ... continue reading

drjec Premium Top 200 blogged

According to dictionary. com, an investment means "... investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns..." or "...devoting, using or giving of…... continue reading

SylviaMG Premium blogged

Hi WA Family... I think I did too much yesterday... my back is really protesting. That cleaning needed to be done. I wish I had more time for the other stuff. I…... continue reading

TonyHamilton Premium Ambassador blogged
Unexpected Commission for being #1

There's something about receiving an unexpected Commission that excites me!The normal deposit that I receive each month is nice and all but it is expected.The deposit…... continue reading

570butlerjo Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

When I was rearranging my header I must have missed a step and I lost my home icon and I do not remember how to retrieve it thank you, Jack ... continue reading

VeronicasLuv Premium Ambassador blogged

In my A to Z Analogy, I will take places, things and people and relate them to developing our online business. This is just for fun, but perhaps, you'll be able…... continue reading

botipton Premium Ambassador blogged

Several people asked me today"What can I do to get ready for Jan 29th and the start of the Gogetters."There are several things you can do.Finish as much of the…... continue reading

DomW Premium Top 200 blogged

For those of you who haven't read my previous post, I've decided to start a weekly series talking about the growth of my company, HumanProofDesigns from its humble…... continue reading

JLennon Premium Top 200 blogged

There was a change to the ranking algorithm. Woweeee! The roller coaster has crested and is careening downward. Enjoy the ride.My rank dropped 90 places the first…... continue reading

sho1964 Premium blogged

Hello to my fellow WA members! Where to begin, I have been totally submersed in my lessons, creating content, researching my niche, and learning how to navigate…... continue reading

DKMade Premium blogged

I have never been a real big reader but I have always been drawn to reading labels and fine print. Oddly enough I recently had a friend who has an affiliate site…... continue reading

Chezbrown Premium Ambassador blogged

As there is all the talk within WA at the moment of joining Dave's groups or Bo or Kyle who have promised up to give us the help we need to make a success of affiliate…... continue reading

JLennon Premium Top 200 blogged

I'm certified! (My family has been telling me this for years.) That is I have completed all 5 levels of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Training. I feel pretty…... continue reading

boomergp08 Premium Ambassador blogged

As many of you know, I was in Las Vegas for CES, Consumer Electronics Show, from Tuesday to Friday. It is now Saturday night and I am back in freezing cold New…... continue reading

yclayton Premium Top 200 blogged

Today, I have a short, but uplifting message. Today is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and I wanted to share one of my favorite quotes of his: This reminds me very…... continue reading

kasotty Premium Top 50 blogged

Hey WA fam,Before we move on, please do NOT consider this a b*tchy post of any sort, simply accept this as advice for future reference. This is something important…... continue reading

Swangirl Premium Ambassador blogged

I have finally completed the short term goals I set for last weekend. I have now set up Google Analytics for my new site! Thank goodness it was quick and easy and…... continue reading

CraigW315 Premium Ambassador started question in Getting Started

I like using SiteContent, especially now that they have images available. For the longest time I had... issues.... with image use, so this is pretty good for me.I…... continue reading

Jasnscott Premium started question in Local Marketing

What do you know about content management and social media account management for local businesses? Specifically Instagram management (hashtag research, etc).An…... continue reading

botipton Premium Ambassador blogged

Gogetters ProjectHere it is the update on what is coming Monday January 29 exactly two weeks from today. Using the training platform here at Wealthy Affiliate,…... continue reading

Inchanting1 Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

I'm trying to add a custom URL to my website from my local Multiple Listing Service (I'm a realtor) this will enable visitors to search for properties if anyone…... continue reading

Nekko26 Premium blogged
My Motivational Leader

Finding Your Leader!So today I just want to ask everyone who their leaders are! In my opinion we all need a leader, When I joined wealthy affiliate I went to the…... continue reading

Swangirl Premium Ambassador blogged

I have figured out what the first post of my new website will be! I only had the About Me page completed so far but now I am starting my first post! I found a decent…... continue reading

Jamillah1 Premium blogged

Salad BonanzaSalad bonanza, yes you heard it right, salad bonanza. What is salad bonanza? Salad bonanza is a group of salads I love to eat while dieting. The great…... continue reading

pagnism Premium started question in Getting Started

I am trying to upload the picture. Already tried 5 times. After the upload reaches 100%, nothing happens. Not sure what is going wrong. ... continue reading

570butlerjo Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

how do I add a header that says product reviews then add my reviews to that so they are one under the other thank you Jack ... continue reading

LisaY Premium blogged

I learn something new almost every day here at Wealthy Affiliate. The community is so gracious with sharing their knowledge. Recently, I have heard a lot of success…... continue reading