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MozMary Premium Top 50 blogged
Solution to Google Analytics asking me to Sign Up over and over again

The solution is in knowing where to look, some people on the web have spent a couple of weeks trying various suggestions to get back into their google analytics…... continue reading

cosmicradio Premium blogged
Marshmallow Feet

There's a scientific nameI cannot recall,And it feels the sameIn the bedroom or hall.I'm not being silly,It's not very neat,I walk willy nillyOn marshmallow feet!It…... continue reading

suzzziq Premium started question in Social Engagement & Marketing

Hey everyone:)Quick question for those of you who use Google+...when I post something in Google +, does it automatically share it with the contacts in my communities?…... continue reading

Belden22 Premium Top 200 started question in Getting Started

Is it important to respond to every comment that is left in my blog WA blog?Sometimes it's obvious that the comment needs to be answered but other times the comment…... continue reading

mybiz4u Premium Top 100 blogged
The Honeymoon Is Over!

Hello Guys 'n Dolls!Happy Sunday!I hope you are enjoying the day off from work if you don't have to work, and for those of us who have to work today, I hope you…... continue reading

Loes Premium Ambassador blogged
Professional Looking Author Bio Box on your Website

I just added a new plugin it's called Author Bio BoxI am totally not worried anymore about adding plugins, and my plugin rate is thereforeWhen you want to keep…... continue reading

Funbiztools started question in WA Affiliate Program

I met some dude from the south of france who said he tried joining but wa is not accepting people from this country? ... continue reading

heljam404A Premium blogged
Why use lead capture pages!

Why use lead capture pages?You will want to use lead capture pages because they work.People really don't buy on impulse as much as you think.The average person…... continue reading

Steagles Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

I have been hearing a lot about websites needing these certificates for Google. I am not exactly sure what this is and wondering is this something I have to do…... continue reading

herinnelson Premium Ambassador blogged
A sure-fire way to succeed! Hi newbies!

HELPFUL ADVICEWhether you're new here or coming back and getting serious this time, I will offer you a piece of advice. Learn all you can about how this platform…... continue reading

arielharris7 Premium Ambassador blogged
Is Destiny Calling US? What Are Our Success Goals?

Since I have been here at Wealthy Affiliate, it has challenged my sense of what and how I see success. And so I wanted to share with you some ideas and affirmations…... continue reading

Loes Premium Ambassador blogged
Earn by doing absolutely nothing

So, I took the plunge and added Adsense to my website and 4 days ago I got an email that my site was approved.Of course I follow the results on foot and now, after…... continue reading

Chezbrown Premium Ambassador blogged
Happy Birthday To Who

Who Has A Birthday TodayI am not sure who knows the person with the birthday today, I didn't know till it popped up on my face book page and I couldn't let the…... continue reading

GoranBockman Premium blogged
What Is The Meaning Of Life? Why Are We Here?

Those two questions have been asked by thinking human beings since day 1, I think. How we answer them will determine the course of our lives here on earth. Which…... continue reading

Swangirl Premium Ambassador blogged
Amazon Sales Are a Beautiful Thing

Isn't this a pretty sight? My Amazon clicks and sales for the last 30 days: This is only $24.13 but hey, that's not bad! I also have $47.50 coming from WA! Maybe…... continue reading

verazhelvis Premium Top 200 blogged
Sunday Fun. For Your Imagination:)

A late Sunday fun, friends.Try to relax now for a couple of minutes and have some fun.I will give you some phrases, mostly phrases meant to be funny. The endings…... continue reading

MozMary Premium Top 50 blogged
Look how Google obeys European Cookie Law, but is this enough?

Have you noticed Google Analytics adhering to the European cookie law? Look where they place the cookie popup!1.Bottom of their image on the Google Analytics sign…... continue reading

Belden22 Premium Top 200 blogged
I Would Like to Encourage You Today

I had lunch with a friend today.He complained nearly the entire lunch about everything in his life. He even has a flexible job where he never has to come to the…... continue reading

Swangirl Premium Ambassador blogged

I just wrote a post here and accidentally deleted it so this will be the shortened version! I posted yesterday that my new post was ranked#2 on Bing. Then I decided…... continue reading

hopeslife Premium blogged

So, here's a way to get WA email notifications as an RSS feed. There's a service called Kill the newsletter, it converts email newsletters to RSS feeds. https://www.kill-the-newsletter.comIt…... continue reading

Belden22 Premium Top 200 blogged
I'm Not Sure I Belong in the Top 200 Hundred

I think it's really cool to be in the top 200 but I'm not sure that I deserve it........yet.I sent Kyle and Carson a private message several weeks ago suggesting…... continue reading

Loes Premium Ambassador blogged
You are one out of 10000

Actually, I missed the 10000 mark by an inch.Followed by 10021Some of you just started following me, others go a long way back. The time is ticking and I am heading…... continue reading

Kerjackie Premium blogged
Prawns with tomatoes and feta

The latest blog I wrote on my website, is about the heath benefits of oregano, oregano is a wonderful herb, both to use in your cooking and to use therapeutically…... continue reading

Funbiztools started question in The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Has anyone involved in an mlm opportunity & got it published on here and received steady monthly residual income from it? ... continue reading

melindac Premium blogged

I am sorely disappointed with my first day of pay per click results. I created an advertisement for a campaign that was doing well with social media and SEO. I…... continue reading

arielharris7 Premium Ambassador blogged
Paying it Forward at Wealthy Affiliate, How About A Gratitude Niche?

So today was gorgeous, full of sunshine and I just knew it was an adventure day. You know those kinds of days when staying inside is just not an option, yes?And…... continue reading

EugeneJr1 blogged
Freedom Bird

May the people be free from unending poverty and sickness. ... continue reading

Beardsman23 Premium blogged

hey everyone! I just wanted to share my experience and progress I’ve had in my first 5 days. To start off, the niche I chose was beards. I have 5-6 posts…... continue reading

Urolin1981 Premium blogged

Hi! All my Dear supporting WA camarades,Today is my first time to sense some digital excitement since first joined WA on 9/25/2017. So, I want to share this high…... continue reading

ChrisNV Premium started question in The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I spent some time today in the Site Comments module providing comments on pages that requested comments. I came across one page that had a blatant copyright infringement…... continue reading

570butlerjo Premium started question in Authoring & Writing Content

I was checking some niche related sites that have the authority and one that really stood out has a similar theme as mine, with the read more structure, so on the…... continue reading

WendyTweedie Premium blogged

Mission as a Life CoachTo be a successful Business Woman in the Life Coaching Industry.To develop and inspire others to be successful and grow and develop new business…... continue reading

GiuliaB Premium Top 100 blogged
Two Years At WA!

Yes, finally I have just had my second WA birthday on Monday - more so poignant because, as ever, it coincides with my son's birthday, but this year it was also…... continue reading

kdforsman Premium Top 100 blogged
I'm in love with CANVA - Thanks WA!

Wow, what a fabulous FREE tool for websites and creators!I seriously love Canva - and I'm having a whirlwind romance with it as we speak. Canva is the perfect mate.In…... continue reading

bigrog44 Premium blogged

Hello WA:I've had a pretty busy week this week. I got my taxes back so I've been out of the house lots of times. Then when it's time to go home, it's almost time…... continue reading

Beontheway Premium blogged
My First 6 days on WA plattform, lets keep going

Wow, time really passed by the last days. I worked like a 20 year old. Felt more energy, slept less then normal and experienced a lot of joy and happiness so far.My…... continue reading

570butlerjo Premium started question in Authoring & Writing Content

My right top widget has my pic in it is way to big, even the widget seems too big how do I downsize the pic again, thank you Jack ... continue reading

Bald Eagle Premium blogged

I've been around the block a few times and the enthusiasm (or is that innocence?) of youth has cerainly worn off.My IM to date has been a failure and I have a long…... continue reading

ShaneR2 Premium started question in Authoring & Writing Content

Hey everyone,I just signed up for google adsense but they sent me an email saying my content is not of value to the audience or something along these lines. Could…... continue reading

Rich908 Premium Top 100 started question in WA Affiliate Program

I have a niche website for dads and it's maturing nicely like fine brandy - I am in quandary - I write three blogs a week 1. Niche Website for Dads2. Wealthy Affiliate3.…... continue reading

OrenL Premium started question in Keyword, Niche and Market Research

In Bing, do any of you use that "Increase traffic by adding xxx potential new keywords." suggestion?If so have had success with it?Thanks ... continue reading

cena1975 Premium blogged
WA Cats Lovers Need Your Help

I did a little revamp on my cats website. I didn't touch it for a long time. When I started in WA this is my first site. I just wanted to create a site with my…... continue reading

Funbiztools started question in Getting Started

What if i like to use a website from my primary business and have it published instead of making another one ? Is this ok ? ... continue reading

Sorayacge Premium Top 200 blogged
Are you Travelling a Lonely Path With No Traffic.?

I just thought I'd post this because maybe it will help somebody. My site is 3 months old and at 49 posts - well let's just call it 50 posts because that's a nice…... continue reading

Canadianmag blogged

Accomplished my first step, locating a community / site I felt comfortable with. I dabbled in this about 10 years ago, ready to jump back on.Niche selection has…... continue reading

DebbieAutry Premium started question in Getting Started

I am inundated with extra social sharing icon buttons and need to remove them, anyone know how please? ... continue reading