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TammiP Premium Top 50 started question in Website Development & Programming

Internal Links!!! What does this mean? I am getting this confused and I need to clarify.ThanksT ... continue reading

Sftat Premium Top 100 blogged

Man, Course 3 took WAY longer than I expected, but it has been worth it and I'm on to Course 4! In each of these courses I learn a ton, and the more developed my…... continue reading

okief1122 Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

I have installed jetpack plugin for various reasons and activated fine but when selecting connect to Wordpress button it says there is a curl error. Has anyone…... continue reading

bubbletokki Premium blogged

I have been trying social media marketing for a little while now, and I think I've finally gotten the hang of it from working with Senegence on Facebook. I joined…... continue reading

MelaniLukito Premium blogged

My post about "Top 10 Powerful Antioxidants" ranked in position 6 google page one. It happened three day after the article being published. That is a low hanging…... continue reading

MozMary Premium Ambassador blogged

This is the news today in Ireland and for most people in the health niche alarm bells will be going off, so I'm wondering if anyone here at WA is researching this…... continue reading

Mikepawlik Premium Top 200 blogged
First Successes  First Sale!

MY FIRST SALE!I signed up with my favourite fitness company as an affiliate, and I got my first sale!$55.00 in commission!(I am not sure if I am supposed to be…... continue reading

BooBish Premium Top 200 started question in Search Engine Optimization

Which SEO plug-in is more effective? What is more user-friendly? Why would you choose one rather than the other? ... continue reading

Chezbrown Premium Ambassador blogged

This morning I was playing about and trying to get the Amazon OneLink to work as I followed it as it said to but for some reason when I put the code into where…... continue reading

Emma2969 Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

Why so much Writing? I'm not a writer. I really get stuck here! So I'm a little frustrated! I need help with writing, and just having someone look at my site! Thank…... continue reading

BradWms Premium started question in Getting Started

i am using Optin Forms but looking around for maybe a different choice on other websites I am starting. ... continue reading

RinaNZ Premium blogged

I've now got 100% Site Trust...wohoo! lol ... continue reading

ValerieJoy Premium Top 50 blogged

This post is my experience with Google Adsense. It may not be similar to other members’ experiences. However, I am sharing this for the benefit of everyone…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

Can you believe it's been I month from the eclipse already. I could see shadow effects of the changes in the ranking algorithm announced August 21 since August…... continue reading

LouisaB Premium Top 200 blogged

Hello Friends & Family:From: HeatAndCool.comSent: 09-14-2017To: Louise Barzey( You have been selected for a Private…... continue reading

HWeise Premium blogged

I started this journey with excitement and enthusiasm for the road that lies ahead. I was prepared for the work and was ready to put away my social life for this…... continue reading

MCrim Premium Top 50 blogged

Whenever I have nothing to write about, I write. I’m confident that, at some point during the exercise (and writing is an exercise!), a topic will become…... continue reading

mimipqn blogged


TateHopesMom Premium blogged

When I started with WA less than a month ago I was a little skeptical and to be honest, I still am. But I have gained an amazing amount of knowledge so far, and…... continue reading

fleurallen Premium Top 200 blogged

It is Friday morning already here downunder and am taking the morning off with my son to attend the local Boat show to feed mine and my son's obsessions with sailing.…... continue reading

Vpublisher Premium blogged

Hi, it is Vitaliy here,The world as we know it, is changing dramatically.I think if you choose the way to being an entrepreneur you have to make a decision in your…... continue reading

Quentil blogged

I like the walk through of this video. Now I have a website up and running on the internet. Woohoo! ... continue reading

purplefaery blogged

I just built my first website on the siterubix domain - weightlossafterregainI'm excited to see where this takes me! :) ... continue reading

SundownMan Premium blogged

Hey All, I just updated this to my profile, but I also wanted to give you all a heads up. My plan is to do a blog post here every time I finish my 10th content…... continue reading

ValerieJoy Premium Top 50 blogged

I am attempting to improve the Site Health of my websites by minimizing the number of plugins.I have the Cookie Law Info plugin installed because it appeared to…... continue reading

sanketnaik Premium Top 100 started question in Search Engine Optimization

HeyMy niche is smart tv, but i am having hard time finding keywords that have relatively less competition. How do you find your keywords with less competition ?…... continue reading

ZEGU Premium blogged

To make it in your area of business or whatever niche, you need 3 key things: training, hard work and discipline. Discipline is a subject that is rarely talked…... continue reading

Tjennings122 Premium Top 200 blogged

I'm so done~ I'm so tired, I've not felt good for several days as I apparently had a stomach bug and just trying to get back to what is "normal" for me lately.…... continue reading

alison54 Premium blogged

I've been online for a few years now, not internet marketing, but using the internet for clients and, in a previous life, editing and publishing a magazine, and…... continue reading

dalwhu Premium Top 200 blogged

Evening all! I'm doing affiliate bootcamp and I've just finished a lesson on Pinterest. One of the tasks of the lesson is to add a link from a WA tutorial to one…... continue reading

Hope95 blogged

Hey There! Im a new member that is excited to start this new journey to improve mine and my family lives. ... continue reading

yclayton Premium blogged

Anyone who knows me well, also knows I call myself the POSITIVITY QUEEN. I am the poster child for positivity in all aspects of my life - especially in my social…... continue reading

MCrim Premium Top 50 started question in Website Development & Programming

How can I resolve a Norton rating (Suspect) of a web site? Traffic will not go there, and it may not be indexed. Mine isn't. ... continue reading

iJared Premium blogged

I guess today is 3 years at Wealthy Affiliates. It is a fitting day for this reminder.My websites are growing. My self doubts are either fading or I just can't…... continue reading

JLMarker Premium blogged

I wrote this little inspirational blog to encourage people with writer's block, going through challenging times to press forward. Take a look when you have a chance…... continue reading

mickeyb123 Premium Top 100 blogged

I have had a GREAT chance to learn and meet so many people, people who have been working to make a life and a fortune.I want to thank everyone with whom I have…... continue reading

Robert-A Premium Ambassador blogged

A Steady Income From Writing - A Home Business OpportunityHi Folks My previous blog was primarily for those of the members who would like to get into the travel…... continue reading

jp230382 Premium blogged

This process is coming along great. I now see that I am indexed in Google , next is to watch for page rankings.This is unbelievably fast work, I never expected…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

One of the first places that children are introduced to in a play environment is a sandbox. Here is a lightly constructed pit in a safe observable area of a playground.…... continue reading

fleurallen Premium Top 200 blogged

So this it what it looks like up here then does it ;) :)I am delighted and grateful and excited to have achieved a top 200 badge. Why?Well I tend to hang out following…... continue reading

Online43 Premium blogged

hiI did an about me post and saved it.I even published it but its not coming out at all..any ideas? thank you ... continue reading

TammiP Premium Top 50 blogged

Hello everyone!!I am happy to report that I am still very much alive, but still feeling yucky!! I have spent a lot of time in bed again today. As I thought that…... continue reading

Andrew-74 Premium Top 100 blogged

Hello to everyone out there in the world of Wealthy Affiliate! Today I wanted to share a little something with you that hopefully you will find encouraging and…... continue reading

CCRider77 Premium blogged

Update On Starting Over/Read 1st Post On Starting OverHello everyone at Wealthy Affiliate. I am giving an update on my progress of starting over. I recommend you…... continue reading

judym Premium blogged

I'm so grateful and proud to have been a part of this awesome community for four years. A lot has changed online over that time and not only has Wealthy Affiliate…... continue reading