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Debs66 Premium Ambassador blogged
I am not a Writer!

It's always that first sentence you see in pale grey text Write whats on your mind. So I am writing whats on my mind. See I am Not a Writer. What defines a blogger…... continue reading

Henry-II Premium blogged
1K followers! Thank you Wealthy Affiliate!

As I was reading Lauren Kinghorn’s post here at Wealthy Affiliate, I glanced at the top left icon and noticed I’m being followed by 1K members! Wao!…... continue reading

Chezbrown Premium Ambassador blogged
Guess What? - I Got Good News Today

SurpriseThis morning I was having some banter with Kaju and we were going backwards and forwards joking with each other about the ranking system and the amount…... continue reading

Cdelahoz Premium blogged
Questions Are Important for Growth

Hello to my Wealthy Affiliate family,Today I want to speak about how important it is In your learning experience to ask questions. The only bad question the one…... continue reading

mybiz4u Premium Top 100 blogged
What Is Your Learning Curve?

Hello Guys 'n Dolls!I hope you are doing well. I am so excited that the weekend is at hand - TGIF!!I have been busy writing and I enjoy every minute of it, however,…... continue reading

botipton Premium Ambassador started question in Getting Started

What would help you with building your business if you knew a little more about it?Yes the is a reason for asking these questions. I will pick a couple of answers…... continue reading

botipton Premium Ambassador blogged
What To Blog About?

Have you ever wondered what to write a post about?Wondered what people would be interested in?Have you felt lost when you set down at the computer. You know you…... continue reading

laurenjean Premium Ambassador blogged
What is Freedom to You?

Today is FREEDOM DayToday we celebrate Freedom Day in South Africa to commemorate the 27th April 1994, when we had our very first democratic election. After this…... continue reading

Loes Premium Ambassador blogged
Edit pictures from a computer, tablet or even a phone

This free online to use program is calledDesygnerWhat do you get for $0NO CREDIT CARD REQUIREDPOWERFUL ONLINE WEB AND APP EDITOR35,000+ HD PHOTOS & GRAPHICSHUNDREDS…... continue reading

laurenjean Premium Ambassador blogged
What do bloggers do with Press Releases?

Heya EveryoneI'm getting an increasing number of press releases in my email inbox every week. So far I haven't acted on any of them as I'm really not sure what…... continue reading

arielharris7 Premium Top 50 blogged
We Are Now Professionals with Services? Yup!

Wow that is an eye opener yes? I mean i don't know about you, but before I started with WA, I did not know: (well anything, grin)1. About SEO2. About setting up…... continue reading

botipton Premium Ambassador published training

I know all of us have had this problem.We go to pull up a site and we know it is working but we cannot pull it up.We go to this site and it says it is workinghttp://downforeveryoneorjustme.comNo…... continue reading

yclayton Premium Top 100 blogged
Following Your Passion

When I first started WA, I chose a niche that I could easily relate to because it was personal for me and it helped others. Over the past few months, I built a…... continue reading

boomergp08 Premium Top 50 blogged
What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Program for Beginners?

Being able to earn a living on the internet is nothing new. Neither are the dreams of working whenever and wherever you like. And though this is very much possible,…... continue reading

jetrbby80316 Premium Ambassador blogged

Thank You My Friends for making my post “Don't Be a Wantrepreneur"! As the Number #1 Blog Post on Wealthy Affiliate!!In case you missed it, her it is click…... continue reading

Henry-II Premium blogged
First Credit System in place at WA - Trivia Question Correctly answered

As a way to say thank you to all the Wealthy Affiliate Community for 1K followers, I opened a Trivia Question: What was the name of the first Credit System in place…... continue reading

Billy49 Premium started question in Social Engagement & Marketing

I have a top 10 website and its going well. The trouble I'm having is that there is not 1 niche. I have top 10's in lots of different things. Travel, pets, products…... continue reading

ValerieJoy Premium Ambassador blogged
  Amazon Commissions  - Info for New to Amazon Affiliates

Hi Folks,If you are a recently new Amazon affiliate, or deciding whether or not to promote Amazon products, I’d like to share with you one of the features…... continue reading

KeithWatson Premium blogged

So back in the middle of March 2018 I was scouring through the Internet looking for an opportunity to make extra money just like I did a million times before and…... continue reading

SeasideFunk Premium blogged
New Website For Gigs!

This has been a fun week. If you don't know, I am a music nut, it is my passion. I also, about once a month, perform at a local wine bar.I never had a website to…... continue reading

TBallister Premium blogged
Onward and Upward!

That's five lessons complete! It feels good, but I also feel like I've just scratched the surface. I have a plan for the next four month's of content I'm going…... continue reading

MJL71 Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

Hello, that's my question. There are two ways of doing it, they say, one your paste the code into your posts, or you can use the plugin. I'd like some help about…... continue reading

Nick-at-WA Premium started question in WA Affiliate Program

Just a quick question.Is it a bad idea to add Amazon products to my WA website?Thanks ... continue reading

taxwilkins25 Premium blogged
creating new horizons

One of the first steps of me investing into myself. Ready to see how things turn out ... continue reading

mbani Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

I remember All in One XML sitemap, the plugin that comes with WA, used to have a live link on the end of our website URL so that we would copy it and then head…... continue reading

herinnelson Premium Ambassador blogged
Am I crazy or is this business fun!

THERE AREN'T ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY!People whom I socialize with can't figure out my excited spirit when it comes to business talk. They are trudging around complaining…... continue reading

cosmicfox blogged

I can't believe how fast and easy it was to use siterubix! I can't wait to learn more! ... continue reading

johnsoalonso Premium blogged
Patience And Determination Pays Off

Hello, everyone. I was wanting to say for all the new people and the people who still are wondering if this thing really works or not, your faith in what you believe…... continue reading

KalliBoleman Premium started question in Search Engine Optimization

Hey y’all I am trying to figure out what the ranking is on products you see before you add link to your website. What does this mean? I have a picture of…... continue reading

TonyHamilton Premium Ambassador blogged
Don't stink, spread it around!

"Money is a lot like manure, If you let money pile up, it starts to stink. But if you spread it around then it can do a lot of good and help things to grow."~ Richard…... continue reading

ValerieJoy Premium Ambassador blogged
A New Way of Helping Someone?  -   I Think Not!

Hi FolksToday, I had a strange experience I thought worth sharing.At least a few times each week I receive emails from someone promoting their services. I have…... continue reading

Loes Premium Ambassador blogged
Is writing a book on your bucket list?

Or do you want a professional looking PDF to sell on your website?Then this website might just have the tools and expertise you are looking for.Reedsy.comSign-up…... continue reading

TRPEng Premium blogged
Decision Time

Today 26, 2018Today is decision day as I made a choice between going back to the workforce assembling Lawn and Garden articles at the local Canadian Tire or stay…... continue reading

marmar463 Premium Top 200 blogged
Organizing my business email

Why I bring this up is because it had made me do something that I haven't done in along time and that is organizing and getting everything in order. I have broken…... continue reading

botipton Premium Ambassador blogged
Who Are You Lying To?

Who are you lying to?That is a question you need to answer.One of the books that I recommend to people when they ask me what to read to help them get the right…... continue reading

JasonGB Premium Top 100 blogged
1 year free Pro Version Lumen5 video maker

2 days left folksI am not affiliating or pushing this on you.. But its an awesome app which turns your blog posts into videos.. Almost instantly... And it's free…... continue reading

cld111 Premium Top 200 blogged

My visitors are dropping like flies. Now, on the one hand, I paid for a bit of traffic when it was trending up. Also, I had a Pinterest post go a little viral.…... continue reading

Strahinja1 Premium started question in Social Engagement & Marketing

Hello dear members of Wealthy Affiliate.I have a few questions regarding promoting Wealthy Affiliate with paid ads on Facebook.1.) Is directing people with an paid…... continue reading

PMurray1 Premium started question in WA Affiliate Program

I am wondering--has anyone tried church bulletins, newspapers, community bulletin boards for advertising their Wealthy Affiliate websites? With so much emphasis…... continue reading

Pio Premium started question in Getting Started

If a page is long and has so many concepts and ideas being discussed therein, but I want to be linked and go straight to a particular concept or idea that I want…... continue reading

DrXenon Premium started question in WA Affiliate Program

I am here just to ask about EPC (Earning Per 100 Click) system. First of all, do we get paid for the clicks we get on our website? or is it calculated differently?!For…... continue reading

Jaybits2 blogged
making money online 2018 and beyond

hi guys my blood will be about how to make money online how to get started let's see how it takes us ... continue reading

MorganJones Premium blogged

Many times I had a fantastic idea or found information online that I claimed was the best discovery and would lead me to a great career. I think the people around…... continue reading

sophE Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

I'd like a few pointers on where to begin.Do I create the content and blog separate from the shopify store? through research I found that people just link to their…... continue reading

wthor Premium blogged
Update on My Journey to Success

I'm super excited but at the same time overwhelmed with all the info but I love it! I have my website up and have 3 post so far. I'm learning and that's the best…... continue reading

LeeMcQuay Premium Top 100 started question in WA Affiliate Program

A new member is asking if they will lose their content by transferring their website to Wealthy Affiliate.I don't know the process of this. I know you should back…... continue reading

CMitchell5 Premium blogged

Hi:I recently posted an article about age discrimination in the workplace on my website www.seniorjobseeker.comI know there are many older members of WA. I am 65.Have…... continue reading