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ToLiNoLi Premium Top 50 blogged

The Daily Wealthy AffiliateSunday, December 17, 2017Dear Readers,Besides of creating a beautiful chronicle novel for you, I had to continue with my training. I…... continue reading

CarlJDill Premium Top 50 blogged

I have a friend, Noel Field, who has branded himself on Instagram quite nicely without any knowledge of SEO or any concern or desire to monetize his site. Imagine…... continue reading

Armlemt Premium Ambassador blogged

I just logged on to find that I am an Ambassador! Wow! I just can't believe it! I even knocked off early yesterday to spend time with my family.I have been here…... continue reading

BShafferman Premium blogged

With 2017 coming to a close, people already making plans for a new year and a new start. Taking a look back on this year, I have to say I have been blessed. Blessed…... continue reading

MarleneR Premium blogged

so excited to finish another course, on to the next. What an accomplishment ... continue reading

Sftat Premium Top 100 started question in Keyword, Niche and Market Research

When I'm using Jaaxy to find great SEO titles, the best choices for SEO often fall short of compelling to a visitor. Rarely do they distinguish my post from others…... continue reading

sarutobi Premium blogged

Hey guys! With all the info and available data nowadays it's hard to stop overthinking and actually take action. This is the paralysis analysis syndrome and it's…... continue reading

Olina91 Premium blogged

I have to confess that I ignored the WA posts for couple months. And it is easy to find excuses. It is so easy to get involved in everydays tasks and activities…... continue reading

StunningBell Premium Top 50 blogged

Advantages of using when startingYou have no idea what online business is all about. You need a playground to test things out. That playground is…... continue reading

DKMade Premium Top 200 blogged

Yeah my second time here. I have been letting my WA rank slip as I have learned a few new things about affiliating and the WA. From Day 1 I was on a steady climb…... continue reading

johnwnewman Premium blogged

Hi WAer's,Checked in this evening to discover a dedication badge that I have been at WA for 4 years now... and I'm NEVER LEAVING!WA rocks!To our freedom,John W.…... continue reading

ToLiNoLi Premium Top 50 blogged

The Daily Wealthy AffiliateDecember 16, 2017Joker's Q&A December Questions: 1Hello everyone,Welcome to the new series of Joker's Q&A, Questions to help each other…... continue reading

Lokey blogged

Im so excited and extremely happy i found all all you guy's. This is like a big family helping each other succeed. ... continue reading

JackieSmith Premium blogged

This is great!!Even though Google is the number ONE search tool on the web, it is still nice to know that you are getting ranked high in Bing and Yahoo.My post…... continue reading

JeffreyBrown Premium blogged

I actually cannot believe that this has already happened--there is still so much to do!! Praise God! ... continue reading

TonyHamilton Premium Ambassador published training

Facebook Business Page 101The video above will take step by step to setting up your Facebook Business Page.In the video above we will:Start from your Personal facebook…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

in my searching today for rocking, liberating information I have downloaded and vetted the following information. This report if interested will take some time…... continue reading

verazhelvis Premium Top 200 blogged

Sunday fun, friends.It can't be an actual thing as they claim it is, of course.Though, who knows?I once was helping an acquaintance of mine to fill in an application…... continue reading

N33 Premium Top 200 blogged

Hello my dear fellow WA friends,This won't change the world, it is not even really interesting, but I have to share with you my very first sale. On November 23rd,…... continue reading

silverflamze Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs, I was wanting to add a Chat function on my website. Is that something I would need to add a plugin? Any ideas on this would be great…... continue reading

NandiT Premium blogged

Ive just created my first website! ... continue reading

MarleneR Premium blogged

I am very proud of myself so far.I have been with wealth affiliate for four months now, and I am learning alot.The internet is a scary place for me, because I am…... continue reading

peterma Premium started question in The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

Hi everybody, when I started my site a year and a half ago the .com was not available so I chose .net. Now the .com is available and I got it. So now I'm wondering…... continue reading

GailLowe Premium Top 100 blogged

Today I am 'working from home'. But it isn't all it's cracked up to be!Many of you know that my everyday job is a school teacher and as we approach the end of term,…... continue reading

leoemery Premium Top 100 blogged

The new year is just around the corner and it's the little things that we can forget to do with our websites.And one of those little things is to update your copyright…... continue reading

chjerpstedt Premium started question in Getting Started

Can we in early Wealthy Affiliate training for newbies get an explanation of online jargon and nomenclature such as (widgets, tagline, plugins, tags, and etc.)…... continue reading

jenni1309 Premium started question in Getting Started

Can I change the theme of my published free website using WA templates? When i go to Dashboard, it shows only Word Press available themes. Thanks in advance! ... continue reading


Hi I want to be a Premium member like you in Wa community and get started to make my own business money Can you help me? TOPALAKENNEDY ... continue reading

deanlilly1 Premium Top 200 blogged

Well, it happened quicker than I ever imagined but, I'm not sure how long I will stay in this position. Being in this position, I am thankful to all of you here…... continue reading

StunningBell Premium Top 50 blogged

Do you know how much power your mind possesses?The mind is truly a mystery. It can create hell out of heaven, and heaven out of hell.If we are truly authors of…... continue reading

redwing136 blogged

Just published my first web page. Exciting and scary.....Thank you Wealthy Affiliate ... continue reading

chjerpstedt Premium blogged

I started the weekend with Jay's Webinars on Friday night. Saturday I was busy thanking the community members who were following me, this was a very good experience.…... continue reading

Vpublisher Premium blogged

A lot of buzz now for this bait of 21 century - Bitcoin :) What do you think is anything better than BTC - more profitable and reliable ?How about digital asset…... continue reading

ssmith8612 Premium blogged

I have jumped on board and I am all in! I am excited about what this opportunity is going to bring, ... continue reading

GailLowe Premium Top 100 started question in Keyword, Niche and Market Research

In the training Kyle says that we should target keywords with a QSR competition rating of 100 or less but in Jaaxy, I have found that they come up as 'Great' if…... continue reading

PatsyC Premium Ambassador blogged

With the new year upon us, we need to make sure our website is updated with the current year at the end of our website on the footer. I see many websites outside…... continue reading

steved333 Premium started question in WA Affiliate Program

Okay, let's say I set my main affiliate link (using it raw, cloaked, or redirected) to open in a new tab and it's opened in Chrome. Then let's say that person's…... continue reading

StunningBell Premium Top 50 blogged

BACK UP!!!!!!!!!!BACK UP!!!!!!!!!!BACK UP!!!!!!!!!!Don't fall into the same trap I did. I was not backing up because I was lazy to learn how to do it. And then…... continue reading

CoachGom Premium Ambassador started question in WA Affiliate Program

In one of the online companies I've joined, there's this feature for new members where they are asked to join the company's FB group after signing up.Of course,…... continue reading

TJSchlenker Premium blogged

On September 29th of this year, I stumbled upon W.A., liked what I saw and immediately signed up to make a free website. "Let's see if this is all hype or what."Fast…... continue reading

Denned Premium started question in WA Affiliate Program

When can I expect my move from "siterubix" to my ".com"?How long does it take?Jaxy wont let me complete a support ticket.Any ideas on how to get this task done…... continue reading

johnnyfaulk1 Premium blogged

I have been a member for over a year, but never put any real effort out. The last few weeks, I have a better understanding of working myself, my family, and helping…... continue reading

SeanGreentre Premium Top 100 published training
Creating Website Pages That Sell - 6 Things You Must ALWAYS Do!

Creating website pages is can be difficult enough, but creating and writing them in a way that ensures a high conversion rate is often hit and miss. While refinement…... continue reading

Hammerbro1 started question in The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

how do i know the niche is going to be profitable, i dont want to be suck 3 pages back on google because the competition is to high ... continue reading

azmanarr Premium blogged

With easier access to the Internet and smart mobile devices, we seek information to support us make decisions, quickly. At one time, information is power. But now…... continue reading

JMcFadden Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

I have purchased a domain name, built a website and still Not Available on the internet...I am confused by what this is all about..... ... continue reading

FaeKuhn Premium blogged

Baby steps...but I have a start to my website...but much still to learn! But excited! ... continue reading

DShensky Premium blogged

Word of Mouth advertising=affiliate marketingNo matter what kind of business you have---a brick and mortar store, whatever, you need an online presence todayWith…... continue reading