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JColley Premium blogged

I went to log into my WA website through Site Manager and I found myself facing what is probably one of my top fears...My site had disappeared!I felt the panic…... continue reading

RikaSF Premium Top 200 blogged

I have received this tweet on Twitter and thought I would like to share it with you :)"Yes in understanding a beginning trend to what seem to be sought as a sense…... continue reading

HowardFR Premium blogged

On March 19th, carefully following Kyle's instructions, I published my first post on my new website and although I haven't yet gained much of an audience, let alone…... continue reading

Mike-Writes Premium Ambassador blogged

Here is a brief overview as to why having a relevant message for your audience is vital...Do you need to improve your message? ... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Ambassador blogged

Hi Guys and galsI wish to say a public thank you to Kyle for his quick interventionI wrote a blog that had a few words at the beginning (which was just English…... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Ambassador blogged

Hi guys and galsToday we went to see how my wife mothers orchard was coming along as we had to do grass cutting in her garden and is just starting - see belowOh…... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Ambassador blogged

High guys and GalsLast year I made a box and wrote a blog all about it and I am sure that you will remember so see below -If you remember I was c comparing the…... continue reading

SongbirdDL Premium Top 200 blogged

Helloooooooooooo everyone!What is the market? I know you think of people and products as an answer to this question but I honestly don't think that is a correct…... continue reading

WendyJ3 blogged

The first step is always the hardest! ... continue reading

ydts Premium blogged

Hello Everyone!I hope you are enjoying everything doing what you are doing right now. Love what you do & Do what you love!I have been a newbie to Online Marketing…... continue reading

laurenjean Premium Top 200 blogged

Thanks for all your comments and likes! Because of your engagement and support I just made it back into the Top 200. I've been here before but for a few months…... continue reading

Loes Premium Ambassador blogged

You are having an off day and you are going to surf your Social Media sites. Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.How depressing that can be!The happy #hashtags are…... continue reading

verazhelvis Premium Ambassador blogged

Another week is about to finish soon. How about your motivation, friends?All of us from time to time need some ass-kicking to forget about laziness and make a further…... continue reading

irpollo blogged

Soy nuevo aqui, vamos a ver que nos trae el barco. ... continue reading

sherlock77 Premium Top 100 started question in WA Affiliate Program

This is the worst month I've ever had in affiliate marketing since I started more than 2 years ago. Is anyone else experiencing a really bad month in July, or is…... continue reading

donyutuc Premium Top 100 blogged

My best friend's thirteen-year old son always jokes around and says, "That's what she said," to any conversation that closely resembled something sexual in nature.If…... continue reading

snowstorm311 Premium blogged

Woo Hoo!Google knows I exist!! Now to get get busy busy busy monetizing! This is fun and I have so much more to learn! Thank you WA Peeps for all you do. Ok more…... continue reading

ToLiNoLi Premium Top 100 started question in Everything Wordpress

Dear Experts,I am looking for a Theme, which works as a database building for my Teddy Bears with an option to sell the Teddy Bear too.I need to be able to enter…... continue reading

Beckywahm Premium Top 200 blogged

There are still 2 more days worth of BOGOs for a company I'm affiliated with and it looks like $1067.50 in products were sold so far. Depending on how this turns…... continue reading

Faxe6000 Premium started question in Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Hi I create an account at Jaaxy for some days ago but now I can't log in and they don't regonize my mail. I have the Paypal receipe from where I payed. When I try…... continue reading

RHBarlow Premium Top 100 blogged

I am not talking about you and I. Some might feel that with age we eventually deteriorate and loose our value. Let us look at it a different way.Many things get…... continue reading

DBSpinz Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

Good Morning! I'm using a free theme and I've surpassed the usual 5 plugins, and therefore my site speed has probably suffered. I would really love to add more…... continue reading

Chezbrown Premium Top 50 blogged

Last week I put up a blog asking if anyone had used Business Cards and the response was very encouraging.I was playing about on Vistaprint and have come up with…... continue reading

kiss68 Premium blogged

So I am coming to the end of course 2 , I have my website up ,looks not too bad. It needs some tweaking to look more professional. I am a complete novice on the…... continue reading

PatsyC Premium Ambassador blogged

I recently added 2 new posts that have videos. Once the videos would end, there was a choice of 6 videos to choose from. This may cause the visitor to leave your…... continue reading

Maritz blogged

Hi to everyone.Just joined as a newby. Hope I can learn a lot from all the awesome people around here, and can't wait to chat to some of you.Have a nice day.Cheers.…... continue reading

KohlJ Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

Im trying to move my privacy policy from my main menu to a footer and I am unsure on how to do that. I have the header and footer plugin installed. ... continue reading

Andrew200 Premium blogged

Wow! If you asked me if I know I was going to be on my way to being successful online a month ago, I would have told you no way and asked you to stop bothering…... continue reading

Loes Premium Ambassador blogged

This drug recently found its way to the Netherlands. As parents, you are always worried what your children will encounter. You try to bring some sense into them…... continue reading

DoYourBest Premium Top 100 blogged

In this short video - always test your emails - You should test everything you do email wise before you use it.In the video we talk about setting up an email with…... continue reading

jetrbby80316 Premium Ambassador blogged

Building an Unfair Advantage for our business over our competition and for our online businesses specifically requires enormous pinpoint concentration on the assets…... continue reading

jeradsgirl Premium blogged

Just went premium so happy to be part of this group. I need to get through all of it asap and get to earning asap my family needs this lady to bring in some income.…... continue reading

Johbphill88 blogged

so I'm new to this path, looking forward to the possibilities. I enjoy intellectual discussions, so feel free to express yourself. If you have any advice etc please…... continue reading

Kmotau blogged

just finished building my first website cant believe how easy it was. ... continue reading

Kambas Premium Top 100 blogged
WA Referral progress report - 74 Referrals and 0 Premiums

This is a message I posted earlier today to a member here at WA (Michael - Ultimateless)."Yes, been sending waves of traffic to my site and there are actually some…... continue reading

LDGraystone blogged

Most of the time we take our lives for granted, we often overlook many blessings and great privileges granted unto us on a daily basis...simple things like being…... continue reading

Emeolu Premium Top 100 blogged

If we want to enhance SEO rating, the keywords we are using should be in line with what customers would actually use in the search engines. Thus when it comes to…... continue reading

anika2 Premium blogged

I am one of those people who naturally sets hefty goals for just about everything - from how much I want to accomplish around the house in a certain time period…... continue reading

EmmaM1 blogged

set up my first website sooooooo excited ... continue reading

Kyle Premium Ambassador blogged

Hi everyone,There has been a lot of stir here lately about posting at Wealthy Affiliate, Ambassadorship and the Ranking platform and what people see and don't see…... continue reading

beatrijsvanw blogged

Hi, do you know I don't even remember why I signed up here? Yes, because I buy to many programs and spend most of my time watching yet another webinar looking for…... continue reading

louweazel Premium blogged

So after a few lessons I decided this opputunity was way to good to pass up and I am now a proud premium member! ... continue reading

apache1 Premium started question in Keyword, Niche and Market Research

Jaaxy has changed it's look not sure if I like it then again not my say.Tried to go to site rank and can't even type in any details to search.There are also boxes…... continue reading

PMbaluka Premium Top 200 blogged

Recently I've witnessed horrible accidents happening after some people ignore the functions of traffic lights. I saw a bad collision of cars after one crossed the…... continue reading