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baffiliates1 blogged

Hard work pays off in the end if you work for it ... continue reading

Debs66 Premium Ambassador started question in Authoring & Writing Content

Hi, A question came up about our Wealthy Affiliate posts could rank in Google. So I was wondering if that was the case. We could also add in links in our Images…... continue reading

heatherplude Premium Top 200 blogged
Blogging Every Day is Hard

I decided on Monday to blog every day for 90 days - I think I am throwing in the towel already in order to NOT beat myself up for missing a day! I started a blog…... continue reading

JerryHuang Premium Top 50 blogged
100 Posts - A New Milestone!

Just a quick update, I've just reached 100 posts on my Super Affiliate Challenge website.And the number of comments is currently 1415! This is a pretty awesome…... continue reading

Docutac Premium started question in WA Affiliate Program

Do the WA Allow video Testimonials so that we can use in our campaign?I saw in some affiliate Company they are using videos it's very effective ... continue reading

Steven-A Premium blogged
Does it Count?  The Cut and Paste Delima

My Dilemma- What To Do?Does a cut-and-paste job to create additional content - notice I didn't say new content - count? One of the primary goals is to get content,…... continue reading

leoemery Premium Top 100 blogged

Every once and a while I give myself a treat, so I’ll drive down the mountain (I live in the Rocky Mountains) to my favorite coffee shop and order myself…... continue reading

LPoulos blogged
First Post: New and Exciting

I am very excited to start a new chapter in my life. Trying something new and exciting to give me the control to deteremine my future. I am loooking to create more…... continue reading

TerrinV blogged

Here's the first step to a successful affiliate! Let's see what the future holds, and get ready for this journey! ... continue reading

MarionBlack Premium Ambassador blogged
No More Monthly Affiliate Commissions from Wealthy Affiliate

I haven't been doing the Bootcamp until this year so I've only ever had a small number of referrals. But I've been fortunate enough that about 10% of my referrals…... continue reading

Debs66 Premium Ambassador blogged
I  Finally Have My Ambassador Badge. WooHoo.

At last I have got my last and final badge. I am now an Ambassador. WOO HOO. I have to say I feel very proud of myself. It certainly took me long enough to get…... continue reading

magistudios Premium Ambassador blogged
I’ve Been with Wealthy Affiliate for 11 Years!

11 Years as a Wealthy Affiliate member.. where has the time gone! WOW.. March 22nd 2007On March 22nd 2007 I was looking for a way to supplement my income and by…... continue reading

herinnelson Premium Ambassador blogged
DRIVE Traffic to your site!

ROAD TRAFFICThere's one thing in life most people don't like to deal with---TRAFFIC! Busy streets and roadways allow for much congestion and confusion. We don't…... continue reading

I-Pedro-I Premium blogged
You Wont Believe How Many People Use Google Search .

Hey do you know you can ask google how many people use their search engine?The result is ......40.000 worldwide searches per second... Do you know the best part…... continue reading

TopAchiever Premium Top 50 blogged
General Data Protection Regulation 2018 And Google Adsense

There's A New Data Protection Law Coming Into Force On The 25th May 2018 - Are You Aware Of It?European and Non-European businesses in the instances when users…... continue reading

SylviaMG Premium blogged
Payza Alert!

Hi WA Family! I just learned that Payza is in a whole lot of federal trouble! They were operating without Licensing! I want NOTHING to do with any law breakers!…... continue reading

laurenjean Premium Ambassador blogged
I love Wealthy Affiliate's Site Content Tool this much

You know how little one's stretch out their arms as wide as they can go when they say "I love you THIS much“? Well picture me doing that right now when I…... continue reading

JSmiddy Premium blogged

I was wanting to know if anyone boots there facebook posts to get more traffic and has it worked out for you? I have been but I haven't been making any sales or…... continue reading

Kyle Premium Ambassador blogged
Nuance Affiliate Program - A Lesson How NOT to Treat Affiliates

There is a right way to run an affiliate program, and a wrong way. Unfortunately, affiliate programs and merchants are really starting to suffer as a result of…... continue reading

arielharris7 Premium Ambassador started question in Website Development & Programming

Hello amazing community,When you decided to do your logo, do you have an idea in your head? Are you promoting more of yourself or something about your site?In peace…... continue reading

Loes Premium Ambassador blogged
Free online to use paraphrasing tool

When I am writing a blog, I often think, how can I say this in a better or another way, with other words, and I searched the internet for a free to use tool to…... continue reading

botipton Premium Ambassador published training

Jays webinar on Traffic to shift gears.Here is three post I made here that I want you to go look…... continue reading

TDomena Premium blogged

I've been doing a challenge with myself where I write and publish one article per day, promote them on social media, and experiment with a few PPC ad campaigns.…... continue reading

TonyHamilton Premium Top 50 published training

The video above shows how to create a custom Wealthy Affiliate Home Page Link and then how to redirect the Custom Home Page link to a URL.Questions and comments…... continue reading

Nrichards Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

Hello and happy Friday to everyone, it is the weekend again so I guess for some or most of us you, you get to kick back, relax and enjoy your family time and that…... continue reading

AdamTalbot Premium started question in Search Engine Optimization

I have been nearly 3 months on my site. It has 17 posts with yoast reporting good SEOs and WA reporting awseome health. On this basis should I be expecting traffic…... continue reading

JessiePalay1 Premium blogged
Officially starting an amazon book niche website!

Hey everyone, I am excited to say that I am starting a brand new website that recommends books to entrepreneurs. I recently bought the domain name as of yesterday…... continue reading

Bossgert Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

Good day.I cannot activate my license key for smart slider 3. Below is the message I keep getting. Please read message from slider support:The prorblem is that…... continue reading

cookins25 Premium published training
How To Double Space Bullet And Numbered List Within WordPress

Here's a short training showing you how to double space bullet and numbered list within WordPress... continue reading

VonnieOh Premium started question in Search Engine Optimization

I have some old posts that are not ranked from page 1 to 10 in Google. Are there any consequences if I change the keyword and redirect the post to a new URL? Or…... continue reading

LynneHuy Premium Top 50 published training

There are many ways to add Amazon link and ads to your Wordpress posts and pages. This video will walk you through a few of them, my personal favorite being the…... continue reading

Roybretton Premium Top 100 blogged
I Didn't know That You Can Do This With YouTube!

I often listen to various things from my android phone when I am working on my off line job, these vary from Wealthy Affiliate training videos, to bible teaching…... continue reading

Markyjoe99 blogged
Playing House

hi everyBody, my first time I talked about my house, I wasn't making any progress.House building takes a lot of money I don't have. But I had success by getting…... continue reading

psawe blogged
shining star

hi Good morning I hope you are all feeling well and ready to start your day,today I'll be taking about the first meal of the day your breakfast,now must of us tend…... continue reading

accad Premium Top 100 blogged
Affiliate Marketing on the Web Logo

I'm so happy to show you the logo for my new website for my Super Affiliate Challenge. I am very much happy then to hear comments from the community. The AMW with…... continue reading

mystyle Premium started question in Authoring & Writing Content

Please log into and help me remove those tittles above and even underneeth above my image something strange appears ... continue reading

JWhitt Premium blogged

Only in course 2 lesson 4 and I got an email today saying my web site has been indexed in Google. Not quite sure what that means but I bet it is good. So far I…... continue reading

PKarlsson Premium started question in Authoring & Writing Content

Hi everyone! I have some thoughts about the quality of my articles. I feel like they could be much better than they are today! Problems is that they are written…... continue reading

herinnelson Premium Ambassador started question in Everything Wordpress

I'm creating a new website and have chosen a theme called Custom Lite. It is so cool and it seems like it will be great for my niche. I may change it down the road,…... continue reading

Loes Premium Ambassador blogged
Mailtester free tool to test mail address

Test an email address on authenticityHere is another useful free to use program online to test email addressesYou can enter an e-mail address to check it out if…... continue reading

Talmond123 Premium blogged
Old Dogs CAN Learn New Tricks!

Hey Guys, this is just to let you know that I am over 60 and I am not a tech-savvy guy, but I have managed to make it through most of the Coursework and build a…... continue reading

JennSmith74 Premium blogged
I Want It All, But I Don't Want To Work For It

Gooood Morning WA Family!!Do you want free money that you don't have to work to receive? No investment, no effort? Yes, I know...that does not exist in the real…... continue reading

botipton Premium Ambassador published training

Here are some post I did about this…... continue reading

alan47 Premium started question in Authoring & Writing Content

I have just created my first 2 domain e-mail accounts and forwards but am unsure of my login details when logging in to my webmail as I am unable to use copy &…... continue reading

somg Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

I am hugely concerned to find this morning that my thorough replies to peoples comments on my recent post are not being sent. Is there something that I need to…... continue reading

Joshua2765 Premium blogged
I'm Not Above Cheating!

I’m not above cheating; yet, I cherish honesty above all else!Doublespeak? First, hear me out; then decide! One of the tasks in the SWAG challenge is "Live…... continue reading