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kdforsman Premium Top 200 blogged

A couple of weeks ago our little region got a battering from Cyclone Fehi with huge winds and sea / river flooding. It has left about 30 homes uninhabitable, and…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Top 50 blogged

This most amazing fruit is a faith builder in our community I cant think of one person in WA that isn't on board with this! Did we all start out like this?TTS ... continue reading

SusieSoapbox blogged

I'm watching a documentary on the climb to Mount Everest titled: Storm Over Everest (2008) about the 1996 disaster that killed about 8 people. I always wondered…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Top 50 blogged

Goodbye Ambassador. The big day has arrived with no.26! It's time to sing Happy Trails and get on with the next challengesMay we all enjoy our adventures and endeavors…... continue reading

TurboEric Premium blogged

My Current Website StatisticsNot too bad eh?I try to be consistent with my publishing schedule. I spend about 4 to 5 hours each day for research, content writing,…... continue reading

AlexEvans Premium Ambassador blogged

One of the things that can help us in our online endeavors is to seek out people that are different from us, that see and look at things from a different perspective,…... continue reading

laurenjean Premium Top 50 blogged

If I were a rich manThis sentence: "I have been making a full time income since back then and was able to buy 8 homes with the money I made from what I learned…... continue reading

BSurla Premium blogged

I just received email today and feeling great because this will be my fourth email that I got indexed in Google from 3 articles that I published. I also got two…... continue reading

Lightjokez Premium started question in Social Engagement & Marketing

Hey! To any fitness niches out there, or anybody who is interested, I just started a fitness themed group board on Pinterest. So if you would like to join mine…... continue reading

luckyducksan Premium blogged

I had a few people ask me how I got the rankings I did. One person suggested I make a blog about it so here it is. I am going to tell you first that I am not to…... continue reading

BNakedScam Premium Top 50 started question in Authoring & Writing Content

I have current website which I wish to close, and I want to transfer all of the content to my new website.Would I be penalized for duplicate content?How do I transfer…... continue reading

StPaul Premium Top 200 blogged

Dear Friend,Hope this series on Crushing It Book giving you insights to develop your online business. Here is the RULE 5 - Gain Traction.Gaining traction plays…... continue reading

jetrbby80316 Premium Top 200 blogged

Dangers lurk behind the shadows, my friends. After spending several weeks working on my new website to make it look nearly to perfection, this is the HORROR of…... continue reading

Lightjokez Premium started question in Social Engagement & Marketing

Is there a place on WA where people with similar niches can sync up and make group boards on Pinterest to boost followers, or is that not a thing here? ... continue reading

RhondaBell blogged

Hi hi my name is Rhonda Bell I don't know if my age is been eating apart any important but I will still be 54 years old at the end of this month I'm just trying…... continue reading

RickyWilson Premium blogged

I'm so ready to get this business going I can't wait. ... continue reading

smoore Premium Top 200 blogged

The best way I know of to maintain focus and belief is taking consistent action and monitoring the activity dashboard here. We will start seeing results here over…... continue reading

atoledo808 Premium blogged

I have been a marketer for nearly 20 years now and I have worked with many business owners, both big and small - so I've seen a lot of good things as well as some…... continue reading

siamjerry Premium Top 200 blogged

It was some two and a half years ago that WA introduced a great new feature: Site comments. Its purpose: to give and receive quality comments to your website posts/pages.…... continue reading

buffetearns Premium Top 50 blogged

One small step for buffetearns today, a little bit delayed, belated, overdue, last-minute, tardy, behind time or even just L8!I am sharing my busy day with you…... continue reading

KCorina Premium blogged

It has been some time since I have posted here at WA. I've started with WA back in May, 2016, almost 2 years. I became a Premium Member in November, 2016 and remained…... continue reading

BlitzComet88 Premium blogged

Finally decided to go premium after three hours of contemplation, now lets see if this was a smart investment or not. ... continue reading

Jedediah11 Premium blogged

Hey Guys Just want to thank everyone for following me and leaving me a message i feel bad not getting back to everyone i have a bad habit of doing that on here…... continue reading

RodneyJr Premium blogged

Okay, I put a blog about this before and no one answered or responded, so I'm going to try this again. Google Adsense, I'm thinking of giving them another try like,…... continue reading

Imblessed1 Premium blogged

I'm really excited to see where this journey leads me. My current niche' is on Natural products and hair care. The next couple of months I'll be focusing on better…... continue reading

Belden22 Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

I had taken out my header photo because some people think photos or excessive use of photos can be a distraction.I would love some feedback as to if this header…... continue reading

Ludomi Premium started question in Getting Started

I typed my domain name on jaaxy and saw that the .com was still available. How is that possible? ... continue reading

FGS Premium started question in Getting Started

I'm starting a new website, I just published the Privacy Policy and I can see it in the Dashboard/Pages but when I go to my site it's not visible - what can I do…... continue reading

Curly65 Premium started question in Getting Started

In creating my posts, I would like to keep my first post on top instead of slowly becoming third or fifth ... continue reading

ZelB Premium blogged

Whoohoo! I just took the next step to making a success of my online business. I just upgraded to yearly! Now it is all about hard work and making sure the effort…... continue reading

iJared Premium Top 200 blogged

In finding purpose in ones life, answering the question, what do you do? this becomes a very interesting notion for some of us.Knowing what you do is obviously…... continue reading

mycaptions blogged

Like most, you've presumably utilized online networking applications like Instagram, Facebook or Snap chat to share your selfies with your companions, family, and…... continue reading

Kev-dogg Premium blogged

Struggling to break the google code but staying the course with content and products. The learning curve has been steep but everything is falling into place. Tomorrow...a…... continue reading

JBond1 Premium started question in Getting Started

Hi, My husbands macbook has suddenly started to run really slowly. We wondered whether it has malware of some kind in it so I googled what programs we can install…... continue reading

danieljacks1 Premium blogged

I wanna talk about motivation. I want everyone to know what I am going to talk about. Let me tell you something you might already know. Life is not all about sunshine…... continue reading

codevonish Premium Top 100 blogged

A website developer created and managed a website to market my art online. The cost was affordable and I had no complaints. Several Things changed in 2013; the…... continue reading

Ali-M86 Premium blogged

An affiliate marketing guide helps you in understanding the benefits you will get out of selling a company’s products. Not only that, you will also learn…... continue reading

girmar14 blogged !! ... continue reading

Fitlife7483 Premium blogged

I'm running a little behind this week, I still have two posts to finish for the week.My new job is horrible, can't wait to quit someday. That's why I'm determined…... continue reading

Mike28 Premium started question in Search Engine Optimization

Hello everyone.Most of my articles get indexed by Google BUT why some articles do NOT get indexed??Thank you. ... continue reading

Mauhkus blogged

Hey! Trying this out for the first time. ... continue reading

Tomolive1 Premium blogged

I feel that the progress I've made so far at WA is nothing but incredible. I'm looking forward to the future with this company and successfully changing my life…... continue reading

mlevendusky Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

How do I change the font size in Site Content? I was trying to change a title and the size & bold was gone. I am in the Site Rubix, Site Content for my about me.…... continue reading

PatelPratik Premium started question in WA Affiliate Program

Hay, Can I share other's blog in WA & other platform? If the visitors sign up by sharing blog to other platform, Is it consider my referral or not? For example,…... continue reading