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mybiz4u Premium Ambassador blogged

It's me again, Guys 'n Dolls!Just stepping in and saying a few words and then off again!Another great article that I was reading today, was bout giving yourself…... continue reading

PatLemy Premium Top 200 blogged

Thinking positive thoughts definitely attracts success to you. The way in which you consider and act has a huge impact on the success you can find in lifestyles.…... continue reading

Ultimateless Premium Ambassador published training
Bounce Rate - How to reduce your bounce rate.

You've come to the right place if you want to know what 'bounce' stats is all about. Because here I will remove all the mystery that surrounds 'bounce' stats so…... continue reading

CraigW315 Premium Top 100 blogged

Back when I did the training that asked us to start posting to Google+, I really didn't see the point. As I looked at it at the time, I asked myself "what is the…... continue reading

e02c blogged
Requesting Feedback

Hi everyone, I have been very busy creating my WP pages and I would like to request some feedback from the team. I want to ensure I am on the correct path. They…... continue reading

RRSTC Premium blogged

Just made the decision to go premium and I could not be more pumped. Excited to work with everyone here and lets reach our goals together ... continue reading

FTurner8032 Premium Top 100 blogged

VIDEOS ! How fortunate are we here at Wealthy Affiliate that we have people like Kyle, Carson and Jay and many others for that matter that are willing and able…... continue reading

mybiz4u Premium Ambassador blogged

Hello Guys 'n Dolls,Just a bit of FUN atcha!Did you know that in these 3 USA states/cities, these laws are STILL in effect today: In Wyoming, you may not take a…... continue reading

Midwest06 Premium blogged

Hey everyone, I just want to give an update on how things are progressing for me. So first off, I want to thank everyone who is following me and I apologize if…... continue reading

boomergp08 Premium Ambassador blogged
Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work? YES and Here is Proof

Recently I had seen a WA blog post by a member labeling all members in the top 200 rankings as Fake Experts. Though I am most definitely within that targeted category…... continue reading

AshleyNieb Premium started question in Authoring & Writing Content

I am creating a travel site. I am just starting to build content so I am not signed up for any travel programs yet. How can I find photos of hotels and other specific…... continue reading

Jordan93J started question in Getting Started

I had my Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter etc. At the bottom of my website but now they're gone how do I put them back ... continue reading

Dmk71152 Premium blogged

I tried to post this with my last attempt - used linked to WP and not my site. Try again!For anyone who is into the weight loss or health niche or needs some advice…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

This one's just for fun guys. We often have members here just learning English. I have encountered a few recently. Many have the reasoning George Lucas had when…... continue reading

botipton Premium Top 200 blogged

Is it not about time to just do it. Quit thinking about it, Quit agonizing over it just do it.What is one thing that you can do tomorrow to move one step further…... continue reading

mybiz4u Premium Ambassador blogged

Hello Guys 'n Dolls!Just a few words to pique your curiosity for today!"There's always some truth behind - just kidding; knowledge behind - I don't know; emotions…... continue reading

Kambas Premium Top 200 blogged

Hi GuysThis is an update report on my progress here at Wealthy Affiliate.I can't say I'm doing great unfortunately because after 4 months of putting in a lot of…... continue reading

markr0675 Premium started question in Getting Started

I signed up to be an Amazon affiliate. If someone goes to my site, clicks a link that takes them to Amazon, and they end up searching for something else there,…... continue reading

bhatim Premium blogged

Welcome to all....I hope you are doing well....?? I like to create my new blog. ... continue reading

AnuO Premium blogged

Do you know you can really create a blog content fast at the blink of the eye? Yes you can. I want to show you a specific way i use to author content when I do…... continue reading

LouisaB Premium Top 50 blogged

My Tenth Month ProgressWealthy Affiliate CASH CREDIT VALUECONTRIBUTOR/TOP HELPER/ Louisa P. BarzeyFOLLOWING______________18,104 FRIENDSFOLLOWED_______________3,394…... continue reading

winsonlim Premium blogged

I am happy that I am leaving WA and making the right decision to follow the right mentor. If you don't have a dedicated mentor to help you succeed then you will…... continue reading

pablocortina Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

I finally went public with my website thanks to many of you who helped me achieve this. All pages are fine except for the home page. The home page comes up as "password…... continue reading

mybiz4u Premium Ambassador blogged

Hello Guys 'n Dolls!I hope your middle of the week is going good! Three days down, two more to go before WEEKEND!YEAH!!So, have you ever searched your name on Google?Yes,…... continue reading

mybiz4u Premium Ambassador blogged

Hello Guys 'n Dolls,Just a quick hello to wish you a wonderful day!I was reading a very interesting article about Native American Indians and their ancestral teachings.…... continue reading

MichelleJM Premium blogged

After a few months of putting WA on the back burner, I have finally focused in and got some stuff done!Course 2 is now complete, site's up, couple articles up and…... continue reading

Marlene2 Premium Top 200 blogged

Abraham, took on the role of human hen and sat on chicken eggs for three weeks. Known as France's most extreme artist entombed himself in an egg- shaped rock at…... continue reading

wesivins Premium blogged

OK, I decided I am not wasting any time getting my web site for promoting WA up and running. I am diving right in with my domain and web blog. I have already begun…... continue reading

FTurner8032 Premium Top 100 blogged

USER FRIENDLY !How does "user friendly" fit into the way we operate here at Wealthy Affiliate?Think about it. Every single thing that we publish on our websites…... continue reading

EPennington Premium blogged


botipton Premium Top 200 started question in Getting Started

Here at Wealthy Affiliate what have you been avoiding doing? You know you need to but for some reason it is like a road block on building your business. ... continue reading

shecana Premium blogged

Believe it or not, everyone experiences things going sideways every once in a while. What I mean by sideways is when you are on a right track moving forward in…... continue reading

CraigUKTV Premium Top 100 blogged

Just wanted to share my progress for Month #8. I'm not shy to share any earnings here and hope it gives the newer members an idea of how patient you have to be.In…... continue reading

spiritgirl03 blogged

Ok, day one and I'm so excited to know I have all of this information/knowledge base at my fingertips, for ... continue reading

CraigBarnes Premium blogged

We all have our own reasons for becoming and continuing on as a Premium Member at WA. At the present time, that is a financial investment of $49.00 USD a month.…... continue reading

Leody Premium blogged

Lately I have received a few comments that are actually website feedback instead and I have to disapprove it. If you are confused about how to give a decent comment,…... continue reading

SUNDAY1 Premium Top 100 blogged

No matter howdown you feel, find something to laugh at.Watch a stupid movie, call a friend and reminisce.And if you’re really desperate fir a laugh, look…... continue reading

CraigG1 Premium Top 200 blogged

Faulty thinking is probably mankind's No. 1 dream killer. There are far too many instances where we talk ourselves out of success. We tend to look at what we don't…... continue reading

Dmorrow Premium blogged

So you're not into "mommy blogging"!Maybe you're into cars and things like after-market upgrades, maintenance and products for cars etc.My Used Car Blog is looking…... continue reading

LouisaB Premium Top 50 blogged

Friends and Family,May I, share with you "These Top qualities of Transformative Women Leaders."I found this information to be quite inspiring, and I was intrigued…... continue reading

SuzetteH Premium Top 200 published training
This is How I Pin!

We have heard so many different things about Pinterest allowing us to pin our Wealthy Affiliate affiliate links. I thought it couldn't be done but I have found…... continue reading

zayshawn blogged

Hello everyone, I received my first badge. So, am feeling very motivated. Am looking forward to exploring all of the advantages of this program. ... continue reading

Awolfee7 Premium started question in Social Engagement & Marketing

Where are you allowed to promote a business/website here on WA? I tried posting something yesterday in a blog and I was told that I could not promote on the blog…... continue reading

mpmakatool blogged

The part I'm concerned with is picking my like or intrested. I must stay focused. Also wondering how comprehensive the software and program is. ... continue reading

Pinockio blogged

My immediate concern is to get a flatmate so that I can pay for my premium membership.This is important for me because I'm also subscribed to Clickbank University…... continue reading

kkwee Premium blogged

Hi folks, I have just completed my level 3 training. Thanks for all the support and help from WA and the community members. ... continue reading