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RHBarlow Premium Top 100 blogged

Just heard this on the evening news:The AMA: American Medical Association stated, "Stimulating Your Brain Adds Years To Your Life." We can say that is a No Brainer!That…... continue reading

PBitzer Premium Top 200 blogged
My Helpful Hand

Ever have a problem you just can’t fix . You ask questions and pray for an answer quickly ’cause you want to get on to the next task on your list. Well,…... continue reading

LorenzValdez Premium blogged

I am so humbled & just so grateful for all of your guy's support. Thanks to everyone who congratulated me on my $900 day. This is the reason why WA is one of the…... continue reading

dwcookie Premium Top 200 blogged clue what I'm doing. Found an adorable doggie hat on youtube last night that I just had to try. So far I've restarted I don't know how many times, growled,…... continue reading

dwcookie Premium Top 200 blogged

The look of why me human, lol. Payback for sticky your tongue up my nose, Karma....Are you done yet?Nope not even close!!!! ... continue reading

MarianaRM blogged

I found this platform tonight and I'm thinking about creating a website talking some stories related to my time as an exchange student in Canada and some impressions…... continue reading

jaedot888 Premium started question in WA Affiliate Program

Why is it that my rank keeps going up instead of down even though I have been active in the community? I was at the 1250's and it went up to the 1300's, because…... continue reading

halinphilly Premium Top 200 blogged

While working part time as a product demonstrator at a local Costco, I would often find myself offering free samples of the latest organic foods. Organic sausages,…... continue reading

PMbaluka Premium Top 100 blogged

For those who may have missed Jay's webinar on this topic, here are some points that may assist you in building your website. QUESTION 1: What are Related Keywords?According…... continue reading

cosmicradio Premium Ambassador blogged

Chick-fil-A seems like a pretty upright restaurant chain...They've got a good slogan: "We didn't invent the chicken, just the chicken sandwich."Heck, they even…... continue reading

PatsyC Premium Ambassador blogged

I have been here for just over 4 months. I have heard we aren't suppose to leave our website on blog posts or comments.When I do write about something referring…... continue reading

boomergp08 Premium Ambassador blogged
Take The WA Ambassador Quiz

Though many members here at WA strive to become WA Ambassadors, it should be obvious that the ambassadors would know much about the WA platform. Though currently…... continue reading

MarionBlack Premium Ambassador published training

In this video you’re going to learn how to change the text colors for your entire website in one quick and easy lesson.Some themes use light gray for the…... continue reading

botcloud Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

Why is wordpress so slow when installing, updating or activating both plugins and themes? I'm concerned that it may spill over to the static and blog pages concerning…... continue reading

RHBarlow Premium Top 100 blogged

Guess what I had today? A Colonoscopy!This actually, looked like one of my nurses. Scary! If you haven't had one you don't know what your missing.What is really…... continue reading

cramervod Premium Top 100 blogged

Look at all the steel here makes me hope I am building up a solid foundation. If you rush into your online business are you as confident as you should be and have…... continue reading

MrGus Premium started question in WA Affiliate Program

I installed my website on a mac computer and now I cant access my website. From any computer with windows operating system. What can I do? ... continue reading

dalwhu Premium Top 200 blogged

Yesterday I had a problem logging into my Jaaxy account and I enjoyed having a few laughs with fellow members about it, itvwas no. If deal.Kyle commented on my…... continue reading

BooBish Premium Top 200 blogged

A new member at WA just accepted my invitation to try WA out. This is my first. I'm jumping up and down. I've learned it's important to be grateful if you want…... continue reading

JanetMoore Premium blogged

It has been a long day. Sort of. :) I've spent the last couple of hours working on my second website. I have had a shop at Etsy and a Facebook page for a while…... continue reading

BooBish Premium Top 200 started question in WA Affiliate Program

The following is part of the message in an email I got today:"Great news! A new member at Wealthy Affiliate just accepted your invitation to try things out, and…... continue reading

Readyforthis Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

Does every post with an amazon affiliate link need a disclaimer on it? Can I just put it in the privacy policy? ... continue reading

VNalio Premium blogged

Great to see that the website has go on live from last week but still need to get more work on upgrading for better marketing strategy. Hope to earn some hard cash…... continue reading

SuzetteH Premium Top 200 blogged

Hi friends, I have been looking into whether Google and other search engines rank Posts & Pages differently and let me tell you, there sure is a lot of conflicting…... continue reading

MyKindLife Premium blogged

I've been involved with WA for just over two weeks and have learned so much. I had a website and had attempted affiliate marketing previously, but to no avail!…... continue reading

accad Premium Top 50 blogged

I have been receiving this message from WordPress and I have quite been alarmed.However, upon researching on the meaning I got delighted on the definition that…... continue reading

Ultimateless Premium Ambassador blogged
Challenge: Week 28 - posting

Here we are at week 28.I have managed to create one post:Strength of Will - How to be a winnerI am in awe for those of you who have stayed the distance.Today will…... continue reading

Readyforthis Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

I am using Aplos. I really like it so far, but I can't figure out how to put a footer on it, so I'm thinking it doesn't offer it? I was going to look at other themes,…... continue reading

Aletaisbless blogged

it shall happen in your life to get it what you want Go and Get it. ... continue reading

jmstickney Premium blogged

Finding good photos is easy if you have a huge budget. But that's not the case for everyone, myself included.Many of the sites I've reviewed seem to have a lack…... continue reading

SteveBryant blogged

Hey all,Just thought I would shout out that I have just set up my first website and am on the net! Never achieved this before and wanted to thank everyone for the…... continue reading

GoldenRichy blogged

I really want to make money without the hussle of examinations and bosses here and there. I am sure I'm in the right place ... continue reading

Olamideamina blogged

Am here to help you with what that have been bothering your mind on ... continue reading

DoYourBest Premium Top 100 blogged

There is a young man I will hopefully interview this coming week, he has written a book - Champions never quit and is becoming more successful in his work online.Now,…... continue reading

mybiz4u Premium Ambassador blogged

Hello Guys 'n Dolls!It's been a while! I have been working on my internet presence and then I remembered, gotta say hello to my friends and family here at WA.Now,…... continue reading

MelaniLukito Premium Top 200 blogged

Marc Gubeti is a 19 years blogger. He is still very young but we can not underestimate this teenager because of his age. Look at his track record :Started blooging…... continue reading

LorenzValdez Premium blogged

I hope everyone is having an amazing Monday so far.I am so blessed & grateful to wake up to another $900 in my bank account.I will be documenting my progress and…... continue reading

JohnStevens Premium Top 100 blogged

Hi All WA friends,My 3 rescue rottweilers love their walk every day, on Saturday morning my wife who is getting stronger with her leg everyday, came with me and…... continue reading

Readyforthis Premium started question in Getting Started

I am still new to all of this and have lots of questions. I have asked on threads under training videos and under other people's posts. I have also used the "ask…... continue reading

Readyforthis Premium started question in Website Development & Programming

I am trying to put my amazon disclaimer on every page, and some one suggested I added it to my footer. I am really hoping someone knows how to put a footer on the…... continue reading

Readyforthis Premium started question in Social Engagement & Marketing

Hello. Some one read one of posts and mentioned that I need a disclaimer to have amazon links on my website. They said I need to put something like this--"We are…... continue reading

PatrickSwazy blogged

Hey guys Patrick here just letting you guys know i made my website. I am so excited about accomplishing this. I have so many things that I wanna do and this was…... continue reading

Readyforthis Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

I watched the training video and signed up over half an hour ago, and its still not working. I did what the video said, but there was no "universal analytics" check…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

The Alternative to Facebook ]has a unique searching guide!If you keep at it the results will pay. Long tailed searching! Sponsored by the king of content advice…... continue reading

AfqmBiz Premium Top 100 blogged

LATEST NEWS ON "ONLINE MARKETPLACE" SUBJECTGood development as the exciting future movement in term of entrepreneurial business both in the social online platform…... continue reading

IMcfarl99 Premium blogged

"You get the best out of others when you give the best of yourself." -Harvey FirestoneI like to think that many of us share a sense of fulfillment when we empower…... continue reading

Eviehen Premium blogged

This is my first week at Wealthy Affiliate. I am so excited to begin this journey. I'm a little frustrated that I have so little time to devote to this. With parenting…... continue reading

AfqmBiz Premium Top 100 blogged

Let Me Blog One Last Time & Share Recent Headlines of Affiliate MarketingAlmost 27 days I have been away from WA and I thought I am slipping fast out of top 100.…... continue reading