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RichBrennan Premium blogged

Hi FolksNone of us here should need reminding about the importance of setting goals.Every personal development speaker and author from Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn,…... continue reading

MozMary Premium Top 100 blogged

This is a comment I received from a newbie on one of my blogs this week, it sums up why I was taking part in the WA community, and it is also one of the best 'badges'…... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Ambassador blogged

Hi Guys and GalsI have head it many times a question asking how many active members does WA have and I think that there is no real way to know thisPeople may work…... continue reading

jetrbby80316 Premium Ambassador started question in Social Engagement & Marketing

What would you do if you were banned more than 3 times posting on social media groups?Would you take a risk and continue posting when the ban was lifted, or would…... continue reading

laurenjean Premium blogged

Hi EveryoneJust a quick shout-out to keep you posted on progress and share a brilliant post idea to generate traffic to your site.I've been so busy on my latest…... continue reading

verazhelvis Premium Ambassador blogged

Yeah, that was funny. But the problem is serious.Scientists and doctors are alarmed because with most people nowadays sleep deprivation is voluntary. People exhaust…... continue reading

Carol46 Premium blogged

Well, that was a surprise! I'm stoked! How did that happen!I must have done something right!It looks like I'm on my way! Success at Wealthy Affiliate!That is certainly…... continue reading

donyutuc Premium Top 200 blogged

Is there really such a thing as the Socratic Blogging Method? Huh? Have you heard of the way Socrates teaches? Do you know how many statements a speaker or a writer…... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Ambassador blogged

Hi Guys and Gals,This i something for you all to think about.When we first write our Bio at WA and on out website how good are we at writing?If anything like me…... continue reading

Kambas Premium Top 100 started question in Search Engine Optimization

Hi GuysIf it's relevant to the article and niche, can I allow 1 referral link per comment?It is for a faucet and traffic exchange article and I would like my audience…... continue reading

Izpowashere Premium blogged

Yes, it might be tempting to never turn away a business or a customer requests, however, sometimes, it can be the best decision you have to do. Especially if you…... continue reading

accad Premium Top 50 blogged

Yesterday I had a visitor, a family friend, came to a consultation on what would be the best thing to do when the gold mine experts arrive next week.She said the…... continue reading

MKearns Premium Ambassador blogged

The US is a mainstay country along with Canada in our global community. Are you aware that 50% of Americans have no retirement savings at all! Most of all of them…... continue reading

verazhelvis Premium Ambassador blogged

Anybody wants to learn another language? Choose German. Just look how economical it is.It's not the whole truth about the German language of course, but it's fun…... continue reading

PatsyC Premium Top 50 blogged

Yesterday Carl left a post inquiring on how to notify visitors who leave a comment, that you replied back to it.I had to share this as always, in case someone in…... continue reading

verazhelvis Premium Ambassador blogged

Tell yourself " It's a beautiful day!"Say as if you believe it.There's some beauty in Monday. New week(there are only 52 of them in a year), new hope.How many of…... continue reading

bubbletokki Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

I can't add more files to my themes in editor (I wanted to add a footer.php file to the theme I was using so I could have a footer, as the theme I'm using doesn't…... continue reading

YourBizTips Premium blogged

Today, 6th week as a Premium Member in Wealthy Affiliate and my first referral has arrived. That is before I have started the Affiliate Bootcamp training as I want…... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Ambassador blogged

Hi Guys and GalsWell just as things seemed to be going gook - bjaaah!!! Another Facebook BAN!I was following my rules five groups three times a day for the past…... continue reading

ClydeColes Premium started question in Search Engine Optimization

I am doing some research on keywords Here are two research resultswhat's a keyword research tool avg=4106 traf=699 QSR=4 SEO=90free seo keyword research tool avg=153…... continue reading

Solistana Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

Hi guys,Does anyone have Themelia as the WordPress theme? One of the features that it has got is being " Translation Friendly" and I am not sure what this means.…... continue reading

ToLiNoLi Premium Top 200 blogged

The Daily Wealthy AffiliateTUESDAY, JUNE 27, 2017 Dear Readers Work, Work, Work, Work, if this is your first thought in the morning after you wake up, please reconsider…... continue reading

BooBish Premium Top 100 blogged

I'm not much into social media at this point, but I just started Google Plus for my brand or website. (Actually, I had a Google Plus account before because apparently…... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Ambassador blogged

Hi Guys and GalsLast night one of our members replied to a blog and said as a touch of humour "Paul say your cables Connect" and I thought OMG why not!So I found…... continue reading

IraMeyer blogged
Our future's

As of 2016 the world's debt with The World Bank was at over $217 Trillion and I would like to help raise the money to pay that because I believe that everybody…... continue reading

zykjones blogged

Hey! Looking to meet new people and interests ... continue reading

VeronicasLuv Premium Ambassador started question in Everything Wordpress

I've been noticing some issues with Grammarly over the past month or so, with some issues being repeated regularly.Another error has been happening more frequently…... continue reading

johnwnewman Premium Top 50 started question in The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

I have just started building out a new site using the Omega theme, but on the pages, I can't get the comment section to show up.I've tried ticking "allow comments"…... continue reading

Keoren blogged

I'm eager to learn more about this community, how to accomplish my goals, and help others do the same! ... continue reading

evanevaalexa Premium Top 50 blogged

If asked many of us can quickly define our strengths. Usually, it is the things that we have the most passion for, it just comes with the flow there is nothing…... continue reading

paulgoodwin Premium Ambassador blogged

Hi Guys and GalsI have been trying to add links to pics so that is gives the reader more to see and it seems to be working well so I though last night that I would…... continue reading

botipton Premium Ambassador published training
How To Get Wealthy Affiliate Referrals By Blogging

The question is often asked, "How can I get Wealthy Affiliate Referrals." This tutorial is about another way to get referrals from Social Media with blog post you…... continue reading

littlemama Premium Top 50 blogged

WOW, It Happened!I don't know if I should be embarrassed to announce but I finally got my first Jaaxy Commission after 9.5 months here! LOLI'm TOO HAPPY not to…... continue reading

AishaLabefo Premium Top 200 blogged

Be InspiredLots of Love and SuccessAisha ... continue reading

Christianmat blogged

6 yrs . Before, When I started to baked my 1st cake... I don't know yet how to decorate 😬😬😬, But, for me it's beautiful 😅😅😅,…... continue reading

onebluemoon Premium Top 100 blogged

1. To Learn Follow the training closelyIf you have not started your training, start now with the Certification Course 1 here:Get RollingAttend the weekly seminarListen…... continue reading

DeniseOlsen5 Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

Hi Everyone,I have been gone a while and need to get back into working on my website or building a new one. Anyway, I went to log into my site and it gave me a…... continue reading

malak19 Premium blogged

Feeling accomplished and excited as I finished the Level 1 Certification Course and now have a live website!So grateful for this community and all I am learning,…... continue reading

AmirSetu Premium Top 200 blogged

#InfograpgicDigital Users' Distributions In the World by Region From where, do you connect to the internet?What is your preference, Mobile or Desktop? ... continue reading

WaynePro Premium Top 200 blogged

I continue to be pleasantly surprised and frankly amazed at all of the amazing benefits of being a premium member of WA. Besides the excellent training that we…... continue reading

Mythica Premium started question in Social Engagement & Marketing

I have followed all the steps to add an amazon link to my site for a product, it goes on ok but if i check the link it takes me to amazon but under my acc like…... continue reading

MichelleO1 Premium blogged

Good news i receive My GOOGLE BADGE I AM NOW INDEXED! ! This marks a major milestone for me being as though i started at WA this month. I still have alot of work…... continue reading

GregBurns started question in WA Affiliate Program

I want to invite people to join WA, also how do I get paid when they sign up? ... continue reading

dwcookie Premium Top 200 started question in Getting Started

Hello folks thinking about the Holidays seeing it's only 6 months away and am taking a poll. How many of your purchase Perfume/Cologne for husbands/wives/significant…... continue reading

VeronicasLuv Premium Ambassador blogged

Greetings,A few weeks ago, someone had asked about other alternatives to making money online through writing. I've been receiving emails from American Writers &…... continue reading

TheBuilder Premium Ambassador started question in The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

To what degree do you think it true that tolerance is essential in any community? ... continue reading

arturosiew Premium started question in Everything Wordpress

I am trying to create a product custom option for woo but I could not. I want to be able to allow my customer to choose the product option (for example: Colour)…... continue reading

pablocortina Premium Top 100 blogged

I recently had an opportunity to go to Confusion Hill, which is located in Northern California. It is called Confusion Hill because the structures built on the…... continue reading

Sophya Premium blogged

Have you ever felt you need some inspiration to keep going?Many times in our lives we feel discouraged to do something that made us feel excited and happy before.…... continue reading