5 Figure January? Check That Off My List

Last Update: December 27, 2019

Well the flood gates are open and time to get to work on a 5-figure January. Twelve new clients in six hours on my Certified Nutritionist website. 12 x $100 down = a $1200 day!

That $100 deposit just assures them an assessment and one hour online with me to go over pricing. I always recommend at least 3 months or I tell them to look elsewhere. Nobody can change their way of eating in one month. It involves a commitment to a lifestyle change.

And the great thing about working online is this will be going on even after I go to sleep tonight.

Thank you very much.

Now I have to find the software that will allow me to have an unlimited amount of clients.

an hour ago

Frank C. needs Nutritionist near Depew, NY?

an hour ago?

Shawn h. needs Nutritionist (remote)?

2 hours ago?

Lauren T. needs Nutritionist (remote)?

2 hours ago?

Katja B. needs Nutritionist in Eugene, OR

3 hours ago?

Kelli M. needs Nutritionist in Athens, GA

3 hours ago?

Ariella hasn’t heard back from nutritionists in San Diego, CA.?

3 hours ago?

Ariella M. needs Nutritionist in San Diego, CA?

4 hours ago?

Pavlo M. needs Nutritionist in Austin, TX?

4 hours ago

Great fit: Dolores B. needs Nutritionist (remote)

today at 1:22 PM

Kathy B. needs Nutritionist in Saint Charles, MO

today at 1:04 PM

Anthony m. needs Nutritionist near Greensboro, NC

today at 12:51 PM

Tiffany T. needs Nutritionist (remote)

You get the picture.

This Wealthy Affiliate training works pretty well.

Everyone have a prosperous New Year. I am going to give it hell!

Making a living, making a difference.


Update: This was my first number 1 ranked blog! Thanks to all you guys and gals.

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Jadatherapy Premium
Congratulations and well done

WOW you are really making it happen

2020 here you come.

laparra1 Premium
Good afternoon Jennifer,

I missed you during Christmas time. I hope you had lovely days. I think you missed my Christmas greetings=cats.
I hope your 2020 will be filled with good health and success.

Greetings from the south of Spain,

MAXINEG Premium Plus
Congratulations Mark.

You've come a long way baby!😜

Lyle-P Premium
Congrats! What a great start 2020. I wish you many more successes!
Dhind1 Premium
Congratulations my friend. WA does work pretty well. It is up to us to capitalize on it.