December 2018 - $1,738 Dollars & Growing!

Last Update: January 03, 2019

Hi All,

I just wanted to share a quick update from my side for December 2018. While I haven't been nearly as successful as Ralph, Jerry, Robert or Grace, I've still had an absolutely wonderful month. Congratulations to the 4 of them (and anyone else that had a great month!).

But I did still want to share what I had going on from my Amazon Niche site. I had some limited growth compared to November. I have a feeling if I had not destroyed my OneLink code in November the months would have been similar.

A Great December

That being said, from Amazon I earned about $1,738 dollars.

My first 4 figure deposit

I also go my first deposit in my bank account from Amazon over the 4 figure mark which was nice, it came in right before 2019 and was paid for the month of October.

I'll have to do taxes on it for 2018...Ugh. Taxes.

Going for 5 Figures in 2019

Now what's really cool about this is that if my site continues even at a stable pace I should easily break the 5 figure mark in 2019! And if I can buckle down and write some more posts I should easily see some growth!

If you're curious about any other aspects of my site please go ahead and review previous blog posts or leave a question below!

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FKelso Premium Plus
Congratulations -- may your success continue.
ECV82 Premium Plus
LouiseBT Premium Plus
Awesome Craig!
Congratulations to you and wishing you everything of the best in 2019!
Paul1916 Premium
That is awesome work - congrats to you - have you a full time job also? - if so, your results are even better!!! Competing with the full timers can be a challenge!
craigrut Premium
Yes, I work full time during the day.
littlemama Premium Plus
That's so awesome!! Congratulations! Looks like you're going up and up from here. :) Glad to see someone earning who is also working in a day job!! Great work!

Keep it up and that 5 figure will creep up real soon!
craigrut Premium
Thanks Grace!