My First $25 As An Affiliate

Last Update: Jun 9, 2019

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This post is intended to show that you can earn money as an affiliate. I'll be really quick on this, so I won't make this really long. The story goes...

I tried affiliate marketing in 2015, when I first started blogging. Yet, I haven't heard of Wealthy Affiliate at the time, and I was literally illiterate in these things, I headed over to Clickbank and applied as an affiliate. I solely relied on having a nicheless website at the time.

I had no skills as an affiliate.

I had no marketing background.

I was a fan of low-quality posts just because I wanted to publish more.

Which is why I encourage everyone here to write high-quality posts to attract more networks rather than focusing on the number of posts on your website!

They accepted my application and got into the whole "training" they have. Everything was comprehensive, yet, for a beginner, it was too difficult to start. Minutes after I got in, I decided to learn on my own from the SEO to content writing. ON MY OWN.

Later that year, I quit everything with $0 in my account.

Fast forward to 2019...

Brought by determination and admiration to my boss @RoopeKiuttu, I decided to get this "forgotten dream" seriously. I joined Wealthy Affiliate a month ago and upgraded to Premium 10 days ago.

I followed all the training and went through my content, making sure they're all comprehensive and of high-quality. From there, I joined affiliate networking programs. And *drum rolls*

I got my first $25.

One of the networks paid me because of writing an excellent article for them for promotion. The fact, I've seen it's possible to earn such from becoming an affiliate. The key here is to BELIEVE.

It may not be that much. It's just $25. But the fact, it came from my efforts as an affiliate marketer, it means a lot to me. It shows me IT WORKS.

Yet, the most common issue people face is they quit too early. I started blogging 6 months ago with my new domain, and I have had quite several attempts to stop. It was also difficult to bear.

Instead of stepping back with doubts in my head, I move forward even with fear inside me. Instead of being defeated, I choose to win. I step forward, and here I am, I earned something. After I read this book, I have fulfilled something for myself more than I could have ever imagined.

I hope this post will give you an impression of hope, determination, persistence, tenacity, and constant hard work. There's really something online. All you have to do is to strive to become an authority and own the niche. That's what I'm doing. This is what I got.

If you want to be updated with my latest blog posts, follow me. On the other hand, if you're going to send me questions, feel free to send me one. I'll be delighted to answer them. :)

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Very inspiring blog post. I have only been a Platinum member for 2 days, after just a few weeks at the free level. I have been extremely impressed with the positive attitudes of the members, and I feel inspired to become a very active and successful member of the community. For both you and I, as well as all of the members of WA, we seem to be very much in the right place. Again, fantastic and inspiring post.

Yes, it's true. I've been to many Facebook communities in hopes of being "welcomed and motivated." But then, I couldn't seem to be satisfied with what they're giving. I keep looking for groups until I learned about Wealthy Affiliate through my boss, who later became my mentor. :)

Congratulations, I said before, you have what it takes. More payday yet to come for sure.
To your success

Thank you for believing, William. It really means a lot to me. Swear.

Congratulations, MGaspary! That's wonderful! Just goes to show that hard work and tenacity pay off.
Here's to your continued success-

Thank you, Shantell. Yes, it does. The right mindset and winning attitude are the keys. Your words... thank you. It really means a lot to me. :)

That's great, keep up the awesome work.

Yes, I will Jeanette. :)

Awesome, thank you for sharing, and congratulations.

Thank you, Denise. :)

That's a great result, congratulations!

Yes, Dong. :) Thank you for the sweet words.

That is wonderful news, you are learning as you go and making adjustments when needed.
All the best for the future.

Thank you, Darren. It really means a lot to me. :)

Way to go!!! I read through some of your posts earlier in the week. I love your story. Its full of determination and perseverance even when things have not been so great.

I'm glad that some of Roope's enthusiasm is benefiting you.

Best wishes for even more success.

Yes, he does and its contagious. I don't have a choice, Sondra. If I won't do anything - like my life depends on it - I'd end up a failure again because of the same mistake over and over again. I'm getting sick of it. I really want to make everything work this time. I spent a lot of money, time, and effort to achieve this.

Now, all I have to do is to work had butt off regardless of the circumstances. No matter what. No buts. No ifs.

All of your hard work in the past has led you to this point in your life. You are on the verge of something amazing.

You are amazing and you will go far. 25 is only the beginning rinse and repeat. You have an incredible mentor in Roope he knows his stuff for sure so follow his advice yes...
You will succeed just believe it and do it.☺

Oh my..dumb phone is smarter than me ...above comment is meant for mgaspary.

Yes, he's a great man. There's no doubt about it. He does drive me to push further than what I used to think about myself. He knows what I've been through including my personal matters. So, he's really a great guy. :)

Gotta start somewhere--only up from there--way to go!



Great motivation!

Thank you, I'm glad it did. :)

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