I Was Welcomed By A $167 Commission This Morning

Last Update: Aug 6, 2019

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Online Business Rocks And WA Offers Just The Right Tools!

When I was pursuing my Financial Career (for 10 years), every morinig I felt like I was trapped in a cage, plus each time I gazed into the future, all I saw, was more frutration.

I had great financial ambitions, and deep down I knew that my career wasint' going to help me accomplish them.

Relatively I was earning quite much, but I do not usually compare my success with others. I compete with my goals, and ambitions.

So one day I put pen to paper and did some maths with my salary, considered my expenditures and extrapolated to the next15 or 20 years.

It felt like I actually went into the future, and what I found there...

I didn't think twice. As soon as I got the figures infront of me, I tendered my resignation, from what was considered a prestigious position in my community., AND I RETURNED HOME.

I Wanted To Be My Own Boss But I Didn't Know How

I returned home with no salary. But my daily bread was guaranteed. The rest was luxury which was all forfeited.

Everyone thought I was mad. I had no idea what the future would hold for me, but one thing was certain: I needed to make a move that would take me to my desired direction. I could live on my salary alone, but I wanted more than just settle.

After searching online for 7 months I found Wealthy Affilliate, and I knew it was the real deal.

Fast Forward Today

Instead of dragging myself out of bed, I wake up whenever I want, and to be greeted by commission messages only makes life worth living and fighting for.

My family finally gets to see that i'm not mad.

By the way, I've launched a second website, on a passion I hold dear to my heart. When started out, I had this idea in mind, but had no idea how to go about implementing it. At that time, it was so complicated.

Not anymore today thanks to WA.

And what a wonderful feeling to be getting notifications about the commissions being generated by my first website.

With the skills I've acquired here at Wealthy Affiliate, I now feel very confident to diversify my sources of income, and build viable businesses. This is what I was able to do thanks to Wealthy Affiliate:

  • My commissions here at WA helped me to purchase a new WordPress theme and new domains. Yes, domains with an 's'
  • I set up my new business (it's literally less than 2 weeks old)
  • Some learning curve was involved trying to use the new theme but all went well;
  • Then published some two lengthy and SEO friendly articles. Something I do now with relative ease as compared to 2017 when I just started out.
  • Checked out my speed socres and they were not great. I tweaked here and there, installed appropriate plugins, and by the time I was done, I was able to figure out what was hurting the speed of my new website, and one of them was the caching plugin, which was obviously conflicting with the WA Sitespeed.
  • And now with most of my speed socres all over 90 on Mobile and Desktop, my new website is ready for SEO friendly content.

I didn't do any of this when starting out. I would just install plugins without knowing their consequences. But every action today is intentional thanks to WA.


This is not to brag or something of that sort. If I can do it, you can too, and trust me when I tell you this: You are far smarter than I am. Why?

Can you imagine that I didn't even know the meaning of WordPress when I was starting out? LOL. WA taught me everything.

And now i'm a proud owner of two viable websites!!! Follow the training guys. It works.

Thank you WA.

Wishing you all the best with your online businesses. THE TRAINING WORKS!!

Do you actually know that you acquire some incredible skills here thanks to the training WA offers? Have you noticed?

When did you notice that you are now much better than yesterday?

Thank you very much for reading my blog.

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Recent Comments


Stunning, Stunning, and congratulations on your dreams becoming reality. Your story is inspiring and courageous too.
I would also think that you are mad by resigning before knowing what was your next step. Very brave, indeed. Luckily, it turns out well for you. Come to think of it, 7 months without an income? How you manage that? Just curious.
Anyway, all that was in the past. Going forward, wishing you all the best and more success stories to come from you.
All the best, Stunning.


I had a good laugh reading your comment because you touched some key points I deliberately excluded from my blog.

I'm just trying not to reveal too much especially concerning the series of unfortunate events that had befallen my path, particularly while I was still working.

So you can have a picture of why it was easier to quit without looking behind.

But with regards to how I managed without an income, I had a minimum monthly allocation, which I shared between taking care of myself and paying for my wealthy affiliate dues. It was just enough to make me survive and cater to some important needs.

Some things I used to do regularly, became luxury which had to be stopped. I'm referring to:
-->Shopping for clothes and shoes. That had to stop immediately because I had already accumulated so much. Since I knew I wasn't going to be attending conferences anymore, or making presentations of some finished tasks, all my office clothes were given away;
-->No more expensive lunches and eating out. Now I had the time to prepare my food. I would use a weekend, prepare different types of meals, and store them up in the freezer. Every other hour during the week was focussed on figuring out my website here at WA, building, testing, changing, making mistakes, starting all over...I accomplished nothing during my first year.

And so much more.

What I did was very risky, and I will not recommend it to anyone. If you want to quit your job, you must first be sure of how you will sustain yourself. My minimum allocation was coming from a tiny portion of our property our dad (Rest In Peace) rented out. It was enough only for food and WA fees. Thank God I had a shelter and a place to rest my head which was comfortable (I had accumulated enough furniture during my career).

There comes a time in someone's life when one needs to make a drastic move to survive. That's what I did.

Thank you very much for your comment.

Wow! You are brave indeed, Stunning.
But you also take some calculated risk.
I think some member here can learn something from you.
Instead of hoping and complaining, especially me, take some drastic action to stop the unnecessary expenses and at the same time investing in something which can bring us passive income in the future. It will not be easy but it can be done. You, Stunning, is one good example.
Good work, Stunning. Keep it up and all the best.
If you believe in God, God bless you.

Our future goals are worth every bit of sacrifice. I hope my story can motivate others out there.

Thank you very much for reading and commenting on my blog.

"If I believe in God?" My Jesus is the very pillar upon which I stand now. Thank you for your blessings.

So good to hear that, all the best to you and keep up the good work.

Thanks, Richards.

Congrats StunningBell!
Here's to even more success!

Thank you very much, Louise.

wow! what an encouraging post, congratulations to you

I'm glad my post encouraged you, Ropesa. Thank you very much for your comment.

You are welcome

Wow,congratulations.Wish you more success on your journey

Thanks, Barrack. Wishing you more success as well.

Wow! This is excellent and I am so encouraged and will never stop building this online business. Thank you for sharing.

I'm glad my post encouraged you.

I used to see other publish great achievements, and I kept asking myself when that time would ever come to me.

I've been focussing all my efforts on my new website, but my first website is generating income.

So what will happen when my second website also matures? Never ever stop building. The treasures ahead are truly yours to own.

Thank you very much for your comment.

You are most welcome. Thank you a trillion times.

My pleasure.

Your journey with WA sounds incredible. WA has already changed my life and given me something to aim for. The training here that both WA and the fellow members supply is incredible . Jim

Absolutely, Jim.

Wealthy Affiliate has changed mine too, and it's only getting better. And with regards to the training, what WA offers is nothing short of stunning.

Let's take advantage of the tons of free resources.

Wishing you all the best and thanks a lot for your comment.

Well done - onwards and upwards!
Rich :-)

Thank you, Rich.


Congratulations on your commission.

You are so right about learning new skills and knowledge through WA. I learned about Google Analytics and understand Google Search Console to the point that I know where my email subscribers are coming from.

I also understand SEO better and have found out how to do sales funnels and email marketing strategy.

Though I understand quite a bit of internet marketing jargon from dabbling online for 12 years, it is only in the last year with WA that I am honing a solid marketing strategy incorporating social media (which I was reluctant to get involved with).

With what I have learnt from other more experienced WA'ers, I now jump into Pinterest using Tailwind App with ease.

I am also now researching video creation for Youtube thanks to being inspired by Tiffany Domena (Rank 4) and Littlemama and. of course, Jerry Huang our super WA man.

To cut a long story short, I am sooo glad I found WA and am quite addicted to doing the tasks over and over again so that I can talk about affiliate marketing in my sleep.

Way to Go!


Thank you very much, Stella.

WOW, you got some stunning skills you are accumulating right there. I didn't even know we could track our subscribers using Google Analytics.

I knew about the Geographical location of our visitors to our site.

You see, the information available here at out disposal is worth thousands of dollars on a monthly basis, so we are really fortunate to access all of them with just a couple of dollars every month.

And another thing is the possibility to diversify yours business without having to pay extra for websites and relevant resources. Just get a new domain, and the rest is free.

Way to go indeed Stella, and thank you very much for your comment.

It's a pleasure!

Congratulations! Well done! Take care. Purdey

Thank you very much, Purdey.

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