5 Years On, I Reached My *Ecstatic* Income Goal! (2x $1.2K Days)

Last Update: February 10, 2019

I remember the night I joined Wealthy Affiliate like it was yesterday:

It was a cold, blustery night in March 2014. I was sick of getting scammed and desperate for life change. I created my free Starter account and, though still not sure if WA was legit or not, I worked through the training, hanging on every word, every concept, trying to take it all in.

Here are the goals I set myself nearly 5 years ago:

Pssstt: Now I know that YES the training here does work :)

Goals set, I dived into the training and worked my ass off (I still do) and hustled like crazy. There were times when my family thought I was insane. When was I going to get a 'proper job?'

Heck, there are times I thought I was insane! Especially in the beginning when it seems like you're working for free! Doubt can easily creep in and make you wonder if anyone will ever read what you're writing and if all your hard work will ever pay off.

2 weeks after joining I made my first $1 commission and I was dancing in my room!

I posted about it here, you can see how excited I was!


Why was I dancing in my room like a crazy person for a lousy $1 commission?

Because it proved to me I was on the right track and I just had to keep going...

Fast forward a year and I smashed my 'happy earning' goals, quit the crappy call center job I hated so much, kissed by boss goodbye and bought a one-way ticket to Thailand.


I've never managed to hit my 'ecstatic' $1200 per day goal...

Until this week - AND I HIT IT TWICE!

Here it is:

Why am I telling you this?

First, because I don't blog here often enough and I think it's important that we encourage each other with our successes.

Second, because I really want you to know IF you are determined and IF you set specific time aside to work on your business (don't just say 'whenever I have spare time'!) then you WILL make your online income goals a reality.

Replacing your full-time income in the first 12-18 months is realistic. Earning $10,000 a month after 2-3 years of consistent effort is very achievable in this industry.

Oh, and it's my birthday today... and this is the best birthday present ever : )

Here's to your online success! Here's to setting goals and smashing them!

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Encourager1 Premium Plus
I love hearing these stories they never get old and give me the inspiration I need to keep going with this. Thanks for posting.
SimoninAsia Premium Plus
Absolutely. You're in the best place, with the best people and training that actually gets results.

Don't sell yourself short, don't give up right before you see your breakthrough because surely it will come. One step at a time :)
JonLake Premium
Crikey, I didn't even know there were products that expensive on Clickbank!!!
Well done to you
SimoninAsia Premium Plus
Thanks Jon!
CoraMitchell Premium
Thank you so much for sharing! This is very exciting and encouraging!

Here’s to continued success!

SimoninAsia Premium Plus
And yours Cora!
midhunvm Premium
Wow! this is really super inspiring...

Thank you, Simon for sharing your
amazing achievement :)
SimoninAsia Premium Plus
Thank you, I just want to show people that it really is possible to get finaincial freedom through by following the Wealthy Affiliate training and working hard. (emphasis on working hard!) :)
midhunvm Premium
It's people like you, who make WA a gold :)
Ray52 Premium
Happy Birthday, What a great present. And best of all, you are sharing that gift with us. A little encouragement helps us all. I know it helps me. Thanks. Keep up the great work.

SimoninAsia Premium Plus
I know, right? It's the best. But I see no use in bragging, that's not my intention here - but to help inspire those who are maybe just startingt out.

My message is: "Don't quit, keep going, keep growing and you will get there!"

Knowing this has helped you makes my day honestly! :)