3 affiliate sales yesterday!

Last Update: December 02, 2019

Maybe December will be my coming out month! We shall see.

It's definitely not about the money. It's about a beginning. A portal to long sought satisfaction. The first kiss of a teenager? A preview of a wondrous future?

Whatever...it spurs me to try even harder.

Let's all become WEALTHY Affiliates!

Back to work!


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CornellJ3 Premium
Way to go, congratulations!
YumaBloggers Premium Plus
Congrats on the sales, so far my Black Friday marketing has run flat and I am no better off than November but I lost a lot of time the last two months to Kid troubles and health issues family-wide. Time to rebound and kill this.
ExpatMark Premium
Congrats Richard. A good way to start the month. Good luck and much success to you with all of your MMO ventures.
Matthuk Premium
Brilliant well done
RuthlynB Premium
That is really great, wishing you continued success.