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Last Update: May 16, 2020

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I learned about Flippa from another member here.

Flippa is a website where people sell and buy niche websites and domain names.

The member wrote how she used it for research.

She'd look at what people were selling to get niche ideas and an idea of what people were willing to pay for those niches.

So, I've been watching Flippa ever since.

This was a great little tip I learned just from reading a WA member's blog post :)

So, Would You Rather Pay $5,997 or $359?

Recently, Flippa posted "ready-made" websites for sale.

One of these websites for sale is:

This is a pre-built affiliate website that promotes a wide range of products in the yoga niche.

It is set up on a WordPress website, has published content and an email opt-in form.

The website comes with 26 articles, 51,000 words and 438 keywords already ranking in Google.

The asking price for this website is:

$5,997 USD

Here's what's interesting though...

This 6 grand website has no traffic. The website makes no money.

The website is $6,000 just for the website setup, design, and some content.

If you were to buy this website, you still have to grow the website.

You would be responsible for driving traffic to the website so you can actually make money.

The seller will provide basic "Site Buyers" training to help you learn how to grow the website.

But it is recommended that you also buy the "Success Guarantee Training" for an additional $249 per year.

Add on this training and this website now costs:

$6,246 USD

And website hosting costs $99 per year after the first year, if you keep with seller's hosting provider.

Save Yourself $5,624 with Wealthy Affiliate

You can pay the website price to speed up things for you.

Or you can easily create your own yoga niche website for 100 times cheaper than buying this ready-made website.

You have all the training and tools you need to:

  • Create a WordPress website
  • Choose a professional looking theme
  • Design a nice logo yourself (or inexpensive ways to hire a specialist to do it for you)
  • Host the website live on the web
  • Create quality content that ranks for keywords
  • Learn affiliate marketing and add affiliate products to your site
  • Learn how to drive traffic to your website with SEO, YouTube, Email Marketing, Local Lead Generation and more!!!!

All for just $495 a year which includes a free .com domain name. + 100 community credits to use for website feedback and comments.

No additional cost for hosting or for additional training with WA!

You can buy 15 years worth of Wealthy Affiliate premium training, hosting and community support for the price of the one ready-made website.

If you follow the training and complete all of the writing tasks, you could build a similar website for a fraction of the cost.

"26 articles, 51,000 words, 438 keywords already ranking in Google"

You can reach the same amount of content within about 3 months, following the 12 posts a month recommended writing frequency in the training.

If this doesn't show the value you get at Wealthy Affiliate, I don't know what will :)

You can check out all of the ready-made website details here. Or check out Flippa's main homepage here.

Food for thought:

I'm not bashing the yoga site, the ready made websites idea or the price. It's a great concept and there are folks that prefer DFY instead of DIY. I'm just showing the perspective of how little the WA membership fee is in comparison to other options.

The fact that the guys behind the company selling these websites were members here at WA, just goes to show you the price value you can put on the skills you learn here at WA!

The choice is ultimately yours.

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Yes!! Great post!

To spend that much on a website with no actual traffic or income is completely insane when as you said you can do all that and more here at WA for FAR less money and great results.

Work has to be done no matter what you do!

Fabulous article Kim.
All of us have run helter skelter earlier in search of the perfect online solution. And now when we are members here at WA, we are unable to digest that this platform gives us everything we need to succeed. We still keep groping around trying to find something else.
U have summed it all up beautifully.
Full marks for this great post.

Excellent Aparna. Glad you found this article helpful. Here's to your success :)

Really, great information, I agree with you idea. Why use the ready-make site, you can create your own hand-made site, its value can not tell other because, after creating a website up to earn money, you have to learn more, with that learning, You get more experience. No one can value it, that knowledge provides WA, the experience is coming from sharing information with the WA community. What a priceless product you can develop with WA. That is a great thing. Thanks for sharing the idea.

Absolutely. Thanks for commenting Sam.

That's so true.

If you are acquiring assets by purchasing online businesses - you'd want to look at businesses that generate income and can be considered as a cash flow.

I agree with your post and I think that it's also better to learn the whole process yourself rather than purchasing a done-for-you website.


When it comes down to growing the website, you will have a lot more knowledge if you have built it yourself by following WA training.

If you purchase a site and you have no idea how to continue working on it could be a problem!

Of course, the pre-built site might feature a premium theme, quality content, and great keywords. Itself, it's not a bad investment if you lack time, but you should still know what you are doing before purchasing a done-for-you site!

You hit the nail on the head Dario!

There are definitely multiple benefits to building your own authority sites from scratch. Flipping them is one benefit. Charging other businesses for your skills to do their website is another opportunity.

Doing it yourself opens up a whole world of possibilities! Thanks for chiming in. Good stuff!

Thanks for sharing this Kim. I've seen similar sites on Flippa and good luck to the people selling them, but I 'm like you, and would rather spend time creating 26 posts on my own domain and learning how to make money with it from Wealthy Affiliate. Much cheaper and with far greater potential ☺

Options for every preference. Thanks for chiming in Kathy Anne

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