December 2018 Income Report - 540% increase in revenue

Last Update: January 02, 2019

Happy New Year and welcome to my second income report!

Last month I made a grand total of $180.45 in income.... however I had $304 in expenses, meaning that I had a loss of $133.55.

This past month looked very different... both on the amount of money made and where it came from. Let's take a look!


In December, I started offering services related to my niche website and, to be honest, my affiliate activity dropped a bit. I still published a few articles for my site, however, I also attracted some new clientele to some of the services I am now offering.

My total affiliate income for December 2018 was a earth-shattering $4.95... simply amazing ;)

My total online services income for December was $1,149.95.

This bring my total income to $1,154.90, which is a 540% increase on my previous months income.


I get really annoyed when I see people talk about the topline revenue but don't disclose the expense to get there. If you're wondering why, let me ask you a question:

If you could choose between a $1,000,000 business that costs $999,999 to run or a $100,000 business that costs $20,000 to run, which would you choose?

Assuming that the million dollar business' expenses does not include a salary or any other type of payment for you as the business owner, then the smaller revenue business actually has a higher economic benefit for you.

For me, I will always either disclose my expenses or talk in net figures... which leads me to this months expenses. A grand total of $724.97 of expenses for me this month - a 130% increase.

My expenses this month were higher because I have built a team to deliver my online services :) I also invested in a seperate CRM and marketing automation tool for the online services business.


Ahhh profit... one of my most favourite words. Every business owner should remember the saying:

Revenue is vanity. Profit is sanity. Cash flow is reality.

My profit this month was $429.93. Considering that last month was negative, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

My Thoughts On December...

Across my sites, I published 6 articles in December plus released 3 Youtube videos. I won't be able to attribute any results to these activities just yet, however it will definitely help over the long term. I have pretty much formulated a content syndication strategy where I get the most return on time... which is super important to me as I have a 14 month old son who I would rather be spending time with, rather than creating content upon content. I will actually create some training around my content syndication strategy soon...

In December, I didn't do much SiteComments... just coming back to what I mentioned before... I am super-conscious of how I spent my time and it is very time-consuming to read an article and craft a thoughtful response for $0.50 every second article. I figured out that selling my online service provided a much higher ROI in both time and money.

I definitely hit my goal of increasing my revenue by 25% and my profit margin is looking healthier. I'm feeling a bit of New Year ambition so I'm going to try to double my revenue next month while slightly increasing my profit margin.

Oh, I forgot to mention that the bulk of my online service income is recurring... meaning that next month I'll be paid a similar amount by those clients plus whatever new business I pick up. My strategy is to use the service to generate cash flow that I can reinvest back into other revenue sources (e.g. affiliate marketing, paid advertising & subscriptions/memberships). If I can slowly build my affiliate income whilst supplementing it with my online services, then I think I can have a fairly robust online business over the long term.

Well, I think that just about wraps up my December. If I remember anything else, I'll come back and edit this post.

How did you finish 2018? Was December a great month for you?

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midhunvm Premium
Hi Shane, could you please
share, what recurring service you are selling?
Dahay Premium
Reccuring is for example wealthy afiliatte. Every month u get paid...
Marley2016 Premium
ClickBank has many programs that you can promote
which have recurring commissions you may want to
check them for these type of programs.
midhunvm Premium
Appreciate your comment, Susan.

I know about ClickBank.But I think
the number of high-quality recurring
products in CB is less.
ShaneWB Premium
Hi Midhunvm,
The recurring service revenue are retainers that my clients pay for marketing implementation (automation, copywriting, SEO etc).
midhunvm Premium
Appreciate your comment, thank you Shane :)
ShaneWB Premium
You’re very welcome :)
trymetoday Premium
Hi, businesses that create a residue income will always come out ahead, ask yourself why businesses that operate subscription services are on the increase. Wishing you every success towards growing yours, and a successful 2019
ShaneWB Premium
Thanks Paul
nathaniell Premium
Congrats man! I hope you see 500% increases in revenue every month for 2019 (or at least, 500% in Dec 2019 :)
ShaneWB Premium
Thabks Nathaniell!
ShihTzuSteve Premium
Well done, Shane, that’s what it’s all about, generating an income from whatever fair means suits your business model.
I just found out that I had a successful December. 17 visitors to my blog, a 188.88% increase on the previous month and 17 more than I was expecting as I only have 10 posts up so far. Still, it’s made me think that as I add more posts it’s time to promote something. By coincidence I was researching a suitable product last night.
Anyway, I wish you further success in 2019.
ShaneWB Premium
Thanks Steve!
JonLake Premium
Nice one Shane. Recurring income is the pace to be for sure.

We decided the same about the Site Comments. Who needs to spend that amount of time to earn just $0.50!

Thanks for the transparency - love it.

All the best for 2019

Jon and Debbie
ShaneWB Premium
Thanks Jon & Debbie