I Made My First Sale $1 Earned

Last Update: June 04, 2019

OMG!! This stuff works! I am so excited about my first sale. How did it happen? It happened with the WA training. It has taken me some time to go through this training and I'm still only half-way there. But the point is that I am building a business here. And this training is so good...

There is a bible scripture that reads "...line upon line, precept upon precept."

Line upon line I studied the WA training and even went back to the training.

Precept upon precept I followed the instructions I learned when I did the homework.

Was it easy? Sometimes I felt like I wanted to turn away from the training and do something else, but the last 2 weeks I have been putting in at least 30 hrs of week. I knew I needed to keep building - and look there was something just around the corner waiting for me! It was my first $1.00.


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JeannineC Premium
Congrats! That's a huge deal, and should be just the first of many dollars you earn from your site. You will always remember this day - what was sold, how much you made, and the smile that's on your face right now. Way to go!
Atta83gurl Premium
Yes yes! Thank you!
RAFStuart Premium
Still waiting for mine, just got to keep plugging away. Well done.
adrianh25392 Premium
I earned my first a while back. Feels great doesn't it?
It's amazing how that first one is all of the justification for all the hard work that you need.

Carry on, make many, many more

Kindest regards
Mbr01 Premium
This is great! I'm hyped for you too
jetrbby80316 Premium
Congrats, it is indeed symbolic of wonderful things to come!