How Shopify and Dropshipping are Making Me Money

Last Update: Jul 31, 2019

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Hey all! So, let's face it, ONLINE SHOPPING is where it's at now! Yes, everyone is buying on the Net and it's a multi-Billion dollar industry! People are spending billions online and that amount is only rising!

So, right along with working on the Super Affiliate Challenge, I've been managing my Shopify store. After it's creation, I began adding high, trending products--130 to be exact so far--and it's getting a wide amount of interest!

I've watched countless Shopify success videos and have duplicated the advice from each one.

But, how does this relate to my WA website, you may ask?! Simple, I list it on my site with a link to my store!


The possibilities are endless as to how you can get the traffic to your store! Here are some of the ways that I do:

  • Pin each product on Pinterest, creating Rich Pins, Keyword Rich Content, and create new and related Boards for each.
  • I have my whole store on FaceBook, and have invited everyone to "Like" it. So, when someone sees a product they want to buy and clicks on it, they are taken right to the checkout in my store! (Shopify trains you to do this!)
  • I do FaceBook Ads targeting particular audiences that relate to the product I'm targeting. (This takes a bit of experimenting, but I am getting the hang of it!)
  • I created an Instagram account for my Shopify store, posting each product with Keyword Rich Content and Link.
  • Tweet each product on Twitter.
  • Post to LinkedIn.
  • Invested in a dot com domain.


So, in other words, I think a Shopify store with a specific Niche is a smart approach to another form of great income. You can even create a store around your current WA niche! Yes, adding opportunites for more income to your current business makes it that much more profitable!

So, besides affiliate links, WA referrals, AdSense Ads, etc., why not add a store to your site?! You never know who will happen upon it!


When creating a Shopify store, you can also get a free account with Oberlo. Oberlo is a dropshipper platform that supplies the products and takes care of all the shipping, so you don't have any inventory!

You can find products on Oberlo at really low prices and add them to your store with a mark up price that you choose. Then, when someone orders that product, you simply go and purchase the product and make the profit!

Oberlo even sends out the necessary emails, updates to the customer, etc. All you do is purchase the product and then click a button when it's ready to ship.


There is a free trial at Shopify, so you can try it for free and then Upgrade for $30 a month, which is what I pay.

The businesses and websites we create here at Wealthy Affiliate can go in endless directions, leading to new and wonderful ways to expand!

So, get your creative thinking caps on and check out Shopify. The sales are coming in---just yesterday, I made $64.33!

I'm learning and duplicating the efforts of all the Shopify gurus out there, and am very excited about this venture that is now listed on all my sites!

Erin :)!

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Great post-Erin!

I'm with you completely on the Shopify platform!!!!

I've been building my store for a month, along with 2 other site's and the possibilities are endless for income opportunities!

Learning to navigate the site builder functions to create collections, products, and the way they are displayed on a chosen theme took a bit to figure out but once a person gets the basics down it's all pretty straight forward.

Theme's on Shopify: Browse them before making a choice! Some are free, some can be upwards of $180.00 bucks, and all have many different aspects of design elements to choose from much like WP Themes.

Again, research your needs and choose a theme tailored to the type of site you desire. Most of them have demo's like WP theme's so you can get a good look and feel if it meets your desired needs.

I use the spreader app @ $5.00 a month to import products from Amazon (Super quick and easy) I also use a couple of other apps to import drop shipping products. I've imported over 1000 products and growing daily using spreader, in my opinion it is the best app for importing from Amazon. Though there are some challenges with image transfer and product descriptions due to the way they were created on Amazon by 3rd party merchants selling on Amazon.

Anytime I run into a challenge with great looking product images or descriptions I'll go to the website of the product and get the necessary product details for my listings.

* Images from Amazon be sure you an Amazon affiliate and have an Affiliate account! If your linking to a product or trying to use their images on another site, you could run the risk of being banned as an Amazon Affiliate.

* I use this Chrome ext for getting around the image screening tool on Amazon product images

This nifty little tool once installed on a chrome browser ext will give you a right click option to Download a high res image in the event the don't import all product images. Right-click on an image and save to a file location on your PC then you can add the image/s on the product site building page you’re working on in your Shopify Store.

A little research on the Shopify app's section is well worth the time to see what works best for the types of products a person chooses to list & sell. App reviews can prove to be very helpful in the decision-making process. A variety of apps come with options such as Free or X number of days on a free trial basis.

I would note to folks looking into a Shopify Store that you do as much research on how to build a site through Shopify before you dive into the free 14-day trial.

The reason being is the 14 days goes by quick while you're building out your site with products to list, THERE is a learning curve with Shopify.

As always Youtube has great resources on how to build a Shopify Store. (Just make sure you sign up under Erin's Affiliate link) and NOT the one on a Youtube channel =) LOL.

LOL, I should have made this a training series.

Sorry for the extended reply here, but one thing I wish I had before going forward with Shopify was more info before my 14-day trail expired.

I hope this help's anyone considering a Shopify Store. If I can be of any assistance to anyone please feel free to reach out.

I've be afforded the opportunity to learn so much here at WA, from so many great and knowledgeable folks, and we all know it's about paying it forward and helping each other succeed.

All the best to all of you =)


Wow, Rob! Thanks a million for the great information and helpful guidelines into having a Shopify business! I learned a lot about the apps you use. I use a couple free ones, but will look into Spreader and the Chrome Ext. connecting to Amazon products--very helpful link! I use Shopify's suggested theme, so I didn't invest in one.

I agree that there's some experimenting to be done --maybe before starting the trial. I jumped right into it, and upgraded after the 14 days, since I had my store all set up by then.

I will be keeping in touch with you, for sure! Thanks so much!!

Erin :)!

No worries Erin, I'm always happy to share info that is helpful, and I'm delighted you found this helpful.

I've seen over the last year how much you've accomplished and have shared with so many of us here at WA.

If I can ever help you with anything please let me know I'd be more than happy too =)


Way to go there Herinnelson...nice going. Thanks for sharing the strategy your following.

My pleasure, Tim! Blessings in all you do! Nice to connect!

Erin :)!

Thanks for sharing all of this great information! I will have to look into creating my own store as well. I love the idea and if it's making money, that rises my interest even more!

Best wishes,

Hi, Devara and happy to connect! Once your store is set up, it's a breeze from there! Blessings!

Erin :)!

Thanks for this post. I was so hesitant to create my own store because I might be paying for something I did not buy. So you will just create it and put all the products there with all the prices and direct people on that store?

Precisely, Jimmy! And I've done a lot of research on all the top trendy products, too. There's literally hundreds of videos and tutorials out there to help!

Erin :)!

Does having a shopify store as opposed to say woocommerce help more with traffic or do u think it is the same.
Right now im using woocommerce with nich amazon products
Though i know from past experience dropshipping does work i think i actually still have an oberlo account
So many possibilities so little time ☺

I hear you, Cathy. As for getting traffic, it's pretty much the same with whatever direction you go---Posting to Social Media, word of mouth, SEO, FB ads, Instagram ads, etc. I even have a blog on my store to inspire people and to gain trust. This will get it more noticed on Google, too. Always promoting!

Erin :)!

Yes my woocommerce amazon site also has a blog just for that purpose.
Ok thought so but was just wondering..have not tried fb ads in aboit 2 or 3 yrs now.maybe i will revisit them

Great idea! FB ads take some experimenting---you can target precise audiences that will be interested in the product you're promoting. I've invested very little so far, but am beginning to see more traffic.

Good to know thanks erin

Hi Erin,

I actually contemplated doing Shopify. Right now blogging and writing so many articles is a little difficult with a regular 9 to 7 (I work 10 hr days). I want to have my business be successful and thought maybe Shopify would help. I know it’s going to be a work, just like blogging but maybe I won’t have to create so many articles.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I will definitely look into more.


Sounds good, Ricia! I have a blog on my store, too, and am always working on the SEO. When writing my descriptions about each product, using keyword rich content helps, as well--just like with my website.

Erin :)!

How do we use a WA website at Shopify Erin?

Shopify supplies the store website, but you can post it on your website here with the link, Jim.

Erin :)!

I am very interested in doing something similar down the road, nice to see someone have success going this route. Did you create the website for your shopify store by yourself?

Hi Ronald and nice to connect! Yes, I created my own store. Shopify supplies templates to create stores right there on their platform. I also create client's websites, which I've been doing for over 25 years. I recently moved my business to WA!

Erin :)!

Awesome! Congrats Erin.

Thanks a bunch, Kelyee! Nice to see you! xoxo

Erin :)!



Great congrats
This is something I want to do a long time ago especially because am not working and I need to make some money and to keep up my payment here

But I never get it how to link it here I was trying to set it up the 14 days free trial but I was stuck
So congrats again
I am thinking of starting again

Thanks for sharing


Hi Sophia! Nice to connect with you here! Both Shopify and Oberlo have extensive training and a great support team if you get stuck. I've used them several times, as I've had questions along the way. I wish you all the best and let me know if you decide to give it another shot!

Erin :)!

Okay great will do will try it again tomorrow
Really appreciate this 💯


My pleasure, Janet! Sounds good! xo

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