This Is What Wealthy Affiliate Did To Me And I'm Leaving

Last Update: Feb 12, 2019

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You won't believe what WA did to my miserable life!

Joined WA last year through Brok's FullTimeJobFromHome, I was searching for ways to earn money online because I was extremely broke.

Didn't have any plans of becoming a full time blogger or creating my own website, in simple terms let me just say I didn't have any idea that someone like me can start a blog!

Why would someone like me start a blog?

1-I don't have any fancy degree

2-I'm not an English native speaker (my English is bad)

3-No idea about the net all I know is to browse on Google nothing more

4-There is no way I can compete with big bloggers after all there is nothing to blog about everything is all over the net.

This was me before joining WA, But I was wrong!

WA changed everything for me, WA gave me confidence, gave me hope, gave me a reason to keep going.

Used to look down upon myself but WA said "no Zayac you are worth more than what you think you are"

WA Gave Me Free Websites

I was a FREE (Starter) member and WA gave me 2 free websites! This might sound crazy but I cried this day, you know why?never thought that "someone like me" can own a site.

You might be thinking 'WA is not the only platform that offers free sites' ...Yes there is blogger, wix and stuff but that time I didn't know anything about those platforms.

After I knew about those platforms, still chose WA over them, WA siterubix sites are fast and you have full control over your sites, WA doesn't add any ads to your site unlike all those free sites.

Back to my story, WA did not just give free sites and walkaway.

WA Gave Me To Free Training

I spend a lot of time on the net, I enjoy researching and learning new things.

I always jump from one site to another and see what others (competitors) are doing.

And I've seen people charging $20-$50 or even $100 for the courses that WA offers for free!

If you were to compare those courses I bet WA free courses are twice valuable than those courses. No offense.

If you have never tried WA courses yet check them out

1-Online Entrepreneur Certification (10 lessons)

2-Bootcamp (10 lessons)

These step-by-step courses are the foundations of my blogging career.

I was able to choose a niche, create my own site, write my first post and earned 1 referral!

Did I mention that I got indexed by Google a week after I launched my first free site? did not expect such a quick index but it happened!

Heard that it takes 4 weeks or more for Google to index a new site BUT I guess Google trust WA and its easy for WA sites to get indexed quickly.

WA Proofreading Tool

There is a proofreading tool here within WA that you can use each time you complete your posts. It checks everything for you grammar, spellings and it gives you suggestions.

This tool helped me A LOT as I mentioned earlier that I'm not a native English speaker so it's hard for me to write a post without any grammar and spelling errors so I used this tool.

I advise everyone to use this tool especial those with bad English like me.

But don't expect it to do everything for you, your post won't be perfectly fine but at least it will be readable.

It corrects your sentences but it doesn't write for you, felt the need to clarify this.

you must try your best to write as good as you can.

I will miss this tool...

Jaaxy Keyword Search Tool

WA gave me access to the one of the BEST keyword research tools in the world for FREE!

They did not give me access only but they taught me how to use it, this is amazing all that for free!

Honestly I will forever thank WA, I'm on my late 20s right now but will definitely tell my grand children about WA one day lol.

Check this video if you don't know anything about Jaaxy.

WA Gave Me Friends

Just after I joined WA a lot of people followed me and welcomed me.

This made me feel special and feel at home.

I felt very safe,

In my country not everyone uses the net because its quite expensive here, people prefer to buy WhatsApp credit bundles only.

So the WA community was something that I needed, real people with same goals (making money online)

WA Gave Me a special offer Premium Membership worth $49 for only $19!

After all those free offers WA did not stop there, they told me that I can stay free for as long as I can and will keep my free site with me.

They did not force me to upgrade but offered me a Premium membership at the cheapest price $19!

Who would turn down that offer? no one right.

I upgraded to Premium! And WOW this was the best decision ever!

With a Premium membership I got access to everything WA has to offer

from ALL boot camp courses to ALL certification courses,

from Live Chat to Live Video Training

from One on One Private messages with my coach Brok to Private Messages with Kyle and Carson the WA Owners!

Honestly when I heard that if you become a premium member you will have access to PM these guys I didn't believe this 'after all these guys are one of the busiest business men, how on earth will they have time to reply me' but I was wrong they do reply.

My Coach is one of the best! No mater how silly my questions are he always replies and ALWAYLS encourage me to reach out to him whenever I feel stuck.

I was struggling to drive traffic to my site and I told him asked him to review my site and give me feedback, He did all that for FREE.

And he added me in one of his pinterest boards with a thousand of followers! by that time I only had 8-10 monthly views (used Google Analytics) and gained 105 views that same month after his help.

It's not 1k but at least its something for a tiny new blog

Purchased .com domain for $11.99 only

Incase you are a newbie WA offers domains for $11.99 only.

Why did I say only when there are cheaper ones out there?

I thought so too the day before I purchased my domain, yes you will find cheaper domains out there BUT they are hidden charges.

You pay for the SSL certificate, You pay for the WHOis Privacy

and the price will go up the following year. But not with WA

With WA domains everything is packed no hidden charges and the price will never change.

Now you agree with the 'only' part.

WA Web Hosting For The Same $19

The same $19 that gave you access to unlimited WA offers is the same $19 you will use for your web hosting here at WA .

I'm no expert on testing the site speed and uptime but I must admit WA is one of the best!

Why? It's simple, as I have mentioned earlier that I love jumping from one site to another I have left a lot of sites before getting to the homepage due to the slow loading.

Lots of sites out there are very slow, and that's not good for your business (blog) you end up losing readers, not all readers are patient.

How did I know that these sites are not hosted on WA? Almost every blogger recommends his/her host because they earn commission, they add their host on their resources list.

With WA you will be recommending something that will not embarrass you, lol.

Site Support

Should I mention this again that I have mentioned earlier that I do a lot of research? lol I won't this time let me go straight to the point.

I've seen a lot of bloggers complaining that they moved to host X because host Y did not solve their site problem or did not bother to reply back.

That won't happen With WA. I contacted WA site support and they fixed my problem in less than 5min.

This sounds unrealistic but it happened, the WA team is professional.

WA showed me MORE Affiliate Programs

WA is not jealousy lol. They showed me how to find MORE affiliate programs.

I recently got approved as a Shareasale affiliate and 10 merchants approved me! all credit goes to WA.

WA Site Feedback And Site Comments

Another benefit of being a WA Premium is that you will have access to ask for your site feedback and you will also offer feedback on other sites.

This will help you big time, you will know where to make corrections and how your readers are experiencing on your site.

And you will also be able to ask for comments and give comments on other sites as well.

This will help you connect with other WA members and also help you rank on Google.

What I wish I Knew Earlier About Site Comments

This is the Most painful part, If you are a WA newbie please read this carefully.

WA comments can help you earn WA credit and you can use those credits to pay for your WA Membership.

You will have to be approved as a WA commentator for you to start earning credit that converts to real $.

I wish I knew this earlier would have paid for my WA monthly payments.

After All This, Why Leaving WA

There comes the reason why I posted this, almost forgot why you are reading this post.

You are here because you want to know why I am leaving and what WA did to my miserable life.

By now, you got a clear picture on what WA did to me on a short period.

In simple terms WA gave a meaning to my life,

WA gave me a business, a career and a full time job (my blog)

WA changed my life. I'm not leaving WA because I want to,

I am leaving because I HAVE TO. I joined WA because I was broke and unfortunately I am still broke

I don't have money to pay for my membership right now.

I don't blame WA for this, after all WA doesn't promise you to get-rich-quick.

Upgraded to premium knowing that I won't earn money now but the knowledge I get here was worth it. now my site Blogger'sJungle is alive because of WA.

I am leaving but I WILL BE BACK

WA is forever in my heart, my foundation, my pillar.

feel free to leave a comment below

Goodbye friends

stay blessed!

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Recent Comments


I'm not comfortable with people publishing these articles with negative statements about WA (even though the statements are "reversed" within the content). I think we all have to fight enough negativity online while trying to promote WA without our own members adding to it. I get the intent..I just don't agree with it.

Second, I'm curious as to why you say you have to leave. You may have to discontinue your premium membership for the time being, but you can still host two websites free with the Starter Membership. You can still keep and continue working on your website, right?

Third, I agree with every positive thing you said about WA. They have most certainly changed my life! I'm blessed to have found WA.


First, I strongly disagree with you on everything you said here! I was inspired by what he said.

Second, you can not go back to free starter or use those sites after you have been premium.

first I would like to thank you for taking your time and drop your comment here.

I guess you didn't get the topic well there was nothing negative on this post this is a writing technique.
If you have follow the training well you will understand that you need to take a reader's attention right from your title.

The title helped me to express everything I feel and everything I have achieved on WA

If I wrote 'I'm leaving WA because I don't have money to pay WA'
there was no way I was going to point out what WA offered me.

This post can also help new members to understand and trust WA
I don't have anything negative to say about WA

I love WA

Do you have a website promoting WA?

Do you have a website promoting WA?

yes, I do and it is earning a regular monthly income since last Feb. 2018 (a full year)

Yes I'm on a blogging niche and I promote WA

I hope you get back here soon because you've got the umph, you've got what it takes, good writing skills and keyword use to become very successful very soon. Fran

I hope we will see you back soon. I understand the money challenge.

Yet, just reading your great post shows how you have evolved and gained confidence in a very short time. Your experience is going to help a lot of people in the future.

No matter what, keep writing things for your website, even if it on paper. You can always add it to your website later one.

Best wishes.

thank you so much for the encouragement I will keep writing

How long did it take you guys to start earning when you joined wA nobody is talking about that we all joined so we could make money

Awesome post, Zainabu...please don't leave until you've taken my tutorial. I may have a way for you to make money sooner than you think.

This is an awesome tip indeed!

Thanks a lot that's my next step

Thanks Fleeky!

Wonderful Zainabu.

Good luck, thanks for sharing and come back soon

thank you friend

I almost burst in tear when I just read the first few paragraphs.

My life was miserable when I got divorced, my English was really bad years ago ( even though it is still not great now).

However, everything happened for a reason. We can control our own life.

Through your post, I didn't feel your English was as bad as you said.

I'm truly happy to see WA is changing your life. I feel the same way.

Sorry to see you have to leave. I believe you will come back when you can afford the fee.

If I were you, I would set a plan, save a little money every day. Even only 50 cents or 1 dollar would be a hope.

The most important thing is the mindset. You become what you think about.

Get rid of all the negative thoughts, stay positive, believe in yourself. You will see a big difference, as I did in my life.

Good luck and hope to see you continue your hard work.

Wishing you all the best in every aspect of your life.


Thank you so much for the powerful encouragement

Sorry to see you go Zainabu. I hope to see you back soon.
Keep on working on your website and Social Media accounts while you are away.

Wishing you all the best!

thank you friend

You have achieved a lot in a short time. You have been very helpful. I really loved the title of your post :)
A real JAAXY user :)
Looking forward to seeing you soon :)


thank you so much my friend

I really like your post at the same time I got mixed feelings because you are leaving ;( if you already learned how to make money with WA why are you not doing in it again you already answer that in your post! You can't make money if you don't work for it! Hope you Change everything that is blocking you from making great money with WA and what you learned from them! Good luck! Blessings to you and your loved ones!

thank you friend it's not like I'm not doing anything but the idea here is that a blog needs time to grow for it to earn you money, it's only a matter of time

Great article and look forward to seeing you return soon!

thank you friend

This blog is so well written, you will get lots of referrals. Wait for you to come back.

aww thank you friend I hope so as well

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