4 Years at WA, Main Website's 2nd Birthday, and A Gift for Myself!

Last Update: November 18, 2019

Hi WA fam! It's been a while :)

I decided to publish an update of how things are going for me thus far and I hope you enjoy this post :)


Accomplishment #1

Last month (September 2019) I celebrated my 4th year at Wealthy Affiliate.

Grateful to Kyle, Carson and Jay for their hard work and their vision to change people's lives by providing affiliate marketing education on this platform.

Grateful for this awesome community. Connecting with some of you was crucial to my success online.

Thank you!

Accomplishment #2

This one's huge for me.

Today I'm celebrating my (main) website's 2nd birthday!

It really has become my passion, my pride, and my main money maker!

For those who don't know, it was this website that brought me 4 figures on the month it turned 1 years old.

==> See my WA post (earnings report) from last year.

What has/hasn't changed since then?


In terms of traffic I would go up and then go slightly down after each Google's update (nothing major so I didn't worry and just kept plugging away).

For example:

If I was having 300-350 visitors/day, I'd go down to 200-250. Or if I was at 500/day, I'd go down back to 300.

In terms of income, in the beginning of year, after all those Google updates, I made less than $1000 USD. But for the last few months I've been making stable 4 figures (Amazon + other affiliate programs).

Here's a screenshot from Amazon for the last 3 months:


This screenshot doesn't include 20+ more items to be delivered until Oct 31 (worth for at least $250 in commissions).

This also doesn't include Amazon UK and Canada earnings (in USD it would be about $300), as well as offers from other affiliate programs.

All in all, I should have around $1500 for this month, which is basically the same like last year.

Now you may be asking:

No $2000/month yet???


I haven't achieved my $2000/month mark yet.

And that's OK.

If I'm completely honest, I didn't really do things to increase my earnings. Instead I wanted to have a bit of fun after being stuck in 4 walls for 2 years (post surgery).

For those who don't know me/my story:

This year I finally started walking again after the accident/broken ankle/orthopeadic surgery situation and since July I was more active in terms of trips and bachata dance socials.

This meant a lot less work on my website.

I think I probably published 5 new articles max. (I did however constantly update old content and respond to the comments I was getting.)

Please, don't get me wrong.

It's NOT a call to action to stop working on your website(s)!

I just knew that my website has already beein in Google's good graces, had somewhat stable traffic and income and I felt like I could "play" a bit more than work.

Considering that I went just going through rough 2 years (2017-2018), the last few months I was just catching up on some fun I missed out on. Hehe :)

Accomplishment #3

I got a gift for myself!

With my hard-earned online commissions, I invested in a good camera that suited perfectly for my YouTube channel and travel purposes.

(I already had an old Canon Rebel and Nikon's old model but I wanted/needed a different one.)

I decided that it's time to punch my fears and it's time to evolve by expanding my online presence on YouTube.

Even though I wasn't working on my site a lot, I WAS learning a lot about YouTube and the strategies that work best there.

  • text-based articles on video marketing
  • YouTube videos
  • paid online courses
  • and a book on YouTube secrets by my fav video influencer.

Sure, I had the necessary SEO foundation but if I want to crush it on YT, I need to know exactly how to do that, right?

I had a bit of practice with a nail art channel that I started with my sis-in-law (here's my WA post about it) but creating my own channel that's related to my main website has been on my mind for a while.

They say that YouTube is traffic on steroids.

If my main website is bringing me 4 figures with about 300-400 visitors/day, then I can only imagine what kind of success I'll achieve on YouTube if I'm consistent.

What do YOU think about that?

Wrapping Up + Advice for Newbies


I will finish with a word of advice for newbies and a motivation image that I add at the end of my WA posts.

  • Follow the training.
  • Connect with people, ask questions.
  • Do the work and be PATIENT. It's a business and it takes some time to take off.

Dig your way to success!

Any questions and/or suggestions?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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exgrosteve Premium
Great inspiration and motivation, thank you :-)
Zarina Premium Plus
Gladly :)
Jessielam Premium
Well done..
Zarina Premium Plus
TDenise Premium
You’re a great writer Zarina and you chose the perfect niche for you. That’s passive income...5 posts in 1 year and still earning $1k. That’s great!
Zarina Premium Plus
About 5 posts I meant the last few months (July-Oct), in a year I certainly published a little bit more :) though with the help of freelancers and guest posts.

Thank you, Tiffany!

Hopefully I'll be just as as good a presenter/YouTuber as I am a writer haha 🙈 I even decided to use the IG stories of me unboxing the vid (rarely when I talk myself there) and create a vid for YT. The first step taken!
TDenise Premium
That’s great that you’re getting into YouTube! I think you’ll be great. Translating a genuine concern for their best interest is key, and I think you’ll have that in the bag.
Zarina Premium Plus
Appreciate your support, Tiffany :)
FKelso Premium Plus
Thanks for letting us know about your journey. You are an inspiration for those of us still digging for those diamonds. If we just hang in there, we'll find them.

You have won a health battle, too, which is not easy. So glad you are doing well now. Keep up the great progress.
Zarina Premium Plus
Thank you very much, Fran! Appreciate the support.
neilrc Premium
Well Done, you! You've come a long way, Zarina!

Even though you faced struggles (mainly with the op), you still pulled through with your blogging efforts :)

Here's to a successful 2020 for you ;)
Zarina Premium Plus
Oh hey, WA bestie :) Thank you vm, Neil!! x
neilrc Premium
Haha, hey BFF! You're welcome, and hope you're keeping well x
Zarina Premium Plus
I try to :)) Hope you are too!
neilrc Premium
Still ticking along lol