My First Sale

Last Update: May 30, 2019

Good Morning Friends

Today I got my first sale.

I hope to get more with the passage of time, since the day I entered here I was pleased how with the community as well as with the administrator have helped me with everything,
The community held me between them from their welcome,
We hope to have the best time to help each other and to climb all together.

All the best for WA Customers!

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J-KWest Premium
Congratulations. There are a lot of great moments along the journey... getting your first sale is definitely one of the great ones 😀👍 It a victory well earned.
midhunvm Premium
Congratulations! Florentina

Have you got this sale through
organic traffic or social media.

How old is your blog and how
many articles you have?

You are following certification
course or boot camp?
midhunvm Premium
I have asked more than 3 questions at one point
and got reply for all of them :)

If you can answer more questions, you are
providing more value to others and vice versa.

Really appreciate your comment, anyways.
Schokobon Premium
This is great!
tampe Premium
Can you send me a website link?
tampe Premium
Your website.
NatNiches Premium
Congratulations!!!! :)