What Do You Know? My First Amazon OneLink Sale!

Last Update: February 13, 2019

It Pays to Diversify

A while back, I heard about Amazon’s OneLink. For those of you who don’t know what that is, OneLink is a bit of code you can toss onto your site that will take your visitors to the Amazon site for their region and, hopefully, the same product, or the closest one to it, to what you had placed for your affiliate link. For example; say I put a link up to a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone on the US Amazon site but my visitor is from the UK. OneLink would redirect my visitor to the same item on the UK site.

So I signed up for all the various Amazon Affiliate programs around the world (well at least the ones I could translate in order to sign up) and setup my OneLink. I then pretty much forgot about it.

After a while, I received a couple of notices saying my application was rejected because I didn’t meet the minimum sales requirements, etc. I expected that but, today, I received notice that my UK affiliate program was accepted and renewed!

I thought, oh cool, does that mean I made some sales? So off to the Amazon Associate dashboard I went. Sure enough, I had made not one but a few sales! Nothing big, mind you, but still cool. The new reports page is a great place to see all of your earnings in a single view.

Now I plan to check out my Google Analytics and make sure I reapply to any Amazon locations that match up with my visitor traffic.

For those of you that are Amazon Associates, make sure you check out OneLink and get yourself setup. Oh, one more thing... Amazon now lets you setup for deposits to your local bank, even from foreign regions, which makes getting paid that much easier!

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CandP Premium
That's really good to know, Scott, thank you.
Colette and Philip
Barney44 Premium
Wahoo congratulations Scott.

ShaunnaLynne Premium
That's awesome Scott!!
Twack Premium
Awesome, the software I had lined up was a bit above my 'pay grade' understanding wise,so I'm glad you broadcast this.Nice one,thank you.
Airgead Premium
Sweet Merlyn, I have a site I am working on that is an Amazon Affiliate site, I must look into this and see if my developer can incorporate it.