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2022 has arrived and that means a brand new year of opportunity at Wealthy Affiliate to achieve Super Affiliate status here within the platform as one or our top affiliates. We are just ramping up to this year's Las Vegas Conference, and we are absolutely pumped about our discussions and look forward to having a good time with the Super Affiliates, with the all expenses paid trip.There has never been a year in our existence that we have been more excited about than this year. We have a lot of p
A successful approach to a successful business starts with research. With 2022 now in full swing, we are going to kick things off with some niche research Class focused on the “make money” niche. The make money online niche is a BILLION dollar niche, and this only continues to grow as more and more people move online, and more people realize they want to do something they LOVE and to be able to build a business right from home, helping others do the same. The market size is truly c
This is a New Year's Resolution post. But unlike most posts that encourage you to start the year fresh, and start planning for your year ahead in January, I am going to take a different approach and one that would promote a characteristic of all successful business people... Starting NOW!!It is going to become apparent that I have never been a big fan of starting "effort" at some date in the future, because there is no better time to "take action" than now. Whether it is weight loss goals, or b
Hey Folks! Our Black Friday event is coming to an end here at Wealthy Affiliate in just a few hours. I just wanted to thank the community, the platform, and affiliates that all took part in this amazing event. We once again, put YOU first with this offer and will be doing so through all of 2022. Our team is busy behind the scenes working on some really exciting projects, one of which was released (Alphabet Soup X) to Premium Plus+ Yearly members that took advantage of this years offer. This w
Hey Folks,Today I want to talk about “experts”. The idea of “learning from an expert” is one that we at Wealthy Affiliate are HUGE advocates of. But what does that even “mean”? What defines one as an expert, and what role can an expert play in the actual creation of YOUR successful business? It Starts With an Understanding of the Road to Success...In all reality, the road to success is a bumpy one. I can attest to that. I have failed more times than I ca
Alright, alright, alright...(in my best Matthew McConaughey voice). Today is THE day that everyone has been waiting for...the day has officially arrived! Black Friday 2021 is here, and this year we are truly putting our ethos behind the price point here within Wealthy Affiliate. You see, we have always put the community and family here at Wealthy Affiliate first. Ever since our inception back in 2005 when we started off as a mere “keyword list” service, we started evolving and inn
Hey folks,We are THREE days away from this year’s Black Friday event here in WA and the excitement is starting to spread within the community. We are not only offering our lowest price EVER for both memberships, we are offering some amazing “never seen before bonuses”. But this is just part of the overall opportunity. There is a SIGNIFICANT opportunity for each and every person here at Wealthy Affiliate to cash in on this offer through our affiliate program and our highest p
I just wanted to touch base with everyone today because I have been getting lots of questions about Black Friday and whether or not we are going to have another “discount” in the upcoming year. The answer is an emphatic YES. Not only are we going to be offering our BIGGEST discount ever, this is going to serve as a significant affiliate opportunity, our biggest ever in fact. Let me give you a little insight here…When we started our company back in the dinosaur era of the int
It is that time of year, I am going to be doing an Ask Me Anything starting next week (Wednesday, November 10th, at 4PM PST), on the "keyword to ranking process", but I need your help.I am going to be fielding questions from YOU, the amazing WA community, pertaining to ANYTHING related to content creation, and the process of going from a keyword all the way to ranking in search engines.===> Ask Me Anything: The Keyword to Ranking Process (Subscribe Here)So what I need from you, is if you hav
I have a good story for you, one about my 8-year-old daughter asking me about business in a recent car ride on our way to her soccer game. It actually started before that, it started at the gas station right after I filled up my gas tank she looked out the window and saw $145.38 on the pump.She was absolutely blown away at how much it had just cost me to fill her tank...she has been saving up her money for the last few 3-4 months doing her household chores and responsibilities and had earned $1