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I have a story to share, one that may not seem all that relevant to the online business world but in fact, directly correlates to what it takes to learn something, and succeed at something. It is all about "jumping in head first", not knowing what you are getting yourself into prior (or having a very vague idea, anyways).Over the years I have realized that when I am going to learn something new, I often times fear what lives on the other side. Not because I am scared to fail, I am actually afra
Hey WA'ers,I honestly can't believe June has already arrived! Spring is here, and so are the sunny days ahead in your business. We want to make them even "sunnier" with a special, but very time sensitive offer on our Premium membership. We know this year has been slightly crazy, between the pandemic, a war, rising gas/food/real estate prices, and hyper-inflation it has been a tough time to really get a break. Well, Carson and I have decided to offer you a "break" financially, by bringing ba
I had a discussion in the Live Chat here at WA a few days back that was very intriguing. It was the idea that if you are not an expert at something, that you shouldn't be qualified to help others in that given niche. In other words, if you are not an "expert", shut up.This is misguided for many reasons, so I thought I would spend some time elaborating on the idea of expertise, and what defines that within the online world. Can you be an expert in a new niche? How could you ethically qualify you
Time, it is something that we all have but we view it much differently. This is based on perspective, on our history within the working world, and in many cases our experience being an entrepreneur.I remember back when I started out within the online world, over 20 years ago. I was in college full time when I came across the concept of affiliate marketing. I started out with NO expectations, other than the knowledge that others were making money doing it. In fact, I knew and heard of people tha
Today I want to discuss selling online, in particular how to sell without having to be a bold salesperson. One of the first concerns that I see with newcomers to the affiliate marketing and Internet business world, is that they are worried about their sales skills and feel that they are incapable of selling anything to anyone.The reality is, we all have the ideal built in sales mechanism and that is called trustworthiness and being genuine. This may be easy to accomplish with a friend, or a clo
People fear the idea that they “don’t own something” so they are not qualified to review it. Though it can be of benefit to own something, you cannot be expected to buy every single thing you offer advice or insight on...nor is it required. As you build out your website and work to become an authority within your niche, you are becoming an industry expert. Part of this process is researching products/services to help your audience make an educated decision before they spen
I hear this all the time from fellow aspiring and even successful entrepreneurs. "I will do my best!"A BIG problem lies in that very statement. First, it is hard to determine what your "best" actually is. Second, you often times will define your best as what you feel like doing in that very moment, rather what is required of you to be your best. So when someone comes to me and they indicate to me that they are going to do their best, I fear that this is a way for them to make themselves feel
Millionaires don’t become millionaires when they earn their first million. There, I said it. Most people congratulate others on big achievements at the time of the achievement itself, however the thing that most people don't realize or notice is the many years and the trials and tribulations that went into that success.This is especially relevant in the business world. This was relevant to any achievement I have had in my 20 year journey within the online world, and relevant to any mil
People come into business and have this idea that if they do things perfectly, they will succeed at a higher rate. Trying to write the perfect article, or build the perfect website, or create the perfect ad. The problem is we don’t know what perfect is. Perfect is often times our own particular viewpoint, which could be significantly off-base compared to what perfect ACTUALLY is… assuming it even if it exists.Another thing to consider is that if you are striving for perfection, you
A successful business is not built in 10 years like some think. It is built in a SPLIT second. A split-second decision that you are going to make to commit to building a business and a successful one. Everything in life, comes down to a simple, split-second choice. Yes or No. You want to ditch an addiction to something or a bad habit? That's not 10 years in the making, that is a split second decision you make and commit to overcoming it.You want to lose weight 50lbs? That's not 10 years in