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Hey Everyone! I hope you are having an awesome week thus far. In my past blog post to you I indicated that I would have some promotional materials ready for you, along with some strategies that you can leverage for your marketing and to maximize your Black Friday sales as an affiliate.Before I get into this, I first wanted to re-iterate where you go to get your Black Friday links. You can get these from the Program Details page, under the "$" icon in the top header: You can start using this lin
November is back with a vengeance! I can't believe another year has absolutely flown by! Today I am reaching out to you to let you know that we are ramping up to this year's Black Friday event here at Wealthy Affiliate, and for those of you that don't know, it is by far our BIGGEST and most exciting event of the year.I think I can speak for most affiliate marketers when I say that we all embrace Black Friday every year because it is a time when you will typically see a boost in your sales, and
Over the years I have had the privilege of working directly with 100,000’s of people, from all walks of life, of all ages and with an amazing vast and wide subset of skills. I love working with people, and I also love helping people accomplish things that they never thought was possible.However, a large majority of people have an incredible amount of doubt when starting out though, in particular when learning something new. Because of this, I want to open up a discussion surrounding th
As much as I hate the idea (yes, I know hate is a strong word) of people losing their jobs within the offline world, and companies going out of business, I also think that we are living in a world where people are unwilling to work at the same level as my generation, and certainly the generation before me used to work.The fact that you are here at WA and reading this, means that you are an exception and you are naturally going to be built to be within the top 5% of people, and can create succes
This is the age-old question whether you should have a "keyword rich" domain name, or whether you should just choose a domain that you like and that is brand worthy for your niche.Which one should you choose and why? It is actually pretty critical that you understand this when choosing a domain name and I want to spend a few moments explaining the scenarios in which you might choose a keyword rich domain, and when you would choose a domain that is completely brandable.The Case for a Brandable D
This is going to be more of a discussion, than me telling you which niches are going to be popular in 2020. The reality is that ALL niches are lucrative in their own sense, some niches being more "evergreen" or having ongoing interest.I typically divide the niche market up into three different types of niches. There are seasonal niches, fad niches, and evergreen niches. You ideally want to choose a niche that is evergreen, which is a niche that sustains popularity throughout the year.Below I am
I get people coming to me all the time, and you may to, saying I want to be rich. That is great that people are ambitious and they have goals of being "rich" or a "millionaire", but to understand how to get there and to create a path to accomplish this, you firs need to understand the mathematics of a million dollars.First Step, Breaking Down a Million DollarsIn terms of financial goals, I have always liked to break things down into a daily revenue. Unlike conventional salaried or contract inco
Over the years, it has been interesting to work with well over a million people (personally) and to see how different people learn, in different ways. Some people pick up different topics quickly, whereas others have a tough time understanding certain concepts. A lot of this is based on our personal backgrounds, some of it on past knowledge and the ability to learn new topics, and a lot of it based on our own learning styles. Today I wanted to reach out to everyone and discuss the training here
Today I want to have a bit of discussion about productivity, but I am going to be discussing it in a way that hopefully will give you some newfound perspective as to why you are not accomplishing what you WANT to accomplish, and frankly, why are better at helping others achieve their goals.This discussion is going to be about "proximal empathy".People have a natural tendency to teach those they care about, things that they know is the right thing to do. The problem is that we care more about ot
Today marks the 14th year at Wealthy Affiliate!On September 10th, 2005 we launched a little website called and over the next 14 years it has evolved to what you see today. Back then Carson and I launched Wealthy Affiliate with the intention to help people build businesses online.To date, we have not veered from this mission, in fact we are more committed than ever to evolving the platform here to help YOU achieve success and to do so at a rate not possible (or with the same