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May 22, 2018
As many of you are very much aware of, there is a GDPR regulation being instituted by the EU (European Union) on May 25th, 2018. After this, their new privacy and personal data regulations become enforceable under the EU laws. Today I want to open a discussion on the entire GDPR, what it is, what it means to you and your business, and discuss some of the major benefits and flaws that I interpret from these new regulations. I also want to offer you some solutions that you can implement on your w
May 10, 2018
As you build out your business, it is always important that you reflect on what you have done, and in some case what you haven't done. Completing an accountability "check" every 3-4 months is always a good idea, in particular one where others can offer you feedback on your achievements, and help you come up with ideas as to how you can better achieve results.This "inward look" into my activities is something that I have always done in business (and in life). The reason I wait 3 months is that
May 07, 2018
When my parents grew up there was a great deal of opportunity. As the statement went, you could..."Work hard, get ahead in life."That was true, you didn't even need a high school education. Many of the most successful people of that generation started working hard while they were in high school to the point where making an income became more important than finishing off their education.It wasn't uncommon to "drop out" of school back then (and in particular college/uni). There was a great deal
April 23, 2018
As we get older, people tend to discredit our abilities and our potential. Whether it is your parents telling you to get a job like everyone else (the norm) or an employer telling you that you are not any better than your current position, I see a lot of people offering the oh so feared statement, "I am just an average Joe/Jane."Say what?You are average? Why are you average? Is it because enough people told you that you were average over the years (usually to position themselves as more auth
April 16, 2018
Let's take a step back 12.5 years. Carson and I, independently successful within the affiliate marketing space, decided to launch Wealthy Affiliate, at the time a keyword list website.At the time, we knew the value of keywords to our businesses. They are the fundamental starting point of every search, and if we could help people understand which keywords were good (and handpick some awesome ones for them), we knew we could help people be successful. Each and every month we would deliver a li
March 31, 2018
After much deliberation, we have decided to jump on the bandwagon. I know I haven’t been the best ambassador of CryptoCurrencies up to this point, but that has quickly changed with the evolving atmosphere and my newfound love for the ‘BlockChain”. Partly because we have been investing so much time into our own currency and our own technologies that we feel will soon take over the entire crypto space!And without further ado...Introducing WootCoin!It is official, the cat is o
March 31, 2018
March 21, 2018
There is a right way to run an affiliate program, and a wrong way. Unfortunately, affiliate programs and merchants are really starting to suffer as a result of not address one of the most immediate and relevant marketing concerns (or so they should be) with their online reach. One example of this is the Nuance Affiliate Program and I will explain my recent experience that I had dealing with this specific program. So here's my story...I use dictation, and I have been using it very actively sinc
March 15, 2018
Last week Carson alluded that we are going to be delivering a BRAND NEW design here at Wealthy Affiliate (see post here), something that we have been working on for close to a year. The Wealthy Affiliate headquarters have been working around the clock getting this brand new platform ready to rock, so come April you as a member are going to be able to work within our new environment. I can tell you we have been working on some really brilliant technology, new platforms, new training, and ideas
March 12, 2018
People fear writing and I am not sure why. Not a day passes by me where someone tells me that "I am not a writer though", and send me a 500 word article telling me why they cannot write! That is HALF a blog post!! That is the reality though, people don't view their online communication and the time they spend writing to others, as writing. However, this is what writing is and this is the basis of content production.Your goal is to communicate with your respective audience and speak to them