First Shareasale Sale

Last Update: June 06, 2019

I signed up for Shareasale about 6 months ago, and I don't usually check on it, since nothing has been happening. Today I just thought I would take a look to see if I had any clicks, and to my surprise, I made a sale a few days ago. The commission was $75, so that made me really happy. Much better than what I make on my Amazon sales.

Stick with it, it will happen.

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mmonterola Premium
Congratulations! Keep it up.

SondraM Premium
FKelso Premium
Wow, guess I'd better go check mine.
Marlasmith Premium
Go look. I really didn't expect anything since I haven't even been getting clicks, so I was really surprised when I saw it. I had to keep checking that I wasn't making a mistake.
tokzkie824 Premium
nice job and congrats
acebh Premium
Congrats!! I had some sales last year after about 3 months of blogging, for a program paying $120 per sign-up. It felt really amazing to have that first sale. Gets better when you get a few more sales too! Definitely stick with it!
Marlasmith Premium
Thank you. It gets me really excited.