Woohoo! First Sale On ClickBank! - April 2019 Income Report

Last Update: May 9, 2019

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So sorry to be writing this report so late you guys! Between the SAC and the starting of Ramadan, with extra prayers and religious things to do, I've been caught up.

I finished writing my blog post on my website to day, so I thought I would take some time to update you all on what's been happening on the business side of things for me.

I'm happy to report that with yesterday's post that I reached my goal of writing 12 posts for the month for the SAC. My goal is to write and publish a post everyday, but still wanted to document that I made this goal.

I'm also thrilled that my all-time written words from the time that I started my website is now over 500K! And the number of posts that are on my website is 251. I should have been closer to 280 at this point. I really hope I can catch up but that looks a little bleek.

While I was away in Mauritius last month (April), I still made money and it was PASSIVE INCOME at that too! I made $117.50 all passively! How amazing is that? And I probably only wrote 10 - 12 articles.

Then, I came back from the trip and didn't even notice that I made my first Clickbank sale! And it wasn't cheap either. It costed the person like $297 and I made a commission of $136.86 cents! <3 <3 <3

I was so happy that I finally made something from Clickbank because I've been an affiliate for over 1 year and it was really time that I started seeing something, right? Well, I now know that there's still hope! LOL

I also want to add that this sale came from a post that I had written WAY back in mid 2018. Just imagine if I could write a few more of those posts? That's amazing!

This really has given me motivation to keep going, even as I tackle my religious obligations and the SAC tasks.

Oh and we can't forget about the total I made for the month of April, can we?

I made some income from Adsense, which was at around $12.48.

This brings the grand total to $266.84, which is my highest income yet! I've been stuck in the $200's but I'm positive that it will get better. :) I was away after all and the money still kept coming in passively. So that's gotta count for something, right?

Thanks for reading guys, and for sharing in this joy that I'm feeling right now. I really hope that my update helps motivate and uplift some of you guys that are thinking the training here does not work. It does!

Just trust in yourself and in WA.


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Brilliant news Reyhana. Wondered where you had disappeared to!?

Getting payments from Clickbank ( for us it is a cheque through the mail) is still special. Taking them to the bank every fortnight and seeing the bank tellers face is great too! You just know they are dying to ask what they are and what you do to get them so regularly!

Keep up the great work

Jon and Debbie

Thanks, Jon and Debbie. :)

Yupp, after the vacation, it was adjusting back at work and fighting jetlag and trying to put the pics together for the last post with my vacation pics. Then it was about getting ready for Ramadan, all the while juggling the SAC tasks. So yeah, it was a little bit of a struggle but I got there in the end... lol

Wow! That's great to hear! i'm probably still a little far from getting regular payouts from Clickbank in the mail but I can sure imagine the teller's face, lol!

Thanks for dropping by and I wish you guys the best!

Great to hear from you Reyhana.

It must be amazing to see that money starts to flow in. Even in small portion - so far.

With more than 250 posts I do believe that the potential is already there. Now it is matter of time till the snowball effect.

All the Best
cheers :)

And it's great to have you drop by, Mike.. :)

Absolutely amazing! Yes, something is better than nothing, right? I'm just waiting for that snowball effect because it's been a roller coaster with the income so far.

But I read that this is to be expected when we first start making money. I hope that it will only be uphill from here on.

Thanks a ton and wish you the best, Mike!

Good evening, first I congratulate you on your sales. I know exactly how it feels, every time that I make money passive income no matter what the amount is I am thrilled. Sleeping while I am making money, what a beautiful thing. May you have a beautiful night, and a successful rest of the week my friend.

Thank you, Earl! Yes, I'm really thrilled.. :) It was unthinkable for me to try and make money online because I always fell for scams but not anymore! It shows that WA is the real deal. You just gotta stick with it long enough.. :)

I also wish you a great rest of the week and don't ever give up!

Thank you my friend , may all good things come to you, have a beautiful day.


Thanks, Lawal.. :)

That's great news Reyhana, congratulations ! I am very happy for you . Best wishes.

Thank you for sharing in my joy, jay.. :) I also wish you the best!

That's an awesome job! Keep up the great work! You can double it! Take care

Thanks, David! Waiting for the time that it doubles... lol

Excellent! Keep it up.

Thank you, Fran.. :) Wish you the best in everything that you do!

Surprises like this is always fun and exciting! This is the encouragement to keep us moving forward!! So congrats on achieving your goals and tasks for the SAC, and extra icing the Clickbank sale.

Oh was I surprised! I had almost given up on Clickbank... lol... It was always at the back of my mind rather than at the forefront. Now it makes me want to check all of the other products that I'm affiliated with to see if I earned anything...

I'm happy that my post encouraged you to move forward. :)

This is great!!!! I've been out MIA the last few days so I have to catch up as well but I'm no where close to you lol!!! I hope everything goes well and keep up the great work.

Thanks, Amanda. :)

Each person's clock here at WA does not tick the same. So, be proud of the work that you've already accomplished and however much work you can do. Something is better than nothing.

I also hope that your business flourishes!


Wonderful. Congratulations👍

Thanks, Akshay.. :)

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