What is Freedom to You? WA is Helping Me Achieve Mine!

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The image above shows my "office" for a few weeks - it is on an island in Thailand:-)

When I first started looking into making money online, it was to be able to create a good income on my own terms where I could work where I wanted to.

I honestly was not sure if that would ever be possible when I first joined WA (Wealthy Affiliate), but now 2.5 years later, I am making a full-time income online and I have been for a while.

For me freedom is not about getting the biggest cars and beatiful villas - it is fine if that comes but freedom is more than that.

That is why my wife and I now are in Thailand studying yoga for 5 weeks which we have in general studied a lot - while I do this, I can still have a full-time income from my laptop and the "office" you can see above.

It is not a big fancy villa so it is a bit unsual compared to what you usually see when people promote income opportunities online - but freedom is so much more than big villas and cars.

We live at a yoga school so the hut is very humble but being able to do this while having an income is amazing to me.

Earlier this year we went 1 month to India and from there I could also run my business - there are people that make way more than me online but this kind of freedom is priceless to me and the business keeps growing and I can see how much potential the online world and WA have.

So I just wanted to share this with you so you can see what is possible if you join WA and do the work it takes.

Getting the freedom you are looking for no matter what it is, is definitely possible!

How did I achieve a full-time income?

When you see success stories here on WA, you will mostly see the same answers to how to achieve success.

My story is no different - WA has some really great resources and amazing step-by-step training.

For beginners, this gives you the best possible foundation for online success out of all the online training platforms I have seen.

In addition to this, it gives the absolute best value for money - I have not seen anywhere else where you can get all these tools, training, support, etc. for the low price of $0.98 per day if you go yearly - this is extremely good value for money.

Even with the monthly membership of $49, if you prefer paying monthly instead of yearly, it is a ridiculous cheap price compared to what else you can find out there.

So if you are serious about wanting to make money online, I can only encourage you to upgarde to premium asap.

However, just upgrading will not make you successful - you have to be willing to put in the time to learn and take action.

It is not get-rich-quick scheme, but it does work if you put in the effort.

A final advice!

When you first start, choosing your niche is very important.

I want to make it clear that I have been able to create a full-time income from a niche that has nothing to do with promoting WA.

I did this before I started to promote WA.

Promoting WA and going into the MMO (Make Money Online) niche can be great but if you are just starting out, I would advice you NOT to do this.

It is extremely competitive and the effort you have to put in is extreme in comparison to so many other niches - so if you want to see faster results, do not go into the MMO niche.

There are thousands of other great niches that can all bring you a full-time income a lot faster and with less effort.

Anyway, WA does work and I am very happy I decided to join around 2.5 years ago and are now able to work where and when I want to.

I just want to make it clear that most of the time I do, however, not travel but sit in our apartment in Europe working hard - this is necessary but then it is also possible to have a continuous income even when you take breaks or you can take your work with you.

I can only encourage you to go premium if you are not already and then put in the work it takes - then the results will come.


PS: If I do not reply right away if you leave a comment, it is becasue I am not so much online at the moment here in Thailand, but I will get back to you asap.

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Thank you for awesome advice,


You are welcome Susana

Hello Mikael
thank you so much for sharing your story - this is so encouraging and I hope that after 2 years I will be in the same position!
Good luck and thanks again

With hard work, I am sure you will be Angelika.

Thank you for sharing your success story.
I have joined premium straight away and I am in my second month of training. It is inspiring and encouraging to keep going.
The beginning is always the hardest but reading stories like yours reminds me why I am doing this.
Keep it up and much more success.

Yes, the beginning is the hardest and I also postest this story as other stories have inspired me to keep going when it was tough. Glad to hear it inspired you.

Thanksfor sharing, Mikael.

You are welcome Roger

Great Post Mikael :)

And what you just described is exactly the kind of life I want to experience.

The freedom to travel and work from wherever I want is priceless to me as well.

Although I must admit, when I go to a new place I can't concentrate on work. I am excited about new place so I need to explore it and maybe week later I might be able to calm down and work.

So the goal is to be able to spend in certain location 3-5 weeks.
If I want to do it 3 or 4 times a year - no 9-5 job allows me this kind of life.

Happy to found WA as well.

Have a great time in Thailand :)
Cheers, Mike

Thanks Mike.

And yes, it can be a challenge to get the work done while traveling:-) I definitely do not have so much time to work right now as I usually have but that is also fine once in a while. I still keep everything going and will then work more when I come back home.

A beautiful post Mikael. Your office looks very similar to mine, only my porch is located in GA, USA
You are spot on with your advice.

Thanks Joe. Sounds like you have a great office:-)


Really inspiring post Mikael, I've been on WA a year now and only now starting to see benefits of all the hard work I have put to build my online business.

Did it take you 2.5 years to get the freedom you have now?


No, it took me about 2 years before I was making a full-time income just on my sites. But the first year I did not work that much on my site.

But before those two years, I used the skills learned here to get some really great paid freelance jobs with online marketing so the skills I have learned here have made me a full-time income from about after 8 months after starting. And I still also use the skills to do freelance work once in a while.

That's great to know Mikael and thanks for sharing this info. I just wanted to get gauge on how long it actually takes. Inspiring to hear you did it in such a short period of time. I better get to work now! Thanks

Wonderful post which shows just what can be achieved! I look forward to having an ‘office’ just like yours in two years time 👍🏻😁 Have a wonderful break

Thanks Sara. Looking forward to reading about your new office when you get it:-)

Thank you for this inspiration. When I think about promoting WA, I also have to ask if I want to include that promotion in one of my other websites I'm building or if I want to start a MMO niche site. I'm still not sure, but you helped me realize there is a lot of competition in the MMO niche. Congrats on making WA work for you!

Glad to hear my article helped you.

Hello Mikael,
Thanks for this post. I am inspired to go on and push forward despite the struggles I'm going through being a beginner here in WA.


Great to hear my post inspired you Cinderella. We all have struggles with our online business at times - but if you push through it you will see results.

And you have everything here at WA you need to build the best possible foundation.

Yes, that's what I like about WA. It has the best platform and I don't feel alone in this journey...the amazing community is always ready to help.😊

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