Made a sale and wrote a second novel

Last Update: March 26, 2019

Phewww it's been a busy first quarter of the year. I've made some decent progress, so I decided I would share my experience so far with the WA community.

Three big things happened since the last post:

1. I started a completely new site.

The new site is actually my fifth, or seventh site if you count discontinued ones. Third if you count only the ones I've put some real effort into. Someone a bit brighter than me might have taken the hint from the universe and given up long time ago. Fortunately I'm stubborn.

I know it's recommended to work on one site until you get results, but to be honest I've ended up stuck with all my previous sites and this new niche felt like something I could write day in day out. And I did.

2. I wrote over 100k words in less than three months

In my last post around Christmas I celebrated hitting 100k words on the content I've created through Site Content. I also decided I need to write more. A lot more.

The new site was something I felt passionate about and knowledgeable enough to write a post daily and so I did for the whole of January and some of February. Some days I wrote two posts.

I was at around 70k words at the end of January when my writing started to really drag. I realized I can't keep up the pace with a busy day job if I want to have any life outside of work and online business. Then the big thing happened.

3. I made my first sale!

There it was. I had just re-registered for Amazon Associates (made no sales in 6 months on previous site) a week before and put some links on couple of the posts on my new site.

I was consistently getting one or two visits of organic traffic and some from social media and WA so I wasn't expecting to make any sales just yet.

There was a spike of traffic on one day that I couldn't really make out from Search Console data where it came from. Likely someone shared my post on social media.

When I logged on to my Amazon account I found out someone had bought and exercise bike costing $159 earning me a whopping $7.16! Nothing to write home about really, but it made my day and I managed to keep on banging out daily posts for couple weeks more. This was my first online affiliate sale!

I even ran some Facebook ads to get some traffic to my new posts but unfortunately they have not produced any sales since. Some clicks though.

It took me the whole month of March to write around 20k words, the same I wrote in almost a week in February. I found myself running out of things to write, but also losing motivation to write.

My brain feels like a dried raisin some days. I struggle to produce readable text constantly and end up procrastinating way too often. The complete opposite of what I was just few weeks ago.

Come to think of it, writing this kind of personal post feels really refreshing and effortless actually.

What next?

When I got started with my new site in February, I decided I would keep it super simple and just focus on content until I'd hit 100k words and then I would redesign the site and maybe do some brand building and outreaching. I guess that time has come.

And not a moment too soon I have to add. The daily writing was really getting arduous and stressful and I think I'll have to take a short break from writing until I find my motivation again.

My biggest fear is that letting myself breathe for a while, I will lose all momentum, a year will pass and I will forget the site. I guess I'll just have to keep my eye on the goal. It's a process and now I know for absolute certainty this stuff works, I just need to have fate my hard work will eventually produce results.

Anyways, I feel a bit stuck with my site and my day job is getting me down (don't let me get started, you wouldn't believe the drama) as well, so any encouragement and tips where to take things next would be much appreciated!

What would you do next?

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RAFStuart Premium
Like Dave's idea, thinking about it have started to do the same thing, only I look at all the material I have amassed mainly PLR and go from there, have started a number of small projects, 20 -30 pages, the next step is to publish them. Just keep plugging away it is not procrastination if you have a break and a slight change in direction.
Jukkah Premium
Thanks for the tip Stuart. What's PLR again? It's ringing some bells but I can't recall it right now.
Quinn2 Premium
Congratulations my friend. After seeing your post say that you were starting an Amazon Niche site I started to think and just this weekend I started my Amazon niche site and hopefully I will be as successful as you in a few months.
Jukkah Premium
Thanks! You'll get there, just keep pushing the content out in the beginning. I hope I'll start to see some steady progress in the near future though. Can't quit my job with $7.16...
Quinn2 Premium
Yes I feel the same way. My goal is an article a day. So far I am on schedule with you blog I am really ready progress even more.
Thank you for the motivation. 😎
davehayes Premium
If this helps, I write about the subject/s I am most interested in, then there is a constant flow of ideas, which can be published on a regular basis
Jukkah Premium
Thanks for the tip Dave! That's actually the idea behind my site. I like anything related to strength training, health and physical fitness. The problem is that the site is geared towards seniors/elderly (from a sincere will to help) and as I'm still not quite a senior yet, I'm running out of ideas. Time to do some keyword research and brainstorming I guess!
davehayes Premium
Good luck and I agree with silverwings perhaps cater to your strengths
AHost-Madsen Premium
That is quite an accomplishment!

When I am feeling down or unfocused, I head over to the Live Events section and watch webinars. Jay has some great videos on just about everything here at WA. With over 400 hours of training, there's something for everyone!

Best of luck on your journey to success!
Jukkah Premium
That's actually a great idea. Time to catch up on some training! I actually realized I haven't even finished the main training (well I browsed through it and implemented most stuff).
rubanzema Premium
Jukkah Premium