The Weird Trick For GUARANTEED Success (With Proof That It Works)

Last Update: Jul 25, 2019

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Online business is great - you can work when you want, earn as much as you want & take your income with you anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat...

However it's true that not everybody sees success.

Sure, there are some people that go on to make thousands, hundreds of thousands & even millions with their online businesses... However in the same breath there are also some that fail to gain any momentum with their businesses at all.

But what if there was a way to GUARANTEE your success?

What if I could tell you that YOU, whoever you are - wherever you are from & whatever your situation is, could be 100% successful with this?

Would you sit up & pay close attention to what I had to say?

Well I hope so - because in this blog post I am going to share with you a "weird trick" that will literally enable you to guarantee your success...

And there're no gimmicks here, you can trust me - this is the real deal!

But "what is it?" I hear you ask...

Well do you remember a few months back when I wrote how a website I had practically forgotten about had begun to generate me daily commissions?

(if you don't you can read about it here)

Well, once again I had pretty much forgotten about that website as I have been SO busy focusing on other things lately & I just so happened to randomly go back & check on it...

I haven't done ANYTHING whatsoever to this website since I wrote that last blog post...

And take a look at this:

It has continued to grow & grow and commissions have continued to increase & increase...

But what's the secret?

Why am I seeing so much success with this "forgotten about website" when others are arriving at Wealthy Affiliate & leaving shortly after with nothing to show?

The website literally only has a few pages & 13 posts...

It only took me about a week of my time to setup (and if I had tried really hard I probably could have actually got it all done in one long weekend)...

So what's going on? What's the weird trick that's got this site seeing so much success?

Well the trick is actually very simple -

1. Set up a website
2. Post quality content as per the training
3. Allow time for the search engines to begin trusting your website

Easy right? It's just what you're taught here...

And I know what you're thinking - "what's weird about that?"...

Well what's weird is how so many people come here claiming how much they REALLY want a successful online business & online income & how much it would mean to them... Yet they are not willing whatsoever to wait around for their websites to mature & begin to see success.

The trick therefore in short is basically to STICK WITH IT.

If you follow the training here & stick with it, you will literally guarantee your success.

But if you give up & go, then of course you are destined to fail... And remember at the start of this post how I mentioned the 2 different groups of people? Those that see huge success & those that see no results at all?

Well the only difference is that some stick with it, and some give up.

Don't be the person that gives up!

I mean yes, it is obviously best to keep posting content to your website regularly (and the website I showed in this blog post could have had a LOT more traffic if I had been doing so)...

However even if you have NO TIME or motivation to keep updating your website, just make sure you keep up your membership & keep it hosted. This is vitally important!

Don't put all of your work to waste, instead let your website mature & grow in the background.

In 3, 6 or 9 months time you could be very pleasantly surprised at what your website has achieved (even without you doing anything to it)... And then when you do come back to it you will have the HUGE added advantage of search engines now trusting it.

This means it will be much easier for you to get stuff ranked, aka much easier to make money!

It's a fact that most people who start up new websites end up closing them down within the first, second or third month... So it's easy to see why search engines want you to prove to them that you're in it for the long haul before they start giving you the good stuff.

But if you scratch their back & prove it to them by keeping your site active, then they'll scratch yours by sending you bucketloads of traffic which you can monetize & turn into cash.

In my opinion that is certainly worth the wait, don't you agree?

That online income I talked about at the start of this blog post is YOURS for the taking.

Be the one that takes it!

Don't be the one that passes up something great purely because of impatience 🙂

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Thanks for sharing Dale,

I’m still setting up my first page and sticking to it. And I’m going to try to get the 30 posts before I reach out to affiliates and keep that going.

I guess I’m thinking to myself the 1 niche I’m going to go hard with. And eventually I’ll try to understand a second page with a few pages and 8 posts (literally sounds like a weekend gig) and understand what you did that 8 posts affiliated and gained so much traction....when I’m advised to get those 20-30 posts in before trying to get affiliates?

It feels like it’s contradicting my headspace around the concept in getting affiliations at the 30 range. So as I focus on my first site I’m thinking there might be a 2nd niche that I could start. And maybe you should reach out to dale to visit that 8 post/few pager to to get a visual concept of what I could be doing differently.

Going to stick with the program...but I sure am curious about that page you don’t pay attention to.

Stay creative and thanks for sharing as always

I have been doing this for many years - I have close relationships with affiliate managers & they already know that when I build a website I am in it for the long-haul so I can get sites approved easily.

As a newcomer you have to prove yourself to them, hence why I always recommend building out your website with lots of good high quality content before applying to affiliate programs.

And regarding your additional niche site - always, always, always start out with just 1 website & gain solid momentum with that before even thinking about launching another.

Great Post dale, often times we as humans with an inclined nature to want to give up fast when the rewards have not manifested enough or at all right away....patience is a virtue and something we all need to keep in view and remember that it will take patience and dedicated work for the fruit to show... but just like a plant..once you plant it in that soil and give it water, and with sunlight hitting it(patience) it is only a matter of time before it grows and shows and that is a guranteed.

Exactly! Thanks for the comment! :)

Oh geez, Dale. I thought I was going to have to review your new MMO product and give you a thumbs down for your "weird trick" since they all use that. lol

This is really interesting. I think I need to start a new website, write some good content on it and then let it sit. Because it seems the one I write content on ALL the time is going nowhere fast.

haha (I'm laughing and crying at the same time) :)

- Christina

Haha yeah that's why I put it in, just as a little joke lol ;)

You'll get there - just keep at it! :)

For what it's worth I typed in strawberry pop- and that was all that was necessary to bring up "strawberry pop-tart blow-torch" in the google drop down. I think I remember Dave Berry's silly article that inspired the post. The web page itself is pretty well optimized, especially for 1994. Of course the articles totally unique title and website mega seasoning insures this on going experiment will keep succeeding as lone as Patrick Michaud or his offspring continue to pay the electric bill for his server. Hahahaha.

Good spirit in this article.

I would propose an abbreviated formula for success: Do!! As you pointed out and as WS encourages at every turn, i.e. Ain't nothing to it but to do it..

I remember, Betty , my Mom, looking at me as I was analyzing a process and segueing into a search for First Cause. She waited. Not in her nature, she could be patient. But finally, she felt she had giving me enough time, drilled me with those enveloping brown eyes and said, giving me no room to maneuver, "Do something! Even if it's wrong." She knocked me out of my revery with ideas far afield from the point and my fear of making a mistake. I took action. It turned out to be simpler than I thought.

Yeah, so do, do, do, do, rest, rest, do, do, do, do, rest, rest, etc...

Haha awesome, thanks for the comment Henry! :)

Then, in retrospect, once you have a website up and running with 50 or so quality posts, wouldn't it make sense to let it sit and simmer for 6 or 8 months(while adding the occasional new post)and begin work on a second or even third niche?

There are those that think it's best to just concentrate on just one niche, but I have to say, what you are running by us might chart a different path.

After all, we learn so much from the first niche on Wealthy Affiliate, the second one would come together much more quickly and seamlessly.

Just a thought.

Ray, it is certainly good to diversify but only once your site is actually paying you an income. Keep growing it out with content until it is building you a large enough income to be able to afford to take some time out to work another niche, just in case of any hiccups.

What I would like some clarity on is wealthy affiliate has a great reputation but it also has been stated it is a great place to learn beginning to intermediate affiliate marketing. I don't understand that statement. if you can build a 5/6 or even $10,000 a month income with wealthy affiliate why couldn't you build a 20 30 50 thousand dollars a month income with wealthy affiliate? I have seen that stated many times on the internet and I don't get what the reviewer is trying to get at
is there any student on wealthy affiliate that is making 40 or $50,000 a month because of wealthy affiliate. And did they start from scratch with wealthy affiliate and built their business up that much?

Wealthy Affiliate is indeed great for all levels of marketers & there are members here who are actually making close to 6 figures per month (and potentially more) - I have seen them first hand. There are certainly plenty making 5-figures.

Thank You Dale. I'm very aggressive and I need to know that wealthy affiliate can accommodate me no matter how far I want to go

Hey Dale, you really surprised me with this post. I always believed that unless your website had at least 100 posts, the search engines, AKA Google and Bing would not consider it an authority site and not rank it accordingly. When I read that this profitable website of yours had only 13 posts, I was flabbergasted!

May I ask what rank your website has?

I have two websites, one for my niche that has 33 articles and the other for my Super Affiliate Challenge that has 23 articles. OF course I am adding more articles and will continue to do so. No intention of giving up at all.

Thanks so much for your confidence boost!



Yep, providing your site is meeting the needs of the search query & giving the most value, you'll be ranked regardless of how many posts you have overall. More content simply opens up "more doorways" for people to enter so to speak.

The site has various rankings - some way down page 6 and further, some dotted on page 1 - and a couple number 1 spots.

Keep pushing out quality content :)

Great reminder Dale. Just don't give up.

Thanks Ray, exactly! :)



Great motivation post! So glad I read it! I know it takes time, but sometimes we all need reinsurance that success WILL happen, sooner or later!

Best wishes,

Thanks Dalibor! :)

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