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How to improve "request website feedback"?

How to improve "request website feedback"?

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Website Development & Programming

I have been trying to work on my website health and seems like the website Feedback never improved except my "Visitor Engagement (Comments)" is improving from 10% to 80%.

Terand, conversation a few days back revealed that the site reviews model that rarely has any sites to review these days, so difficult (impossible) to get credits from paying it forward, Kyle, I recall, said the facility was being upgraded, improved to function better that before. My words.
This may be helpful.

Oh yeah seems like I forgotten. Ha.
That means there is nothing we can do now and have to leave my Request for website feedback at such a l low score. Will the Site Health affects Google ranking? Was it mentioned or discussed? Pardon me. Thank you, Ken! :o)

I dont know much more about what it all means for you Terand. This I refer to is the system as I see it.
Attracting comments on the actual site by inviting comment is another thing. Like getting continuing flow of chat back and forth here ranks higher, on a websight from the public improves site health from Google aspect.

Oh, I see, Ken.
Can I check if your “Request Website Feedback” also affected? Or you just ignore it? You can don’t answer if it’s inconvenient. Understand. Thank you :o)

Ok, I’ll give it a go

Terand it seems to have worked. I had some credits stored in the back from new starters I could use. So it’s out there. I’ll see if there are responses. Late here in Australia so maybe tomorrow. I’ll report then. Bed time here. Lol

Ok 😉

Ok sure, thank you so much for your time, ken! Sleep tight!

Site health is directly related to Google ranking. The higher the score on each items, like publishing frequency, visitors engagement, site feedback, etc the better the Google ranking.

The site feedback helps in the ranking through making sure that your website has friendly user interface, which creates a good experience to the user hoping that the user either read further on the page or come back to your website or both. Of course, the more users, the more traffic, the better ranking.

While Visitor Engagement & Your Website Engagement actually "forces" to have user activities within specific content within the website, which tells google that there are actual people reading the content & is relevant & worth it to get rank. Again, the more comments, the more activity, the more users, the more traffic, the better ranking.

Hope this helps.

Thank you so much again, Jhie!
Oops, now I’ve different sets of answer.
I’ll definitelt have to accept it and work on it no matter what.
Think I just just keep on asking for website feedback and observe what’s going to happen :o)

I need more advice with regards to this matter.
Can someone help? Thank you! :o)

Request more feedback using the Site Feedback tool. I don't know the exact number but it will go up with each feedback you receive using that tool.

Thank you so much, Scott!
Seems like this is the only way to test it out. I will request for the website feedback again :o)

Terand all I can say is go for it!

Hi Vernitha. Thank you so much! Appreciate your response and help! :o)

But I’m stuck with my low website feedback at 10%. Cry. Ha

Hi Terand,
Check if you actually had somebody provided your website some feedbacks through the site feedback. Respond on the comments.
I raised mine from 10% to 70% by requesting 3 feedbacks using 6 credits.


Omg, Jhie! Must request so many?

Yes Terand, the more the better!😁
I actually had very useful feedbacks recently that lead me to theme change,which I had to work on for more than a couple of weeks.

Wow, then I must go back and refresh your website on one of my tabs to see your new theme!
Now at karaoke with my friends. :o)

Have fun! Sing out loud a victory song for us! 😎😄

Oops, apologies, it was too loud then and I was focusing on KTV because my friends noticed me too busy on my phone(on WA). Lol

Hi Terand, the only way I know to increase the 10% is asking for website feedback. If you are comfortable with your site go for it. All the best

Hi Michael. Thank you so much! Appreciate your response and help! :o)
Yes I did it, if I’m not wrong at least twice.
Definitely comfortable, just want to improve my site health which can affect google SEO. Any idea?

Hi - as far as I am aware Site Health is an internal mechanism at WA, to help you improve your website. Site Feedback has no bearing on SEO. How would Google know how much feedback you have received?

Thank you, Diane!
Oh, I see. Got it!
One further questions, pardon me.
In that case, it will affect our ranking since it’s an internal system.
Please advise. Thank you,! :o)

Apologies, in that case how to resolve my current situation? I had submitted via Request Website Feedback but seems like we have to leave it based on what Ken has mentioned :o)

Hi - no, it is nothing to do with Google ranking. Or do you mean ranking here at WA? That is only affected by helping to answer questions, creating blogs and training, leaving comments, welcoming new members and being active in Live Chat.

How about Site health? Just curious. Thank you, Diane!
Also, in that case, I will leave it at my low 10% Request Website Feedback. Maybe by keep asking for more will improve the situation as advised :o)

Oh, I forgot to answer your question, Diane.
Nope, not asking about ranking at WA. Google ranking more important. Ha. Understood from you that Site Health has got nothing to do with Google since Google will not know how much feedback we have received :o)

Good question , I’ve been putting off asking for feedback ?😀

Hi Anne, you cannot avoid. Please face it! That's how you going to improve on your website :o)

Thanks Terand , I’ll do it soon. So pleased you had such great reviews .😀


But i think this is where people get to be critical about your site, so personally i am not bothering with that one. I like my site already, lol

Lol 👍

greetings to you terand
those who give feedback to your website
do not write enough just a few sentences for feedback should be written for the entire website at all from the beginning of the website to the end and not just in a few lines the same way i also have on my website

You make a valid point. There are two places to get a response on ones website. The Feedback area where we request a deep evaluation pointing out what the reader likes and doesn’t like and the reasons why. The Give and Take area is to elicit a few comments on specific posts one is working on. These are mainly cheerleading type comments to give encouragement.

I’ve noticed there is far more utilization of the Give and Take area. I don’t know why more members do not use the Feedback area.

Just do your best and move on. No need to get stuck if you don’t get the correct response.



I think the reason why site Feedback is less utilized because it requires the requester to spend 2 credits for every request. On the other hand, the commenter earns 2 credits. Unlike on the comment give & take, requester just needs to return the favor by commenting on the other's website post.


Hi Bajram. Long time never hear from you.
Thank you so much! Appreciate your response and help! :o)

Seems like the website feedback is dependent on the length of feedback. Let’s see whether if anyone has other opinions/answer too :o)

Hi Edwin.
Thank you so much! Appreciate your response and help! :o)

Definitely will move on but curious how come it never works :o)

Hey Jhie! Nice to hear from you again!
Thank you so much! Appreciate your response and help! :o)
Seems like we still cannot get these issues resolved :o)

I think the more you ask for the more that figure increases. I think it functions in the same way as site comments do, ann

Hi Ann. Thank you so much! Appreciate your response and help! :o)

Seems like I must try again and if it still does not work, then have to dive deep and ask again :o)

I'm not sure either, I did the same thing and followed the instructions. Mine still says 10% as well Terand - may be we need to ask and provide feedback on a consistent basis as we grow our sites. I'm not too sure, good question though.

Hi, Paul. Thank you so much! Appreciate your response and help! :o)
Yeah, I did the same thing and there was no movement but the visitor engagement comment improved instead of website feedback. Strange

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Unique visitors? are they from wa?

Unique visitors? are they from wa?

asked in
Everything Wordpress

Hi awesome folks!

This is new to me. Pardon me.

I have "Unique visitors" commented immediately after I published my article. I do not know if they are also rom WA?

Not enough experience yet but always watch and learn from questions you and others ask. Thanks.

Thank you, Gene! 👍👌😉

Hie Terand,
It's good to know that you got the answers to your questions.


Sure, Precilla! Thank you 👌👍😉

I'm kinda new here too so I don't know the answer to that but evidently I don't write anything interesting enough to comment on because I don't seem to get too many comments but I hope you get your answer. It may help me.

No worries, Robert. Thank you 👌👍😉

Hi Terand, I see you have fixed the situation.

Yeah, Micheal! Thank you! :o)

Learning something new. Thanks for bringing this to my attention Terand:)

Yeah, me too! Thank you, Vernitha! :o)

You are welcome:)


Terand I use comments from Wa members for my articles that I have asked for in site comments which is what you did.

Thank you, John!
I could not select as it was prompted to me upon the article published.
Resolved now, as I managed to check from my notifications.
Appreciate your response, thank you! :o)

Ok, I found it from the notifications. There are from WA. Apologies for the alert.
Resolved! Thank you, folks! :o)

Also, if they are not from WA that may be a good thing meaning people are seeing your article. If the comment is good I would go ahead and approve and reply.

Yes, they are. Realized from my Notifications after some time. Lol.
Thank you for your advice too, Jeffrey! :o)

To add a bit of further meat on the bone, if you submitted your site through the site content editor and asked for comments on your website, then yes they are from WA

But thats okay, because its the comments that matter, as long as they are relevant and can be appoved, because it shows Google, your site is growing and possibly, again depending on content, becoming an authority site

Thank you, Dave!

Right after published was successful, it prompted me to request for comment. Noticed 2 credits had been used.
In that case seems like they are from WA but I could not identify them.
I would like to address the gentleman by his name. Since I cannot identify, I will address by the profile user name :o)

No worries Terrand, I like you like to use first names where possible, but if not then I use thanks my friend for commenting, or similar

Sure! Thank you for advice, Dave! :o)

They looked into your site and made a comment. You need to decide whether you want them on your site. Y'know Terand the comments are on the bottom of your page.

If you like their comments press "Approval and Reply."

Either they stay on your website for all to see or you disapprove it and it won't be on your site.

That's all it is! I would choose those comments that make you look good. God it!???


Thank you so much for your advice, Frank!
I will approve it, just that I am curious :o)

I did not answer your question. "Unique Individuals" not sure what that meant. Maybe in or outside of WA, if so you have people from outside of WA that commented on your site. To me that is good!


No worries, Frank. Resolved. Thank you for the time and attention, Appreciate it too! :o)

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How to resolve affiliate disclosure-broken link?

How to resolve affiliate disclosure-broken link?

asked in
Everything Wordpress

Hi folks,

{Pardon me, if I do not get back to thank you. As I will be turning in soon}

I have just realized there are broken links on the A

Featured Comment

Hey Terand,

If you are using the Broken Link Checker plugin on WA servers, your entire website will eventually display broken links, even though they really are not broken... and yes, this can affect your site ranking.

DO check to see if the links are truly broken and if they are not, then disable to Broken Link Checker plugin, and use this method: You're not alone in learning this the hard way when using the Broken Link Checker plugin on a WA hosted website. I had my entire site displaying broken links and I contacted SiteSupport to find out why and that is when I learned that this plugin does NOT work right (due to server security) on the WA servers.

Hope you find this helpful.

Hey Trish! Nice to hear from you again!
Yes, I have checked using the same one from Loes too.
You mean I am 'Remove' link?
Using the plugin or can I just click on the 'Remove link'?
Please advise. Thank you so much, Trish! :o)

No... if your site is hosted on the WA servers then you must remove the Broken Link Checker plugin that you are using.

Ok, deactivated and the strike-off is gone.
In that case, I can't have any broken link check in the future? Or is there other method or it's ok not to have them checked?
Will it affect google ranking if there is broken link not checked?
Please advise and sorry to have troubled you.
Pardon me, I will check tomorrow as going to turn in. 143am now. Thank you so much for your help, Trish! Good day to you! :o)

In my previous comments, I have shared with you the only method that works on WA hosted websites, and I have also explained to you why the link checker plugins won't work (due to security of server).

Have also explained to you that it most definitely can matter if your links have a strike through them when it comes to your website being ranked well.

Perhaps with your being overly tired, you are not retaining our conversation, so please review my previous comments.

Hope you sleep well.

Thank you, Trish (yet again), for this information. Although we have not experienced any problems to date, we too have now deleted this plugin.
Colette and Philip

Oops. Got it! Thank you so much for your help, Trish! Take care! :o)

No need to link to the FTC, especially to such old information. People won't understand that anyway. That's why the FTC isn't happy if you just say "this site uses affiliate links" - people don't know what that means. The text is what you need to have right to comply with the law.

Awesome, Jeannie! Thank you too for your advice! Already no link attached to FTC ever since Trish’s advice 👍😊

Will follow this thread Terand, as I may need this great tips for my site. 😊

Great, Terri! 👍😄

Ditch the plugin and use this online resource

Yeah, thank you too, Marion! :o)

Hi Terand, I think Triblu has your best solution. All the best

Thank you, Michael! Plugin deactivated :o)

Hmmm I'm not sure, the answer I was going to say, has been covered in the links you enclose, so not sure, perhaps soomeone else will have an idea

No worries, Dave. Thank you! :o)


I've looked at the affiliate disclosure template. It's the same link that you are showing, but mine works and yours does not. I'm not certain why this is.

Since it is an issue you are having with a WA template, tech support might help you.

The only thought that I had was that it might be something to do with the fact that you are in Singapore, and the site linked to is part of the US Government.


Thank you, Ellen.
I have the page from the template but I recalled I had posted twice but deleted one.
Let's wait and see anyone knows... Thank you! :o)

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