My 2018 Travel Niche Results and the Year Ahead, Bring on 2019!

Last Update: January 04, 2019

Like most people I thought I would post up how much success and failure 2018 brought me.


This was my second full year with my Travel Niche website, after the first year brought next to no income, in late 2017 small amounts started creeping in.

These grew steadily throughout 2018 and peaked around august.

Being a Travel site I expected a slow down as the peak travel months passed. In actuality traffic increased while revenue stabilized at around $1000 a month.

Overall this has produced around $8000 in income!

This is still relatively small amounts but it's not to be sniffed at! That is $8000 I would not have had without WA. When you consider the minimal outlay This has cost (2x$299) it's an incredible investment. Of course, you need to factor in the huge time investment I have made as well but the beauty of it all is, none of this is going away.

I have 70 More posts on my site than I did when I made my highest grossing sales month. And plan to have 70-100 more by the time that month swings around again! I have an incredible base that I can just keep building and building on. I have a number of potentially very profitable posts that are not ranking where I want just now.


If everything I have planned for the coming year comes online then I can easily expect 2-3 Times the income! and who knows how much more beyond!

2017 has seen a huge number of success stories and some people are really bringing in a huge amount of money, but I do notice a lot of these seem to be Bootcamp site's. I am happy to say My site is a true Niche site (Travel) and I do not Promote WA at all. So anyone out there wondering if you really can make money from not promoting WA the answer is definitely yes!

My site has generated a staggering $100,000 in sales for my Affiliates so it's obvious the benefit I have to them and why this industry is booming. My site still generate tiny amounts of traffic 200-250 hits a day yet I am still making some tidy returns.

I literally can't wait to see what is in store in 2019. This time last year I was almost ready to give up after failing to even break even during the course of the year!

And that is the take home message. NEVER give up.


On top of the money my site has enabled me to take two incredible trips.

The first was part funded by my site, We hit L.A for a few days where we tried out the products we promote and had a great time. We have been to L.A a few times before and really never got on with the place! But due to the site we have created this time was a blast as we toured the Movie Studios the best beaches and all the site's and attractions in the area, all on our site's $$$

After this we hopped on a plane to simply the best place in the world. Maui Hawaii.

This was self funded and was more of a holiday but we used the experience to get a ton of photo's video's Story's and experiences for our site! After all this is what a travel site is all about.

Then in November we took our first FULLY funded Business trip! A looong weekend in New York. Flights and Hotels were paid for from the site's income and attractions funded by our partners! We had a blast as we toured around the City seeing a doing everything from the top of the skyscrapers, bus tours, museums and even a Doors-OFF Helicopter flight over the City.

NONE of that would have been possible without the site and without WA and as we head into 2019 we are already planning two more "once in a lifetime" trips.

I will end this with a few pictures As I can't go on about our trips without ....

HERE IS TO 2019!


Hogwarts Castle at Universal Studios

L.A Skyline from Griffith Observatory

Maui, Hawaii

Sea Turtles

Humpback Whales

Sunrise on Haleakala Volcano 10,000ft


Diving With Sharks !!!

New York

Doors-Off Helicopter Flight Manhattan

Manhattan Skyline From Brroklyn

Top of the Empire State Building

Top of the Rock

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JerryMcCoy Premium
Love the pics. Keep following your dream.
sgregcrx Premium
Thanks, We sure will, To give up now would be insanity!
Fleeky Premium
Great story and pictures
To 2019!
sgregcrx Premium
Cheers, glad you enjoyed!
RDulloo Premium
Congrats on your achievements and on the success you've been having. :)

Thanks for sharing your photos too! Looks like you had a lot of fun! That's what an online business can do.
sgregcrx Premium
Yep, We always traveled but now we can do it with more focus more Drive and more often!
SondraM Premium
Congratulations! In my humble opinion, I think that you have selected probably one of the most fun and interesting niches. I am glad that you stuck with it and that it is paying off. Your pictures are GREAT.

It sounds like your site is on the verge of becoming very popular and profitable.

Thank you for taking the time to share you niche.
sgregcrx Premium
Hi Sondra.

Yes, we love the Travel Niche, It can be hard to come to terms with the fact we are actually owners of a travel blog and are actually travel writers!!! The sort of career your "careers advisor" would tell you to stop dreaming!

It's not all fun however, It's easy and fun to write fairly generically about places but when getting down to the nitty gritty it's quite intensive on the research and some articles are really hard work.

But the Smooth outweighs the rough. And it's all worth it. The other downside to travel is the competition.

To start there is TripAdvisor, then every Magazine and newspapers travel section, followed by tourist boards sites then the 100,000's of other bloggers. It's a crowded market.

It is a real big Pie however so a small slice is ok for us!
AbbasJamie Premium
Thanks for this post, loved the story of your journey and your complete honesty. Ive just joined WA in Dec and set up a niche site around innovation which is more my expertise but I really LOVE travelling and posting pics and advise through tripadvisor etc. Would love to do a niche travel site and will be keen to hear more about your journey.
sgregcrx Premium

It is very important to choose a suitable niche, there is no right or wrong. Innovation is something I am also interested in and have toyed with this idea as after all innovative things are things none of us really know anything about as they are so innovative. A site explaining these inventions could be incredibly profitable.

We Chose travel as we love it and saw a real gap in the market that we are trying to exploit. It is a great Niche but very competitive.
AbbasJamie Premium
That sounds great will be happy to share my innovation journey and see how we can collaborate, do we have to DM to share website info?