How to Become an Influencer on Instagram Without "Selling"

Last Update: Jun 27, 2021

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How to Become an Influencer on Instagram Without Selling

Instagram is a solid social media tool that you can use to gain influence. With Instagram people are basically taking sneak peeks into who you are via snapshots and quick 15 second stories.

In a nutshell, it's a lifestyle app like Facebook, minus all the rants, right?

It's the one social media app I use daily. I've built a following that's sitting steady at around 18k followers (@batmantravels) and I can tell you firsthand that Instagram influence is real. I have merchants reaching out to me all the time offering me all kinds of goodies to be a brand ambassador for them and show off their stuff.

I've been given free meals, free stays at hotels, free clothing, free luggage, free sunglasses, free watches, and more.

But, as someone who promotes Wealthy Affiliate as THE training community for anyone looking to create a successful affiliate marketing business of their own, you may find it surprising that almost none of my Instagram posts have anything to do with Wealthy Affiliate.

So How Can You Maximize Your Influence using Instagram Without Coming Off Like a Salesman?

Where Instagram really sets itself apart is that in allows you to share your passion through simple photos and stories. It's not like Facebook or Twitter where the main way to communicate is through the words in your posts.

With Instagram a picture is truly worth a thousand words. So to maximize your influence, it's time to truly highlight your passion visually.

Now, if you're a Wealthy Affiliate entrepreneur you may think, "OK, let me make post after post about this incredible training community that is teaching me how to have my own successful affiliate marketing business." I mean, Wealthy Affiliate definitely delivers, right?

From the training courses, to the live weekly webinar training, to the tools and resources available, this platform is second to none and easily the best platform for turning a blog into revenue.

And you can get it all for less than $1/day.

However, in a lifestyle app that focuses on photography, how do you make affiliate marketing sexy, or even interesting?

Focus on Your Passion

I mentioned at the top that almost none of my Instagram posts have anything to do with Wealthy Affiliate. Yet, I'm definitely using Instagram as a tool to promote Wealthy Affiliate. So how is this done?

Through Instagram I'm highlighting the reason that I even looked to create an online business. That reason is travel.

I wanted to build a business that could potentially fund my travels and travel with me. That's why I searched for and eventually found Wealthy Affiliate. And because of WA I'm now traveling more than ever.

So what do I feature in my Instagram posts? I feature my travels.

And do you know what is the number 1 question I'm asked as I share my travel adventures?

"How do you travel so much?"
"Well, funny you should ask..."

By focusing on your passion you'll generate interest on how you're doing what you're doing.

Let's say you're using the training here at Wealthy Affiliate to build a business around your passion for fitness, or maybe you're building a website around electronics, or maybe it's baby clothes, or basketball shoes, or video games, or travel photography... or WHATEVER.

Instead of making post after post about "Want to Learn How to Work From Home?" and sounding like EVERY OTHER AD YOU'VE SEEN ON SOCIAL MEDIA, focus on your passion. Create posts around your love for your niche.

And yes, if you're someone who works full time as an affiliate marketer, then affiliate marketing itself is definitely one of your passions. No need to hide it. Just don't make every post a sales pitch about it.

Share who you are. Share your day to day routines. Well, the ones that are somewhat interesting. :)

Some of my best buddies here are sharing their lifestyle through Instagram and they're doing it right. Are there subtle pics of the "office" at home? Sure. It's genius, actually. "How do you work from home?" is going to be a very popular question in the minds of their followers.

But instead of being over the top "selling" and taking the life out of their Instagram feed, they are injecting it with life and passion.

Got a new post that your audience would love? Use your Instagram stories to promote it. I'm a huge fan of letting my followers know that I've just published a new article about "xyz" and it's now available on my site.

I don't do it for all my posts, just the ones I feel may be relevant.

When I was in Las Vegas at the Super Affiliate Conference did I share that? Absolutely. My passion is travel and that was an all expense paid trip made possible by the training community I learned EVERYTHING from.

In that case, it was an absolutely relevant share and of course I made sure to share it.

Been working and researching for new content all day? Don't be afraid to share a quick story that shows how you're at your laptop working.

You don't even have to show a post title for what you're working on. When done right, that quick 15 second snippet from your Instagram story is doing its job planting that interest in your followers so they want to know more.

You have one link on your Instagram profile. There's nothing wrong with linking to your website from there.

If you're sharing your passion on Instagram, it would make sense that your one link on your profile leads to the website you created right here at Wealthy Affiliate where you blog about your passion, right?

And the great thing is you're not needing to shout it out to your followers till their sick of it. It's a natural transition that flows.

Personally, I link to my website that covers all my travels (, and from that website under the "Travel Like Me" tab, I share the platform that is responsible for funding my travels.

The Training at Wealthy Affiliate Applies Further Than to Just Your Website

We're taught here to be relevant. We're taught to create the best user experience possible for our audience. We're taught to "show" our audience the answer they're looking for, not just "tell" them, or worse "sell" them.

As you progress through this training, building your site further, growing your traffic, don't hesitate to use platforms like Instagram to further your influence.

It's something I enjoy, and by focusing on passion instead of selling, you won't feel like you're "working" at all.

Like travel pics and travel adventures? Follow me on Instagram @batmantravels.

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Thank you Eric, prior to this blog, I really had no idea how I was going to use Instagram. You've given me a lot to think about.

Very happy to help! It's a great tool :)

Great advice Eric!

Thanks Eddy! I appreciate that man.

Thanks for sharing learn something new how to improve my Instagram posts
Have a great day

Absolutely. Glad you enjoyed this. :)

Thank you, Eric, for another great post, I will be following you.

Thanks for the support!

Thanks Batman. I like your pics and writing style. Sounds like you have a good time traveling. Cheers mate

Yes, I'm completely addicted to travel so it's hard to have a bad time :) Thanks for the support!

Hey Eric,

Thank you... I'm not using Instagram yet but it's on my to-do list.

I appreciate the information and I plan to be an expert on Instagram too. I have this bookmarked and definitely will be reviewing this again.. perhaps a few times over to let it 'sink' in.


If you like taking photos, it's a great app :)

I hope to get some good dive photos in.

I'm not understanding Instagram so guess I'll get my Grandson to explain!LOL. I thought it was just a way to share pics. So much to learn!

At its core that's exactly what it is. To an affiliate marketer, though, it's opportunity :)

Now following you and learning.

Keep it up, Tom! Thanks for the support!

It's been a fun few weeks getting to connect through Instagram and really dive deep into the platform (although I am still brushing just the surface of it).

Of all platforms I have seen in the social world, I see the most potential with Instagram.

I rarely make a statement of conviction like that, but it is the reality of what I have seen thus far with IG, the true reach element, and the positive impact it can have on brand/trust (which we are already seeing the benefits of).

You are rocking it man, I remember seeing your IG follower count at Vegas and to see it start to really explode afterwards. Here's to Batman crossing the 100K mark this year!

Haha, maybe one of these years I'll get to 100k. For a week or so there my following was all over the place. It skyrocketed for like 3 days, then it plummeted for 2, then it made it's way back up, lol. I think IG did some inventory on either abandoned accounts or spambots and I saw people who had followers in the 100k range mention they lost like 10k in a day. For now, I seem to have settled in at 30k. :)

It's great having you guys on IG. And I agree, I think there is so much potential with instagram. It's like it goes right to the core of sharing and reach. That and I never knew there was a hot sauce delivery club I could join lol.

LOL, there is so much you can learn about hot sauce if you follow my profile. :)

There is truly so much potential on IG, like you said it goes directly to the core of sharing and reach. Sometimes though, you don't know where the algorithms will take a company like this and I hope it doesn't follow the same course where ads don't overwhelm like FB and true reach is lost.

It is clear they are battling with fake users and bots, and I think they authentic users are going to continue to prevail. Just like black hatters eventually end up in breadlines event, the same will be the case for those that are trying to manufacture followings. It already is in many respects.


You definitely rock instagram, man. I love seeing what you do because I know it's always genuine, but also intentional. Very smart stuff. I've got a lot to learn from you!

That dog of yours is going to take you to the TOP, lol. Love that guy. I love following you guys as well. Who knew a love for craft beers was integral to WA success? lol

Thanks Eric, i am hoping my son and i can become succeful online as we slowly go through all the training. However, owning an offline local business takes most of my time. I wish i could spend more time but it is what it is. I will deffinately follow your intsructions here. Are you aware of a step by step stratagy to aquire more followers as i only signed up to IG a couple weeks ago and have none. Is there training here ay WA for that?

I hear you, brother. One of these days I'll put together a training here but in the meantime I put together a guide to instagram and it's linked to from my Instagram profile. :)

Thanks Eric I'll check it out.

Absolutely. I've had a lot of positive comments from it so I hope you enjoy it.

Haha. Yeah, I gotta make that pup earn his keep around here!

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