7 ACTIONABLE TIPS to Make More Money Online in 2021!

Last Update: Dec 30, 2020

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Hello friends!

Do you want 2021 to be the greatest year of your life so far? If "Yes!", read this post until the end!

Instead of writing a short "happy new year" post, I decided to share with you 7 actionable and very practical tips that will help you to make more money online in 2021.

This post will be extremely helpful to you if...

  1. You are just starting out your 'make money online journey'
  2. You have some experience but want to achieve more in 2021
  3. You want to know that you're on the right track

Why should you listen to me? I have been on the Wealthy Affiliate community already for a couple of years, I recently made $5,000 in a week online and I help beginners daily to achieve more success online.

Therefore, I know what are the typical mistakes that beginners do and what is holding them back.

  1. Bookmark this post so you can come back to these tips also later.
  2. Share this with all your friends who are interested in making money online. (Note: You can also share this to your referrals at Wealthy Affiliate)

If you follow these 7 actionable tips and you'll do better than +95% of the other people who haven't read this post.

Are you ready? Let's get right into things!

1. Finish Kyle's Step-By-Step Training

I thought this would be obvious for most WA members but to my surprise, most people for any reason skip the training or don't go through it at all.

Kyle is a multi-millionaire and has helped directly or indirectly 100,000's of people worldwide to make more money online. He really knows what you should be doing.

He has laid out simple steps for you to follow. Make sure to go through all the 5 levels and finish all the tasks below the lessons.

=> Start Kyle's Step-By-Step Training Here!

2. Ask Lots of Questions Within the Community

When you go through Kyle's training, it will answer probably 90-95% of your questions.

However, there is still that 5-10% left that need to be answered. You need to be proactive and ask those questions from other members.

You will be never left alone at the WA community and there are always people who are willing to help you out.

=> Learn How to Ask Questions Within Wealthy Affiliate!

3. Engage with Successful Online Entrepreneurs

One of my favorite mentors, Jim Rohn, said: "You are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with." If you observe your own and other people lives for a while, you'll notice that it's true.

Some people take it even further and say that your income will be the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with.

That seems to be quite accurate as well.

That's why I recommend getting yourself around with successful online entrepreneurs who have already achieved what you want to achieve.

Recently, I wrote a post where I show you step-by-step how to do this within Wealthy Affiliate.

=> Learn How to Get Mentoring Within Wealthy Affiliate (for FREE)!

4. Set Clear & Measurable Goals

You can't hit the target if you don't even have it. One of the most common mistakes that I see in people's lives is the lack of clear goals.

Some studies say that less than 3% of the people set goals. If you set yourself clear goals, you're already ahead of the 97% of the people who don't do that.

Let me give you a few examples of how you should NOT set your goals:

  1. I want to be successful.
  2. I just want to make money online.
  3. I want to learn some new skills.

How can you measure clearly the success for achieving those goals? You can't.

That's why you must set goals that are crystal clear and measurable. If you want to make money online in 2021, here are a few good examples of measurable goals for yourself:

  1. I finish 1 task per day in Kyle's step-by-step training.
  2. I make $5,000/month by the end of 2021.
  3. I publish 3 posts per posts per week to my website.
  4. I send 1 email per day to my email list.
  5. I publish 3 YouTube videos every week to my YouTube channel.
  6. Etc.

Do you see how easy these goals are to measure?

When the timeframe is over (day/week/month), you can easily look back and say whether you have reached your goal or not.

Some experts say that even a 5-year-old kid should be able to define whether or not you've reached your goal. That's how clear and measurable they should be.

5. Take Daily Action Towards Your Goals

Your action defines your priorities and how your life will look like.

Not your goals or words but your ACTIONS.

I see every single day numerous people setting themselves a goal like, "I want to make $5,000/month online."

But then they never take action to reach that goal. Do you think they're going to reach it by accident?

Do you think that you're going to reach your goals without taking daily, consistent action? That's not gonna to happen (unless you have very low goals).

One of my favorite quotes says, "Little progress every day adds up to big results."

A great thing when building an online business is that your income will most likely grow every single month if you take consistent action.

With a regular 9-5 job you get a raise usually once a year but when building your own online business, you get a raise every single month if you're putting in the work.

So, in order to reach that $5,000, you need to go the path like this:

  1. Make your first $1 online
  2. Make your first $100/month online
  3. Make your first $500/month online
  4. Make your first $1,000/month online
  5. Make your first $5,000/month online
  6. ...
  7. Make your first $50,000/month online
  8. ..
  9. Make history.

It happens little by little.

I can say from my own experience that going from $0 to $500/month took me much more time than going from $500/month to $5,000/month.

I've heard the same also from many other people.

In order to understand this concept better, I recommend reading Jerry's post below:

=> See How Your Income Starts Growing Like a Snowball (if you take action)!

6. Watch Weekly Live Webinars By Jay Neill

If you're starting out, I recommend that you go through Kyle's training daily.

In addition, I highly recommend watching Jay's weekly webinars within Wealthy Affiliate. It comes every Friday at 5 PM PST time.

Jay takes your skills to the next level by teaching every single week new things about different important topics:

  1. How to get your website ranked on top of Google.
  2. How to create YouTube videos easily without any experience.
  3. How to start making money with email marketing from scratch.
  4. How to build a profitable affiliate marketing website step-by-step.
  5. Etc.

All Jay's webinars are beginner-friendly and he breaks down the topics in easy-to-understand steps.

You will find all the past webinar recordings on the left side by clicking, "Live Events" and choosing the webinar you want to watch.

If you watch the webinar live, you can also ask questions directly from Jay.


I haven't seen anyone failing within Wealthy Affiliate who didn't give up.

In other words, every single person that I've seen in WA that went through the training and took action consistently learned to make money online.

If 1,000's of people who took action and made it, why wouldn't you make it as well?

You will if you take action and it only depends on your own effort and commitment.

The Wealthy Affiliate training is PROVEN to work over and over again. That's why it will work for you as well.

Take a look at Nathaniell's post to see 10's of success stories that happened within WA in 2018.

Keep in mind that Nathaniell collected only a small fraction of the success stories that happened here in 2018.

In addition, 9 out of 10 people don't even bother to post about their success publicly because they prefer to keep things private.

So, if you see one person making a success post of earning +$10,000/month online, you can be sure that there are at least 9 other ones as well who just didn't tell it publicly.

If you haven't made your first $1 or first $1,000/month online yet, make sure that you follow all the 7 tips that I shared with you in this post and you will make it sooner or later.


Now you've read this post, what next?

  1. Bookmark this page so you can come back here again to make sure you're on the right track.
  2. Share this with your friends who are also interested in making money online.
  3. (MOST IMPORTANT) Take MASSIVE ACTIONS toward your goals every single day.

Alright, Are you in?

Shall we make 2021 the greatest year ever in the history of humankind so far!? ;)

Smash the green "Like This" button below and leave a comment below if you're in!

Happy new year to you my friend!

Roope "2021 is the greatest year ever" Kiuttu

Me, pointing at the coming year above ;) ;)

PS. If you haven't yet finished the whole Kyle's training, it's a high time for you to continue your training now.

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Great post Roope. Finally with the help of our community, asking lots of questions and picking the brains of those here who are being successful I have set my goals for 2019 and feel like I have a clear path now to follow.

High on the list is to finish Bootcamp training and I will be continuing to practice all 7 of your steps throughout 2019.

This is my year! I have 365 days to smash my goals and I’m looking forward to celebrating as each and every one of them is reached :)

Happy new year to you Heidi! Bootcamp training is amazing. It's even more comprehensive than OEC.

You are so awesome - and I am learning so much
from you and others here at WA - this is a journey
to behold and embrace with an open mind!
Thank you for this and I am bookmarking it for
future reference!!
Happy New Year - to a highly prosperous 2019,

Thank you Susan! Happy new year to you!

The most important word, "actionable." Without action, nothing happens.

Exactly :) Happy New year!

Very beneficial for everyone. Thanks for putting this all together for newbies and oldbies. lol

Thank you my friend! Happy New year!

Love the confidence and wisdom. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for reading Kim! :)

Great inspirational post. As a beginner its refreshing to hear the many success stories..

Happy new year..

Thank you George! Happy new year!

Wow! What a direct shot of realism and motivation with actionable steps to back it all up! Thank you.

Thank you Tony! I'm glad you liked!

Great Roope, I almost didn't want to go partying, but start working on a new article. Anyway great motivated post.
Have a great evening

Hehe :)

I need to stay at home resting because I just became a bit ill.

Anyway, wouldn't have gone out tonight because decided to spend some time at home planning and visualizing the coming year.

Great Roope! Love the photo! :-)

In my other (successful) ventures I've never had to write down goals. I just thought this is what I'm gonna do and went and did it :-)

Progress is a bit slower here than I'd jave liked so will go through your list and WRITE THINGS DOWN :-)

Thanks, Roope,

Yeah, sometimes that works as well but imagine how much more you could have achieved by writing down goals and making a faster progress? :)

Come on Roope, that cloud formation is clearly 2017, haha, great post man. I love how you cultivate it for both the member and the non-WA member.

Hehe :D

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