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June 18, 2018
As June comes to a conclusion for 2018, my yearly anniversary inside Wealthy Affiliate is coming around again. I've been pretty quiet in WA recently, but am still working behind the scenes on my websites.Early 2018 was lots of drama was happening my my neighbors, so rather than escalate things, I just decided to move. Well, buying a house and moving everything myself (I was too cheap to use movers) turned out to be a whole lot more work than I planned. In addition to all that, I'm doing various
April 30, 2018
There are a lot of things you can do wrong as a newbie, but one of the worst is to have the wrong mindset! Here are three simple things that trip up newbies all the time, but shouldn't. You Have To Learn SEO To Make Money#1 on the list is definitely this whole "SEO" thing. Yes, knowing SEO can help you earn money online by allowing you to outrank your competition. But knowing SEO isn't a magic bullet to making money.I constantly run into websites ranked on page one that have their images named
April 19, 2018
I've come across more than a few discussions lately about keyword confusion, so I wanted to make this post to help someone struggling with keywords. This won't be a "comprehensive" understand everything from step 1 style of post, but a unique explainer that can be a next step to understanding how keywords work and why we use them.THE Core Keyword ConceptAt it's heart, a keyword is just an article topic. If keyword metrics are confusing you, forget about numbers for a second and remind yourself
April 09, 2018
Reviews are an easy way to rank and earn money with your website...sometimes. If you can get on page 1 position 1 for "my product review", you are pretty much guaranteed to earn some income from that page.The trouble is, this is well-known information, so everyone's doing it. You just aren't going to rank for "Squatty Potty Review" unless you are lucky, or have a serious advantage compared to your competitors.So why even write them?Well, sometimes they do rank, so it's worth trying. Also, remem
April 02, 2018
One of my websites is highly seasonal. Working with a seasonal website can be tough, but it can still make money. The worst part of having a seasonal niche is that there are some serious downtimes with traffic and sales. If you have a website about surfing, then you'll see a drop in traffic during the winter.The good news is that because it's "harder", all you have to do is be consistent and you'll see most other markters drop off, while you remain the most successful! There's always a way to m
March 26, 2018
I had my first taste of viral Pinterest profits last week. I was very surprised at how fast and powerful it was. Unfortunately, it the virality didn't last. It was only one pin, so the spike in income only lasted about 3-4 days.Just looking at the dollar amount, it wasn't much. I made about $150 extra over the course of three days.But percentage-wise, it was significant. Normally, this website earns about $40 per day from ads. Last week, it was earning nearly $100 per day!That was just from one
March 19, 2018
Shopping at Fiverr for content is like shopping at the dollars store. The stuff there is cheap for a reason, but sometimes you really can find great deals. I found some great turkey bacon for a dollar at my local dolalr store - about 25% the cost of the stuff at my local supermarket.Fiverr is basically the same way.Most of what you'll find on Fiverr is garbage. It's either copied, spun, or unreadable. Most of the time it's not going to get much traffic, let alone convert any visitors into sales
March 12, 2018
A funny thing happened to me last week (not that funny), that just proves you can never be too experienced for a small panic attack and having a "sky is falling" moment.Last week, I saw my traffic drop from about 3,000 visits per day, to about 1500. Then 25. I thought my site was de-indexed!Why?Well, I've been making a lot of small changes to the site, trying to improve some SEO stuff for 2018.I started using SEMRush to analyze my backlinks, and submitted a "disavow" file to Search Console to d
March 05, 2018
I've written a couple posts about Adsense and display ads recently that may have over-hyped the effectiveness of it, or made it seem "easier" than using affiliate links. E.g.How To Make Money Without Selling Anything On Your WebsiteDisplay Ad Alternatives & Additions To Google Adsense IncomeHow Much Money Can You Make With Adsense?Don't Be Afraid To Risk Earnings For Gains: MediaVine TestHowever, I just wanted to do a short PSA that affiliate links and affiliate marketing are still my prefe
February 26, 2018
Image from my recent trip to PismoOne of the first hurdles that some newbies run into is that they worry they won't be able to "sell". They are concerned that their writing is not good enough to convince someone to buy, or that they cannot think of a topic that will be profitable for them. Well, the truth is that your website can make money without selling anything at all. In fact, there's more than one way to do that.Display AdsThe first way to make money without selling anything - in fact, on