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January 20, 2020
I always tell people that you can make money online in any niche, and pretty much nobody believes me. The general concensus of newbies is that the only way to make good money is by promote get-rich, weight loss, or dating products.It's just not true. At all.I recently posted what a realistic $1,000 day looks like. Today, I found a really funny affiliate program that just shows to show you the huge range of products you can promote:'s a cake decoratin
For a lot of newbies, making money online seems unbelievable. Even if you undertand that some poeple make money online, it still seems like a pipe dream that YOU can do it too. Then when earn a little money online, earning a lot of money online might still feel unrealistic.Today, I wanted to give you a look at how realistic it is to earn over $1000 per day online.Even better, these earnings are NOT in the "make money online" niche. These are regular products that you can buy in the store, or on
An Underutilized Keyword Strategy!When growing your affiliate income, product reviews are powerful. They are also super obvious, so many times they are also competitive keywords. Unless you have a low competition niche, a new website can sometimes struggle to rank for product review keywords.Not a problem!There are still TONS of opportunites to earn affiliate commissions from low competition keywords.An ExampleMy wife recently bought a product called Fab Fit Fun. It's a seasonal subscription bo
Lots happened in 2019, and December is always a good time to look back on what worked, what didn't, then re-evaluate for 2020. Two 2019 Strategies That Worked For Me1. Write Content NOT Found In Keyword ToolsKeyword tools like Jaaxy are great for guidance. They can tell you what could be a profitable niche site topic, or help you discover new article topics to write about. I also like to use them to help me figure out the best phrasing for a post title (e.g. best way to lose weight VS best weig
Within the last month I was able to add an additional $1500 in affiliate commissions to my monthly income. There were two very specific things I did to accomplish that, and I'm going to share those two techniques with you today!The good news is that you don't need any kind of special plugin or savvy marketing skills to do the same thing to your website. The better news is that the holidays are coming up, so NOW would be a great time to implement these techniques, and you might see even better r
When you start your first website, or even your second, third, and fourth one, it's very easy to give too much credit to the "big guys" in your industry. It can seem nearly imposible to outrank big sites.They have a lot on you.They have more money. More staff. More domain authority. More trust. Bigger social media. EVERYTHING. How could you possible, ever, outrank them for anything?Well, it's possible.I have a two-word phrase (not even a long tail keyword), which outranks many large websites. I
I'm a big fan of drip-fed income. I'm talking about income that comes in every month from various sources. Build a website. Rank. Earn affiliate commissions. You know the deal.I like the reliability, and I like that I can take a day off and not worry about whether or not I'll make money that day. I can take a week or a month off and I know my rankings, therefore earnings, won't drop.This is the best part of affiliate marketing for me, and it was one of the main motivators while I was building m
The training here at Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to find keywords for your affiliate website. The "low competition" phrases you search for, are also known as Long Tail Keywords.Usually these phrase are 4-6 words long.The fact that they are long isn't what makes them useful. The point is that they are super specific. The more specific a keyword is, the more relevant your content is going to be. Your audience pool will be smaller, but they will be more engaged because you are speaking di
In a previous post, I highlighted the idea that you can make awesome money from small commissions. The tiny $1 recurring commission ballooned to $1500 monthly passive income in about two years.However, there's another concept to consider. This took me a long time to learn. Even though people told it to me, it didn't really sink in until I looked at my own purchasing habits.What's the concept?People Have Money To Spend!Surprise surprise, people have money, and they like to spend it. Especially a
There's always a lot of hype about high ticket affiliate programs, but I wanted to show you how much money you can make on the opposite end of things. The landscape of affliate programs is extremely diverse, and you can make awesome money in any niche if you pick the right products for the right audience.My VPN WebsitesBack in the day, my first major success was with VPN websites. I kept this secret for a long time, but have since sold those websites since I'm no longer interested in the topic