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Making big money is always fun, and tbh, sometimes it feels a lot easier to make 1 commission of $1000 versus 1000 commissions of $1. However, as your business grows, you'll find lots of little opportunities as well, and sometimes, earning as little as a penny can make a difference over time.I did a bit of counting pennies this weekend and discovered something interesting! Small Commissions can really add up!I participate in a two-tier affiliate program, which means I refer someone to the progr
I've started over 100 different blogs between 2010 and now. It seems hard to believe, but a lot of them were total trash and I stopped working on them within weeks or months, so it's not like I was running a hundred six figure blogs at once LOL.Of those 100+ total, maybe about 30 lasted more than a year. Maybe 10-20 lasted several years and generated revenue.Just 5-10 of them generated consistent income and were able to be sold.I'm currently working on 2 full time, and 2 side projects.It's a to
Wouldn't it be crazy to earn $126,000 per month from a website? Although that number seems incredibly insane, I guess 10 years of affiliate blogging has made me an insane person, so I think it might be a realistic possiblity at this point, and I'll show you why.Just by coincidence, I started tracking the earnings of one of my websites on a biennial basis (every 2 years) during the month of December, when earnings peak.The first year I shared the earnings, it earned $3,000 during December 2016.
December 21, 2020
Traffic is the lifeblood of a website. With traffic, you can make money through a wide variety of methods, whether that be affililate sales, display ad revenue, or lead generation (then sales via email marketing). The order of events for making money online are as follows:Builld A WebsiteGet TrafficMonetize Your TrafficThe website building part is surprisingly easy, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate's website builder. These days, building WordPress websites is super fast and easy. Even a simple websi
December 14, 2020
Things are really going nuts on one of my blogs this holiday season, and I finally hit an all time high for a bunch of different things. In fact, these are not just all time highs for this blog, they are all time highs for any website I've ever created.First, I got the most simultaneous visits on my blog at one time: 103 people! This is the first time I've broken the 100 mark.Second, hit a new all time high for page views in a single day: 17,742! In fact, considering that there's such a stark u
December 07, 2020
When you start getting into SEO and affililate blogging, there's a lot of talk about "metrics" to look out for. Two big ones are DR (domain rating) PR (page rank).The thing is, these metrics are basically useless for the day to day work of making money with your website. Sure, they might be useful for some things like comparing two websites you are considering buying, but as a blogger buliding a business from the ground up, you absolutely shouldn't worry about them, and here's a great example.H
This time of year is crazy, but it does take a lot of ground work to get things ready. In fact, it takes all year to get ready for the crazy holiday shopping season.I run a couple of blogs, and one of these blogs does really good with ad revenue around the holiday season.Last year around this time I hit my all time high of $353 for a single day in ad revenue. That's the kind of money you can make money without selling anything. That's the kind of money you can make doing simple lists based on k
It's that time of year again. Black Friday is coming in hot, and with the launch of Premium+ here at Wealthy Affiliate, there's a little more to consider than in previous years. The Black Friday offer is available to ALL Wealthy Affiliate members, but in this blog post I wanted to specifically introduce a few bonus offers exclusive to my referrals.Now that Expert Classes are part of the Wealthy Affiliate redesign, I've decided to host my two bonuses here inside the WA ecosystem this year, and t
Do you need a team of writers and coders to earn six figures online, or can you do it alone?Most people start out at Wealthy Affiliate, and in the affiliate blogging space on a bootstrap budget. They start with no experience, and are learning how to run a successful affiliate blog by themelves. They are a single person, learning, writing, publishing, emailing, and doing everything needed to run their business by themselves.They are one owner, wearing many hats.I was the same at one point. In fa
I started out in Wealthy Affiliate in 2010 with zero experience in....anything. I didn't go to school for computer science. I didn't have a market degree. I didn't even have a Facebook account. I had never build a blog, even one of those free ones on Blogger or the WordPress free site builder.I didn't have a smartphone. My laptop was second hand. I was working behind the great firewall of China.Wealthy Affiliate was basically a forum. I had to manually install WordPress, and I was only allowed