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I started a new website that I've been working on since ealry 2021, and wanted to try something new. It's in a tech niche, and had seen several other domains in this niche using the .io domain extension. Of course, I know that .com is the most popular, recommended, and widely used domain extension, but I'm a YOLO kind of business owner and figured I'd give the .io domain extension a shot. Why?I wanted to try something newIt would be cool to see something unique succeedThis is a long term projec
February 27, 2022
There's a concept in economics, that money is like a language. It's a way for people to communicate information without actually speaking the same verbal language. It's data. If I want something, and am willing to pay lots of money for it, it signals that the thing is valuable. If another thing is cheap, it signals that the thing is abundant, or perhaps not worth much money. I forget which economics book it is, but there's a story about a copper mine in one country that has an explosion or some
It's been a while since I posted here in WA. My life has been crazy in 2021. First off, we had a baby in January. During a pandemic. That was a crazy couple of months. Then just as the baby started to get a little older and able to do more stuff, we had a bad car accident and I broke my hand. I needed surgery, and it took about a month to really get good function back to my hand where I could actually sit down and work.Now it's June 2021. It's been a full six months since I've really dedicated
Working at home with a new baby is definitely a contradiction. While it seems like I have all day to get things done, it's actually turning out that I really have to optimize my time and be more efficient than ever.I'll be honest. I heard babies sleep a lot, so I thought I was going to have a ton of time to get work done while the baby is sleeping. What I didn't realize is that while the baby sleeps, there's still a ton of stuff around the house that needs to be done. And surprisingly, even tho
The target inflation rate for the US dollar is 2-3% per year. This is taken for granted as a "good" thing. I disagree, but whatever, I don't work at The Federal Reserve, so I'm not going to change anyone's mind. The best I can do is try to work within the system and leverage the rules to my advantage.The sad thing is that inflation is destorying people's wealth, and most people are unaware.What 2% Inflation Means To Savers VS Investors & Property Owners2% inflation may seem like it's not a
February 16, 2021
Most people start out their affiliate journey with a "normal" 9-5 job. With training here at Wealthy Affiliate AND trying to get a consistent publishing schedule on your blog, it can seem like an impossible task to make any progress on your business.Personally, I think it's possible to earn a full time income from your blog relatively easily within two years, even if you are working a full time job and I wanted to share my game plan with you.Of course, nothing is guaranteed. Starting a business
Risk is scary. It makes you hesitate.It makes you go back to the safety of what you know.Within risk however, there is reward, especially in the business world. There is risk involved in affiliate blogging, and accepting risk is a massive step forward towards success, no matter how far along you are in your journey.Time VS Money RiskOne of the best things about starting a blog is that your "money risk" is very small. I know there's a lot of boostrappers in Wealthy Affiliate, so the $49/month fe
Becoming a successful blogger isn't easy. However, the biggest enemy of the new blogger is not that this is some kind of impossible task like sending a rocket to mars. The biggest enemy of a new blogger is themselves and their mindest. Here are the top 3 mindset hurdles that new bloggers face, and my advice for how to overcome them and reach your goals.1. An Unrealistic TimelineThe biggest crusher of new businesses is too high of expectations for the speed of results. ALL bloggers in the MMO ni
Making big money is always fun, and tbh, sometimes it feels a lot easier to make 1 commission of $1000 versus 1000 commissions of $1. However, as your business grows, you'll find lots of little opportunities as well, and sometimes, earning as little as a penny can make a difference over time.I did a bit of counting pennies this weekend and discovered something interesting! Small Commissions can really add up!I participate in a two-tier affiliate program, which means I refer someone to the progr
I've started over 100 different blogs between 2010 and now. It seems hard to believe, but a lot of them were total trash and I stopped working on them within weeks or months, so it's not like I was running a hundred six figure blogs at once LOL.Of those 100+ total, maybe about 30 lasted more than a year. Maybe 10-20 lasted several years and generated revenue.Just 5-10 of them generated consistent income and were able to be sold.I'm currently working on 2 full time, and 2 side projects.It's a to