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One of the advantages of working from home is that you get to work in your own style. For example, I tend to work in "chunks" of time, and spread out my projects much longer than they need to be.Is this a good example to follow? Absolutlely not. But it works for me!For example, I'll work on something in the morning, then something else in the afternoon, then something else in the evening. I could probably finish the project in a couple days if I really honed in on one task, but my mind wanders
It's very interesting to think back on the advice I received when I first arrived at Wealthy Affiliate and how it shaped my journey to becoming a full time affiliate marketer. One simple piece of advice I read was to "write like a maniac" (without a filter), then just go edit later. That really helped me pump my daily word count and get traffic to my websites.Related: You Want Online Success? It Starts With Brute ForceAnother bits of advice I received back in the day was that Wealthy Affiliate
Throw your keyword tool away!Just kidding. You're going to need that.But seriously, you could spend the next year blogging without a keyword tool if you just spend a couple hours researching the "series" method that I use for my websites now.The Main Idea Is Pretty ObviousThe name says it all. I do a series of blog posts all related to the same topic, or in the same format. Just change up one or two words, and focus on a different topic. Let's look at some examples using a Top 10 list format.To
Starting a new affiliate website is a lot of work! When you're new to all this stuff, it can be hard to figure out where your time is best spent. What should you be doing to make the highest impact in your business, and what should you not be doing so you aren't wasting time?After 10 years inside Wealthy Affiliate, here are the most common things I see holding newbies back from making faster progress. These ideas are specifically aimed at getting new affilate marketers to LEAP forward in their
I started a new website in Dec 2019, with loooooooong term plans to grow it into an authority brand for its niche. I'm taking what I learned from this side project, and doubling down for this new one. Everything is going to be outsourced, so it's a significant investment for me, but I'm confident it will work out! The first site was stressful because I didn't know if it could work, but it did, and now I'm ready to try again!Anyway, what suprised me is that today I woke up to my first page 1 ran
I just got home from the 2020 Wealthy Affiliate conference in Las Vegas, and as usual, my brain is firing on all cylinders. So many ideas. So many plans. So much inspiration.I've blogged before about how one of the main reasons I stick around Wealthy Affiliate is the connections you make, but I really wanted to come back around to this idea after Vegas this year. What makes the Vegas trip so powerful for me is not the food, gambling, or vitamin C showers (niche idea?).The best part of Vegas is
I'm in Vegas right now for the Wealthy Affiliate conference, and conversations about affiliate marketing are firing on all cylinders. It doesn't matter what we're talking about - beer, boxing matches, or Bitcoin...somehow we always end up talking about affiliate marketing at the end of the night.One conversation really stuck in my head though - the idea that very often, 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.For example, it's super common for a site to have just one or two killer art
The standard advice for pretty much everything is "quality over quantity". You'd never want to put out a low-quality product, right?However, I think when you are starting your first website, QUANTITY is more important than QUALITY.Reason #1: Quantity = PracticeChances are, right now, you are not an excellent writer. Neither was I when I got started. My first blog posts were 500 words long, and it was a real struggle to get there. 80% of my articles were incredibly promotional and I was just bas
January 20, 2020
I always tell people that you can make money online in any niche, and pretty much nobody believes me. The general concensus of newbies is that the only way to make good money is by promote get-rich, weight loss, or dating products.It's just not true. At all.I recently posted what a realistic $1,000 day looks like. Today, I found a really funny affiliate program that just shows to show you the huge range of products you can promote:'s a cake decoratin
For a lot of newbies, making money online seems unbelievable. Even if you undertand that some poeple make money online, it still seems like a pipe dream that YOU can do it too. Then when earn a little money online, earning a lot of money online might still feel unrealistic.Today, I wanted to give you a look at how realistic it is to earn over $1000 per day online.Even better, these earnings are NOT in the "make money online" niche. These are regular products that you can buy in the store, or on