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I'm a big fan of drip-fed income. I'm talking about income that comes in every month from various sources. Build a website. Rank. Earn affiliate commissions. You know the deal.I like the reliability, and I like that I can take a day off and not worry about whether or not I'll make money that day. I can take a week or a month off and I know my rankings, therefore earnings, won't drop.This is the best part of affiliate marketing for me, and it was one of the main motivators while I was building m
The training here at Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to find keywords for your affiliate website. The "low competition" phrases you search for, are also known as Long Tail Keywords.Usually these phrase are 4-6 words long.The fact that they are long isn't what makes them useful. The point is that they are super specific. The more specific a keyword is, the more relevant your content is going to be. Your audience pool will be smaller, but they will be more engaged because you are speaking di
In a previous post, I highlighted the idea that you can make awesome money from small commissions. The tiny $1 recurring commission ballooned to $1500 monthly passive income in about two years.However, there's another concept to consider. This took me a long time to learn. Even though people told it to me, it didn't really sink in until I looked at my own purchasing habits.What's the concept?People Have Money To Spend!Surprise surprise, people have money, and they like to spend it. Especially a
There's always a lot of hype about high ticket affiliate programs, but I wanted to show you how much money you can make on the opposite end of things. The landscape of affliate programs is extremely diverse, and you can make awesome money in any niche if you pick the right products for the right audience.My VPN WebsitesBack in the day, my first major success was with VPN websites. I kept this secret for a long time, but have since sold those websites since I'm no longer interested in the topic
August 06, 2019
Happy Friday, Happy Saturday everyone, wherever you are in the world!We all know and love Jay's weekly webinars. They're useful. They're fun. They cover a wide range of topics.The most interesting ones to watch in my opinion are the case studies, where you can see Jay do the work of builiding an affiliate webiste LIVE. Can you belive these are totally free with your Premium membership? A full hour of content from a successful affiliate marketer and online business owner.Every.Single.Week.Since
There are many ways to get help with your online business here in Wealthy Affiliate. In fact, that's one of the best reasons to be a member.Free hosting, top notch training, and website building tools aside - getting access to an enthusiastic group of online entrepreneurs building the same type of business as you is incredible. Support from this community is a huge reason I stuck around during my first year (2010), and didn't give up.With so many ways to get assistance, I wanted to show the bes
Of course, instead of being productive today, I'm busy on YouTube looking up silly things like how to juice plums. Yeah, I'm just as good at wasting time as you guys :)Luckily, I got something out of it, and I hope you can too. While looking up how to juice plums (for a beer I'm making), I found a random YouTube channel with the info I needed. I hopped on over to her channel page, and saw a bunch of random things like 4th of July parades, food canning information, and gardening tips.The content
My most successful websites have always been due to (in my opinion), writing lots of content. Not only does it improve my writing skills over time, but it's also just a numbers thing. The more times you try, the more times you win.I wrote about 50 posts before my VPN website took off. I wrote about about 100 posts on my bootcamp site before I made it to Vegas. It took about 300 posts on a recent side project before I saw decent income.Building an affiliate website has always taken lots and lots
I was doing some keyword research today, and checked out the traffic stats of a site I've followed for a while. It's podcast I started listenting to back in 2012, and run by just one guy.He had a simple 20 minute podcast, and a site with some articles. Then he added a Facebook group.After about six months I stopped listening to the podcast and didn't think about it for the next 7 years.When I checked out his traffic stats, the chart shocked me.This website is getting tens of thousands of visito
The great thing about being an affiliate marketer is that there's always something new to talk about. This is a really interesting career, so as my 9th anniversary as a Wealthy Affiliate member comes around this June 2019, there's a lot to look back in the past year.$30,000 Website SaleIn September of 2018 I finally sold off my oldest website. At one point, it was my highest earning website, with over $12,000 in monthly commissions at its height.I built the website as a newbie though, and made