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October 08, 2018
Jay did a great webinar last week about selling websites and domain names. This morning, I got an email from Empire Flippers, one of the companies Jay mentioned about where to buy and sell websites.Disclaimer: I'm not endorsing, promoting, or making any money by talking about Empire Flippers. I'm simply presenting it as a resource if you want to sell your business.There were 11 new listings this week. Here are some examples of what's available for sale:Look at the pricing. A site earning only $
Is it tacky to publish my own 'best of' guide? Nope : )I've published a lot of content here in Wealthy Affiliate over the past years. I have dedicated tens of thousands of hours of work to learning online marketing, and publishing content related to helping others earn a living online. I won't toot my own horn, but I will toot Wealthy Affiliate's horn. All of this content is available to you for FREE, as EXTRA on top of your membership. A membership here costs $49/month, and that will get you
It's easy to get caught up in the "does it work?" question.Does affiliate marketing really work?As a new online business owner, regardless of how long you've been a member here at Wealthy Affiliate, if you haven't made any money with your website yet, it can seem like the whole thing is a sham.At the very least, it can seem like YOU will never see success with affiliate marketing.It can be frustrating, demoralizing, and make you want to quit. I've been there!Making money online is not limited t
I've been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2010 - a full eight years, and still counting. I make a full time income online, and have done so for quite some time.So why am I still a premium member here?Don't I know everything I need to know?Nope.As a newbie, I know that many of you are bootstrapping your business. Every dollar counts.For someone running a profitable business though, Wealthy Affiliate is a business expense that I cannot do without.Every month gain some kind of benefit from thi
Affiliate marketing can get super complicated. There are tons of things I don't understand, even after almost 10 years in the industry.However, the basics of how to earn money online with an affiliate website are super easy to understand.Step 1: Write an article for your websiteStep 2: Put some affiliate links in itThe training at WA will teach you the specifics of how to build your website, what to write about, how to place those links in your site, and how to promote your business online.Howe
I wanted to write this post because there seems to be some major confusion going around about when you can or cannot post links to your website. Perhaps the rules have changed, but as far as I know, IT IS NOT SPAM when you post your website link.The important thing to remember is what context the link is posted in.I have seen several times in live chat, and many comments over the past few months stating that you cannot post your website link because it's spam. The most frustrating thing for me
It's no secret that making money takes time and patience. Many times, it's not clear how much time and patience will be needed to see a project through to the "end" (i.e. when you are happy with the amount of money you made).For example, I started a website back in June 2015. It was a side project, but only becaues I didn't have time to write the content myself. 80% of the content was outsourced from the beginning, while I focused on other, more important websites.Well, I kept sinking money int
July 19, 2018
One of the most frequent niche questions I get is about Anime. I guess there's a bunch of anime fans out there, or maybe it's just anime people are comfortable online, so aren't that scared to try out building an online business. Either way, making a website about anime is definitely a way you can make money online!My first piece of advice about making an anime affiliate site is to not just pick "anime". Anime is a huge industry, and can be broken down into more focused niches. I'm not a big fa
There are hundreds of thousands of affiliate programs out there. Search just about any product, and there will be a way to promote it as an affiliate. But the depth of affiliate offeres goes beyond what I ever thought. I help out a lot of my referrals with their research from time to time, since there's a lot of questions about what's going to make money and what isn't (hint: ANY niche can make money).So as I do this research, and research for my own sites, I stumble upon a lot of opportunities
As many of you know from my previous blog post, I'm in the middle of moving. Well, the move is basically done, but there's a lot of work to be done at the new house, some of which I'm doing myself, and other work I'm contracting out.Basically all day I'm thinking about how all this stuff could be the basis for a successful online business. I'm constantly looking online for how to do something or how to fix something. YouTube and bloggers are very helpful, and many times I end up ordering things