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February 11, 2019
One of the most interesting parts of going to the Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas conference is the trip home.I love the trip home because I have time to reflect on everything that happened over the week. Vegas recharges my entrepreneurial batteries, and leaves me firing on all cylinders. Ideas just flow, and I'm scribbling things down on every scrap of paper or writing app I can find.This year, on the way home, I saw an interesting tattoo while I waited for my plane to arrive in the Mccarran Airpo
There are so many ways to make money. Even in the online world, there's a lot more ways to make money online than just affiliate marketing.However, I like affiliate marketing the most! Why?The cool thing about affiliate marketing is that there's no rush to produce results. Unlike starting a restaurant or brick and mortar shop, you don't have to pay thousands of dollars in rent every month. Unlike ecommerce and Amazon selling, you don't have to invest money into products.Here are a couple specif
January 14, 2019
I'm continuing my yearly tradition of logging as many money-related success stories as I can during the year. So far, 2019 is already creating a lot of work for me (that's a good thing!). Just two weeks in, and I've already go a ton.Last year I organized the posts into "big money" and "small money". This year I'm just doing "earning money" and "first sales". Check back often though, because I'll be adding more as soon as I see them.Previous Years20172018You can also post links to other success
Two years ago I wrote a post titled 3 Steps to $2,000 Extra: Christmas 2017. The concept was simple: write content using these three formats:"Best of" listsProduct reviewsKeyword based contentWas it a fad? Did the success fade away after the hype? No.Two years later, that income has grown to $12,000 for the holiday season. How did I do it? How did I grow that income from $2k to $12k?Same thing as always. I focus on writing content that gets found in Google. This is exactly what Kyle teaches in
If you didn't know, I keep a running tab on success stories in Wealthy Affiliate. In the past week, I've added a bunch of "My First Sale on Amazon" posts to the list. Why the sudden influx of people seeing their first bit of success with affiliate marketing?The answer is pretty easy - it's the holiday season, and people are shopping on Amazon. However, there is deeper meaning behind this. What's the TRUE reason they're getting their first sales?TRAFFIC!More people are shopping online right now.
So I'm back from Thailand, and getting caught up with everything I let slide while I was on vacation. As I'm sitting here going through emails, and starting to edit content to publish this week, I'm thinking to myself, "Wow, running a business while traveling isn't as easy as the gurus make it out to be".You've read all those headlines - "Work from a beach in Cancun". "Travel the world while your business is on autopilot!"The truth is, it's very difficult to manage everything effectively, let a
Just wanted to let my referrals know that I'll be in Thailand for two weeks, so it may take a little extra time to get back to private messages and questions that I normally answer every day.You can still take advantage of all the options for help with your business, your website, affiliate marketing, and the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Depending on what you need help with, there's a couple of avenues to take.Note: Any newbies reading this can also get some insight into how to get help at Wealt
November 30, 2018
Lots of people are posting their Black Friday earnings for 2018, but for me, the most exciting thing is Q4 2019. In a previous post (2017), I posted some past/current earnings, and future projections for one of my side project websites. You can read that post here. It includes insight into what I did to achieve those goals.One estimate was close, one was pretty off. Here they are. Keep in mind, this is a website NOT dedicated to promoting Wealthy Affiliate. You can make six figure affiliate ear
Hey everyone this message is mostly directed towards my referrals to Wealthy Affiliate, but there's still plenty that everyone can learn from it! I'll post that stuff at the bottom of this blog post, but for now, if you are my referral here (you joined through my link), here's what you get when you go YEARLY during Black Friday.Black Friday Bonus #13-part series about how to start outsourcingThis is three, separate PDF guides on how to start outsourcing stuff for your business. One of the most
November 08, 2018
When many of us start out at Wealthy Affiliate, the main goal is money. We want to make money online or increase our income. However, what's the goal of earning that money? Surely it's not to let it sit in a bank account somewhere earning 0.1% interest.For many of us (in fact, I'd hazard to guess most of us), earning money is just a means to an end. The actual goal is to have more time to do the things we love.This week, I was able to join my friend on his sailboat for a 3 day trip up the Calif