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The great thing about being an affiliate marketer is that there's always something new to talk about. This is a really interesting career, so as my 9th anniversary as a Wealthy Affiliate member comes around this June 2019, there's a lot to look back in the past year.$30,000 Website SaleIn September of 2018 I finally sold off my oldest website. At one point, it was my highest earning website, with over $12,000 in monthly commissions at its height.I built the website as a newbie though, and made
Spending Money VS Investing MoneyFrom 2010 until now, my mind has gone through a fundamental shift in how I look at spending money on my website.When I first started online marketing, I was definitely on a shoestring budget. I was too cheap to buy a .com domain name for $12.99, so I bought a $1.99 .info domain name instead.(Actually, the domain ended up doing quite well, and I always regretted not getting a .com domain name because I think it could have performed even better)Now I'm able to spe
Recently I've been working on updating old posts across all of my websites. Though I've been learning affiliate marketing for almost 10 years now, surprisingly, I find mistakes and problems from things I wrote just a year or two ago.(I guess the good news is that it's a clear sign that I'm always improving!)Throughout all this updating, I've seen a LOT of my rankings improve, even in some unlikely areas.Two-Word Keywords RANKEDOne of my best examples of how updating content helped me increase r
A common quesiton I get is how many websites it takes to earn a full time income with affiliate marketing. The answer is ONE.I'm a great example of what not to do when you get started with affiliate marketing.2011. 60 Websites.I started at Wealthy Affiliate in 2010. By 2011 I had 60 different websites. Things were different back then, so II had a whole "system" of how I ran these websites.As you might have guessed, 95% of the content on those websites was spun by VAs. Basically copied and rewer
As your website grows, "updating" things becomes a larger and larger task. For example, with new niche site that has 20 blog posts, you can overhaul your entire site in a relatively short amount of time. It might take a week to get every single article edited and expanded.Done and done.What happens when you have a 10 year old website and 2,000 blog posts? Well, things get more complicated. Getting your content up to date can seem like an impossible task.Looking back on my work througout the yea
Eggs are great. They are full of healthy fats and protein. Americans love eating eggs for breakfast, and I'm no exception.I really wish I could own some chickens, but I also own some Boston Terriers and, well, those chickens wouldn't last very long. Lots of people do buy backyard chickens though! Having a steady stream of organic, fresh, free-range eggs right in your back yard sounds pretty awesome.The trouble with getting those eggs is that it takes about six months until a new baby chick star
In March 2019, Google released a large-ish update which shook up the search engines results pages (SERPs). Of course, that means webmasters across the web are shakin' in their boots hoping their site doesn't get "hit". Though Google has been vague on exactly what this update was all about, it didn't seem to target anything in particular. As far as I understand it, it was just an update to the "core algorithm", in an effort to provide better search results.Past updates have targeted web spam, lo
We're well into the third month of the new year, and no doubt, some of you are feeling that post-honeymoon phase. It's time period right after something exciting happens. The adrenaline and excitement is over, and now it's time for normal, everyday life.We had the excitement of Black Friday. Then the big sales spike during holiday shopping season. Then we made some incredible 2019 goals and thought about all the progress we're going to make in the coming year.Now what?Now it's time to take acti
The long term results of your online business are inescapable. Whether you're doing "best practices" or trying to cheat the rules, long term you will reap what you sow. There are many examples of this, but I recently stumbled upon three great charts to demonstrate what I mean.The first example is near and dear to my heart. This is a website in the MMO niche. The owner of the website has commented on several of my blog posts mocking me for outranking me, and telling me that Wealthy Affiliate tea
Is my niche good? is a question I get a lot. Sometimes, it's tough to say exactly yes or no. ANY niche can make money if you tweak it enough and work on your site long enough.Even as an "expert", my knowledge is limited! A great example of a bad judgement call was my own website I started a couple years ago. I thought it didn't have much potential, but it turns out I was wrong.My Home Brewing WebsiteI started a website about homebrewing about six years ago. They always say to make your niche so