$2,158.76 In July from (Just) Ad Revenue - Yes It Works!

Last Update: August 30, 2020

Another post that's not to brag, but to share what's possible here at Wealthy Affiliate.

For the longest time I did not want ads on my website. I thought they would look tacky and I wanted a clean, uncluttered site. I also thought they'd be a distraction and hurt conversions.

None of those things turned out to be true, at least not in my experience. For the most part, it's been the opposite.

My best guess is that working with a good ad network gives your site credibility because you're now associated with recognizable brands. But that's just a theory. For whatever reason though, my conversion rates increased when I put ads on my site.

Of course, the other benefit to having ads on your site is that they generate revenue, and in July, my income from ads alone (not including affiliate and CPA income) was $2,158.76.

This is just crazy to me.

Update: Here's the July advanced reporting (screenshot) to answer some of the questions regarding number of sessions and RPM. Also for those who have asked, the ad network I use is Mediavine.

If you've been here awhile, you'll know there's a honeymoon phase when you first join WA.

You know it's going to take time and everyone's telling you it's going to take time... but for many I think (or maybe it was just me)... there's a secret hope you can do it faster.

And then of course you hit a wall. Some hit it at 3 months, others hit it earlier. Whenever it happens though, there's a sobering realization it's going to take longer than you first thought.

At some point the honymoon phase is over and that's when you start wondering if it works. Or maybe you know it works, but you're not sure it'll work for you.

Is it worth it?

The point I wanted to make with this post is that, yes... it's absolutely worth it.

I haven't added up my total income for July yet but when I include other affiliate programs, CPA's and sponsored posts... it should be in the ballpark of $6.5K (give or take).

So what you're doing here is worth it.

It probably won't happen as fast as you'd like but regardless of how long it takes, that time is going to pass anyway.

Now, $6.5K is not the kind of income many of our superaffliates here are earning and I have a long way to go, but these are US Dollars we're talking about... in Canadian Dollars that's like what...?

$100K or something. 😃

I can't help thinking what it would feel like (knowing what I know now) if I had quit because of the doubt, frustrations and failures. And I know many of you are going through those emotions.

Don't underestimate the time and effort you are putting in now.

Probably 80% or more of my traffic comes from posts I wrote in 2018. Some of them in 2017. And I remember wondering when I was writing those posts if I was just wasting my time. Countless hours compiling keywords, researching, writing, editing...

Will this ever amount to anything?

But if I'm being honest, it's extremely unlikely I would have spent that time on anything else productive (if I wasn't researching and writing those posts).

A little more Netflix maybe?

Not only would I not have an online income today, I wouldn't know what I know now or have the ability to do what I do now.

If I had quit and wanted back in the game, I'd have all that work still ahead of me.

It's so crazy (and a little scary) to think how easily I could have squandered all of that time. How easily I could have made a different choice, a simple decision to quit because of what...?


Of course, if I had quit... I could have spent more time with my family, and that's definitely not squandered time...

But now I have A LOT more time with my family.

Tons of time.

Because of WA and so many who have helped me here, I spend every day with my family (instead of working out of town nearly 3 weeks a month like I was before WA).

So if you can't tell... I'm trying to give you a (not so subtle) PUSH here 😃

Because I know (like Kyle and Carson know, and so many others here at WA know) that all of your time and effort is absolutely worth it.

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FKelso Premium Plus
You've given us good motivational information. I hope your success continues to build.
J-KWest Premium Plus
Hi Fran, thanks for your kind words and glad you found it helpful :-)

LauraFuller Premium
A great post. I am ready to take my business to a new level. I PM you to get a better understanding of this process.

Thank you so much.

J-KWest Premium Plus
Hi Laura,

Thanks for reading and commenting :-) I'm hoping to get to my PM's a little later today so I'll touch base then and hopefully be able to provide some insight.

keishalina Premium
*** Beautiful blog post! ... so well expressed and with heart! ... that's great progress and outcomes ...

Congratulations, too!

Celebrate it all and with some bubblie if you like!

. ... 🥂🍾 ! .... and sure some cake, too => 🍰 !

All the best to you going forward & upward to Big Success, Mega-Success! .... cheerio ... :) ***
J-KWest Premium Plus
HI Keisha,

Thanks so much for your kind words. Mmmm... cake :-D

All the best to you as well,

keishalina Premium
... wonderful! ... more cake? => 🍰🍰 ... enjoy as much as you'd like! ... it's virtual = zero calories ... lol ... ... 😊 ....
Karin13 Premium
Wonderful! Thank you for sharing!!!

Best wishes,
Karin 😁
J-KWest Premium Plus
... And thank you for reading and commenting :-)

Best wishes to you as well Karin,

Karin13 Premium
You're welcome, Jay! Keep up the outstanding work!

Best wishes,
DavePage Premium
Massively motivating post!! Thank you
J-KWest Premium Plus
Hey Dave, thanks for your kind words and glad you found it helpful :-)