My 3rd Year so far and my Regular Income!

Last Update: Jul 22, 2019

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Hey everyone!

I hope we are all acheiving our goals here at WA so far!

2019 has been a very good year for me so far and I am truly grateful for what I have acheived as well as not giving up.

Giving up was never in question but towards the end of 2018 I must admit I was frustrated at how things were going as I was not getting any referrals even though I was following the plan.

Then I had referral and a paid subscription and was also hired to design a website for a client that I host on WA.

Now I expect many of you reading this are guessing that the referrals started rolling in and I've never looked back?


They never but the training we receive here at Weathy Affiliate is not just geared up to getting referral and sales as I have implemented the training in to two income streams that are not to do with writing reviews and getting affiliate commission through various Niche companies.

My success has come from a joint venture where we provide a stock forecast service and also through becoming a self employed Recruitment consultant, working from home and accessing the office portal online.

How it Works

The Forecasting service has obtained clients though my experience of using keywords I analyze on Jaaxy and hashtags on Social media and also word of mouth.

We now have clients from the USA, Australia, Spain, Switzerland, India and the UK!


I have launched my own website to advertise vacancies and engage with jobseekers.

The knowledge and resources learnt at Wealthy Affiliate have also helped be find candidates here in the UK where I am based via social media usung targeted keywords.

The other aspect that I have found helpful is the writing with intent when composing job adverts and inluding targetted keywords.

All this has kept me rather quiet as I have been focused and busy working on these projects but its nice to finally do a write up and post a blog on the dashboard again!

Sales Success

I an also delighted to share that Revenue in sales is being generated at

approx $3000-$7600 a month since May.

I wanted to share this as I wanted to show memebers that it may not of happened yet but it can happen in a way you had not planned.

There are so many ways you can make an income with the training at Wealthy Affiliate so don't just focus on rererrals your plan B or Plan C might just surprise you!

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Thank you so much Darren for sharing this very helpful and insightful post.

Yes I agree there are so many ways that one can make money online and being a part of this amazing community opens up many doors.

Wishing you much more success
Congratulations on your 3rd year. YAY


Awesome and inspiring thank you@ ! I was kind of feeling sorry for being so bad at getting referrals here. Wondering what to change in my approach. I feel like it is not in my cards to recruit but for welcoming and encouraging people here at WA. You are a great example, and reminder to keep mind open and persevere.

Thank you for sharing. This is good to know there are multiple ways of making money. You are a great example and inspiration.

Thanks for sharing Darren. Amazing what will happen when you persist. And thanks for the motivation this morning.

Your welcome Ray, I’m glad you found it uselful!

Wow, this is amazing. well done, it just shows you how many other opportunities can come from our training here at WA ; )

absolutely! Thank you

Wow, what an achievement! Congrats Darren!!

Thank you

I truly believe this training will take me somewhere incredible and your post confirms this.

My family thinks I should give it up! Ha. No way. I am on a road that is taking me on an amazing journey.

Thanks for sharing!


My family said the same but you have to be a little stubborn as they love you and want to protect you but they have not joined WA so it’s hard for them to realise the potential.

Thank you for sharing this. WA training prepares us for many different methods of earning income online. If we are not successful with our Bootcamp, then our success may come from an entirely different type of income stream. So do not despair.


Exactly, I sat down before writing this post and realised that what I am doing relates to what I’ve learnt.

There are multiple income streams to be made with this training for sure.

It’s true and you are so right I work with your view in mind Thanks a lot and congrats for your success and wishing you many more success to come


And you the same for you, I’m in my third year here and it’s nice to let others know the training can make a difference

This is my 2nd year

I love this success story so much because of the way you said that success may not come in the way that you planned.

Sometimes it comes in a totally unexpected way, and how much fun is that??

Good for you for using the skills you've learned here to create a full-time income online.

Congrats, and thank you for sharing!

- Christina

Thanks Christina

I hope it will inspire others

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