Milestone Pinterest 548.000+ Reach 1000+ Followers!

Last Update: Jan 28, 2019

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Dear fans and readers,

Yay, wow finally one milestone reached, my first one. The milestone to have my first 1000 Pinterest followers with a reach of over 500.000 visitors a month to my boards. It is even better than that and still growing. I worked 6 months on this to get where I am now and I continue using Pinterest for my business model as I can see it is a great way to expose your website and blogs to the crowd.

Success with Pinterest! You Can Too!

You can do the same. Make use of #hastags for your photos, describe what the photo is all about and see how it shows up to those groups of interest. You also will be able to see which pins are loved and pinned the most, this will help you to find better photos for your articles.

Besides of being pinned, many visitors click and visit your website, thus you start to generate traffic coming from Pinterest to your website. That is a big plus and very useful. I decided first to build my fan boards and add minimal own photos of my website blogs and now the reach is high enough to pin the rest and make them accessible to a wider audience and thus get more traffic.

Then you are astonished to see how a simple photo you thought off gets a high reach, I was like wt.... wow, unbelievable and that will put a smile on you. :)

I think Pinterest can help us as well to find the niches to write about in 2019. Off course continue what you do as always, but within your niche, on hand of what people pin and collect, the pins with the high reach called Rich pins, you can see that when there is a R behind the pin in your statistics, it will tell you what is in fashion now and use that to join the flow.

My next milestone? Well for Pinterest it is 1.000.000 people reach a month and 2000 followers. :))

My other milestones; my first real WA joiner for a subscribtion, that is what I am working on now, to get my review out as I have enough content now that I can add the affiliate reviews to my story world. Videos coming too. :))

How is your experience so far with Pinterest?

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Recent Comments


This is awesome. I am a big fan of Pinterest though I lost a lot of traction when they introduced their new algorithms recently.
Making my way back up to the 242K I was on by making some changes to my pins and descriptions.
With Grace and Gratitude

Hi Karen,

What did Pinterest change? As I probably missed that one. Would be interesting to know. Did you loose out on that so much? What is your take on that?

This is truly great news and a good reason to celebrate. You write well and I am saving this post to check back on to improve my ranking on Pinterest. Thank you so much for sharing.

Thank you Judy, I appreciate your kind words. Trying to do my best to help and inform others. :))

This is great news, congratulations!
We are needing to do Pinterest as well and your post has inspired us.
C & P

Thanks a lot, these successes are needed to drive us forward. I need to get my reviews started now and increase my traffic to start converting. 2019 will be an interesting year.

I just did this morning my Pinterest and I have 144K visitors and 41K engagement. Followers I am with 3400.
Pinterest is great and I love creating those pins.

Cheers Sylvia

My engagement rate is almost 20.000 so that should be a good value too, seen yours. :))

How did you get so many followers?

I started following people, and once a week I follow everyone who follows me. Each week I have around 100 followers that I follow back.
I also get now invitations for group boards without me looking for them.
Cheers Sylvia

I did the same in the beginning and then I noticed that many of those I followed back unfollowed me and also what shows up in the results what you are looking for might then be that what you are not looking for if you do not check out what that pinterester collects.

So I changed and I lookup the accounts to see if it might be a big shark with not many it follows, that is a first sign, then I check the boards, pins and also the amount, less than 100 pins and 5k+ followers is a strange...

And I wait a while now, before I follow back, that is best, so you know that most of them are interested in what you do too.

Off course if I know it is a WA colleague or a friend, I follow back.

I see it as a service in what I do, to pin to my boards for the people who choose me to follow me, so I like to keep my fans happy and give them what they need. I am not necessary looking for other people, I do if I discover great pins during my pinning sessions.


Good job. Thanks for sharing.


You are welcome Ruby and thank you. :))

That’s great! I’ve been at Pinterest for a couple months and your post give me hope.

Thanks for sharing and keep it up!


Doing that almost daily if I can, to look out for what my fans want me to bring to them and in addition my own pins, that goes hand in hand now.

And with Pinterest, you are not dependent on Google rankings.

Exactly :)) I love your thesis.

Well done Stefan

I do need to get my hat on with Pinterest have let it slide a bit
But will start again soon

Have an awesome week ahead


I did that as well, if you do that you will lose a lot of reach and it takes time to get back (for me a month, I fell from 150.000 to 115.000), so if you miss a day or a couple that is manageable, but like I had several weeks, that cost you, so if you have time use Pinterest as well, otherwise look for alternatives.

So true which I already found out but slowly as I get a bit more time it is building up but yes still a lot to do from where it was before. I will get there.

Thank you for that too

Feel free to look at mine, that can give you an idea of how I build. You can find it under the shared links on my WA profile.

I will thank you

You are welcome and congratulations I see you are an Ambassador now. :))

Yes thank you for that been hard at it here.

I have also followed you on Pinterest just now as well.

Have a great day mine is nearly ending it's 11.30 so bit more replies then off to bed eventually :))


Thank you Andre, following back. :))

Have a great night and if you have question, drop me a line by pm, perhaps i can give you the help you need to improve an build.

Still early days for me. Are you getting a serious amount of traffic with those numbers?

Statistics are still fresh and Pinterest runs 2 days behind, so I will see how it develops, but yes I can say it has effect and besides of saves I also notice link clicks.

It very much depends on your photos, description and hastags that animates people to visit your website.

I am just starting to learn to analyze my own, I say it is worth it to build it up, it is said that pins last much longer as any other social platform to get notified.

A photo says more than 1000 words, right? :))

But you need to be active in Pinterest and consistent if you want to succeed, also pin what people love, that is work, but it is doable as my success proofs.

Excellent my friend!
I am happy to see that you making such good progress with this Pinterest!
I am not yet started on the platform, but your post has given me hope that is may be worth while.
It is a good sign for the rest of us.
Thank you for sharing your post with us, I appreciate it!

I thought the same my friend, but as a pin has a 3.5 month life span, it would be crazy not to try it.

But as said, I first build my audience before I introduce most of my own pins.

I say it is worth it. :))

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