The #1 Reason Why You Are NOT Succeeding!

Last Update: January 07, 2019

I know exactly why many of you are NOT succeeding yet...

I've literally seen 1,000's of people starting out here and many of them failing.

In this post, you'll see 3 real-life stories that will help you to understand this.

Please, take this as a message to lift you up from "No success" path to a better "Success" Path.

Your success in 2019 literally lies in this 1 thing...

Before I reveal you that 1 thing...

Let me tell you what happens to most people...

But despite ALL that...

They're not succeeding and they're earning nothing...

Yes, you hear right!


Why does it happen?

What is the #1 reason that's holding them back?

The reason is that they're NOT TAKING ACTION.

Let me just give you 3 REAL-LIFE examples to illustrate the point that I'm making here.

(Keep in mind that I don't want to put down these people in any way. Just use as a valuable learning experience for all of us.)

1. "I Need Money Desperately. What to Do Now?"

Some time ago I got a private message at WA and the member said,

"Hey Roope,

can you take a look at my site? I desperately would need to start making money with it now but nothing's happening. Please, tell me what to do?"

I was glad to receive a message from this person and have a look at the site because I was excited to see the progress.

But there was a great surprise waiting for me...

The website looked almost exactly the same like 6 months ago when I looked and it the last time and there wasn't almost any progress at all. He hadn't followed the advice I gave him the last time.

Key Lesson: You're not going to make big money at least if you keep your website the same for 6 months. My recommendation is that you publish at least 2 new high quality +1,500-word posts every week targeting a low competition keyword.

2. "I Will Publish At Least 3-4 New Videos Every Week..."

I was having dinner in Chiang Mai, Thailand with 2 of my friends. There was a guy who was running a profitable affiliate marketing business and a lady who was starting a YouTube channel.

At some point of the evening, the guy asked the lady what she was planning to do to build her channel.

The lady said that her plan is to publish at least 4 videos every single week from now on. She already had a lot of ideas in her mind what to publish.

That would make around 50 new videos in the coming 3 months, right?

Well, guess how many new videos she eventually published in the next 3 months since that conversation.

Only 1 or 2!

I still don't understand what happened to her...

She wanted to make money online, build a YouTube channel and have more influence.

But she was just talking and no action.

This is a story of +80% of people in my experience. Then they usually say:

"This YouTube thing doesn't work! I've tried EVERYTHING but I just don't get views!"

Yeah, right... You published 1-2 videos in 3 months... Let's get real here! :D

Key Lesson: If you're starting a YouTube channel, I recommend that you publish consistently new content every week.

Don't expect any significant results until you've published at least 100 videos in your channel. I stay this because most people quit just when they're about to get the breakthrough and it usually takes consistency to succeed on YouTube.

3. "Why Do You Work in the Weekend?"

Third person (or actually a group) is the one that sends me messages like, "I've been so busy recently. I'll get back to this when I get more time."

Do you recognize yourself? ;)

I guess that pretty much everyone can relate to that.

Nobody has more time and we will never get more time than others. But we can always have more time for the things that we prioritize.

At some point, I was working +50 hours in a week in a job, spending +10 hours a week in a gym hobby, and I still had time for making a significant progress with my 2 websites.

Because I made it a priority.

Of course, I needed to make sacrifices.

When my friends went skiing to the Alps every weekend (I was living in Austria at that time), I just stayed at my room learning and writing new articles to my website.

They said that I'm anti-social and some people laughed at work why I was working also in the weekend.

I said that I'm working to making my dream to become a reality and continued:

"Let's see WHO LAUGHS when I send you a postcard from the beach of Thailand while I'm making passive income online and you are still working 8-5 in this same office!"

Sure enough, I achieved that freedom and I know people who are still working in that same office. They wouldn't laugh anymore ;)

Key Lesson: You have enough time. You just need to prioritize things and make some sacrifices if you want to have a freedom to make a life-changing passive income online.

Conclusion - #1 Reason Why People Succeed

The #1 reason why people don't succeed is that they don't take action. Talk is not enough.

The #1 reason why people succeed is that they take action consistently.

What does taking action mean to you?

Here are a few examples...

  • Publish +200 high quality +1,500-word posts targeting a low competition keyword.
  • Publish +200 videos on your YouTube channel.
  • Answer 500 relevant questions within your niche in Quora to drive traffic to your offers.
  • Build a social media channel with +10,000 real and active followers.
  • Build an email following of +500 daily readers.

Let me know in the comments below: What is your #1 focus right now to build your online business?

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ale4X6X Premium
I am really happy to have found this post because this is what I was looking for! The only thing that matters to me, as a starter at WA, is that my efforts will be worth it. If I am not making money because the website is not my priority, that is my problem. But I want it to be my priority and make it my routine to sit at this laptop and work for my future.

Thank you!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thank you Alessandra
alan47 Premium
Thanks for giving these true and sobering facts. Often when I am at my lowest edge, I eventually realise that I have not taken the action I had set out to do. The old saying is also true "Actions speak louder than words. I look forward to learning more about your progress here and replacing all my excuses for failure with call to action which I then follow through to completion, however long it takes.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
That's a good old saying! "Actions speak louder than words."
StarLord21 Premium
Thanks for posting this Roope! :) I was asking myself 'How does success look and how do I know if this is for me?'

Now I know!

I'm just starting, so my answer to your question ('What is your #1 focus right now to build your online business?') is that I'm going start with the first example you gave:

- Publish +200 high quality +1,500-word posts targeting a low competition keyword.

My goal is to churn out at least three articles per week, but aiming for one a day. That would get me there in 29 to 67 weeks then ... So half a year to a year. Ouch. :/

That's a bit intimidating, but at least I have more specific expectations now.

Thanks again!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah, it takes time but imagine that you wouldn't take action at all. You'd still be at the same point where you are at the moment.
jetrbby80316 Premium
Action, action , action Roop!
Nothing happens without action, #1 right on target.
I've been telling people for years......

It's Amazing the excuses people make (and will convince themselves it is true when it's a self-delusion) why they aren't succeeding. Most people are just living in a bubble.

It's really very simple. But at the same time seemingly impossible for most.

Just consistently DO the work.

Great Post.
JerilynWin Premium
This is very valuable. I started out strong as I was out of work and had lots of time to devote to starting my sites. Then things started happening with my freelance writing career and then I got a temp FT job which may turn into a regular FT job - I needed income very much so these are good things. But all of these big changes have left me not spending any time on WA anymore. I have to re-arrange my life and schedule and figure out how to fit it all in. I lost motivation, too, with WA, and trying to get that back is another challenge. Clue to myself: do the work whether you're motivated or not. It will come.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yep. Often "life gets in the way", huh? ;)

Clear written goals usually help getting things done.

Reading with you today is a eye opener.
I really need to do much more to get things rolling.

So far I made 50 cents in 4 months and refuse to give up now that I am hear going on 6 months.

Sometimes, I feel as if I'm in a maze hoping that what I'm doing will bring more traffic.

Recently, I tried 2 alternatives to Google Adsense and quickly removed them because somehow I realized they didn't make sense without great traffic.

After looking at the 5 things to do, I know why my traffic is down.

I am grossly deficient in all areas.

All I can say is I have to work smarter to make progress online.

Now, I have to figure out how to do videos and email marketing.

.My feelings are down like my traffic, but I'll just hang in there for now.

Thank you for caring enough to share these great tips.

Best regards
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks for sharing Maxine. Think about it... Many people study +5 years in the University and earn nothing during that time. 50 cents in 4 months is a much better option in that sense ;)

Anyway, I recommend that you stick to it and send messages to some experienced members to have a quick look at your site for a feedback. Then you know what to do better/differently.
Kettei Premium
Oh darn, you caught me.

Actually, I already figured this out when I reviewed my progress last year but I loved reading your post.

I know so many people (me included) that have fallen into one of those three groups.

But not this year. Nope. I'm going to take action like an action-taking thingy. :)
EijaJ Premium
Warm thanks. This is so true and many practical ideas to progress and use. I love to read your post!

In my case it is just that prioritizing the spending time. I've got the time to gym and full time job and I want to manage to get the needed time to WA, too.

Maybe sometimes I left the skiing, too and do the training instead. After hardworking I maybe get to ski where ever I want. Not only to the nearest ski area ;)

All the best success to you, Roope.

RoopeKiuttu Premium
MaryFRM Premium
It's all SO right. But life is complicated.
I use every minute I can spare to work on my blog (unfortunately, in disorganized way probably). Mostly it comes at the expense of my time with my husband in the evenings.
After several months he became VERY upset and requires attention.
So I have to prioritize again and divide this already little time I can find (after a job, kids and gym).
And every week I discover more things that need time and attention - site speed, email service, pinterest etc - in addition to normal research and post writing.
I only managed to get 24 posts since June.
But I do everything to move the needle every single day. Hope that success will come, even if not fast.
bryanb007 Premium
Hey Roope, You should not talk about me like that. I don't have enough time to do my normal things, let alone deal with you talking about me! :-)

You hit the nail on the head. Taking action id the key but you need to do it consistently. Once in a while does not count. Ask me.

thanks for highlighting this.

RoopeKiuttu Premium
Haha, thanks for sharing Bryanb :)
tpchan Premium
I loved this post and it is a real kick. I mean, I haven't complained (yet) knowing I haven't put much work into my website. Though, on the back of my mind I'm always telling myself if I don't start making sacrifices and really put into my website, I'm not going to get anywhere.

I've also told myself, making sacrifices and putting in more time on my website is one of my new years resolution. I don't really see that happening yet but it's always going through my mind.

I hope I can really start doing that soon, like... starting today!!!

Thanks for the post! =)
CandP Premium
Thank you so much for this post. We will be following your great advice. Inaction is the great enemy. We cannot remain static, have to go forward and keep things alive and engaging all the time. YouTube is our next project. It works.
Wishing you health, happiness and continued success for 2019, Roope!
C & P
hordol2013 Premium
Great post! Those who succeed are those who keep pushing and working even when they don’t feel like they’re being successful....because they understand success doesn’t happen over night!

I need to be updating my YouTube channel more regularly. I’ve been writing lots of content, but keeping up with my email list and YouTube channel hasn’t been as high of a priority as I need to make it. That changes today!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
YouTube is good because sometimes the competition is not so tough there as in Google and sometimes videos rank better than . articles.
EdwinBernard Premium
I joined 9 days ago and charged right into the training. After starting the website building segment my sponsor drilled into me that I need to focus on getting the magic keywords that is critical in getting eyeballs to see your website. So I paused in the process and reviewing keyword seminars here and getting to know the research tools really well.

There is one critical step needed to take action consistently. It is to build a habit to do just that. And building a habit needs scheduling time every day to work on ones business. The activities will change at the different phases of ones business timeline. Here's a tip. In the corporate world I had to create timelines for every project I was assigned. I also had to be accountable to my boss as my progress was checked regularly. If I fell behind he would drill down to find the reason. If there was any hint of me procrastinating the outcome was not pleasant. However, if I truly gave it my all and was still having issues he would enlist others with the right skills to help me succeed.

Doesn't that sound familiar at WA? With one huge difference. We are our own boss. And if we treat this like a hobby we are destined to fail. We have to treat this like a business and be accountable.

I found one problem with this WA. Since it is so easy to ask for help it is easy to fall into a trap of talking and networking with more people than you really need to. By curtailing this action ones credits may also be curtailed. My suggestion is when you are new, focus on doing the tasks to create a successful business. After that goal is achieved, then network with the goal of helping others succeed.

I have failed to build a successful business of any kind for the reasons that I wrote above. Finding WA was a breath of fresh air. There is no other platform for novices like me so I am committed to making the most of this opportunity. I have too much work to do so I will not be writing a lengthy comment like this again for a long time. I did this because the author of the Blog I responded to created a topic that resonated with me.

Happy business building and success to all.

RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks for sharing Edwin!
Anthonyhu Premium
Hi Roope, It is a very nice article. It is easier to say than to do. I always want to take action on my website, but I just don't know what to in an entire week sometimes. Niche knowledge is a key issue. After writing niche article in one year, I feel exhausted and am out of idea. How do you get idea to write for your website day in and day out?
TheCatherine Premium
set up a Google alert in your niche and see what other people are writing about
DBlanchard Premium
Great post Roope! You are an inspiration!

I am doing exactly what you say in your post here. I work a full-time 9-5 job right now, but I am committed to getting this online business to high levels so that I can fire my boss!

So, every evening I work at my online business, and I get up between 4 and 5 am and work away at it again! I will get there because I am taking action!🙂

It may take a little longer because I can't be doing this full time right now, but it's my ultimate goal! One day I will create a post and say: "I fired my boss" 🙂🙂

Keep on inspiring us!!!
LouiseBT Premium
You are delivering great value as always Roope - thank you, thank you.

I will print this one out and keep it on my pinboard for those days when the spirit is willing by the flesh is weak :-) Having worked until 2am on my WA business most nights over the festive season, in addition to house and pet sitting and spending time in the office on my paid job, the flesh has felt the impact. I needed this read today. Thank you again.

JohnGreg08 Premium
Sweet. I think my goals and my actions are not far off from your advice.

I'm on my fourth month and I am kind of getting worried if I am doing the right thing. Well I guess I got the consistency part. I just need to be patient. Maybe improve my call to actions too.
Marley2016 Premium
I have made my tasks large for 2019 starting out and so
far this week I fell short three posts :(
But this is not going to stop me from moving forward and
trying again next week to make the goal I set for myself
of 18 per week! - Finish Bootcamp by end of January it
was to be December but time ran out on me so move it
back a month :)
I know that I am not always going to reach exactly what
I aim for but at least I keep trying is this not what we are
suppose to do?
Thank you for the supportive blog post I know that with time
things will become easier and sure can use any advise you
are willing to give.
Thanks so much,
cld111 Premium
Yes, thank you! I see this a lot too. (And I used to be one of these people.) I review a lot of these make-money-fast programs, and they make it sound SO easy to make money that I just think that's what people expect.

Also, it's probably just biologically ingrained in us. We want to do the least amount of work because it conserves the most energy.
While that was a plus in caveman days, now being lazy just doesn't cut it.

I also think people aren't motivated. They don't really *want* to be successful at this for whatever reason. Maybe it's just subconscious programming holding them back.

In any case, I'm glad you're paving the way and showing where consistent action can get you! Way to go!

- Christina
Eliz65 Premium
Great article! I am working on writing great content and trying to drive traffic to my site. I still have a long way to go...but I believe in baby steps...I know I can't expect to make huge dollars over night. My long time goal is to be able to travel with the money I make on my site!
anusuya1 Premium
Hey Roope,

200 high-quality posts? You will make money from each post then! Now I am counting almost every minute to spend on research and writing, polishing. I am consistent but moving in a snail pace. I feel I can do better with time.

I read in one Neil Patel's one famous entrepreneur (forgot his name)had 30 posts in 2 years time but he keeps them regularly updated. They are all high quality and money making posts.

Do you have a comment on this?
RoopeKiuttu Premium
It depends on the strategy. Neil Patel has a little bit different strategy. He writes like +10,000 words per article and does lots of promotion per article. You can also do that.

Another way is to provide shorter like 2k word review articles for affiliate sites.

It depends on what is your goal with the content and how much do you promote it, etc.
RuthlynB Premium
I have not made any money since I started 9 months ago I think I am taking action I try to publish at least times a month with over 1000 words I have noticed my following has increased but no sales but I am not giving up, Thank you for your post.
PromiseO Premium
This was a very wonderful article I was actually feeling a little down lately because a friend of mine actually told me worse thing's when I just started this WA program and I am trying my hardest to create more content, drive traffic and earn income from my website and I am not doing so well at the traffic and income part but I do create more content but I still keep on trying and trying hopefully one day things will get better
Crawlintik Premium
Great read I'm taking action! right now IM working on Content for both websites. I'm not getting much traffic but honestly I've only been at it for about 5 days. I have two domains, but only one content rich post. Working to get more. Im no writer to the content part is harder for me. But I know if I keep at it I'll have both website making passive income for me and Im going to work towards that goal.
jellybean50 Premium
Wow Roope you hit it on the nose!!
I just paid for a year and my Escort driving job that assist oversize loads from point a to point b leaves me not much time for WA. Between driving and sleeping I’m trying so hard to make the time.
I desperately want to find away to manage putting it in my schedule at least 4 hours a day.
RKingsley Premium
Jellybean, there is a simple solution, but maybe not the one you want to hear: It takes some sacrifice. You have to give up some leisure time. I just spent my entire weekend migrating mailing lists, building advertising ROI reports for customers and chasing repeat business for 2019.

Not every weekend is like this, but if you have no time in your day job, you might need to give up time on something else (or find a job with less time constraints)

I took a pay cut in order to start working from home, and another pay cut to start working for myself, but it gave me more time, which really ended up paying off! I don't recommend that you quit your job, I'm just saying that sometimes you need to make sacrifices in order to ht your goals.

Here is a more positive way to say it:
skmorrow Premium
I agree with you, people prioritize what is important to them. If playing video games is your priority, you will find time to do that, and many people do. If working out is a priority, then you will find time for that. If succeeding with an affiliate marketing business is your priority, you will do that too.

Thanks for posting this, hopefully, you will encourage people to take action.
RKingsley Premium
I actually set aside time for video games haha
DaleMaz Premium
This is one of the best articles I have read in a long time. People still come here or else where with the notion of not having to put in the effort.

My last year was terrible but I knew it was my fault and no one elses. Until I decided to change things then nothing would change.

I did not know about the Quara thing but will look a little deeper into that or feel free to PM me and tell me a little more about it.

Great article

SummarsPlace Premium
This was a great and inspiring post Roope. I'm just getting started but I am taking this to heart. As a newbie I try to get online and work on my training everyday, but I feel like I should be getting more done.. I am still in the first training section. I am going to make the goal right now to finish that and be well into the next section this week.

And its true. This applies to any success. 9 to 5 career to your own online business. To be successful you have to work hard and be persistent.

Gonna follow you Roope and learn some more. Hope you follow me back. Thanks for all your hard work.

toddmatthews Premium
I love this article and it can be applied to anything that people have as a goal. Whether it's online affiliate marketing, a fitness lifestyle, or writing a book, action is required.

It's sad to see so many people talk about doing this, or talk about doing that, but never, ever, ever taking action or, when they are failing, take ownership and responsibility for their lack of success.

I always tell people to set short-term daily goals, not just the long-term goal. What often happens, and as a personal trainer I see this a lot in the gym, is the fact that those making a New Years Resolution in anything focus only on the long-term.

Focusing only on the long-term is always going to result in failure. A number of short-term goals morph into one long-term goal. It was something I always told my clients.

I get they wanted to look good for summer, but here in January we have six months until beach season kicks off. We needed weekly goals that would help them reach that summer goal.

The same needs to be applied here.
JennClark11 Premium
I know for a fact I was not taking the necessary actions the last 6 months to make progress and I fully take responsibility for my “lack of action” but my new goal as of right now starting tomorrow is to do a “100 day challenge!”

I want to publish a new article every day for the next 100 days! Along with 100 days of visualization meditation to get my mind on the ultimate path!

Cass51 Premium
Thank you Roope, I also recently wrote a blog on the same topic, not as in depth as yours :) but I totally agree that taking action is the key and it really does not matter whether we are new to this or experienced, we just have to do the work and persevere.
Cheers Cass
gartnerf Premium
I wholeheartedly agree with you. You will reap what you sow. If you don't stay aggressive in publishing quality content and keeping your customers engaged, don't expect much in sales revenue.

I am guilty of this one too. I stopped publishing on my site to help someone else with their site and now my engagement has plummeted near ground floor. It will not take twice as much effort to re-engage my lost audience and to invite new visitors to my site. In my effort to help someone else I didn't keep my site a priority.

It is a full-time job, at least up front, until you can build enough quality content and customers to meet your goals. All the tools and support are here to help you achieve your success, but only you can make that success truly happen!

Thanks for the post!
RDulloo Premium
I completely agree with you Roope.

I had around 120 starter referrals in 2018 and guess how many people actually went through the FREE training and took advantage of their FREE websites; I can count them on my fingers.

The truth is, it would be nice for them to go premium to gain access to the rest of the training and this great community, but I also understand that not everybody has the financial capability to do so. If money is a concern, they should STILL be able to go through their FREE training and use the FREE resources available.

The fact that they actually signed up, even if for free, is an indication that they WANT to make money online but they're just not prepared to take action and to follow through with what is required to make their dreams a reality.

It's sad because unfortunately, not taking action is not going to CHANGE ANYTHING! We have to be prepared to make a change within ourselves in order to be able to make a change in our lives.

Thanks for this great post! I'm sure it will help many people realize the importance of taking consistent action.
Roybretton Premium
Hello Robert,

Thank you for another excellent blog post I can relate to what you are saying 100% Robert, I have seen this pattern all my life, with off-line businesses and online businesses! Unless we take action, nothing will happen, for some reason, many people seem to think that an online business happens overnight, but unfortunately this is not so!

You have added some great pointers, Robert, regarding taking action, I plan to make more YouTube videos this year.

Have a great day Robert.

Showolf Premium
This has been bookmarked!!
While I, at first, felt overwhelmed by the examples, it dawned on me that it wasn't impossible.
One of my major goals is to overcome my Social Media challenge. For me, FB is for bad jokes and Angry Birds. LOL
Thank You, as this has made me ponder my next move(s).
AllanDeBlase Premium
I will have to admit I find myself overwelmed when I look at trying to do everything at once.

So far I find the training to be first rate. I'm not looking to make money right away.

My plan is to spend 1 to 2 hours per day go through the training and then narrow the niche I chose on the first website I started.

Great note that consistent action and data is always needed to succeed.

sdawson Premium
You are so right and I have seen some of myself in your examples. Publishing new content regularly is my worst issue - the one that holds me back from reaching my goals. Thank you for emphasizing this in your post today. It is time for me to kick my own booty and "TAKE ACTION" on a regular basis. Thank you. -shirley
qrwizard Premium
Thank you, Roope!
I had decided to take the day off, do my own reflection about how to succeed and set realistic goals for the week.
Luckily, I came back to my WA tab and I found your blog.
My #1 focus right now is to publish my 30+ domain names portfolio and start selling them on Flippa.

RoopeKiuttu Premium
Wow, that sounds like a very intersting plan! Thanks for sharing Richard.
HeidiY Premium
I’m going with #1 - Publish +200 high quality +1,500-word posts targeting a low competition keyword in 2019.

It took many weeks of soul searching to finalize my plans for this next 12 months, but I’ve settled on the “keep it simple stupid” method and I’m just going for as much content as humanly possible :)
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Alright, that's a great plan!

Be sure to monitor your progress and ask someone to review your content every now and then.
HeidiY Premium
Are you offering Roope? I’d appreciate your thoughts once I’ve got a bit more content :)
VirginiaJ1 Premium
Hi, Maybe someone can help me with mine. I'm currently trying to place images and unfortunately I now have a big mess to sort out. Put an image in, had trouble removing it, the image was not clear, I think I forgot to optimize. Anyhow it get's worse, I think image size had something to do with it. The post I was working on two of the headers had split into two lines, I looked into editor and everything in the editor is out of sync. What's the best way to get back on track? Oh my, I need some help.
Terand Premium
Problem solved? If not, do login to your website via Site manager and check if EWWW Image optimizer has been installed/updated?
To edit or remove your image. If it is published, you must edit in Wordpress. Go to your published content, click on the icon on the top right corner.
I didn’t not go and look for the relevant training clip. You can check out out too :o)
VirginiaJ1 Premium
Hi, Thanks much.
JKulk1 Premium
I totally agree with everything you say Roope. Time is always a major factor in any business but I've known people (such as myself) that work 80 hours plus in their own off line business. They spend thousands of dollars setting the business up and struggle to find time for family. But give them an opportunity to make money on line they don't have enough time, money or knowledge. Excuses are just that, excuses. What we all need to do is be realistic in our expected earnings, understand that every business takes time, money and effort to make successful and be willing to learn.
There is very little difference between an online and offline business when it comes to the above points.The only real difference I have noticed is that an online one can cost you a whole lot less in initial investment capital. You can reinvest money made with online business's to create further income, but the initial cost is minimal compared to offline.
Thank you for highlighting the ways that we can make money on line efficiently. Also, thanks to WA for making our dreams possible and keeping the costs to do this at a very minimal level. Jim
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Good points Jim!
amjadjudeh Premium
I totally agree!

I used to write one or two posts and then stay away for a month, and nothing would happen to the rankings and the traffic.

In the past thirty days i wrote around 18 blog posts and started seeing more consistent traffic and new referrals.
Hard and smart work does pay off.
, but you need to be patient and trust the process.

Unfortunately, because some fake gurus are promoting their training courses as fast ways to go from zero to hero in no time, people are now completely impatient and they look for immediate results.
They don't want to understand that every method has a learning curve and takes time and consistent work before it starts paying off.

All the best!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
I completely agree with you Amjad and I can relate to what you you're saying because that's also what I did at the very beginning when I was getting started.
Hudson Premium
Thanks Roope, these messages are absolutely correct. I don’t make resolutions at New Year but this time I have set myself very tough objectives to change my site and to add and update my content regularly, meaning every other day minimum. Yes it can be difficult to do but what I have found is that you need to use every single spare minute you have to do the work on your website. For me this means thinking things through whilst walking the dogs and making notes on my phone; doing actual content work where I would have sat and watched the TV; working at least two hours every evening after dinner, and so on. If you really want it you can do it. Happy New Year, Hudson.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah, that's a great plan! Need to 'squeeze' the time if there's not much available.
Terand Premium
Awesome sharing, Roope. You are back!
Yes, it’s all about taking action action action!
I’ve also bookmarked it! :o)
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yes I'm back :D

You're very active here.
Terand Premium
Great that you have recovered! For the moment while I’m not working, I can afford it. Once I join the work force, that’s it! Ha. Have a great Sunday and take care too, Roope!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
I see :)
Mercedes9 Premium
Thanks for your post. I was making excuses all the time and got myself working more than 60+ at my job, and getting too tired to accomplish anything else. I want the independence working online can provide me. Thank you for your post and I'm taking action beginning now!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Yeah, eventually you'll have much more free time if you sacrifice some "fun things" now to build your online business.
Winlee1 Premium
Quite eye openening.Still learning new terms Roope.I feel it is hard even starting but I know that hard work pays and perseverance is the mother of success.Thanks to such remarkable message.
MiaL Premium
This is awesome Roope. I have bookmarked this.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks Mia!
Fleeky Premium
Marked as top

Still struggling wIth speed on several of my sites

It Is holding me back a lot and if it does not get solved it will make me quit

Because it is my reason number one to bounce a site
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Maybe changing to a better domain host would help? I recently changed to SiteGround hosting
Fleeky Premium
It could be themes also...
As long as it is not smooth... trully nerving

Thank you for your time
Fleeky Premium
Hosting here is excellent.
Don't think that is the problem
rallan Premium
I believe it. I will try an expand my catchment and it will mainly thru regular posts

thanks for the G up
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Alright, sounds great!
TommyVTE Premium
Hi Roope,
At the moment I am focussing more on getting more followers with social media. Having 87 articles with a 278.400 words count I think I am on my way to offer something to read on my website. Keep on producing 2 a 3 article per week and give a bit more attention to my social media...

Have a great day
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Alright! Which social media channel are focusing on?
TommyVTE Premium
Mostly Pinterest and Instagram, but still posting on Google+ until it stops and then also 3 times per week a post in Linkin, plus this month will start using YouTube together with a partner in crime.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Alright! Do you know Brok from WA? He has had a lot of success with Pinterest. I recommend checking him out
TommyVTE Premium
ok thanks
JagiR Premium
I am having a hard time building an email list. Hopefully, soon I will get it right.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
What kind of challenge do you specifically have?
CLandi Premium
I wish she had answered you, Roope. Maybe she is unaware that stating her problem could benefit many members who might have the same problem.

Many of my questions have been answered just by reading comments.

JagiR Premium
The challenge I'm having is getting people to sign up. So far one person in the one month since I started my blog. I am not sure what enticing product I can put there for people to want to subscribe.
Cav1966 Premium
My main focus for the year is to make my site more streamlined or detailed I dont know the exact word... oh wait more FOCUSED that is it.
Seriously making my site more focused on what my niche and topic is
Also in light of doing so writing more content and more reviews than I was able to get out this past couple months .
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Focus usually leads to success :)
Treats Premium
Motivational. Currently, I'm planning to hit 100 posts in 4 months time. Tough stuff but I've managed to put out 4 articles within a week of starting so far.

Plenty of things to learn and definitely more to discover to get better at writing.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Great plan!