The #1 Reason Why You Are NOT Succeeding!

Last Update: January 07, 2019

I know exactly why many of you are NOT succeeding yet...

I've literally seen 1,000's of people starting out here and many of them failing.

In this post, you'll see 3 real-life stories that will help you to understand this.

Please, take this as a message to lift you up from "No success" path to a better "Success" Path.

Your success in 2019 literally lies in this 1 thing...

Before I reveal you that 1 thing...

Let me tell you what happens to most people...

But despite ALL that...

They're not succeeding and they're earning nothing...

Yes, you hear right!


Why does it happen?

What is the #1 reason that's holding them back?

The reason is that they're NOT TAKING ACTION.

Let me just give you 3 REAL-LIFE examples to illustrate the point that I'm making here.

(Keep in mind that I don't want to put down these people in any way. Just use as a valuable learning experience for all of us.)

1. "I Need Money Desperately. What to Do Now?"

Some time ago I got a private message at WA and the member said,

"Hey Roope,

can you take a look at my site? I desperately would need to start making money with it now but nothing's happening. Please, tell me what to do?"

I was glad to receive a message from this person and have a look at the site because I was excited to see the progress.

But there was a great surprise waiting for me...

The website looked almost exactly the same like 6 months ago when I looked and it the last time and there wasn't almost any progress at all. He hadn't followed the advice I gave him the last time.

Key Lesson: You're not going to make big money at least if you keep your website the same for 6 months. My recommendation is that you publish at least 2 new high quality +1,500-word posts every week targeting a low competition keyword.

2. "I Will Publish At Least 3-4 New Videos Every Week..."

I was having dinner in Chiang Mai, Thailand with 2 of my friends. There was a guy who was running a profitable affiliate marketing business and a lady who was starting a YouTube channel.

At some point of the evening, the guy asked the lady what she was planning to do to build her channel.

The lady said that her plan is to publish at least 4 videos every single week from now on. She already had a lot of ideas in her mind what to publish.

That would make around 50 new videos in the coming 3 months, right?

Well, guess how many new videos she eventually published in the next 3 months since that conversation.

Only 1 or 2!

I still don't understand what happened to her...

She wanted to make money online, build a YouTube channel and have more influence.

But she was just talking and no action.

This is a story of +80% of people in my experience. Then they usually say:

"This YouTube thing doesn't work! I've tried EVERYTHING but I just don't get views!"

Yeah, right... You published 1-2 videos in 3 months... Let's get real here! :D

Key Lesson: If you're starting a YouTube channel, I recommend that you publish consistently new content every week.

Don't expect any significant results until you've published at least 100 videos in your channel. I stay this because most people quit just when they're about to get the breakthrough and it usually takes consistency to succeed on YouTube.

3. "Why Do You Work in the Weekend?"

Third person (or actually a group) is the one that sends me messages like, "I've been so busy recently. I'll get back to this when I get more time."

Do you recognize yourself? ;)

I guess that pretty much everyone can relate to that.

Nobody has more time and we will never get more time than others. But we can always have more time for the things that we prioritize.

At some point, I was working +50 hours in a week in a job, spending +10 hours a week in a gym hobby, and I still had time for making a significant progress with my 2 websites.

Because I made it a priority.

Of course, I needed to make sacrifices.

When my friends went skiing to the Alps every weekend (I was living in Austria at that time), I just stayed at my room learning and writing new articles to my website.

They said that I'm anti-social and some people laughed at work why I was working also in the weekend.

I said that I'm working to making my dream to become a reality and continued:

"Let's see WHO LAUGHS when I send you a postcard from the beach of Thailand while I'm making passive income online and you are still working 8-5 in this same office!"

Sure enough, I achieved that freedom and I know people who are still working in that same office. They wouldn't laugh anymore ;)

Key Lesson: You have enough time. You just need to prioritize things and make some sacrifices if you want to have a freedom to make a life-changing passive income online.

Conclusion - #1 Reason Why People Succeed

The #1 reason why people don't succeed is that they don't take action. Talk is not enough.

The #1 reason why people succeed is that they take action consistently.

What does taking action mean to you?

Here are a few examples...

  • Publish +200 high quality +1,500-word posts targeting a low competition keyword.
  • Publish +200 videos on your YouTube channel.
  • Answer 500 relevant questions within your niche in Quora to drive traffic to your offers.
  • Build a social media channel with +10,000 real and active followers.
  • Build an email following of +500 daily readers.

Let me know in the comments below: What is your #1 focus right now to build your online business?

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rallan Premium
I believe it. I will try an expand my catchment and it will mainly thru regular posts

thanks for the G up
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Alright, sounds great!
TommyVTE Premium
Hi Roope,
At the moment I am focussing more on getting more followers with social media. Having 87 articles with a 278.400 words count I think I am on my way to offer something to read on my website. Keep on producing 2 a 3 article per week and give a bit more attention to my social media...

Have a great day
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Alright! Which social media channel are focusing on?
TommyVTE Premium
Mostly Pinterest and Instagram, but still posting on Google+ until it stops and then also 3 times per week a post in Linkin, plus this month will start using YouTube together with a partner in crime.
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Alright! Do you know Brok from WA? He has had a lot of success with Pinterest. I recommend checking him out
TommyVTE Premium
ok thanks
JagR Premium
I am having a hard time building an email list. Hopefully, soon I will get it right.
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
What kind of challenge do you specifically have?
CLandi Premium
I wish she had answered you, Roope. Maybe she is unaware that stating her problem could benefit many members who might have the same problem.

Many of my questions have been answered just by reading comments.

JagR Premium
The challenge I'm having is getting people to sign up. So far one person in the one month since I started my blog. I am not sure what enticing product I can put there for people to want to subscribe.
Cav1966 Premium
My main focus for the year is to make my site more streamlined or detailed I dont know the exact word... oh wait more FOCUSED that is it.
Seriously making my site more focused on what my niche and topic is
Also in light of doing so writing more content and more reviews than I was able to get out this past couple months .
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Focus usually leads to success :)
Treats Premium
Motivational. Currently, I'm planning to hit 100 posts in 4 months time. Tough stuff but I've managed to put out 4 articles within a week of starting so far.

Plenty of things to learn and definitely more to discover to get better at writing.
RoopeKiuttu Premium Plus
Great plan!