New To WA, Want To Quit or Have Doubts? Success Stories Will Show You The Money!


Whether you're new to WA, have been here a few months, or have been here for years, you may get to a point when you're feeling down about your traffic, your results.

However, you must not let that get you down. You must plow through and make sure all training is applied correctly and completely.

I've bookmarked so many success stories here and have shared so many of them individually, but having them all in this one post will be easier for me to share in the future.

GET MOTIVATED and read some amazing stories below and you'll know that the training does work here, you can make money online, and you will succeed if you stick with it!!

I will continually add to this as I find more.


Can someone make a full time income promoting WA? You bet they can!

Proof Success Takes Time

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Month 8 Progress Report: Road to 4 Figures a Month!

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I was about to quit.Thank Fck I didn't!

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Patience is a Virtue

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Blogging is Just Not For Me and That's Why I'm Quitting

7 Year Anniversary At Wealthy Affiliate 2017


The TRUE Measure of Success

Best Affiliate Commissions - A New Record!

Wealthy Affiliate Las Vegas - 2017 Conference

First commission from Linkshare just in!

WA Success! Going To Ibiza!

Las Vegas 2017!

How I quit my job to earn full-time income online thanks to WA

I love December! 91 Items ordered in one day!

$0 to $10k In 3 Years

$40,000 In One Weekend

$5k per mo is possible - Follow the training and you'll get results

December 2016 - $8968

Over $35,000 So Far This Year In A Tough Niche

My 10 YEAR Wealthy Affiliate report!

One Year In quit my day job!

You Made Vegas - 2016

$14,000 in 3 months.

257 Sales Overnight - Why You Shouldn't Disregard Amazon

Success - $2,000 goal hit.

They Didn't Want Me At WA Vegas 2016 But.

One Year With Wealthy Affiliate

How I Made Almost $2,000 Over Black Friday Weekend

4 Figure earner made possible by WA

Amazon Bought Me A Volvo

$1000 and growing

September Income: $4,116.62

$2477.50 Since Becoming A WA Affiliate - My Strategy

Kyle Got Me a New Car!

$1,400 commission on 1 WA sale!

WA Vegas Trip, 3rd Year Straight...

$350 Last Thirty Days.

$516 Cheque From Amazon

Wealthy Affiliate Proof Of Earnings

March 2017 - $630. Halfway to Freedom!?

Hurray, 270% Growth for 2014!

Gracias WA! The SEO method Rocks!

My first $1000 in 1 month.

Nearly 370,000 Visitors.

VEGAS baby - I'm Officially Attending! (A Woman!)

Would you trade $359 for $3500?

My Business Achieved 1,600% Growth in 2013...Is That Possible?

So This Thing Happened.

8 years at WA - Just rented my 3rd office.

November Success: My First $500 Month!

Breaking up the Boys Club in Vegas

Four Years At Wealthy Affiliate - Not Bad For A Flitter!

$150 to $364 in One Month

Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work? YES and Here is Proof

Congrats, you have made Vegas! 4th Year In A Row.

A New Milestone

If The Guy From Down Under Can Do This- So Can You!

Made 1700 Dollars In August

$775 First 2 days of 2017

Journey from 0 to $500 a month

Tsunami .Part Deux!

Wealthy Affiliate Results - How I Made $2K in 1 Day Last Month

6 WA Sales in One Day!


If this list of success stories and motivational messages have helped you in some way, please leave a comment for others to see!!

I wish you all great success!!

Thank you,


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Thank you so much for this awesome post!


You're so welcome Terri!

Many thanks for sharing Grace, and yes if we follow the training given here at WA diligently with enthusiasm we will reach success rather sooner than later. I appreciate your posting on this subject.

Take care.


Glad to hear it Johan, and wish you many successes!

I am motivated, but it is sure nice to have one spot to look at all the stories people have in one place, so thanks for that!! Dave : )

Happy you are motivated!! Yes I got tired of sharing these links one by one! Lol.

Thank you very much for this useful information. It is a great motivation.

Good to hear and glad it can motivate you!

Nice stories:) i really believe in WA and Thanks for sharing those success stories:)

So do I, I hope we will be on this list too!

Thanks so much Grace for sharing. I am bookmarking this for the low days!

We all need a pick me up!

Great Post Grace! Much appreciated :)

Thank you for stopping by!

It's positive mental health food which the minds needs to hear

Yes totally agree and hope this helps people who was about to quit.

success stories do exist indeed. we should always believe and be prepared for our success. thanks for sharing

I'm ready for mine!! lol waiting patiently....

This is really awesome Grace .. just what we needed. Cheers, William.

Thanks William, I want to share the many successes here for those who don't know how to search for them.

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