Gracias WA! The SEO method Rocks!

Last Update: July 05, 2017

Hi Folks,

Nobody was born an expert or good at anything. They, and we all learned to be good and what we are good at or became good at. It is a process that takes self-belief, determination and of course hard work.

I certainly was not good at SEO and most certainly don't consider myself as an expert but I certainly have a knack of hitting the top spot!

Quite remarkable when I consider I almost did not sign up for WA due to a fear of SEO, scared sh*tless of it in fact. Kinda thought this SEO malarky was for those young smart IT dudes half my age and holding alphabets after their names and went to MIT or something!.

It's not! it is so simple.

In fact, very simplistically the WA method addressed the absolute core of what is at the heart of googles business model.

What is google and what is the one thing that it can't do without?

What is that one thing that if we take it away and their entire business collapses?

Google is simply and the very heart of it's business model an advertising agency, they are in the business of referring people to relevant pages that they want to find/see/read.

For that to be successful they need one VIP key aspect. Quality content. No content, or equally as bad low quality content (read low quality pages to refer their users to) and google has no business. they would use another referral agency (AKA Search Engine) such as yahoo or bing (who also operate under the same principles).

It really is that simple give search engines (referral agencies!) what they need in order for their business to survive and follow a few basic rules as taught Kyle in the training and Jay via his Webinars.


well, I have done not a lick more than what is taught, no shoddy backlinking techniques or PBN's or spamming peoples websites with a comment and link attached. Sure I do have links but they occured naturally without asking!. And I dont have all that many backlinks maybe 20 and thats it. backlinks are not all that important.

My results?

64 page 1's approx 20% of my posts

and this morning wow!! OMG double figures for top slot! yep!!

10 No1's!!

That, of course, doesn't happen by accident. just like any kind of successful endeavour in life it takes persistence and hard work, so sticks with WA, the training and the methods and eventually it pays off.

And it Pay$ off too! Only the 5th and I have almost made as much now as I have for whole of last month and have my running costs for the site covered - ya know content writing and so on allowing me to work more on the back end improving older posts, site speed, getting analytics and adwords certified, updating SEO in older posts - keep your eyes open for that webinar folks!!

One thing I have noticed with those that are unsuccessful with WA method is that they quit and don't see it through often quitting just around the time when first sale or first top 10 ranking comes (4-6 months).

I am only at month 20 and only beginning to see the magic and some good figures all round (rankings, traffic and $$$$).

Stick at it, keep posting, keep working, keep believing and above all keep helping people - you are making the world and people's lives all the better for it!

Ciao for now


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AussieJeff Premium
You never heard of a successful runner giving up half way through the race. Great post, Derek.
DerekMarshal Premium
Never a truer word said Jeff, Thanks.
mybiz4u Premium
Awesome post, D. Continued success and being an inspiration.
DerekMarshal Premium
Thank you. I hope some can take inspiration from it. I started off knowing nothing 20 months ago a really just apply what is taught at WA to the letter nothing else, nothing extra, or special or fancy just what is taught here applying it and just continuing.
littlemama Premium Plus
This is awesome Derek! Glad to hear your site is ever growing and making lots of moooola ($$$)!

I'm counting on the same thing when my site gets older. :)
DerekMarshal Premium
Hi Grace,

Not quite making a lot of moolah as of yet but it is 75% fully outsourced and self sufficient. My goal is an autonomous profitable business that I only proof read, beautify, SEO and the keyword research for. Not quite there yet but pretty close :-)
littlemama Premium Plus
75% outsourced?! Dang, I'm jealous! All the outsourcing I've done, I've still had to edit so much that I'm wondering what's the point, where are you getting your writers from?

I'm sure you're close to making a lot of moolah! ;)
littlemama Premium Plus
Also what's that ranking site you're using to get all your stats?
DerekMarshal Premium
Writer - I still have to proofread, minor stuff to edit and beautify, seo and stuff. Found the writer on UPwork.

Stats are from free version is fine enough - only for tracking keywords I am targeting.
MKearns Premium
Great!! There's a lot to be gracias for here Derek!
DerekMarshal Premium
There most certianly is sir.
TDBauer Premium
Awesome Derek! Glad it's hitting for you!
DerekMarshal Premium
Thank you.