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This is just to share a quick update about Google adsense - earnings for April surpassed $800 and May looks to be even better - see belowThe feedback when I started was mixed - I recall many people saying it was ad cents rather than adsense, I didn't really bother with adsense until recently but now I'm glad I did!One key driver has been one of my garden websites which achieved a traffic level of over 40k visitors for the month.So dont underestimate the earning potential from Adsense when build
Hello everyone from the land of the Irish and I thought I would drop in to leave a quick update. This month is proving to be one of my best months as earnings have surpassed €3500 which is great to see after all the hard work over the last few years and also in the difficult situation of this pandemic that we find ourselves in (based on dollar exchange rates that’s well over $4k in US dollars)Many people earn well over this in WA so I still have a long way to go but I am thrilled wit
Hi all, I’m not sure if you have tried AWIN affiliate network yet but if you haven’t, you should give them serious consideration. I have only partnered with a few companies on AWIN and I haven’t even done anything with them since last Summer yet the work I did last Summer generated £140 in the last 4 days including today! AWIN is just one network that I work with…Advertiser Research & ApplicationsThere is a sign-up fee of £5 initially which you get back
As we come close to year end, I thought I would drop in to say happy new year to everyone in WA and to say a personal thank you to the various people who have helped me on my journey and in particular to Kyle and Carson for this amazing platform to earn extra money online.Results for the YearLooking at my statistics for the year, while I haven’t earned as much as I would have liked, it still will bring me in over €23k this year and the only costs really are the annual WA membership f
Just a quick update on my end – sales and online orders continue to rock at the moment and my commissions for April have already surpassed €3k and there is still 2 more days to go – hoping to reach €3.5k at this stage. My third goal of achieving 3k in a calendar month is now achieved!I never thought doing this on a part time basis would bring these type of results – they certainly have surpassed my expectations. Most of the earnings are really with the following:&bul
Hi again, with all the bad news going on around the world – I thought I would share another success story. MY SALES ARE EXPLODING!!! It took me over 3 years to achieve my first goal of reaching €1k in a calendar month BUT ONLY 7 DAYS MORE to achieve my second goal of achieving €2k in a calendar month. To say I am over the moon is an understatement, especially when I can only do this on a part time basis – generally 10 to 15 hours per week.I know there are many within WA th
I’m not sure about the rest of you but the current global situation means that people are ordering more and more online at the moment – high value ticket items are selling extremely well and a lot better than expected!!!Sales with Commission Junction are rocketing – over 20k sales turnover in the last 30 days. AWIN are doing extremely well and Amazon is not far behind also.FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER – I HAVE SURPASSED MY PERSONAL GOAL OF ACHIEVING OVER €1K IN A CALENDA
Hurray! - just sold over 22k with the advertisers on Commission Junction in the last 30 days - this is my personal best over a 30 day period so i am thrilled with this news. Its seems that the current situation means that more and more people are ordering online.How about you - how was your last 30 days?
Yesterday was a great day with Commission Junction where I achieved over €70 in commissions with one advertiser on their platform in one day and now I check my earnings so far this month with Amazon UK and it has surpassed £200 already this month! (16 days of sales)For the past 2 months, I decided to take a break from writing new content and revamp and fix all my old posts and websites – plus I updated them all to a post date of 2020 and changed the headline / text around sligh
Happy St Patricks day to everyone from here in Ireland – I hope you all can make the most of it under the current circumstances. I just wanted to share a little success I had yesterday – by following the training here and developed a number of different websites, I achieved a commission of over €70 from one advertiser in the UK alone with Commission Junction which is definitely great to see – most are for reviews on high value ticket items. I also get commissions with AW