I joined Wealthy Affiliate by accident.


Thinking back to when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate, it's kind of funny how I joined something that's literally became part of my everyday life, sort of by accident.

It was curiosity that brought me here. I simply wanted to learn how people were able to earn money by having a website. Or if being able to earn money through a website was a thing at all.

I was hooked.

At the time I joined WA, I must have signed up for a dozen of other online "opportunities".

I have to admit, some of the others seemed more appealing. They promised fast riches, minimal work, and a cozy lifestyle.

At the time I didn't have any extra money to spare otherwise I may have bought into one of the get rich quick programs described above.

Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand allows us to participate in the early lessons for free and a chance to engage directly with other members. Not to mention, is very transparent about the work ahead and expectations to earning a regular income from home.

Anyways, once I started the training inside WA, I was completely hooked. It was exciting to be able to create my own actual website, most of everything in the training was clear and made sense.

It was only a matter of absorbing the information being taught in the lesson, and then following the tasks given to you at the end of each lesson. That's it!

(If something is not understood or you need help while going through the training, just ask! Hop into Live Chat or message someone who looks like they know what they are doing, lol).

Each month has gotten better, oddly...

In terms of earnings, each month has gotten better.

I threw in the "oddly" part because to be quite honest, I haven't been as active with my personal website/online business. I have a lot of time to commit to my business but have been lazy - brutal honesty....

For example, I have written more Posts on my website in the month of February than I did in the previous 3 months.

Earning passive income is something new for me, but the trip out to Las Vegas to meet Kyle and Carson and the other WA members was the motivation I needed!

Keep active!

I don't know where you are with your online business but I do suggest that you keep active and to take your business seriously! Though I have seen a slight increase in earnings month to month, I know I could be much further along.

I remember what it was like not long ago, wondering if my efforts will ever pay off....

It personally took me a combined 9 months to earn my first $61. (I've had friends laugh after sharing this with them).

9 months later, I earned nearly $4,000 in a single month. ($3957.59 to be exact. Not so funny).

If you haven't started the training, what's holding you back?

Once you get going, trust in what it is you are learning and doing. Work hard and be persistent. Wealthy Affiliate as a service has completely exceeded my expectations and I know it can and will for you too.

- Jason

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Awesome advice, and I need to do much better!

You got this Gary!

Thanks for sharing your story Jason! It is great that you can see yourself and know how much time you are investing and know where you can do better! Keep on going my friend!

I will. Thanks, Keith!

Hi Jason, wow that's pretty cool. It's pretty interesting to hear about how others joined. In my case, I saw a review on ivetriedthat.com a couple years ago, and just didn't join until this year.

I know that site, lol. I've had the chance to meet Steve the owner of ivetriedthat.com as well. I'm glad you decided to finally join, Noelle.

Mine was accidental too Jason. I was redirected from a company that was a loser by a cleverly placed WA ad and never looked back!

More details on the ad would be great! lol

Same here, I really enjoy the training and community here.

So much inspiration power that you give to me.
Thank you, Jason

I am glad you found some inspiration from my post :)

Stay busy!

Fo me, it was accidentally too, I was searching for an affordable online education, I hadn't the faintest idea what to expect, but still here, and now for almost 3 years already:) So nice to read your are doing so well, Jason, Congrats!

I appreciate that, Loes! The fact that you have been here going on 3 years and others much longer, speaks volumes of the value of WA!

3 years ago, I couldn't even imagine how much there was to learn here, and I can be here for 10 years, and still will not get bored

Lol, I agree.

Thanks J , keep up the good work.

Thank you, Tony. Blessings to you and your family.

I found WA through a review I read regarding something else that you had apparently written. I don't even recall it. You mentioned WA in an offhand way as a legitimate site and had it linked. I clicked, visited and knew immediately it was the platform I had been looking for. A couple of years I was even part of a small group trying to create a site from scratch that resembled WA in it's long term vision. I had never seen this site before or I would have known that it is foolish to try to recreate the wheel.

This reminds me of awhile back when I mentioned to a friend that we offer a service that delivers food for restaurants that don't normally deliver. Completely oblivious to GrubHub, lol.

It's great to have you here Kevin and I am glad you are enjoying the WA platform as well. It's a wonderful service/community.

Great post!

Thanks Jeff!

Great post man! I found Wealthy Affiliate through one of your posts and that blows my mind. We are complete strangers, but your random words drove me to take action. That's what I keep telling myself as I get referrals. If I can get one I can get 100! $4k in a month is SPECTACULAR. you're the man Jason. What you and Kyle do, I'll imitate.

Thanks for the inspiration, brother.

You're welcome, Eric.

It's been a pleasure having you here and seeing those who I have invited to Wealthy Affiliate making progress is the real success for me.

Keep it up!

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