How To Increase Traffic To Your Website For Free!

Last Update: May 31, 2017

I've seen so many people arrive here and want to start monetizing their websites. They want to know how to monetize their website before they have any content and before they have any traffic.

Now I know that you want to know how to increase traffic to your website for free, of course you do. I'm not really going to tell you how to do that because the fact is that it is not just a one liner explanation is it?

Getting traffic to your website is made up of lots of little things, from creating great content on a regular basis to sharing your content correctly on social media. There are also ways you can create your content that will make it more SEO juicy than just writing your content and throwing it out there.

Now I bet you want to know why I wrote a title that says this article will tell you how to increase your traffic to your website for free and then say I am not going to show you.

The thing is that you are here, at Wealthy Affiliate University. It has step by step training on everything you need to know from setting up your website, to creating content, getting it ranked, social media marketing, email marketing, getting traffic and my absolute favorite (and yours too) - how to monetize your website.

Instead I want to show you something that might give you some insight into this program and why you should follow it step by step like I did to increase your traffic to your website.

Let's step back to April 2015. I had an online baby store and I was trying to figure out how to rank my website and how to get more traffic. I was tired of spending money on Google Adwords and I wanted to know more about online marketing.

Here is my Google Analytics for April 2015.

Yes I had some traffic but I was getting most of it through Google Adwords. Look at my bounce rate of 68.88%!

I came across Wealthy Affiliate in June 2015 and when I saw it I knew what it was - absolute GOLD and I dived right in.

By February 2016 I shut my online store. Not because I was failing but because Wealthy Affiliate had shown me a better way! I took a huge leap of faith and closed my store, turning it into a blog. And yes cutting off income stream. OMG crazy right?

Wealthy Affiliate Wrecked My Online Business!

By April 2016 I was still finding my feet and with all the changes my website took a knock.

From last year February it has been the most amazing journey for me. My leap of faith paid off, I just knew I could do it. I knew that this platform would provide me with not only the information and training I needed to figure out this online marketing mystery but also the support from fellow members.

They have been my cheerleaders and when I have been down or doubted myself they lifted me up and made me believe in myself again.

So let's have a look at April 2017?

Look at those page views, that bounce rate and pages viewed per session? I don't know about you but to me this is amazing. What an incredible turn around in just a year.

And now May has increased even more and I am so excited to see what the future brings me.

I am now making a full time income from my blogs and I am loving every single moment being a full time blogger.

I have huge plans for June and I plan on growing my website bigger and better every single month - one day I am going to have millions of page views every month, not hundreds of thousands of page views - millions!

So you want to know if Wealthy Affiliate is legit, if it works and if you can make it... well just look at the pictures for yourself.

For me there is just one picture that really counts. My children, my family. I wanted my kids to have a childhood - one with me at home, not sitting in aftercare at the school till 5pm every day.

This May is now one year since I started picking them up as soon as play school finished. Now we can do fun things every afternoon. I asked my five year old daughter today if she remembers being in play school until 5pm every day and she said no, she only remembers being home with mommy in the afternoons.

Now that to me is success!

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wb5yjs Premium
If you want a website that will seriously out perform you normal website & blog, check out "Shopify". Look at it on YouTube.
LynneHuy Premium
Yeah I know about Shopify, I looked at that when I had my online store but I decided I don't want a shop!
botipton Premium
Great story and I hope many here read it.
paulgoodwin Premium
wonderful to share and I LOVE your success!!!
amyr2017 Premium
Wow this is an amazing testament to the training here, and I hope to read more about your success...! When you say "full time income" -- is that by New York standards? I have no point of comparison...! Tell me more..,.! Thank you!
LynneHuy Premium
LOL my income varies and I have no idea what New York standards are because I am in South Africa. Our currency is very weak which means I don't need much in terms of USD to survive nicely here. My income varies anything from $2000 up to $5000.

What is a New York full time income?
amyr2017 Premium
Hi Lynne -- I assume that is for one month? How long did it take you to start making this kind of income? I would LOVE to make this money every month, in addition to my other full-time job.
Here in NY, depending on size of family, anywhere from 75k and up a year is pretty good -- a family of 4 can't do very much unless they are at about 125k a year. Maybe.
Cost of living is unbelievable.

Please share your secrets...! I've been doing this for about 4 months -- getting frustrated! Thanks!
MoritzS Premium
There are no secrets. Just keep following the training and take action.
Lynne is working like crazy.
I still remember when she got started (about the same time as me).
She was struggling like everybody else.
She has surpassed me by now.

Well, she has worked harder than me, that's for sure. ;)
kiliwia62 Premium
Thanks, Lynne for sharing, so encouraging too :)