FIRST Profitable Month! YAY! Very Exciting!

Last Update: December 01, 2016

Very EXCITING news for me. Last month, Nov 2016 was my FIRST PROFITABLE MONTH!

I've actually been earning commissions etc. within the first month I started with WA (although it was only $0.08 from Adsense at the time) and that alone proved to me that this works. Just have to follow through with the training and keep writing great content.

I was skeptical like most of you beginners are but decided to take the plunge and go yearly early on and make the full commitment and see how it goes after a year. (You can read about how much financial sense it is to go yearly here: Going Yearly Makes Financial Sense). If you want to make money here, definitely go on the yearly plan, you'll save a ton of money and you won't have to make as much profit every month to break even. On the yearly plan I end up paying just under $30 a month ($29.92).

First Profitable Month!

Anyway, back to my joy! I made $57.86 in the month of November from Amazon. That alone covers my expenses for my sites for the month. I'm still having trouble getting organic traffic to my site and I must admit I haven't been writing as much as I used to but I'm still getting traffic from Twitter and they've been converting well. As you can see I only got 95 clicks (less than 4 clicks a day) but my conversion rate is 18.95%.

I guess it takes time but I've been able to increase sales the past few months and hopefully the upward trend continues as I get more traffic (Note that I started WA in March and didn't have my website fully built). I've hit $100 total earnings for the first time so I should be getting my check in a few months. Very exciting!

As for Adsense, because I'm not getting much traffic (less than 20 visits per day) I'm not earning much. I made a whopping $3.83. Better than nothing I guess but hopefully I can get that number to increase once I start writing more articles again and get more traffic.

For those of you starting out I suggest you add Adsense to your site. Even though you'll only be earning pennies at first, you'll see results almost immediately. Like I mentioned, I made $0.08 the first month I started at WA and my site wasn't even completely built yet. Even though it's a really small amount this proved to me that this works and gave me motivation. This is key to success. You may have times where you think this isn't for your or it's "Taking too long" or it's "Not working" but if you see results and get motivated it'll definitely help you push through to keep going. This isn't a race and often takes at least a year to see results if you put the work in so do things that'll keep you motivated.

Although Amazon commissions are great it often takes awhile to get your first sale, which isn't very motivating until you get it, so I suggest you add both Adsense and Amazon on your site.

Twitter is Awesome!

For those of you who are wondering how I get so little hits and yet convert so well I mentioned that I use Twitter and that is my main source of sales. I don't get much organic search engine traffic so I rely on other sources like Twitter to get me traffic. The great thing about it is that your post gets a lot of exposure when a user takes an action like "Likes","mentions", or "Retweets". I use a variety of free online tools that help me automate some of the stuff I do on Twitter. There's just WAY too much info to talk about here.

To learn more, check out the training I made Ultimate Guide on How to Use Twitter

Basically the whole point of promoting on Twitter is to interact. After all, Twitter is a social media platform so you have to be social in order to be successful. People are looking for solutions so what I do every morning is do keyword searches on Twitter. For example I have a bed bug site (I recently had the horrible experience of dealing with the for the first time so I wanted to use my experience to help others) so I search "bed bugs" on Twitter to see anyone complaining about bed bugs or asking for help on how to get rid of them. Then I reach out by providing them useful tips and solutions as well as providing a link to specific pages in my site that would help them. This is the key to getting high conversions. The people you are providing the link to are already interested in what you are providing.

This was one thing I DID NOT do early on and something I started to do in the past 2 months and it shows in the yearly Amazon graph above. It makes a world of difference so I suggest you start doing it too!

Final Thoughts

I really have been lazy and haven't been writing articles for my sites as I've been busy with my full time job as well as taking freelance gigs on the side but I definitely have to get back to it. My organic traffic is very low and I need to get that up so I can get more sales.

I'm pretty happy with my progress so far especially with my first profitable month! I hope the upward trend will continue and I can share more success stories with you all.

I need more traffic to my sites. What methods are you using other than writing high quality articles? Do you do guest posts? Post links in forums? Have link exchanges on your site?

That's it for now. Wish you all success!


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kasage00 Premium
That's great! I've been with WA for 3 months and I've made a couple dollars with adsense . Nothing through Amazon yet, nor WA referrals. Those will come! However I've gotten a high amount of traffic to my sites.
yakitori Premium
That's great! You're seeing results and are getting motivated about it. Keep at it and you'll get rewarded in the long run.
Awesome that you're getting a lot of traffic. It's just a matter of time.
WilliamBH Premium
Great progress and great sharing Andy .. Congratulations. Cheers William.
yakitori Premium
Thanks William! You shot up the rankings pretty fast yourself. Wish you success!
WilliamBH Premium
Thanks Andy .. A lot of work to do on websites though .. thanks for your wishes. Cheers, William.
drjec Premium
You are really doing well. Your work is paying off. Congratulations.
kwwhite Premium
Congratulations on making a profit! Thanks for the Twitter tips.
yakitori Premium
Thanks! Hopefully the tips will help you be success with Twitter.
AlejandraB Premium
Congrats Andy, it's always great to read about success stories here on WA, it's great this time is about you.
Keep on it!
yakitori Premium
Thanks Alejandra! Looking forward to seeing more success stories from you too!