257 Sales Overnight - Why You Shouldn't Disregard Amazon

Last Update: May 27, 2016

Last night I checked my amazon sales like I do every night. To my pleasant surprise I was blown away with what I saw. 257 Ordered items for the 25th May 2016. I had been waiting for the first day I cracked the 100 sales in a day (Besides the Christmas Period) since like forever.

So naturally when I logged in and saw 257 ordered items, I assumed something was wrong. A glitch or bug in amazon's reports. So I dug deeper and looked at the 'Earnings' tab for that day. There it was, 211 items shipped on the same day with a payday of $678.79.

So How Did I Make 257 Sales In A Single Day?

Firstly I should mention I don't normally make this many sales in a day, but there is a reason why I'm sharing this personal achievement with you.

Many people avoid working with Amazon because of the low 4% commission rate. But many people don't realise that with more sales the commission rate goes up (except on set commission items) and this higher commission rate applies to all sales made (With the exceptions of the set % items). So for a long time now I have hit the 8% commission bracket consistently. But with this power boost of sales I'm going to hit 8.25% commissions for the first time ever! (Not counting Christmas silly season shopathon). (That's my 2nd of 4 personal best achievements for the day).

The Real Reason Why I Think The Amazon Affiliate Program Is The BEST!

The number 1 reason I love being an affiliate for amazon is: You get paid for items people buy that you are not even recommending/advertising. To me, that's amazing. I make so many unrelated sales each and every month it's crazy.

Which brings me to how I made the 257 Sales overnight.

From un-related sales. Yup 188 sales from 2 buyers. 150 sales of a computer receiver or something (No idea what it is) and 38 sales of a tile. Both are completely unrelated to my niches, but do you think I'm disappointed in the $267.64 in commissions from just those 2 buyers. Heck No!....With more $$ to come in as only 99 of the 150 computer parts actually shipped.

*You will notice that the computer parts I only got 4% commission for. That's because computer parts like this are a set 4% commission. But hey, I'm not complaining. This boost in sales also enabled me to break 2 more person bests.

So that's 4 personal records in 1 day. This is why I think the amazon Affiliate Program is the best. Aim to beat personal records and you get them one by one. A recap: 1. Most ordered items in a day 257. 2. Broke into the 8.25% commission bracket. 3.Most amount earned in a day (Just over $1k if you include items not yet shipped but ordered on that day) and number 4. most amount I've earned in one single month and the month is not even finished yet.

Should You Affiliate With Amazon?

The Amazon affiliate program has other benefits as well such as : Trust, buyers trust amazon and have no hesitation from buying there. Free Shipping/Prime fast delivery times. Easy to use Affiliate program to pin point pages to direct link to, so many products/niches to explore the options are endless.

Amazon has been my main focus for the last few years and my results didn't happen overnight. It took trial and error, hard work and commitment to achieve what I saw many other marketers achieve. Was it worth it? I don't think I need to even answer that haha!

So if you are not using Amazon and you are promoting physical products, I highly recommend looking into it. https://affiliate-program.amazon.com.

Are You An Amazon Affiliate? If Not Why?

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Top of the range Josh you will be super stoked, very motivating.
Josh From Oz Premium
I was super stoked. Not every day is the same, but keep setting goals and achieving them is the motivation for me.
PjGermain Premium
Excellent Josh!!!
blubutterfly Premium
How exciting Josh...congratulations!!! I am also an Amazon Affiliate for my niche site. My monthly income increases almost every month, I am looking forward to the day I can make even just $100 per day. I know it will happen, I find Amazon easy to use and I also get so many non related sales which I make the commission from. Thanks for an inspiring post Josh.... :)
Josh From Oz Premium
The fact your income is going up every month is a excellent sign that you will reach $100 a day :) If it were going backwards then... haha lets not think about that
Dreamer56 Premium
Awesome news Josh. Good work.
Josh From Oz Premium
Thanks Tim. Best of luck to you
JudeP Premium
Wow, well done :)
Josh From Oz Premium
Wow is what I thought as well. 150 of 1 item is certainly a rarity. But it does give niche ideas as to other products that people buy multiple of in one session.