News Bigger Than WA Las Vegas 2017


This was my fifth time getting to attend the WA conference out in Las Vegas. I usually blog about the trip when I get back and talk about the secret to getting to Vegas or I recap my goals and successes but this year, I have something different I want to share...

Amanda and I are expecting our first child!

Before you ask, we don't know the gender and we aren't planning on finding out until the baby is born.

So, why blog about this?

Aside from the obvious wanting to share the good news, I wanted to discuss just how lucky Amanda and I are to be in this business.

I've had two groups of friends that have recently had their first child. In the first group, the father was "lucky" to be given a whole week of paternity leave. The second, had no time off at all and had to be in work the following day after the baby was born.

Each and every day I am extremely thankful for the life I was able to build and the opportunities provided to me by my websites, Kyle & Carson, and the entire Wealthy Affiliate community. Amanda and I will have an active role in raising this child. Very few people get such a simple luxury. But, I'll be able to be in my child's life every single day and I will appreciate them all.

(And yes, I know my glasses are tinted a tad shade of rose and I should revisit this blog two days after the baby is born.)

What does this have to do with Las Vegas?

Great question!

The Vegas conference drives me every year to be better than the last. While that hasn't always been the outcome, it does keep me moving in the right direction. Each year I try and improve how early I get invited and try and knock down that sales counter until it shows zero.

To do that, I need to grow my business in more ways than one and in doing so, I grow the opportunities available to not only me, but also my family. This is especially important now that a little one is on the way.

I will be back in Vegas next year and I look forward to seeing you there.

The B-Sides

One last ultrasound before I go. We've been calling this picture 'Attitude' as the baby is making some sort of hand gesture. I have said it's throwing up the rocker hand but other people have said they see something else.

Either way, this kid is going to be a handful and we'll love every ounce of it.

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Congratulations to you and your wife, Steve. You are about to receive an amazing gift. Teach the child in THE way they should go. Love it, look after it, make it your best friend and, always be there for the child no matter what.

So happy for you both and look forward to hearing more about the baby girl/boy.


I'll be sure to post an update once he or she arrives!

Wonderful news congratulations to you both hope your wife is keeping well, I think its good not to know anyhow it will either be a boy or girl ... and you will be able to be around more to enjoy I always told my children, babies are life changing wish you both all the best

We're very much excited for the surprise! Amanda is felling much better now. The first trimester was a little dicey, but things have vastly improved.

glad to hear it remember one of my daughter's being so sick, look forward to seeing your new addition to the family. it is a special time

Wow, congratulations, Steve and Amanda!

I love the way you connect this to our online business model that allows us to work from anywhere we want, and how when having a child, it's such a great thing to be present with them all through their early years.

Again congratulations. :)


I wouldn't have the life I have now without my business, that's for sure. Everything I do is to continue this life for myself and my family :)

Well said, Steve. Good times ahead. :)

Congrats Steve and Amanda for the upcoming birth of your child. Wishing you both the best and hopefully a quick labour for Amanda.

Also congrats on your trip to Las Vegas. Many newbies but also many long-time members can learn a lot from you, be it on your website, your blogs and even your training.

Well done and the best to you both.

Take care be well

Thank you very much Andre! We're both hoping for a quick labor too!

What GREAT and AWESOME things happening in your and Amanda's lives Steve, for sure. And I think I know what others are thinking by baby X's gesture. Ha ha :D

Aside from that...enjoy and Congratulations again proud Papa!

Look forward to hearing more of your continuing story!

Blessings on your blessings,

~Evon (Your new upcoming success story) ;)

Thank you Evon! I look forward to watching you write your own story!

Congratulations Steve and Amanda! That baby looks like it will definitely have a strong attitude and a mind of its own. lol

Years from now when someone asks you if it is truly possible to operate a successful internet marketing business and be a full time parent you can say, Yes...I've Tried That!

Thank you Robert! That is the dream after all! I do hope the baby calms down a bit though.

Hi, Almost Dad AKA Steve...

Congrats (Making LV) and congrats (You folks are having a baby!)...

By the way, I could not think of a better example of why it pays to stick to your guns with this online marketing business...

Having that extra time to be with your family is priceless because you have put in the work to make it work...

When you do put that effort in, good things happen...

Just to give you a "heads up"...Priorities do change (a LOT) when a baby is in the house!

Having your own home based business opens a lot of things up that others only dream about...

All the best and get ready for some sleepless nights (all worth it though)!!

Dave : )

PS: I see "Rock and Roll" in that shot, not the other thing... : )

Thank you very much Dave! We are expecting things to change quite a bit, but I'm not sure the reality will sink in until the baby is here lol but at least we will both be home and will be able to work together to handle it all!

Congratulations Dad ... you and Amanda are my favorite WA success story. I know you guys like to travel, but you may have to put your travel plans on hold for a while. Trust me ... it will be worth it. Looking forward to your family picture like Kyle and Carson have put up.

It's always nice to hear from the SAC attendees. Kyle's post mentioned that there even some attendees that have a chance to achieve 3,000 new referrals in 2017.

I thought it was a typo, but Kyle said no this was an achievable goal. That is HUGE, but I guess it's just a matter of scaling a successful WA Affiliate business.

We have a few (ambitious) plans for after he baby has arrived. Sure we won't be away as often as we are now, but we're excited to have another person who can join in our experiences. 3,000 isn't really that far off. If I can keep my head down and focused, it's more than achievable.

That's an incredible multiple 6 figure income business. I know you and Amanda work hard, but does some of the success come from the growing product value of the WA Training Platform?

Congratulations to you both. Very exciting stuff. I wish you and your expecting baby health and joy. I wish you great success in all your endeavors. I am very grateful to be following wonderful, knowledgeable, helpful ones like you two. Thank you for sharing the sweet news.
Train, Learn, & Create Your Best Self,

Thank you for the kind words Teresa! I appreciate them very much :)

Awesome Steve, so excited for you guys and I really look forward to seeing you down in Vegas in approx. 345 days!

I know this is going to be the most amazing year yet for you and Amanda when you welcome your new addition and being from home is going to give you the flexibility that many don't have the luxury of having.

Love the "attitude" photo, a little troublemaker in the making? lol

Thank you Kyle! If it wasn't for you guys, I might have had such a luxury so I'm forever grateful.

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