Never Ever Give Up - My Personal Experience.

Last Update: January 05, 2019

Never Ever Give Up

My personal experience

If you have read my bio, you now know that I have been trying to make a living online since about 2001. At first I didn’t really lose much money because I was too afraid to be scammed, and didn’t have much money anyway, as I was more than totally broke, or should I say, up to my neck in credit card debts and overdue loans.

My wife and myself were living in England then, where the cost of living is terribly high already, and the first thing that we did when we arrived was of course to open a bank account. The next thing that happened was that we started to receive in our postbox a credit card for each one of us, without even having applied for them, and the letter attached announced that we already had a credit limit of £500 on each one of them.

How could that be possible when we didn’t even have a job yet, and that we had deposited all our savings of a bit over £100 to open our checking account? Anyway, this proved to be very handy while trying to get ourselves jobs. Too damn scary handy as it proved to be, as we couldn’t find jobs, or very little underpaid temporary jobs.

Not to worry, because our good bank manager was automatically extending our credit limits as soon as we were reaching the limits, we could even go online and extend it ourselves at any time. Then, when we really reached the top of the top, we would be invited to visit our bank so that they would give us loans to transfer our credit card balances into it, and then we had clean credit cards with an even larger credit limit. And here we go again, and again…

So we ended up very quickly with a combined bank debt of nearly £30,000, and guess what? NO JOBS YET.

Something had to be done, and FAST

I couldn’t find a job, because I was already over 55 years of age, having left school at the age of 9 and something, so I had no qualifications to show for, but I always believed that there was something waiting for me around the corner, and having been born in Vietnam, I probably inherited the patience and determination of the Vietnamese.

So I never stopped looking and trying things that might work. Then, the Internet arrived and became accessible to everyone. Opportunities started to be offered online and affiliate programs started to appear which seemed to be what I was looking for. No one would ask me for my age or qualifications, so I learned how to create websites and to offer some products online. It did earn me a little bit, then things improved as more and more we could join affiliate programs and given all the needed state of the art tools so that we only had to advertise. Sounded great, but the competition was getting more and more intense.

Then I landed a couple of affiliate programs that were paying very well, but it required 16 hours, 7 days a week on the computer. In fact, I was running 2 computers at the same time, one was blasting emails with offers day and night non stop, and the other one I used to follow up personally. That particular company then started to change their policies, and slowly went down hill and went out of business.

I was left with having to start over again, spending a lot of time researching, testing and spending money. As I am not the kind of guy to give up easily, when I start something, I give it all I have and more than enough time to prove itself.

Then, something came up which seemed to be promising, I started to make a couple of sales in the first month, and the next month, then again the next, but I couldn’t get it to produce more. Then, 2 years later, still making my two to three sales a month. Not worth the effort, I thought. As I had reached my retirement age, maybe it was not worth it to continue for such a small extra income, so I decided to give it another month and quit the online business altogether. I had some good years, but now, as things were evolving so fast and the competition even faster, I thought that I have had enough and was going to give up.

Never, ever give up!

Then, that particular month, where I had decided that I would quit, sales started to come in, not because I was putting in more time and effort, rather just the opposite, so I said, well then, I better give it a couple of months more and see what happens.

The following month was even better, then better and better, till my income reached just about US$1,000 in a month, then regularly month after month, and part time. Since then, this program alone earned me over US$35,000 and is still earning me a regular income.

So, the morality of this story?

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gregarn1 Premium
That's really cool man. I have tried numerous things over the years as well and the only thing that really sustained us was my business, although it's a living and not much in the way of luxurious vacations, etc...Gotta keep getting up and swinging...
Marinowa29 Premium
Very inspire story, thanks!!!
Cparlee Premium
i really like your story yes persistence is one of the seven laws of success.
cwilli666 Premium
I always come here and read when I need inspiration!!!!!
NWTDennis Premium
That's an amazing story John. Your going to love the features and internet services that come with WA membership found on our SiteRubix portal. I suspect you have already checked this

You got online about the same time as Kyle and Carson. They met while getting their Computer Science degrees from the University of British Columbia in 2002. Carson was killing it using Google PPC and got Kyle started. Here is their story: They became business partners in 2005 when Wealthy Affiliate was founded. The rest is history as they say. The internet has changed a lot and so has WA. But one thing remains and that is the honesty and integrity of these young guys.

They are committed to continuous improvement of this platform.
YourBizTips Premium
Thanks for sharing the link Dennis. Unfortunately I have not come across WA early on in my online career, but I don't really regret it as I have learned the hard way and made a great life for myself, but it could have been much easier with WA.

You are totally right when you say that what built WA is the honesty and integrity of Kyle and Carson. It is the first thing that struck me when I did some research, then joined. There is a totally different atmosphere being part of WA than in any other social/opportunities, and trust me, I have been through my share of it.

I look forward to seeing you around and reading your success stories too Dennis.

I wish you an awesome 'wealth building' day!
John ツ
MizBurke314 Premium
Hey, John--

Amazing story! Been there before myself. Am there again now, pretty much.

BUT, I am here to learn and to earn, and I WILL NOT GIVE UP. PERIOD. Thanks for the motivator to remind us to keep on going. Suck it up. Deal with it. Make it work, no matter what. :)

YourBizTips Premium
Thanks to all for your comments. I hope that this post will benefit everyone of you and I look forward to your success stories here at WA.

And remember... never, ever, EVER give up!

John ツ
jtaienao Premium
A great message. Thank you for sharing this John.
ajones64 Premium
Great inspiration. I feel like giving up at times, but what you just shared is letting me know that one of my post/page will hit gold and I will be able to do this full-time.
Jennifer123 Premium
What a wonderful and inspiring journey John. Thanks for sharing it with us!
ericpierre Premium
Thanks for sharing John! You're right: Never ever give up! Therefore keep going!
VanceH Premium
Thank you for the post, very inspiring and teaches a lesson that everyone should keep in mind.
mybiz4u Premium
Awesome and inspiring post, John. Thanks so much for sharing. Continued success and yes, never give up.
BrendanB1 Premium
John, what an amazing story thank you for sharing it with us. So true you never know when you are going to strike gold, you just need to keep going.

That is where I believe WA is so beneficial for us starting out, we surrounded by people who can help point us in the right direction so we have the best chance possible of making a success of our business.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.
DHambrick Premium
Very inspiring! I am new and just learning and hope to have success in the not too distant future!
drcmaint Premium
Well, I wish I could say "been there and done that," but I can't. I'm still there and seemingly stuck. I bought a house, and the loans to keep repaired are almost the cost of the house.

So, I completely understand. And crack on.
ET-Aloha Premium
Thank you for this post. Very inspiring!
SimoninAsia Premium
This is an awesome story! Really amazing and I can see your British bulldog spirit in there; a stubborn refusal to give up.

I was born and bred in Leeds but now spend my time in Thailand so I can relate a little bit to your story, I also used to work for HSBC so I know how they work.

I used to be one of "Why not Structure your debt into lower monthly repayments so you're not paying interest?" people. As you know, they only make money when you're in debt.

Awesome story, I wish you continued success!
CowboyJames Premium
Great story, thanks
amitM Premium
Very inspiring
Oyz49 Premium
Thank you for sharing :)
erictjan Premium
Very encouraging indeed. Thank you John for the sharing.
adreyna Premium
Great post! Thanks for the reminder: persistence does pay off.
Seth2 Premium
Patience and perseverance, are the key words. Thanks
accad Premium
I like your story of success, this really pictures online business not a quick get rich but you have to be patient in waiting and continue working and working.
work4nobody Premium
Very Inspirational story. Thank you for sharing.
viyee Premium
Thanks John.
A very encouraging story. I was reminded of a Dutch tennis coach who taught me.. He said that in tennis you never win, the other guy loses. If you get all your serves in and return every ball in court every time, then eventually the other person will make a mistake and lose the point.
Keep doing what you do and do it right, and you will win.
Swangirl Premium
Wow, perseverance pays off! Good for you John! I am glad it worked, you deserve it.

mattered68 Premium
Thanks for sharing John you are the personification of tenacity.I will be saving this story to read on days when a little doubt might be niggling..
DELJAR Premium
Thank you, John, for sharing your inspiring story. You've given hope to many of us here at WA! I needed this right now. :)
Emeolu Premium
Thanks for the advice.
Mitzi1 Premium
Thanks for the encouragement.
TheDummyOfWA Premium
Awesome post! :) WOW! Good for you! My story is fairly similar but my kids were young when I started using the internet as an income tool! I liked the part where you said you were using two computers to must have been around marketing during the time of the safelists ara, where you could join email lists to send your advertising in exchange for other advertising! I remember paying for a massive email account to hold them all, and than I started the largest safelists directory on the internet called "Safelists Galore" Than my programmer and I helped fix up Stormpay, which we figured would be as big as Paypal one day, they lasted for awhile, but than they ended up shutting down because the owners were allowing MLM programs to be run through them, and Paypal won't! I bought shares in the company with the money I was making, and was making $10,000 a month at one time! Ended up donating it, and giving a lot of cash away to help others! Your story has inspired me to continue on again doing what I love (Marketing, Advertising, building webpages, and helping others)..Thank you so much for sharing! :)
YourBizTips Premium
You have been a busy bee Terry. Yes I remember Stormpay, I think that I even used it. Those days of sending emails 24/7 are over, it is when we could buy responsive mailing lists, load them and send your message out. Now you would be banned, sued, jailed and maybe hanged(?) if you just had a few bounces. I look forward to stay in touch with you and learning from you, you are in the right place to make a killing again, but don't give it all away this time, you have kids and will soon be a granny (very young granny).

I look forward to seeing you around and reading your success stories Terry.

John ツ
TheDummyOfWA Premium
Thank you very much :) And same with you! I like how you worded the sending true!! Seems like eons ago! I'm looking forward as well to hearing more of yours! It feels great to be back to working online again! Even if it takes awhile, it's so worth it in the end! :)
pablocortina Premium
I agree. Never give up no matter how hopeless things seem
cizamazula Premium
Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.
VicLees Premium
thanks---I needed that----driving traffic is frustrating
cbuffone Premium
Awesome inspirational story to keep moving forward. Thanks for sharing.
RDoren Premium
Very heartwarming and inspiring. Thank you John.
Phil-58 Premium
Hi there
well done and its a great story
you have inspired a lot of people here at WA, I'm sure
thanks again
cheers PB
HarveyBrown Premium
Thanks for the share John, you just proved that success s always just around the corner.
markr0675 Premium
Hey John,
this is really encouraging to hear. Thanks for passing this on.
Congratulations to you and great job on all your hard work.
You earned it!
DebbieRose Premium
Good for you....encouraging story. Thanks for sharing. Debbie
Hoodster076 Premium
Very nice story. I just recently started this training with WA and I feel optimistic but have literally zero experience or knowledge here. Thanks for the story, I hope I can be a success story.
MHulsizer Premium
Thank you for your post. I have been feeling a little defeated not making a sale within my first month. Everybody says that it's totally normal but I keep getting scared that it's not going to happen. I have to remind myself of your story that it's not going to happen overnight. It takes time and when you least expect it, it will happen. Thanks again! You made me remember just exactly the reason why I'm here and what this is all going to mean in the end!!
saharelf Premium
Thank you for your story of encouragement. It really helps me have hope.
CraigW315 Premium
That's great! I think that's greater persistence than almost anyone I know would show, but look at the results! Awesome!
Donnie58 Premium
Very encouraging!
tress Premium
thank you for this, it can be incredibly frustrating especially when one is just starting out. good to know it can be done with not a lot of initial capital! =)
herman1g Premium
man what a story you just proved that if you just stick to it and give all you got you will do good thanks man you have motived me
SUNDAY1 Premium
Thank you, thank you, thank you.