What's The Real Secret To Speeding Up Making Money Online?

Last Update: October 20, 2016

Okay so you've joined WA and you're excited about this whole online business thing. That's great! You should be.

Maybe you've whipped through the training or plan to do so later. But you have a nagging feeling that some of the successful WA members are holding out. You believe there is some secret sauce that isn't covered in the training which has led to our success.

You think there is probably some way to speed all this up that we're not revealing. Well I guess we can no longer deny it. Are you ready for me to reveal it?

The Secret Revealed!

I'm sorry to play with ya'll like that. But this picture pretty much sums up the conversations some of the successful members have privately. And we're not laughing at ya'll.

It's just funny because people really believe that somehow we're not following the training laid out here. The reality is we are. You know what's really setting us apart from everyone else.

1. We're not willing to give up!

2. We're not afraid to fail.

3. We have all experienced failure and will continue to do so.

4. We're patient enough to see the process through until we do succeed.

5. We use all the resources here at WA to get help.

6. We follow and apply the training.

So that's really the secret to success with this business. You can keep asking different members hoping that there is going to be some magical technique or button. But all of the successful guys and gals I know are pretty much applying what is taught here.


Be wary of the false WA prophets that slip into this community. Too often I've heard stories of members that have joined WA to peddle their crappy shinny new objects. It's easy to spot these folks because they're always claiming they have some secret technique that will speed up things with little work. They make outrageous claims about the results. But they're always allusive about this magical system.

Don't let your lack of patience or desperation misguide you. I know a lot of us like to think the internet is about speed and convenience. But when it comes to building a successful online business there are no short cuts. It's a slow grind. But if you follow the training, ask questions and stay patient, you'll eventually experience success.

So do me and some of the other more successful members a favor, stop asking for our secrets. We don't have any. We're just applying what is being taught here.

If you need help navigating that, we're here for ya.

I'd like to end this by apologizing to anyone that was offended or disappointed by this post. Those of you who have read my other posts are aware I'm notorious for keeping it real. I want you guys to succeed. And sometimes that requires a little tough love.

So let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. Any comments or questions about what my secret will be ignored. lol

Thanks for reading,

Eddy with a y

P.S. Feel free to share this article when people ask this question. Because Lord knows this question comes up way too often. You're welcome. lol

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Profithog Premium Plus
The only thing I ever wonder about is why some people are so much better at writing and making cool looking sites than I am. THAT isn't really in the training. IF it is I ain't found it. But getting the posts and pages to rank is really where it's at and that is done by following the training and grinding out the content.
EddySalomon Premium Plus
Writing is like any other skill. The more you work at it the better you get. Read my article about writing: and you can learn how to get better at it. Making a site look pretty is a simple matter of picking the right themes and tools. I recently reviewed the ones I used on my blog here moreblogging.com. So check them out.
Funkydunc208 Premium
Hey Eddy (with a y),
I always love your pragmatic approach to this IM thing! You have always told it like it is and it is a shame that the message doesn't sink in with people.

Any business will take time to develop. My window washing business, which isn't bricks and mortar, but relies more and more on internet marketing, is a case in point. I have a funky new website, thanks to WA, I market it on a number of service platforms here is Australia, and I have to hit the pavement and knock on doors.

There is no magic solution to it; just work, work and more work. Talking to people, networking and then actually washing some windows, allows the business to grow organically.

Message to anyone: If you are offended by Eddy's straight talking approach, then as the saying goes - If it is too hot in the kitchen,....

Thank you so much for you post today, Eddy. Another reason why this place is so amazing.

Have a great weekend,

EddySalomon Premium Plus
Thanks for the kind words Duncan and the reaffirmation. Clearly you get this and why you'll experience success if you haven't already.
vanbot Premium
I totally loved your post, Eddy, keeping it real and telling the truth is what we all need from time to time.

A little reminder and cuff around the ear for being lazy, not doing the training and being distracted by these shiny objects held out by scammers, something I was guilty of till I met good people like yourself, who tell the truth. Thanks, Eddy:-))Steph
EddySalomon Premium Plus
Thanks Steph. I'm glad you were able to see the light.
Jpowell1278 Premium
Hey great to see you on here. I think I signed up under one of you advertising posts. It's been about 7 months ago, but I remember your picture and your honesty. Which is why I decided to join. Great post by the way. Success only comes from hard work, and takes a while to get there. Thank you for sharing.
EddySalomon Premium Plus
Thanks Jeremy. It's great to hear from ya.
Jpowell1278 Premium
I looked for ya for a while, never could find ya. I figured you'd pop up sooner or later. Have a great weekend.
EddySalomon Premium Plus
I am always here and a private message away. Or just search for my name. Lol
Jpowell1278 Premium
Ya I couldn't remember your name, but I did recognize your pic. Lol
RayAleksandr Premium
So what really is your secret Eddy? Lol

Thanks for the great advice, I was very risk-averse and afraid of failures until I joined WA. I've learned that a failure is totally normal, just another step towards success. And successful people like yourself still use all the resources & help from others available here to move forward. It's good for me to be reminded of that. Thanks for the great post!

EddySalomon Premium Plus
You got jokes Ray? Lol. Failure is a necessary ingredient to success. So it's something we all have to be comfortable with because it does bring you closer. So I'm glad you learned that.
NWTDennis Premium
Failure is a necessary ingredient to success. That's a profound statement Eddy, so I Googled it. A to Z Quotes attributes this quote to a guy named Bran Ferren.

... an American technologist, artist, architectural designer, vehicle designer, engineer, lighting and sound designer, visual effects artist, scientist, lecturer, photographer, entrepreneur, and inventor. Ferren is the former President of Research and Development of Walt Disney.

You keep good company Eddy.