​Hurray, 270% Growth for 2014!

Last Update: Jan 7, 2015


This year went much more smoothly than last year in terms of my online business and my personal life. Overall, it was a pretty OK year.

Last year when I wrote my 2013 wrap up, I had stated at the end my goal for 2014 was to grow another 300%. While I didn’t quite reach 300%, I did achieve 270% growth which I don’t think is anything to be ashamed about!

Let’s recap how 2014 went...

This year, I actually had a previous year to compare, so it will give a better basis as to what type of growth is actually possible in this business from the first to second year.

Here’s a graph showing my total income growth from the beginning of 2013 until the last quarter of 2014:

Yes, I know the actual income figures are whited out. I did this because I don't want anyone to be too focused on the numbers. It varies so much from person to person that what I earn is pretty irrelevant to what you can earn or what others here earn.

This gives you an idea of what 2 solid years of working in online business can do. I’ve been steadily profiting more each quarter and I hope I can continue the same trend throughout this year.

Here’s the breakdown of the growth I experienced each quarter of 2014:

Quarter 1 2013-Quarter 1 2014 - 113,733% growth

(I know this is seriously a huge number, but my first quarter profits of 2013 were just pocket change, and the next year I did much, much better).

Quarter 2 2013 - Quarter 2 2014 - 509% growth

Quarter 3 2013 - Quarter 3 2014 - 347% growth

Quarter 4 2013 - Quarter 4 2014 - 120% growth

Overall, 2013 - 2014 = 270% growth!!!

I only fell 30% short of my goal, but I’m still proud of how the year turned out.

How to Calculate Business Growth

If you don’t know how to calculate growth, here’s the formula I used:

(Current Earnings - Previous Earnings) / Previous Earnings

x 100 = % Growth

You can use this formula to calculate growth from quarter to quarter, or from year to year.

So for example, say you earn $6,000 your first year, and $20,000 your second. You’d take:

(20,000 - 6,000)/6,000

14,000/6,000 = (approx) 2.33

2.33 x 100 = 233%

So you’ve experienced a 233% growth between year 1 and year 2. Alternatively, if those earnings were quarterly (or monthly) instead of yearly you could still use the same formula to compare each quarter or month.

Now I would like to consider myself a realist. I’m not expecting my business to continue to grow by 300% every year (because eventually that would just get ridiculous), but I think I’m going to reach for the stars and attempt another 300% for this coming year! Wish me luck!

I hope everyone has a great 2015 and I wish you all the best!

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Great accomplishment ... congratulations. I'll bet this beats the 9 to 5 drill.

. . . :-} . . :-} . . :-}
Hi Wendy!
Anyone ever tell you that you have nice stats?

Inspirational, girl. ReWording this blog (so the Goog does not penalize ya) into an article for your WA marketing site would serve the funnel well. I can see mothers & such out there being inspired & wanting to hang out with a successful wolf. I’ll chanllenge you to a double down:
• 300 % growth from 2014;
• Creation of a new marketing “attractant” so to bring in & teach success to the oh so many single moms out there. {Ha -if ya wanna be “pc” about it, tell em you are doing it for the children.}

Rock on, girl. We’re watch’N {so to learn!!!}.
. . . . . ;-)

Way to go Wendy, It is so encouraging to hear great reports of success, Best of luck on your 2015 growth.

That's great wendyjane. Trying my best to follow your footsteps. Remember I came here thru you.

That's awesome. Congrats !

Yes, you should be proud of yourself Wemdy :)
Thanks for sharing.
May 2015 be everything you want :)

May you continue to grow, and never stop reaching for the stars

Well done!

Well done and best of wishes. It tells me that it is possible. Joze

Congrats, Wendy! Pretty fun making money with a subject close to you, huh? This is an awesome business. Are you strictly using AdSense for revenues? I saw your "Tall women" site and it's very helpful for that niche.

Wish you much more success in 2015!


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