Vegas 2017: Still Awesome

Last Update: Feb 7, 2017


Golfers - hold the comments. LOL. I was just happy to hit the ball! This is me in Las Vegas after the Wealthy Affiliate conference ended. If you've never been to a "Top Golf" establishment, I highly recommend it!

Wealthy Affiliate Conference 2017

There are so many positive things about the Wealthy Affiliate conference in Las Vegas. Great food, fun activities, and meeting "computer friends" in real life always leaves me inspired for the year to come.

There's been a solid group of people coming for a few years now, so we have a few traditions like going to see a show together, and heading to a nice steakhouse for dinner one night.

Kyle and Carson really stepped it up this year, and surprised us with a trip to an indoor private bowling alley where we bowled, drank, and ate all night. Turns out I'm a better bowler than golfer!

One night we also had a craft beer tasting and even got to take home our own WA branded flight paddles! This event was especially awesome for me, since I'm a huge fan of craft beer :)

Big Takeaways from 2017

The Las Vegas trip is always fun, but we do get a lot of work done. We all sit around at a big conference table and exchange ideas of what happened during the year, and discuss how we can make it better next year.

Here are a couple things that were very clear from our meetings!

1) Kyle and Carson always have our backs. They work A LOT behind the scenes to make WA an excellent place to learn how to build an online business.

2) Wealthy Affiliate is always improving. Even in just the 6 years I've been here, I've seen a lot of changes. But there's always a way to make WA more user friendly, more newbie safe, and most importantly... a better way to help everyone make money online.

3) Awesome things are coming in the near future. There are some very exciting ideas being worked on right now. In 2016 I was very happy to see SiteDomains launched with fair, straightforward pricing, including free domain privacy and free SSL. But there are even bigger and cooler things coming down the pipeline!

Not A WA Affiliate?

That's totally fine! You can make money in any niche. I created a full time business in a computer software niche before I ever started a website promoting WA. I've been here since 2010!

Even if you don't plan to promote WA, stay involved in the community! As new tools and resources are added to WA, running your business through the Wealthy Affiliate platform will be come faster and easier.

My experience this year installing SSL using two other hosts versus the experience installing the certificate inside WA was a real eye opener. Don't forget they also removed the need for extra web-security plugins, as well as anti-spam plugins. Also free domain privacy and automatic backups.

Anyway, stop by chat every once in a while and hang out for a bit. You'll meet lots of cool people working on different types of businesses. You can exchange ideas, help each other out, and learn by rubbing shoulders with other enthusiastic internet entrepreneurs.

Where else in the world can you plug into a community like this, at any time of day, from anywhere in the world?

PS. I had a nice selfie at the bowling alley, but it turns out I had chocolate marshmallow on my face for half of the night and no one told me. We'll see if one of the other guys posts a better pic :)

PSS. What are you goals for 2017?

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You done well to drink all that craft beer Nathaniell :)

Vegas sounds awesome. I should've had a trip there when I lived in Houston but never got round to it.

I'm on the other side of the World now.

Sounds like a really great time Nathaniell. Are there women that get to go too?

Anyone that makes enough sales can go! It just happened that this year there were only dudes

Well that's a shame!! Come on ladies, we can do it!!! We have 2017. Lol.

Awesome Nathaniell. I love reading about the Las Vegas trip! My boot camp site is only two months old. I am aiming for Vegas 2019. I think there need to be more women in the group of 'Super Affiliates'.
My goal for 2017: building my three websites to become authorities in their niches. Posting, posting, posting!
Cheers Anke

Thanks for those insights Nathaniel .. and congratulations for qualifying. I have got to focus on a goal to get there. Cheers, William.

Thanks for the peek into vegas. Looks like a lot of fun. Would be great to meet people face to face.

I hope to tackle the Affiliate Bootcamp this year. I'm currently on Course 5 lesson 6 of certification training. Been taking it very slowly, but made quite a bit of progress throughout my first year. Just starting my 2nd. Looking forward to Las Vegas 2018.

my goal is to earn money for a plan vacation to th philippines, can i ,how a million dolar question

Thanks for this inspirational post Nathaniell, sounds very nice! You should focus on your "female" referrals, I detect a lack of WA women on the stand ;)

Haha. Come on ladies!

I do my utmost best Nathaniell :)) Perhaps some tips??

sounds like you guys had a bladt. cant wait for next years
event!!! I WILL BE THERE

Awesome post Nathaniell. You are quite the inspiration!

My goal for 2017 is to get enough WA sales to earn the Vegas trip. :)

It's been a goal of mine since I first started here, but I didn't begin my Bootcamp site until the very end of 2016. I think my site is coming along nicely so far. I'm surprised at myself, but in the last 4 days I've published 4 full (over 1,000 words) posts, and re-did my homepage as a landing page promoting WA since the homepage is the most visited.

I just finished writing a 1,500 word post tonight, which only took 2 hours to write - and yet in my opinion it's my best yet. I find that writing becomes easier with every article I do. I'll be publishing this one tomorrow since I already published one today. :)

I figure at this pace, getting the 300 sales will be a cinch - but we'll see. I'll just continue focusing on the small goals each day, which is family, school, and then writing a new post instead of getting distracted on YouTube or reading success stories here on WA lol.

My goal is to make Vegas next year, one post at a time. :)

See you then! ;)

You're off to a great start to make Vegas 2018 man! I started min in 2012 and was able to make it for the 2013 trip. You can do it!

Waian, what an awesome action plan you have and are putting, well, to action!
Best of luck and hopefully, I'll see you there in 2018!

Thanks so much guys. I will continue pumping out content and focusing on low-hanging fruit keywords since that's the main factor in getting lots of traffic. :)

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