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Say what??It appears that WA has introduced a new 6-month Premium membership plan that works out to be $39/month. So I guess this membership costs $234.What does this mean for affiliates?! Instant $100+ commissions because these don't go pending for 30 days!I actually got one of these sales today and was surprised by it. :)No pending, just Approved! It wasn't really 8 hours ago, those cards are based on GMT at 0.We can now really earn $100+ commissions instantly without having to wait which
Hello WA Warriors!I hope this is a much brighter and motivating post today!I wanted to show you what my Black Friday results are this year compared to last year so you can see what a year's worth of work can do.Of course, my results are definitely not to boast about compared to other Super Affiliates but from where I'm sitting it's a pretty good increase from last year, even though I hoped I had more. LolDon't we always want more? :)In 2017, my Black Friday results could be counted on ONE hand
Hello WA Warriors!!I have found myself in a moment here to reflect on what a journey this has been for me and how much I treasure this WA community.Where I am in my journey today, I feel like I can do so much more but at the same time feel stuck in a lull.The way this online business "really" works is ever a mystery to me with Google playing with their algorithm when they feel like it and not knowing fast enough what's the latest and greatest.Even though I have found some success, I still go ba
3rd Update 10/22/18: Today he offered me $3,500 for the removal of the same post.2nd Update 10/18/18: Today he offered $3,000 to remove one post. The same post he referenced in both other offers.UPDATE:A day later, $5,000 to take down two of my posts. Yesterday, they just referenced one of my posts.Hello WA members,Sorry I've been away on a family emergency for the last week and now getting back to work.What I wanted to tell you all this morning is that I have been offered compensation to take
This blog post will be your reference to Littlemama's Road To Vegas Training Series.This is a series of video trainings that I have created to show you all how I did it in my journey to achieve the goal of getting to Vegas and becoming a Super Affiliate in a 2 year period.Each video is packed with information that I hope can help you in some way to achieve your goals.I show you very detailed information about my online business and give you an inside look at what I do in every aspect.My trainin
Hi Guys,I have not been able to work on the training as much as I thought I would after August was over because I had other pressing issues with my site I had to attend to and now catching up on the work I missed.But I have planned an outline which seems to tell me I have A LOT to do for this training series so i hope you will be patient with me. I have done a couple of videos already but I'm hoping to get most of the rest of the recording done this coming weekend.I have a sneak peek for you t
Hello WA Friends,My August 2018 started off a doozie, faking me out in the beginning, making me think I was going to have a horrible month but it has pulled through with flying colors!Very interesting how my August beat my July as July had one of my best converting months but August had an incredible amount of recurring sales that made the difference!The first week of August was horrible for me, not sure if you guys heard but there was a Google update that affected a lot of sites.I don't think
Woohoo! I'm Officially A Super Affiliate!!I have been staring at this image all day:Wondering when this thing will tell me differ!Then finally I get the email I've been waiting for all day:"Congratulations! A New WA Commission!"And in fact, I received one this morning but it was not a true new commission but a recurring one. When someone misses a payment or pays a little delayed, the email sometimes comes in as a new commission, when it's not.Anyway, of course, I wasn't home when I received th
Hello my friends,I'm happy to report that I am sharing my July 2018 results after all because it's a pretty big jump and, from my last post, it sounded like the community enjoys my posts so I will continue sharing what I can that will give you some insights to what I do.I must say that I will be sharing a lot more once I have hit my Vegas goal which is getting even closer these days!I will have an analysis of my entire timeline and offer lots of data crunching which I really enjoy being an acco
I almost can't believe that number! I've waited so long to see this number!I had set a goal to hit $2K in 6 months when I started here, so I'm a little late in the game but I made it!!! I have reached that goal!Here are some quick stats:* 470+ posts* 1,968 users/day (new record)* 37,578 users for June* 44,290 sessions for June* email subscribers just under 7,000June Tip: Niche Related NewsBlog about your industry's news, it works for bringing in high traffic. I did that when MOBE got shut do