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January 23, 2020
I've been preaching this forever.Those of you who want to promote WA and come party with us in Vegas, this is the secret formula that I've been telling you about since I made it to Vegas.And at least one of you that actually listened to me, has made it to Vegas in 2019 and I get to meet this person next month!!!!I know a lot of you struggle especially when you think you've put in a LOT of hard work and nothing seems to be working.Just look at this message from a person who actually listened to
Hello WA Warriors!It's been awhile and this one will be one for the books as I will be sharing a lot of lessons learned in this post in order to help others here. I often show payment proof and all that, but this post it's not about the numbers.There is a lot I can share from what I've experienced with my blog and if I don't share it then others won't be able to learn about these potholes that they can potential AVOID.Because of my past posts and how I've been showing my income proof, I hope y
If you're going to build an online business, you might as well build one that takes into account Black Friday and big holiday sales.It sure brings in a lot of money in a very short amount of time and it's like Christmas in November which can be a lot of fun!Being a WA affiliate has been so rewarding, not only you're earning RECURRING commissions for life but you have the opportunity to rake in 3 digit commissions and those are always fun to get no matter what day of the year it is!Affliate webs
First of all, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to those who are celebrating today!I come in here to say a litlte hello and to remind you all that Black Friday is upon us and there's no better time to make this your year in 2020 with a YEARLY membership!When you have a whole year paid off, you can literally feel a lift off of your shoulders because you just saved $289 when you go from a monthly plan to a yearly plan.Make that commitment to yourself that you're going to do this right in 2020 and use the traini
Hey guys, a quick update on my online progress: $1,300+ IN ONE DAY!I've been waiting for this day for a long time and yesterday was it, Aug 5!This was made up of my affiliate commissions from WA & another program I started promoting this year:Plus I had some other small commissions and ads on my site that tips me to over $1,300 yesterday.Of course, this money is not made overnight or short term, this is a result of the strategies I learned here at WA with my website that allowed me build an
Hello WA Warriors! I've missed you! :)Thought it would be time for a half year update, even though my results have not increased more than I wanted by this point, it has more than doubled since last year.2019 Half Year Update:This year so far has been more growth for me, I've been doing a lot of learning outside of WA to advance my skills.One thing you know for sure is that you can never stop learning.Although WA has many resources here to learn from as well as their core training, there are
Hi WA Warriors!I hope everyone is doing great! I wanted to give you guys a little update since I've been busy in the background and have a few realizations that I want to share.First, the great news is that I have a new daily high record for most earnings from one platform in a day at $452 (Update: this new daily high record is outside of Black Friday week), which is of course here at WA as most of you know I promote WA.This is the reality of promoting WA and YES it's a LOT of freaking work but
As much as you want to hear YES you will make hundreds or thousands of dollars in your first month, you're not going to hear such claims at Wealthy Affiliate.In fact, it's quite the opposite here at Wealthy Affiliate.You really need to understand what you're signing up for so I want to take this post to explain the online business you're about to learn how to build, what you should expect, and what the reality of making money is in this path you'll be using here.This is going to be a very hones
Hello WA Warriors!!Oh My Goodness! There is NO better affiliate program to promote! It's pretty much unheard of that you get invited to a Super Affiliate conference so that the owners can pick your brain!You really FEEL like a Super Affiliate when you're there because you are doing everything in high style and class.I might even say this experience has "gotten to my head" a little and my ego had blown up a bit while in Vegas because you really feel like you're rolling in it while you're there
Hi Guys!I've landed in Vegas and have enjoyed a meal with my husband at the Bubba Gump restaurant. As I approached Vegas, I was a nervous wreck, I don't know why or where this is coming from. It's not as if I have to make a presentation or anything, I just need to show up so what's the deal with being all nervous?I think it's because i can't believe this is happening. I'm literally a couple hours away from meeting our mentors, Kyle & Carson!!I'm so excited to meet them and the rest of th