$350 Last Thirty Days.

Last Update: July 04, 2016

It's all starting to happen. The difference is that I changed one of my products from Amazon to another affiliate program that pays 16% rather than 6%.

That one product now pays me $57 a sale. I just took a look at the page today and there at the top was $313.

My amazon sales for the last 30 days was around $25 so I am generously claiming $350 for the last 30 days!

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OldMCSEGuy Premium
GREAT NEWS. Congratulations. The only thing that is important is making money.
17sifra Premium
JudeP Premium
Great job!
NatNiches Premium
Brilliant - I did something similar on one of my sites and it certainly made a difference :)
Kyle Premium Plus
This is awesome Rob and something I try to preach quite often. Don't tie yourself to just Amazon, there are lots of awesome products and lots of awesome affiliate programs outside of amazon (that can pay much higher).

Looks like that little switch over is making you a lot more money and if it is helping your customers in the same way, it is a win/win!
Robg1 Premium
Indeed Kyle. Amazon is great place to get started but as you look around other opportunities present themselves. Also the cookies last 60 days on the merchant site. And it gives the customer way more info to make a purchase decision. I am really getting excited about this business now. Maybe after seven years I have finally figured it out. See you in Vegas!