99 percent of all online business failures stem from this one thing. How to be the 1 percent.

Last Update: January 18, 2017

I study martial arts very. very extensively. One thing I have been taught and honestly preach is that studying one move a million times is better than studying a million moves 1 time.

Why? Because in martial arts, muscle memory develops with repetition. Refinement also happens and thus mastery is established with the desire to perfect that one move and make it work for you. Overtime, dedication to one move creates an instant reflex that can save you at any moment.

Some of the greatest fighters in the world and in history, heck, even in sports in general have relied on basically one or just a few moves to beat their opponents and it works because they dedicated themselves to the art they were in.

So how does martial arts apply to WA?

Well in terms of analogies, I have noticed that a remarkable amount of people who get into the online business world simply do not have the desire to focus on their ONE business idea, their ONE niche.

They spread themselves thin by focusing on too many different things and thinking they can all succeed at once by throwing some effort out here and some effort out there.

Specifically, there's a lot of people I talk to who get excited about Wealthy Affiliate and tell me they're going to start by making 2 or even 3 sites at once and while I admire their ambition, the problem is that...

1 site is hard enough to build from the ground up, and make no mistake, the training in WA is fantastic in holding your hand and leading you through all that and helping you build it and making it succeed.

Let me give you some numbers:

  • Let's say it takes the average site 5-6 months of daily hard work to start making money.
  • A person comes into WA and instead of putting in the work for that many months, instead works on 2 sites.
  • Now the work they could have devoted to that one page is 50% less and the time it'll take both sites to succeed doubles, to maybe a year.
  • But the problem is, not only did you just prolong your success, but you also probably won't reach that year period because you'll get too tired from not seeing any results and quit.

And I'm not even talking about how much more difficult this example would be if you had 3 or more sites!

And that is the point I really want to push here.

People think that more sites = more success, but it doesn't. 1 site can work just right:


And guess how that was done? By focusing ENTIRELY on 1 site. Thus all my attention, all my hard work was targeted to make that one site work and it did.

You need to dedicate yourself to the training and dedicate the training to 1 site (FOR NOW):

  • Until you've experienced what it's like to have a profit generating site...
  • Until you've experienced how SEO works and how it feels to get traffic.
  • Until you've really put in the hours and have seen what is required to make all of this work.

In my opinion, you cannot and SHOULD not make a second site. Prioritize the training into that 1 site and experience the rewards that come with that first.

You should always prioritize, not just websites, but in life:

One thing that I also hear unfortunately is people who have lost their jobs, say they don't have money to feed their family or are in danger of losing their place of living.

This is absolutely terrible stuff that unfortunately happens to many, but when these questions come my way, followed by a "How do I make money as fast a possible so I don't get evicted?", my answer is:

"Don't do the training, find an immediate job for immediate income".

If you go into this business with the desperate, fast money making mindset, that focus is already diluted and furthermore, if you have family and money to think about, you honestly need to prioritize that and do the WA training when you can.

Prioritize. Put your personal livelihood and the livelihood of your family first. Focus on making theirs and your well being #1. Again, focus on the 1 outcome here.

Folks, you really have to understand how fortunate you are to be in WA:

I am by no means trying to sound smug, but with all the crazy, expensive and dead end things out there, you are in a wonderful place where the investment for YOUR success in simply:

  • Doing the training.
  • Putting in the work.
  • And any money you pay here is literally PENNIES compared to the $1,000's you'd be ripped off for. You are in a sanctuary for success here at Wealthy Affiliate.

With all the support and the PROVEN training, SIMPLY dedicating and focusing your attention on your success through 1 site is the way to go (provided you don't have other emergencies which can distract you from it).

But, I have TOO many niche ideas!

Then start with the ONE you like best, that's what I always tell people!

And please, do the training and again, dedicate it to one site...and when you make it (have it produce earnings for you), start another if you wish.

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FTurner8032 Premium
Thank you for your insight and the benefit of your experience. I have made the mistake in the past of falling for many of the endless programs that unfortunately willingly take your money but provide you with little or no tangible return for your investment. As a retired business man I am well aware of trying to find an investment that will truly provide a good return and I believe that this is the place for me.
CassBen Premium
Thanks, Vitaliy...great article! I have been concentrating one on niche/website, and am just finishing the training. I am very excited to find so much material here. I am learning much at WA, and can't read enough. I really need to stop that for now and focus on what I am doing on my website!
Ndstad81 Premium
Building a business is a lot different than working a job. The man who build the McDonald franchise went several years without an income. Compare several years to 3-6 months, I can feel real good about that. Then again, McDonalds is a Multi-billion dollar company..

They don't teach this in schools, they teach get an education and find a job. Business building takes patience and understanding, plus a little do what you have to do to get it done. Even if that means having a job while building a business.
ecomtom Premium
Excellent advice Vitaliy. I made the mistake of starting with 2 sites. Working full time, and only having limited time to work on my sites, I was doing what I could, but ended up feeling very frustrated. After reading a similar post from other successful members, I have started to concentrate on just 1 site. Although I have not as yet profited, I am seeing signs of progress, and I feel less stressed and frustrated, as a result. Thanks, and much success, Tom
TanjaRita Premium
Thanks for the inspiration! I have been with WA for almost 2 years and still only have one site. While it is bringing in money, it isn't much at all (nowhere near a full time income of 50k). But I am still working on it.

I checked out your other blog post where you showed your earnings. Is your WA site still your only site? I assume by now you have made others. If so, at what point did you tackle a second or third site?

I feel like I am still learning so much and it is hard to keep up with the one site despite spending 20 hours a week on it. Maybe I am just a slow learner.
VitaliyG Premium
Yeah I do a have a few more sites, one of which is doing alright, but WA is the top one. I added the other sites a year after my WA one started.
TanjaRita Premium
Thanks for the info!