Breaking up the Boys Club in Vegas

Last Update: Feb 2, 2016


I just got back a few days ago from the Super Affiliate Conference in Las Vegas. I know maybe you’re all already sick of hearing about the Vegas trip but being my first time I really would like to share my experience.

Balcony view from Kyle and Carson's Skyloft! Beautiful!

Attending was a huge deal for me because I don’t normally branch out from my comfort zone, and I was honestly pretty nervous going in. But, I knew this was an opportunity that would be stupid to pass up just because I was a bit uncomfortable so I ended up bringing my sister along. Because let’s be real - the idea of flying across the country to Las Vegas (of all places) completely alone was terrifying.

Making a long story short, the experience was awesome to say the least. Everyone was so nice, welcoming and they were just all around good people.

Part of the group (didn't get a photo of everyone) Left to right: Pete, Amanda (Steve's wife), me, Kyle, Nathaniel, Carson, Vitaly and Alex

It was great to meet Kyle, Carson, Jay as well as the rest of the super affiliates. I ended up being the only female from WA to attend (need to change that next year ladies!!) but I brought my sister along and Steve’s wife, Amanda, was there was well so it wasn't a complete guy fest lol.

It was an incredible honor to have the privilege to sit around the table with these guys and hear about future plans for WA as well as have discussions about what could be done to improve the community and better help everyone here.

Kyle & Carson Are REAL!

I know some people have their doubts that Kyle and Carson are real people, but having hung out with them in the flesh I assure you they are. I even got photo proof! Lol

It’s clear these guys are extremely passionate about the WA platform and striving for continual improvements to make it a better and more helpful experience for everyone. They’re working day in and day out to help YOU succeed online. That really is something to be said for this industry - it’s rare to find that level of sincerity, commitment and dedication to helping people within the world of internet marketing.

WA is only changing for the BETTER

I’ve been here for 3 years now and I’ve seen the community evolve so much for the better. The process is extremely simplified, the training is better, the help is faster and they’ve even added their new domain platform which makes everything so much easier for newbies.

If you’re ready to commit to an online business, WA is the place to be and it’s only going to continue to improve in the future.

I seriously cannot thank Kyle and Carson enough for their generosity, everything you did for us was amazing and you really spoiled us all! I’ve never stayed in a hotel room with 2 sinks, 2 showers, 2 TVs and a living room! Nor have I ever hung out in a 7,000 sq ft Skyloft with a balcony view of the city!

I can honestly say I’ve returned a better entrepreneur because of it. I’m rejuvenated and more motivated than ever to grow my business in 2016. If I get invited again next year I’d even be comfortable enough to attend solo!

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Congrats Wendy, hope to reach my goal by next year and meet you :D

You can do it! See you next year :)

Hi Wendy, congrats and thanks for the sharing! A good encouragement for the year of 2016, thanks!

Congratulations on your achievements, thanks for sharing and good job breaking up the boys club. :)

Thanks Chris lol :)

Least you weren't the oldest one there lol, cheers Mike.

lol! hey but did you at least have a good time?

I always find a way to have a good time Wendy hopefully I will see you there next year, talk soon Mike.

Congrats, Wendy. Great to see the pics. So glad you got to Vegas. You've worked really hard for this.

Thank you Rick! Yeah I have put in a lot of work to make it, but this year I am motivated to work even harder! :)

Love these Vegas posts! Thanks Wendy!

Glad you enjoy it, Stephen :)

That's great!!! Congrats! Thanks for sharing your experience. ~Debbi

Thanks Debbi :)

That is so awesome Wendy,
Thanks for sharing and if you have any ideas to help us newbies, I would be happy to accept any help I can get.

Thanks Sheila, well I plan to blog more this year with advice and tips.. so keep an eye out! Also if you ever need any help feel free to shoot me a PM :)

Ahh this is so awesome. Hardly recognized Nathaniel! He looks a lot different from his older pics.. maybe it was the lighting or something. WA is amazing though. As I sit here thinking about how far i've come and how much potential there is for growth, I can't help but smile. What an incredible community. I've had my ups and downs, but I knew something was different about this place when I first joined..

Anywho, great blog!


Lol! Yeah I think that might not be a very good picture of him though, he has camera flash eyes!

I think we've all had our share of ups and downs, we are only human. WA is totally amazing though and definitely different than the rest. Good luck in the year ahead Stuart!

Great inspiration!

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