WA Vegas Trip, 3rd Year Straight, The Goodies Revealed!

Last Update: February 07, 2017

Well everyone, it's that time again, time to look back on the Vegas trip I recently had and share with the community what I learned from it, the experiences and most importantly how it translates to YOUR success here at WA...

First off, this year was spectacular. Kyle and Carson really know how to make everyone feel very welcome and point us in the right direction to grow our businesses.

Now that I've had a chance to be apart of this amazing event 3 times, I would like to share some things that I feel will benefit you guys directly:

1) Kyle and Carson are ALWAYS seeking to improve YOUR experience in WA. What does that mean? Simple:

A) Your success in WA means THEIR success so by providing a quality learning experience, the ability to have YOUR questions answered and providing you with the resources to make a successful business is at the heart of their objectives.

B) There is no "Secret" we learn from K and C that you guys haven't already heard, learned from in this amazing website.

K and C really developed an amazing system for which anyone who uses it can become successful. Add to that Jay's awesome webinar series and you've really got yourself a PHD in internet marketing that is just waiting to be utilized...

If there were any secrets kept from you, it would make no sense because it would hinder their business first and foremost.

In fact, I'll tell you something personal...as part of the Vegas trip, we get to have a 1-2 hour private session with K and C in which we are told how we can improve business.

And one thing that's always been constant in every session I've had is the importance K and C place on content production. If nothing else, my objective has become clear...

If I write 100 posts and get an X amount of traffic, if I can write a 100 more posts, I'll double my traffic and my business. It's a simple formula.

And guess what? That formula is EXACTLY what's inside the training here, although in much greater detail, so trust me guys, there's no secrets to success that you haven't already read about within WA.

C) I have looked at the notes I had from K and C for previous years and compared them to this one. It absolutely amazes me how innovative these guys are at building WA.

The fact is: More people have become successful year after year inside WA.

More people have remained in the program and made money of it.

In short, more people continue to see success year after year due to the evolution WA undergoes CONSTANTLY.

The bottom line is this:

If you are inside WA and seriously put in the work to do the training to build your business, you will most definitely make it happen.

Here are some additional resources I would like to share with you guys for extra support:

Previous year's success for me personally (Note: this is literally from doing the training):


Second WA conference feedback:


First WA conference feedback:


Ask me anything blog post:


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GeorgeVas Premium
Thank you for this post! Your information is always inspiring and revealing.
WilliamBH Premium
First Vitaliy, congratulations on your qualifying for Vegas and for doing so three times .. so impressive. Then thank you for sharing all of your insights. Thank you so much for that. All the best for your future. Cheers, William.
ankit1432 Premium
you're a rockstar...
RoopeshG Premium
Congratulations to you on your 3rd Vegas Trip. Well Done. Thanks for the advice and the inspiration behind this post. As you said we are in a fantastic place to learn all about internet marketing with WA.

Looking forward to giving this a serious shot this year!
johnwnewman Premium
Thanks for the inspiration! :-)